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MystiCraft 1.18.2 BETA RELEASE

MystiCraft BETA 1.18.2

Welcome to MystiCraft!!! Our goal is to improve the survival Minecraft experience one plugin at a time! This server is brand new and still currently under development, Construction and early access testing. Join now to get a head start on the fun before MystiCrafts full release!

MystiCraft features a Main towny server that has a RPG style, and is crafted to be slightly more challenging PVE elements than Vanilla Minecraft. The economy is mainly player based and the spawn store features very little but the bare minimums to encourage players to set up shop. There’s lots of Tweaks and the server will be constantly updated daily, changing, balancing, improving, and adding new content. We strive to be a fun Minecraft experience for you and your friends! So suggestions on what you want to see in the server is more than welcome!

Aurelius Skills
Magic (Flying brooms, Spells,and lots more!)
Knocking on doors and double door improvements
Auction House
Damage Indicator
Xp Bottler
Custom Enchants
Silk Spawners with upgradeable spawners
Sitting and crawling
levelled Mobs
Custom Mobs and items
Coin drops
Bookshelf Storage
Enhanced beehives
Sleep – Most
Activity Tracker
QuickShop Player stores
Rentable spawn stores
Player Warps

Server is still in development and Will have lots of changes by time its full release.

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Gargantuan 1.18.2 Economy SMP | Advanced Enchantments | Slimefun | PlayerShops | KeepInv

Gargantuan is a Keepinventory SMP with a variety of plugins to help enhance the vanilla experience. You can play like normal survival or delve into our many plugins such as Slimefun & some features you could find useful for getting stronger or making complex systems!

Many of the helpful commands you’ll find yourself using are /enchanter /sethome /warp /home /spawn /ah /pw /f /sf /playtime /tpa

X-ray & radar is accepted! any other form of cheating or exploiting is bannable.

Ranks can be acquired by doing /warp crates and opening the Rank Crate! It has a 5 day cooldown with a 50/50 chance of ranking up, or not ranking up. Higher ranks give special permissions such as/ec & chat colors

You will never lose your items because of KeepInventory, however, if your faction becomes venerable another can attempt to take it over and take your base! (highly unlikely to ever happen unless you stop playing for a month or two nonstop)

You can setup your own shops with the Chest-Shop plugin, example is in spawn!

Feel free to join our discord & give us your thoughts & suggestions for the server!

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Project: Shiba Pixelmon Reforged 1.12.2




Project: Shiba provides a unique Pixelmon experience! Our server features raids, a massive safari, pokemon invasions, battletower, gyms, pokestops, crates, and poketokens! We also feature chat games! Earn poketokens by answering GEN. 1 trivia or winning a chat typing challenge.

Other features:
– Starter Kit with Shiny Item
– Keep inventory
– Daily Quests
– Playtime contests
– Mining world
– MMO-type Skills
– Admin Shop
– Materials Shop
– Time/Weather Menu
– Biomes ‘o Plenty Overworld
– custom textures
– EV training
…and more!

If you need help, join our Discord!

Pixelmon: Reforged brought to you by the reforged team:

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Pixel Dungeons – Dungeon PvE, Economy, 100’s of items! [1.18]

=== Custom crafting! ===
=== Crazy weapons! ===
=== Epic armor! ===
=== PvP! ===
=== Cool mobs! ===
=== Hard bosses! ===
=== Player economy! ===

Join today for a new experience!

Join Pixel Dungeons for a new unique experience! Fight through tons of custom dungeons, slay bosses, and craft tons of custom items! Each dungeon is gives a unique experience, so try each one out!

Join our Discord if you want to talk to us, because your feedback is important to us!

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Climax Heroes SkyBlock

We are a SkyBlock community that is looking for new members, people who wanna have fun and people who are open minded, with tons of different features ingame your boredom will be cured in matter of seconds, you also have opportunity to meet new and cool freinds, come join us on

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WombatMC | Survival

Explore the world of WombatMC! Our Survival server is sure to foster tons of exciting experiences for all who join. WombatMC is the home of an exceptionally welcoming community, as well as easy-to-learn mechanics for new players. The survival experience is unique and allows players to interact with the server in various compelling ways.

WombatMC includes amazing custom features, including dungeons- a mysterious world that gives players the opportunity to obtain rare rewards. There is also a resource world separate from the main survival that resets every week, giving endless resources to those who harvest from it.

Other notable features include parkour, land claiming, a player-controlled economy, a black market, and a breathtaking spawn build.

…Oh, and did we mention free ranks?!

Join WombatMC TODAY at

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Nighthawk Empires | 1.18.2 | Survival | Custom Guilds | Custom Races | Souls | Looking for Staff & Testers

Welcome to Nighthawk Empires!

We are a server that hopes to provide a unique playing experience for all players. We have several custom plugins, as well as many more planned as well as updates to current plugins to bring people together and have a goal to work towards.

Races: We have a custom Races plugin, that allows players to choose between 5 different races, as well as 9 overall abilities to unlock that offer offensive, defensive, and passive boosts. We plan to include multiple updates with a lot more features with every update.

Guilds: We have a custom Guilds plugin, that allows players to band together and form alliances with each other. As of now, the plugin is very minimal, but there are multiple updates planned to integrate other plugins into it, so it has fun features.

Souls: By killing players, and mobs, players are able to obtain Player Souls, that allow them to purchase items via an in-game shop.


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Townify – The modern way to play SMP

About Townify:
At Townify SMP we’ve focused on keeping the server simple enough to not get overwhelmed but also having enough features so you never scratch your head wondering what to do. Choose your job, work on levelling up your skills, do some fishing (/fish menu) and make the most stunning base you’ve ever made.

Our standouts:
15k x 15k world with the newest world generation
Blazing fast dedicated node means no lag
Pretty mature community
Player based economy
Chat games
Very rewarding vote system
Giveaways & weekly updates
Custom Pets

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Degenerate Farms


We strive to bring you a unique Minecraft experience by offering a great number of custom items and features to emulate a modded gameplay experience, one that is based around the popular plugin Slimefun!

Current Gameplay:
Custom Items
Land Protection
Proximity Voice Chat
Future Gameplay:
Mines (Prison-like gameplay with rewards)
Mana System
Extra Achievements

Claims Pve Skills Smp Survival

Realm of Sync

A community based server that is kept mostly up to date. This server was created to be able to have a semi-vanilla experience with friends at a pace that doesn’t feel competitive or limited, and to be able to have the option to add new friends along the way! I hope to grow the community and give everyone a good Minecraft server experience!

Plugins: claims, skills, more to come! (just ask)