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Funny SMP

Hey, This SMP needs funny Streamers I guess IDK, Or People to genuinely want to chill, take a back, simple modded Minecraft. We have a light mod pack that includes Alex’s Mobs, Supplementaries, Farmer’s Delight, & Quark as main content mods in the SMP. It’s 1.19 of course.

You will have to be 15 or Older. As said before we are looking for people that want to chill, build, & such on an SMP. We can or may have Lore depending on what people feel like on the server. Maybe we can have events. That’s up to the people. So Please I need Friends.

Also, Fill out the Google Form so that I can review it. I’ll Dm you once I see it.

Fantasy Medieval Modded Moddedserver Survival

Yoinkus Doinkus Medieval MC 1.19.2 Fabric

Started as of 9/23/2022

Yoinkus Doinkus Mediecal MC server

Fantasy world inspired idea of no rules and see how that goes for now.

Come join and see what all you cant discover.


This is not my modpack, Link is above to see more.

Factions Modded Origins Smp Survival

Matrix Origins SMP [SMP] {Java 1.18.2} {Any Age} {Semi-Multiplayer Sleep} {New-Server}

Welcome To A New SMP!

The Matrix Origins SMP Is A Mix Of Factions, Origins And Normal SMP/Minecraft!

Join The Discord Server For The Rules And All Sorts:

Create A Faction Today! Join The Discord Or Ask The Owner When He Is On To Make You A Faction

Faction Creation Requirements: A Colour, A Name, A Premise (assassins, bounty hunters, merchants ect)

Here Is The Modpack:

1182server 1182survival Bewitchment Create Createmod Fabric Fabricserver Hardcore Hex Magic Modded Moddedserver Origins Requiem Supernatural Survival Vampires Werewolf Werewolves Witchery

Hardcore Supernatural

This is a MODDED 1.18.2 fabric server, you must get the modpack before playing which you can find in the discord! πŸ™‚
relatively new and small server! Come if you want to join a more tightly nit communitity. When you die in this server, you will be banned for 6 hours!

The modpack contains:

Bewitchment, Bewitchment Plus, and Besmirchment 2 so you can curse your enemies with the additional ability to ride broomsticks!

Requiem to cheat death and possess mobs!

Hex Casting which allows you to… program with magic?? A very cool mod that resembles Psi (Psi is not in this modpack, psi is a mod where you program your own “spells”)

Archon to allow you to make your own magical artifacts

True Darkness and hardcore torches make the night so much more dangerous!

Create to allow you to bring out your inner engineer

Origins, Apocalypse, Libra, Improved Bedrockean, and Extra Classes to really make you feel unique!

Antique Atlas to traverse the world

Arcanus, to bring back that Electrobob’s Wizardy feel, with premade spells if Hex Casting is becoming too big of a headache or too resource-consuming.

BetterEnd and Better Nether to spice up these new dimensions, now featuring: More Danger!

Charter, a new mod in beta. Subject your “friends” to magical contracts to make sure they never betray you! Also allows you to claim land in an immersive factions-like way.

Literally, do surgery on yourself and others live with the Chest Cavity mod; ever wanted to rip out a villager’s heart as they run from you in horror?

Contains a bunch more, play a single player world or join the Hardcore Supernatural SMP!


Minecraft Server:

Minecraft Minecraftserver Modded Survival

Samyar Projects modded Minecraft SMP

The Samyar Projects modded Minecraft SMP.


Modloader: Forge


  • Create mod [​v0.5.0d] –
  • Flywheel [​v0.6.5] –
  • Simple Shops [​v1.2.1] –
  • TARDY [​v1.1.4] –
  • Mods zip file (Contains all required mods and some recommended ones):

    1165server 1165survival Byg Discord Forge Modded Northamerica Pirates Pvp Rats Seasons Survival

    Little Rat Bastard

    Hello welcome to the L.R.B. Minecraft server! We are a 1.16.5 Forge PC server with 55 mods. Come join a world full of pirates on the aquatic ocean, survive the harsh elements and seasons or settle down in a cozy village to complete bounties, find a rat to keep as a friend, maybe even find ratlantis on the way.


    1) Don’t discriminate against race, gender, or sexuality.
    2) Be respectful.
    3) Sending/Linking any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers or hardware results in an immediate, permanent ban.
    4) Usage of excessive extreme inappropriate language is prohibited.
    5) Don’t post someone’s personal information without permission.
    6) Listen to what Staff says.
    7) Don’t be a nuisance. (spamming, attempting to exploit a rule.)


    Minecraft server IP:

    Minecraft version: PC Forge 1.16.5

    Hunter Modded Moddedserver Survival Vault Vaulthunters

    Yoinkus Doinkus Vault Hnuter 1.13.9

    New Vault Hunter server, come check us out. Stared on 9/12/2022 and still looking for mods and admins and such, and plugins will be added.

    Come and see who can beat all the vaults first, and enjoy the time

    Fantasy Lotr Lotrmod Medieval Modded Racesandclasses Roleplaying Skills Survival

    Age of Power

    β”Œβ”€β”€β”€β”€β”€ ⋆»«⋆ ─────┐
    ———-Age of Power——-
    └───── ⋆»«⋆ β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”˜

    ⟿About Age of Power:
    “Welcome weary traveler! Join us and create your own character as you forge your own adventure in the vast world of Middle Earth! Join whatever race you so choose within whatever Kingdom you so desire and build, travel, adventure, fight, and most of all enjoy the world of Tolkien’s Legendarium.”

    ⟿Some Things We Offer:
    ✯ Character Freedom and Faction Choices!
    ✯ Fun Events for the entire server such as raids, sieges, relic hunts, etc!
    ✯ Self-Promotion!
    ✯ Partnerships!
    ✯ Peaceful Wanderer Roles!
    ✯ Lore based characters such as Elrond, Aragorn, Gandalf, Sauron, etc!
    ✯ A fun and fair atmosphere!
    ✯ Open to suggestions!

    ⟿Partnership Regs:
    ✯ Must be SFW
    ✯ Must be non-toxic
    ✯ Must not support hate or intolerance
    ✯ No Member Requirement
    ✯ No Activity Requirement
    ✯ No Invite Rewards

    Come join Age of Power. We promise you will enjoy your stay.
    Hope to see you there! :slight_smile:

    Still W.I.P. join the DC for further updates!

    Server invite:

    Chill Dedicated Discord Fabric Modded Mods Msmp Smp Survival

    Lilypad – Modded Whitelisted Survival (USA)

    Lilypad - Modded Whitelisted Survival (USA) Minecraft Server
    Thanks for taking the time to read about us!

    We’re a small group of people with appreciation
    and love for the game Minecraft.

    If you’re looking for a server that focuses on Modded
    survival with no land claiming or flashy things,
    then this is the server for you!

    Lilypad is directly linked to our Discordbringing you
    the option to whitelist yourself whenever you want.

    β€’ We have an Infinite World
    β€’ No homes or teleporting.
    β€’ Everyone plays survival.
    β€’ World that never resets.
    β€’ Greif Rollback Protection.
    β€’ Professional Admins.
    β€’ Always Updated.

    You can connect with the Lilypad modded client.
    Download that here.

    247server Arena Economy Friends Java Mcmmo Modded Pvp Roleplay Smp Survival Towny Vanilla


    New!!! [​1.18.1] Minecraft Survival SMP Server! At The Moola MC Server your task is to make as much money and grow your MCMMO skills to overtake players and climb up the ranks! :lol:

    Join The Community/Family Today!!