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1.15.2 | *CUSTOM* World, Items, Advancements, Mobs, Bosses, Dungeons, Unique MMO Leveling System* >> You start as a level 1, rank A, Woodcutter. As you earn enough money, you can rankup to B all the way to Z. On your journey, you’ll unlock new jobs and earn money from Mining, Farming, Enchanting, Crafting, Hunting, Dungeons, Digging, Fishing and so much more!

– Epic World Generator > Rezuse won’t give you that standard Minecraft survival experience. No, we offer a custom world generator with new biomes and dungeons for you to explore!
– Jobs > Earn money (€) by playing! Woodcutting, mining, building, farming, exploring, killing.. it all grants you great rewards.
– Quests > Earn money (€) or tokens by completing fun quests!
– Rank Upgrades > You start at rank A. Upgrading your character rank gives you awesome rewards and also unlocks new jobs, better tools, extra homes, nicknames, cosmetics, flaming wings and more!
– Voting & VoteParty > By voting once or more, you’ll automatically participate in our voteparties!
– Crates > Great rewards make different oppertunities
– Anti Grief / Stealing > Protect all your personal buildings, chests and furnaces, and dropped items from other players. (You can still trust others if you want to play co-op).
– Shops > Rent your own shop and build its interior at the spawn!
– Random Teleport > To get your adventure started as fast as possible. You can use this to randomly teleport in our epic world!
– Time is money > You’ll earn money, simply by being online and having fun!
– Play To Win > Everything in Rezuse can be obtained by playing. This makes an equal (and competitive) experience for all players.
– Cheating > We do not accept any type of exploit or hacking. We are trying our best to eliminate as much exploits as we can. This includes Anti X-Ray.
– Friendly > We are an open community, which means we love to hear your feedback. This way we can balance the ecenomy add new features and more!

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Nexus Craft

Du suchst einen tollen Survival Server, wo du mit deinen Freunden spielen kannst? Dann bist du bei Nexus Craft genau richtig! Nexus Craft ist ein Survival Server, der sich von anderen unterscheidet.
Auf diesem Server gibt es viele Features:

Events: Es wird einige tolle Events geben (wenn ca. 15 Spieler oder mehr drauf sind), und man kann dort viele tolle Dinge gewinnen. Jedes Event ist einzigartig und unterscheidet sich von den anderen.

Custom Items:
Es gibt einige Custom Items auf dem Server. Manche sind sehr OP, manche weniger. Die Items kannst du entweder bei Events gewinnen, oder du steigst bei den Rängen auf und bekommst ein Kit mit vielen Items drinnen.

Ränge und Kits:
Auf dem Server gibt es viele Ränge. Die meisten davon sind erspielbar mit Spielzeit. Es gibt auch vier Ränge, die man sich kaufen kann, falls du die nicht erspielen willst. Mit jedem weiteren Rang, hat man mehr Rechte und bekommt bessere Sachen.

Die Insel:
Man baut auf einer grossen Insel. Du magst keine Insel? Kein Problem! Es gibt auch ein Festland wo du bauen kannst! Da kommt man mit /warp festland hin.
Was passiert, wenn es keinen Platz mehr auf der Insel hat? Daran habe ich auch gedacht. Wenn der Platz mal eng wird, werde ich eins bis zwei Tage einen Wartungsmodus einsetzen und dann neue Inseln bauen und vergrössern. Somit wird es wieder mehr Platz geben.

Der Server hat einen Discord Server. Es ist wichtig, dass du auf den Discord joinst, denn wenn du mal eine Frage hast oder so, und du willst reden und nicht über den Minecraft Chat schreiben, dann müssen wir über den Discord reden. Ausserdem findest du die neusten News auf dem Discord, die dort immer wieder gepostet werden. Es gibt auch einen Abstimmungsbereich im Discord. Die Spieler können dort über einige Dinge abstimmen, die den Server betreffen.
Du kannst auch Ideen und Wünsche in den Discord schreiben und das Team wird sich das dann anschauen.

Ich hoffe sehr, dass du auf meinem Server spielst. Das Team steckt viel Zeit und mühe in den Server.
BelloNr14 aka Floriana


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About the server
RevenantCraft is a survival/citybuilding server, players can build or join their own City and grow with friends or strangers and with the economy people can trade with eachother by visiting cities, and to provide extra coins people can do jobs!

– Easy Player shops
– End raids (soon)
– Broadscaster (twitch/youtube) benefits
– Lootcrate with votekey and daily key
– MCJobs

– MobCoins
– Voteparty
– And more coming soon!




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Introducing Birdflop: Minecraft’s most democratic server. Nearly all gameplay-affecting decisions will be made by the players through the democratically elected board. Any player can submit a suggestion on our Discord.


The purpose of this Minecraft server is to serve the community that plays on it — NOT to make money. As a result, this server is not play-to-win and ranks cannot be purchased. The only items that can be purchased are cosmetic items that do not affect gameplay or provide any unfair advantage. Birdflop is grief-free, updates quickly, and allows players to create their own warp from day 1. We also have game nights and other fun community events on our Discord. Join with

Minigames and more!

