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Aurelia RPG + SMP | Builders and Chat Mods NEEDED! | Apply without experience!

Hello! I am looking for people who want to be builders, chat mods, and test players.

What you might build: small towns, ruins, totems decorations around the world, small boss arenas in my new server. Use your imagination!

I can explain the world concept and lore to you when you join.
My discord is the best way to get hold of me, Loom#5650

Some basic info would be appreciated, your username, age, any experience and what role you may want to have in the server.

Beta players are welcome to chill as well, no contributions needed. What are you waiting for? Join the team today!

– Open World RPG – Custom Magic Abilities and Custom Modelled Mobs in vanilla
– Linear numbered quest lines.
– Side quests, unlockables and upgradable skills.
– Custom indepth advanced combat – 4 different classes
– Accessories, and 25 different pets
– Skills, progression for every stat from Mining, to Fishing, to Woodcutting, to Alchemy to Archery and so on!
– Apartment Roleplay world
– Separate 1.19.2 SMP World with a fresh clean map
– Factions land claim
– No griefing
– No pesky mods or modpack installers required! But Optifine will let you see our highly custom armor sets!
– Whitelisted for development currently

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TWWOM – The Wizarding World of Minecraft – HARRY POTTER [1.15+]


Wizards, witches and muggles! Have you ever longed to receive your acceptance letter from
Hogwarts, learn all the spells of the wizarding world, fly on broomsticks
and have your own pet?

From the ashes a server is reborn… The Wizarding World of Minecraft has arrived!

On our server we can offer you the most fun at the lowest cost… no Forge or mods necessary,
just put the IP in your server list and get in. you will be prompted
download a texture pack, which you can pre-download at

You will be able to explore the entire magical world of JK Rowling and become part of
the community as if you were a real Hogwarts student.
You’ll pass places like Diagon Alley, Kings Cross, 93/4 station and
finally… you will arrive at the best school of magic and wizardry in the
world, to finally be selected and manage to learn the beauty of
to magic.

You could say that we are in a “beta” mode
from the server, because there is a lot of content missing to add so much of
this saga (as of others *cough* *cough*) and there is still a lot of work to be done
end up. However, you will not have a bad experience, since the
content that is missing itself, are they cosmetics or advanced stuff for a
new user. All kinds of bugs can be reported on the Discord forum or community.

⌁ Forum:

⌁ Textures/textures: click here!

⌁ Store/shop:

⌁ Discord: click here!

⌁ Facebook: click here!

⌁ Instagram: click here!

What can our community offer you?

We have more than 90 spells that you can learn in the academy, and with that explore Hogwarts to complete more than 40 missions (more will be added over time) that will immerse you in the magical world. You will be able to carry out special missions to be able to choose your side within the community.
All this you can do alone, or with your friends and/or your clan. We have a clan system, with the idea that more sides are created and thus, a kind of clan war. Each clan has its grade, and its “power-ups” that will benefit it in every fight or encounter they have in the magical world.
We can also offer you some beautiful pets, highlighted as strange magical creatures, who can help you a lot when you need it.
And last but not least… we can offer you a very friendly community. Both the users and the STAFF will be willing to help you and be your adventure partner.
What are you waiting for to enter?



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Lostshard RPG [Custom] [Magic] [Spells] [Skills] [PvP] [SMP] [1.16.5]

Lostshard, a Minecraft RPG server and revival of the original Lostshard.


Discord: click here to join

MC Version: 1.16.5Welcome to Lostshard – on our server you will find a completely custom RPG / MMORPG type experience loosely based off Ultima Online.

Insane PvP, and skill, class, magic, plot, clan + economy systems built from scratch.

No mods required but completely reinvents how Minecraft can be played

And for people who played on the original Lostshard, welcome back!

Come join our discord:

Pictures below to offer a glimpse of what Lostshard is like – come check it out

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Vampire Land

Hello and welcome to vampireland, a small werewolf VS vampire server.
there are a few rules like:
1. Do not grief spawn
2. Respect people
3. No hacking unless that hack is permitted
4. Use forge or you will be kicked
5. If you get admin, do not abuse it. The last thing I want is everyone being banned
6. HAVE FUN!!!!!

Custom Home Pvpnight Realisticseasons Realisticworldgenerator Sethome Skills Survival Tpa

– Join our Discord:
Open Server on 1.19.2 for EVERYONE, come and make FRIENDS
☆ Java Server – Original and Pirate
☆ Server focused on Survival
☆ Clan system
☆ Terrain Protection
☆ System of Skills (Aurelius Skills)
☆ We have weddings on our Server
☆ Economy System
Java(1.17.x/1.18.x/1.19.x): IP:

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The Ender Scrolls is a Minecraft Survival Server with classes, skills, cosmetics and mounts. The world is set in a fantasy, medieval, steampunk theme. Your builds are safe from destruction and pvp is enabled.

