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We have officially switched host to mcprohosting, we are a upcoming server with 240+ unique player joins, our goal is to be a community that players can get along with each other and have a fun time playing on LiquidCorp. What we offer We offer multiple different game modes such as Factions,Creative and Minigames, We are adding to minigames as of right now and take all player feedback for new minigames. Right now our only minigame is TNT run but we hope to expand in the future. We have buycraft with 3 ranks and we host sales every now and then, right now we are hosting a black friday sale where every rank on the server is 50 percent off. We hope to see you there!


Twitch: LiquidCorp

Reddit: LiquidCorpMC


Faction Factionserver Minecraft Server


Welcome to Dash’s PVP Factions server
MC survival but with multiple teams (factions)
Fight other teams
PluginsEvery month we reset the server
Meet new friends and have fun
Join our discord too and follow us on Insta @sayk.pods

Bungeecord Classes Faction Pvp Factions Factionserver Factionspvpraiding Familyfriendly Freetoplay Friendly Mcmmo Mysticnetwork Notpaytowin Raiding Ranks Rewards Skyblock Staff Survival Vote


I hope you are ready to head back in ye olde days with Mystic Network!

I hope you are ready to head back in ye olde days with Mystic Network. Our server is completely free-to-play, so you’ll never be the underdog Join us Website Server TeamSpeak Twitter MysticNetwork Were hiring If you think you’ve got what it takes, we have staff options for the following Builder Helper YouTuber or Twitch Streamer If you are a YouTuber or a Twitch Streamer, you can apply for the specific ranks Note that you can only have one rank at a time to apply, using the specific rank The Mystic Team

Join us!
Twitter: @_MysticNetwork

// The Mystic Team

Bounties Faction Pvp Factions Factionserver Newserver

Medi-MC Factions


Medi-MC is a 1.16.3 factions server, soon to be a network of other game modes.

Our server includes;

  • A Wonderful Japanese inspired spawn
  • 1v1 PVP Arena
  • Bounties
  • Voting Rewards
  • ShopGUI
  • WildernessTP
  • And of course, Factions! (SaberFactions specifically)
  • Other Notes:
    Raiding is allowed, so is griefing! Make sure to make your faction strong and formidable so pesky raiders don’t make their way through your base.

    Bring your friends! Create a faction with them and earn your glory!

    IP Is:!

    115server Faction Pvp Factions Factionserver Factionsurvival


    New Factions server with balanced economy and great crates and staff! 1:1000 earth map – Come join in on the fun! If you are a streamer and are interested in joining our partner program let staff on discord know!

    1163server 116server 2020new 2020server 2020updated 247server 247uptime Basic Cracked Crackedfactionspvp Crackedserver Crackedservers Current Faction Factionserver Free Friendly Friendlycommunity Friendlystaff Game New Nocheat Nogriefing Nolag Survival Survivalfactions Survivalserver Twitch Updated Youtube

    Sage Kingdom 24/7 Cracked & Premium

    CRACKED PLAYERS WELCOME Do you ever miss how simple the Minecraft servers where back in 2013/2014 well thats what im going for here just a simple Server with some plugins for added fun of course so you can play Factions with your friends or with strangers its also where we will stream/record any minecraft content we put up on our youtube/twitch channels in the Future


    – 24/7
    – SIMPLE

    Dungeon Dungeons Faction Faction Pvp Factionpvp Factions Factionserver Factionsplus Factionspvp Factionsurvival Factons Mcmmo Mcmmofactions Pvparena Pvpfaction Rpg Rpgmmo Survival Survivalpvp Survive


    Welcome to HamboPvP!

    HamboPvP is a Conquest Factions Server. Never heard of it? It’s cause we made it! Compete with friends and enemies to claim the most land possible, but be careful! Some land is more valuable than the rest.

    Nab a good piece of real estate, and watch the cash start to flow! Some chunks of territory will contain spawners, others might have structures, and a few might even contain permanent supply drop locations! You’ll be getting top tier loot for free! But there’s a catch: claim too much land or die too many times, you’ll lose power, and your enemies will be able to take over your land! It IS factions after all, so don’t get TOO claim-crazy.

    The server map is 3K x 3K blocks, but can be increased anytime in the Buycraft shop (maximum of 5K x 5K). The map contains permanent locations (like those fortnite places) that each provide you with some resources. Mine it up in the coal mines for some easy XP and mining levels, take on a dungeon with some custom rewards, or grab a buddy and ham it up in the mighty 1v1 Colosseum. Whatever you wanna do for fun, we got you covered.

    But beware: some of these dungeon bosses… well, they’re not your average everyday zombies. Some of them can’t be beat with just a sword. You’ll have to outhink your enemies if you want their juicy rewards. (Pro Tip: Some of them REALLY don’t like fire.)

    So come and take a look around! The server’s in super early beta, and we’re handing out free ranks all season long. Come and get one before Season 0 Ends!

    Join Us Today:

    Crate Cratedrops Cratekey Cratekeys Crates Difficult Drop Drops Faction Factionpvp Factions Factionserver Factionsmcmmo Factionspvp Hard Hardmode Mcmmo Mcmmofactions Stream Streamer Streamers Twitch Twitchdrops


    Welcome to TurtleSquad Factions.

    – Twitch Drops!
    – Hardcore Factions, Not easy to gain money and lots of grinding NOT HCF.
    – Crates
    – F Top
    – Beautiful Shop
    – Custom Enchants
    – MUCH MORE! 😀


    Faction Factions Factionserver Pvp Raid Raiding Schematica

    Zen Factions

    New Trial Factions Server – Work In Progress

    Schematica is allowed
    Hacks Are Not.
    Earn ranks in-game

    Faction Factions Factionserver Factionspvp Shop Votifier

    Factions in the Kingdom of WolfHeim!

    The Kingdom of WolfHeim has just been established, and multiple factions are gaining a foothold! Join now and begin your legacy!

    We have multiple mods enabled including Factions, NPCs, ShopGUI, AntiCheat and more! What are you waiting for? join now!

    We are also a new server and appreciate any support, any votes contributed add to our voteparty!

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