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Insanecraft Server [RX-Gaming]

A fan-made server so you can also play Insanecraft with your friends!!!

We have an active community on [​DISCORD] and also within the Minecraft servers.

Play the same mods played by: SSundee, Sigils, Henwy, BiffleWiffleand JeromeASF.




PVP Arena [​Monthly Events]

Voting Rewards


Recommended RAM:




Minecraft Minecraftserver Mod Modded Naruto Narutoserver Narutoshippuden Survival

Naruto Block

Naruto-Block is a Minecraft Mod Server for 1.16.5 But you would know that if you are here. There is plans to add in all content from Naruto PTS and Naruto Shippuden. So why don’t you stop on in and check out the server and the amazing members we have to offer

1122server Claims Modded Pve Pvp Rlcraft Smallcommunity Smallserver Smp Survival

True Survival MP

True Survival MP is a brand new modded server that aims to create a more survival oriented game type, inspired by the
likes of RLCraft, that is more performance friendly and a bit closer to the vanilla experience.


Realistic survival mechanics like heat, cold, and dehydration.

Breathtaking world generation using Open Terrain Generator, a plethora
of different dungeons , and vanilla+ style mobs with unique characteristics.

Leveling and progression systems that discourage grinding and promote exploration.

Roll based loot that may have unique characteristics, unique weapons, armor, and trinkets.

A large selection of new weapons and adjusted combat mechanics to make PvP and PvE alike feel fresh.

Huge quality of life enhancements such as PvP loot protection in the form of an inventory timer, JEI, custom recipes, land claim and more!

Small community trying to grow! Join today!

Adventure Modded Modpack Mods Pvp Survival

Sword Art Online Age Of Dungeons Server

This modpack is based around the anime Sword Art Online and has lots of dungeons to explore and loot through. You can also upgrade your tools, weapons and even your armor using some of the mods.

Using the melee weapons, you have found or crafted when your press R then you can fight in a 3rd person mode with animations and even dual weald.

There are many classes you can pick through and even mix and match, like being a battle mage who wields swords and magic or being a tank that can heal your team mates the possibilities are endless so make your unique fighting style and have fun exploring the world of Sword Art Online Age Of Dungeons.

My Modpack’s Discord Server Link:

Beatdown Download Facebook Littledowntime Maintenance Modded Mojang Nodowntime Singleplayer Twitter

Why Minecraft Servers Authentication go Down?

Sometimes Mojang authentication servers go down for maintenance and nobody can play Minecraft online because of that.

If that happens to you, don’t panic. You can get back to play single player Minecraft even if Mojang’s servers are down for maintenance.

The good news is that Mojang’s servers aren’t always down for maintenance, so don’t expect to play online when they are. There are a few different ways to do this. You can use Minecraft single player. You can use a proxy to bypass the authentication servers in some cases. Or, you can simply use another modded version of Minecraft, which is a completely standalone version that doesn’t require an authentication server.

Follow Mojang Twitter ( ) and Facebook ( ) if you have found a bug/issue and would like them to look into it.

Community Createmod Modded Pve Pvesurvival Survival


Welcome to Kryeit:
-The server is on Beta, so it’s common that not everything goes as planned.
-Dificulty: hard.
-Its a Forge server (1.18.2).
-Installing Create Mod (v 0.4.1 ) is a must do, otherwise you won’t be able to join.
-Gamemode survival.
-PvP is off.
-There is a protection plugin so you can play relaxed.
-JEI is optional but recommended.


1710modpack Mod Modded Mods Rail RailCraft Railway Survival Train Traincraft Trains

Traincraft Network

𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕚𝕟𝕔𝕣𝕒𝕗𝕥 ℕ𝕖𝕥𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕜

A cool modded server.
Immersive Engineering 🔨Railcraft
🚦Traincraft 🚂Custom NPCs 🧍
Carpenter’s Blocks 🛠️
Security Craft 🎥
And More!We also have NPCs selling items.

This server Isn’t for Minecraft beta.It’s for 1.7.10, not 1.17.1.

Anarchy Bombs Guns Modded Moddedanarchy Nukes Survival Vehicles War Warserver

MayhemCraft | Modded Anarchy | No Plugins | Griefing Is Allowed

MayhemCraft is a private modded semi-anarchy Minecraft server, based on PvP with guns and destructive mods.

MayhemCraft is based on mods featuring guns and explosions, allowing you to make complete chaos. We have mods like Modern Warfare, Flan’s mod, Security craft, Tornadoes and more. Since this is a semi-anarchy server, we have little to follow rules, and people are allowed to make full-scale wars.

This is a private server, meaning that only verified people can be whitelisted and play on this server.

You can find the modpack, get verified and get to know when the server is up in our discord.

Version: 1.12.2

MayhemCraft | Modded Anarchy | No Plugins | Griefing Is Allowed Minecraft Server

Arsmagica Botania Faction Magic Mekanism Modded Moddedsmp Mohist Nations Survival Tech Technology


We are a Modded SMP looking to grow our playerbase, We opened our initial server in February of 2022, and are moving onto Season 2! We have a modded SMP server setup with basic rules, an economy, and a fresh world with a brand new modpack that we have published to Curseforge to make it easy to keep up with any updates (read: new mods suggested and voted on by players, as long as it’s balanced) and it only requires 4GB of RAM to run, to prevent locking out players who have less-than-midrange hardware.

Mods we have installed on the server include: ProjectE/x/pansion, Cyclic, Quark, Ars Nouveau+Addons, Apotheosis, Immersive Engineering, Thermal Series, Mekanism, Botania/Mythic Botany, Twilight Forest, Tinkers Construct and more Quality of Life and Cosmetics mods.

There is a server economy with sign shops, Discord Integration that allows you to speak with players in discord, and they can speak with you as well (With even Emoji Support).

In the Discord we have channels set up for requesting invites for friends, upcoming Server Activities, Tips for making your game run smoother than heated butter and more.

We have staff that are available around the clock to help in the event of any issues with the mods, they are just some friends helping out.

The Current server is up 24/7 with 10GB of dedicated ram through Bisect, so there is no need to worry about DDOS and losing all of your progress.

If the server sounds like it would be fun for you, join us on our discord to be whitelisted at

Fun Java Joinow Modded Pleasejoin Pvp Survival

Just A Modded PVP Server. JAVA

Hi, this is my modded minecraft pvp smp for 1.18.2.
P.S PVP and nighttime will be turned off for the first day of the server, aka today.
To join you will need these 3 mods.

JEI 1.18.2, this exact version:
Or you can download it yourself, it is version

My mod, Brewable:

and lastly, Age Of Weapons Remastered:
or you can download it yourself, it is version 0.3.2.

And you will need forge 40.1.19 exactly.

Here are some RECCOMENDED mods that i think you should have when joining.

Optifine 1.18.2, newest version: (Ad link removed)

Xaeros Minimap:

ALSO we have a few datapacks,
When you die you drop all of your xp, because its annoying and why not 🙂
and you can craft a lifesteal enchantment 🙂 With a wither skull and a book!

pls join im lonely