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Axify network [1.7-and up]

1000$+ in PAYPAL giveaways
πŸ”‘ Key Alls almost every day

πŸ’° Payouts – Total of $1000+ payouts given every season!

πŸ•ΈοΈ Unique features!
βš”οΈ Unique PvP experience!
πŸ† New features every week
πŸ”₯ Custom enchants
πŸ€– Minions & robots that can help you with your tasks!
⭐ Unique Donator Perks
πŸ’Ž Events

And much more!

πŸ“‹ Apply for staff: Closed right now!
πŸ“˜ Discord:
☘️ Website: Coming shortly!

πŸ’Έ PAYOUTS (Seasonal)πŸ’Έ

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Callatos Guns Factions


Hello there! Thanks for clicking on our server ad! Callatos Guns Faction is a unique twist on your typical Factions server. We have unique guns such as deagles, sawed off shotguns, pistols, machine guns and more. From day one, our mission has been to create a fun new experience for all! All ages are welcome to join the server. Join our discord here.


β–Ά About Us


Nerdbirdd is a college student looking to play with new people! I am a Computer Science major and love to build anything in Minecraft, and just generally love hanging out and relaxing with some games and working out. Callatos guns factions encourage all playstyles and loves to see the chaos in battles. Our goal is to not only create an active Minecraft server, but an active community and group of friends as well. While our community has a solid base, we are always looking to expand our group and we’d love to get to know you!


We seriously value input from all our applicants and members, so if you have any suggestions at all we’d love to hear them! Feel free to message us on Discord or Reddit with any questions you may have.

We hope you consider spending your time on our server!

Join now at: and or Join Our Discord.


Customenchants Custommobs Faction Pvp Factionpvp Factions Factionserver Hungergames Kitpvp Kitpvpserver Koths Outpost Practice Prison Prisonserver Raiding Skyblock Survival

GodX Factions NEED STAFF! 1.8 – 1.18.2, Custom Enchants, Bosses, Koths, Envoys, Outposts, Missions

Crate Key All At 20 Players
OP Koth At 30 Players
Monthly Crate All 40 players

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Reventium Factions

Reventium is an upcoming factions server, which offers Factions, McMMO, Friendly Staff, NPC Shops and so much more, below are the features we currently offer.

– Overhead map: Players can view our overhead map to locate structures, or see a top-down view of their home.

– McMMO: Rank up in certain skills such as Mining, and use abilities such as Tree Feller or Serrated Strike

– Jobs: Earn money through Jobs such as Exploring the World around you, or Mining in the depths of the world.

– Factions: Either group up or play solo, ultimately it’s up to you.

– Crates: Now featuring 3 different types of crates, a vote crate, mysterious crate, and a pet crate

– Pre-Generated World: our world has been pre-generated up to a 3900 block radius, no need to worry about lag when exploring, the chunks have already been generated for you.

– And so much more coming soon.

Faction Pvp Factionpvp Factions Factionserver

War Of Blocks Faction Server

This is a Brand new Server, Still Working on some smaller things! More and More things will be added Cant wait to show you all!!
We will have fun events and drop parties. Enjoy your time here and don’t forget to add suggestions!

Ecomony Economy Economysurvival Faction Pvp Factions Factionserver Factionsmcmmo Factionsplus Factionspvp Factionsurvival Factons Pve Economy Pvp Pvpfactions Pvpserver Pvpsurvival Rading Raid Raiding Raids Rank Survival

Only Factions—- Hardcore PvP, Hardcore Factions, Custom Plugins!!!! STAFF NEEDED. SMALLER MAP. INTENSE FACTIONS

We are a community driven factions based PvP server. We feel that is important to listen to what the players want, and many of the features you will find on our server are completely unique and based on player feedback.

Our map is smaller and more compact. This means you have to protect yourself at all times. The biggest will conquer.. But who will beat them down?


Factions – Includes custom commands such as /f global to disable global chat and only see factions/ally chat< mcMMO – Completely rebalanced, no more overpowered skills or abilities Custom built auction system to allow the sale of your loots! Custom built anticheat system that includes detection of freecam, v clipping and boat glitches

Community Discord Faction Factions Factionserver Social Towny

Operation Politics Community

The Operation Politics Community Server is a server connected to the Operation Politics Discord and Podcast, which aims to discuss politics and news across the country and world. We aim to use our Minecraft Server to bring our community closer together and expand our reach to new horizons!

We feature cool plugins like Towny, Brewery, Chestshop, and The New Economy to help enhance your gameplay experience.

We are always open to new members, however you must be in our Discord Server to participate!

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RabbitCraft | VineCraft | Factions:Apocalypse | InfinityBlock

Welcome to Rabbitcraft!

We are a friendly community server that emerged from a group of like-minded people back in 2020 when a semi-famous Youtuber had an SMP, on which we played. After several months of playing on the server, a theft occurred and we asked the moderators for help, but we received none. Instead, they told us to sort it out on our own and made fun of us. When we started to speak up, they banned each and every one of us, so we decided to run our own server and learn from that experience.

Rabbitcraft is led by Mods that have criminal record checks and a future planning team to ensure that we provide the best service. We want players to have freedom and safety which we never had – a place to call home and the power to change the direction of the server.

We offer four different vanilla servers:
Vinecraft: non-whitelist Mayan themed SMP
Factions: non-whitelist Zombie Apocalypse PVP/PVE server
InfinityBlock: non-whitelist modded Skyblock server
Rabbitcraft: whitelist SMP (invite-only)

As a matter of course griefing, stealing, or cheating in any other form are not allowed.

You can log in to these servers with any version from 1.xx.x to 1.17.x


Faction Pvp Factions Factionserver Fun Minecraft Minigames


We have officially switched host to mcprohosting, we are a upcoming server with 240+ unique player joins, our goal is to be a community that players can get along with each other and have a fun time playing on LiquidCorp. What we offer We offer multiple different game modes such as Factions,Creative and Minigames, We are adding to minigames as of right now and take all player feedback for new minigames. Right now our only minigame is TNT run but we hope to expand in the future. We have buycraft with 3 ranks and we host sales every now and then, right now we are hosting a black friday sale where every rank on the server is 50 percent off. We hope to see you there!


Twitch: LiquidCorp

Reddit: LiquidCorpMC


Faction Factionserver Minecraft Server


Welcome to Dash’s PVP Factions server
MC survival but with multiple teams (factions)
Fight other teams
PluginsEvery month we reset the server
Meet new friends and have fun
Join our discord too and follow us on Insta @sayk.pods