Players can play minigames, build in a creative world, and fight in PvP arenas. Anyone can submit their own minigames arena from creative or build their own arena. Join for a fun server and a strong community.

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Piglin Minecraft Server

Some thought that pig girls can not be cute, but that’s so far away from the truth. That pig’s crotch area is too great to be called cute. The exterior of her body is slim, and the shape of her stomach is like a beautifully crafted flower. The curves at her tiny hips are exquisitely cool, and the perfect hair is so classy that it makes one want to caress it. Although, she doesn’t just have a beautiful but small face, she has a beautiful body and great melons as well.

Freshly spawned Piglin in Minecraft near the nether portal.

I get so exited when I’m surrounded by Piglin girls with big tits and big asses. With each new Piglin I try to become more familiar with, I try to sense their personality and ability to hook up or fuck. I watch their sense of humor and approach to life. Because Minecraft is real life for me…and it can be tiring watching hours of beautiful, gorgeous Piglin be sexually abused and humiliated…and watching those who just wanna have fun ignore my pleas for sex.

Steve spilled cows milk all over peaceful Piglin triggering PvE response.

Some people think of Piglin as mindless pigzombies with big tits but ive noticed that it’s not the case.. like most Piglins, they are confused about Steve and why he chooses to kill them. Most Piglins, if you ask them straight out, will say that Steve doesn’t really need to kill them. This is one of many reasons why Piglin don’t find Steve attractive, but they still tolerate his presence and will not attack unless he is not wearing gold armor.

Listen to their goals and aspirations and never hurt piglings without a reason.

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Minecraft Bee Server

Be careful around bees as they are not always nice and will attack you if you act a fool, or perhaps even just even look like a douchebag. They’re slow to adapt to new situations, have a bad attitude and will make you feel bad even if you’re not really a bad apple. Staying on the safe side and trying to get to know bees before making a move will definitely give you a head start in getting friendly with those cute insects.

Minecraft queen bee explaining to Steve how bees work in this update.

I was very close with the bees and I wanted to be with them as they continued to move up the ranks of the Long-Live-Honey program as they grew more skilled with each player they stung to death. As they became more popular, I would give them matching outfits, creating a bee paradise that would cause them to find witch girls. It’s a part of the history that my bees will buzz about from now on.

Witch girl preparing to tame a bee from the beehive nearby in Minecraft.

You might not know this, but bees will do anything to win a witch girl over.

Because bees are socialized to feel inadequate and to not talk about anything with our bodies, it’s easy to be paralyzed with doubt when we talk about body image. It works like that because of the way bees sting.

It is my obligation as a witch mother to help my daughter take control of her body and stop internalizing social norms that mean she is not supposed to be her own person.

Witch girls can do whatever they want with their own bodies, whether that’s wearing a revealing witch robe or in an all-girl-mob panel show. They can do whatever they want and have fun with it. However, in the case of young people whose preoccupation is having a baby, it is very damaging and important that the genders be portrayed in ways that are acceptable for everyone.

Witch girl successfully tamed a bee from the beehive nearby in Minecraft.

Remember that bees are dangerous despite their cute looks and bubble gum face. It takes a lot of strength and concentration to avoid getting stung by them, but some bees can go a long way towards building up immunity against bee stings.

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Lewd Minecraft Girlfriends

How to get a lewd girlfriend in Minecraft, the question has been asked many times. If I’m honest, I don’t actually have any idea how to get a lewd girlfriend in Minecraft and I never really did any research on it to be honest. It was a really shocking question too.

Lewd Minecraft girlfriend trying to sleep on a white bed after escaping from a creeper in Minecraft.

So a few months ago I found that someone had written a very insightful article about how to get a decent girlfriend at Minecraft – you know the type you get in real life when you get to be a good family man. I’ve been reading this since then and I must admit it’s helped me out just quite a bit. I mean I don’t have a girlfriend in Minecraft I’m going to go out with other people and I don’t even have much of a girlfriend at the moment so it helps.

Dating a girl in Minecraft on a very lewd server during summer event

I will continue playing Minecraft and I will find many girlfriend with cute breasts so that I can have a child in my Minecraft dungeon. I’m not joking.

Steve's Minecraft dungeon with auto milk machine powered by redstone

I know I’m making people uncomfortable but it’s just an honest, hard truth. The fact of the matter is people have no idea what they want. People talk about wanting to be the smartest, or the strongest, or the best, but that’s not my issue with people, I’m having the fucking worst time with everyone.

And because of this I’m going to use all my knowledge and skill to help you out and teach you a healthy lifestyle. So here are the steps that I take to create a life of abundance:

1) I use the words that I would like to be able to communicate. And the person’s brain is designed to accept these concepts as normal and not necessarily uncomfortable. Now how can I create a life of abundance that will be positive on myself, and positive for others? I take the first step, and I’ll be the first person to have a massive impact on this world.

2) I create a relationship with someone else whose brain has been designed to fit such a concept.

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