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[Creative] [Survival] Aero-Craft Network

The Creative world of Aero-Craft welcomes you! Join and communicate with the staff and players, or just simply build with 100% grief protection! This server has friendly staff and a great, stable, and reliable ranking system!

Survival has custom bosses, skills, enchantments, terrain, and other features! We offer a unique, vanilla-based experience, with just the right touch for the best adventures!

Creative offers a plot system, with build competitions and earnable build ranks. Show off your skills with custom tags, and more permissions!

Join today!

Server Address:


Additional Notes:
AeroCraft Network | Survival | Creative | Skills | Enchants | +more!

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EthereaMC V2 – Races – Skills – Custom Enchants & Armor – Upgradeable Pets & Spawners

EthereaMC V2

We are a nice, chill community who are looking for more players!
We are a towny server playing on an Earth map (1:1500)!
We are releasing V2 of EthereaMC on 28/11, a full reset and there will be lots of events to kick it off!

What features do we have?
– Towny (with resources and lots of land to claim)
– Races that give cool effects
– Custom enchants (with active and passive skills!)
– MMO-like skillsystem
– Custom pets that you can level up and give amazing boosts!
– Custom armor, items, talismans and bosses!
– Jobs to earn money
– Upgradeable & mineable spawners
– Realistic seasons
– Chest sorting system
– Trading system
– Graves (on death)
– Skip night
– Anti-TNT cannons
– Public crafting tables
– Put exp in bottles
– Falling stars that give diamonds or nether stars
– PvPManager (no escaping fights!)
– Very strong anticheat systems!
– No P2W!!!
– PvP is on everywhere (except town homeblocks)
– No griefing (exploded blocks respawn, except for chests & barrels)
– And more! feel free to suggest anything you like to be added


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Novoro | A Hybrid Survival/Adventure Pixelmon Experience | 1.16.5

Novoro is a Survival/Adventure hybrid server, offering a custom made region, and a separate survival world. This server will appeal to many different kinds of trainers, with an emphasis being placed on:
Region Exploration | Pokedex Completion | Exploration | Competitive Battling | Community Events

Novoro Region:

The Novoro Region will function the same as a standard Pokemon game would. After choosing your starter, your journey will begin. The main goal will be to collect all 8 Gym Badges and then challenge the Elite 4 (NPCs). There will also be loot scattered all around the map, and mysterious structures offering tantalizing rewards. Dynamic Events will also be occurring, so be on the lookout for those!

Survival World:
The Survival World will be where your Minecraft experience takes place. We will be using a world generated using the Biomes You’ll Go mod, which will provide players with breathtaking biomes, and gorgeous locations to build bases in. This world, as well as the other dimensions, will all have a world border.
Overworld: 10,000×10,000
Nether: 7,500×7,500
End: 7,500×7,500
Ultra Space: 7,500×7,500
The Overworld may expand with each update, while Nether/End/Ultra Space will be periodically reset. After the Overworld has been mostly discovered and looted, a resource world (BYG) will be created which will also periodically reset, giving newer players the opportunity to loot and explore fresh terrain.

Novoro will place a large emphasis on competitive events, often offering exclusive and unique rewards which make participating worthwhile.
Tournaments – PvP Competitions which will have format/rules be selected via player voting. These will usually be comprised of Smogon formats and rules, but will also have custom formats for more casual players. Participation Prizes will also be given out.
BattlePass Competitions – Whenever a Battle Pass is released, players will compete against each other to be amongst the first to reach a certain milestones via leveling up skills (/skills).
Building Contests – A Build theme will be announced, and players will be given the opportunity to create masterpieces, either in a group (max 2) or alone. Participation Prizes will also be given out.
Hide & Seek – A statue(s) will be hidden somewhere around the Novoro region. Players will be in charge of finding them, with hints being given out periodically until they are found.

IP and Links:
IP: (Currently whitelisted until Beta Survival release, read below)
Donation Store: N/A

As of the time this is posted, we are not yet public but our Beta Survival Server is very close to launching (within the next couple of days)!

Join the discord to stay up to date =)

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MineClick – Incremental Game Server

MineClick is the only incremental game server in Minecraft
Come check it out for yourself!



Gameplay Information:
You are given your own island where you can mine special blocks, upgrade your pickaxe and workers,
and unlock buildings and islands!

Your workers will collect gold for you while you are offline!

For starters, every mined block gets you 1 gold. In order to speed up your progress you can upgrade your Pickaxe and hire workers that do the job for you. By upgrading your workers you increase their income rate.
There are also upgrades that you can do to your island which give a variety of perks such as worker efficiency increase or an additional Pickaxe.
When you’ve made enough gold you can unlock a new island which gives you an increase to global gold multiplier and new island upgrades.
Tons of quests, achievements, and rewards for you to discover!
Friendly Community and Discord Server!
Custom Spleef Arena!

Buildings (Island Upgrades)
MineClick - Incremental Game Server Minecraft Server

MineClick - Incremental Game Server Minecraft Server