Bedwars Mini Games Parkour Pvp


Server of lots of minigames like:

Note – This server is in development

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Ilarity is a new european server with bedwars similar to the one from hypixel
Come check it out ip:
Cracked And Premium

Bedwars Cross-Play Lifesteal Parkour Pvp Skyblock Survival

Thalainagaram mc smp server

Best minecraft server,
Best kind and helpful staffs
Best hosting provider
Best developing

Bedwars Economy Pvp Survival

FS Minecraft

FS Minecraft Server is powered by Team FS! You can play on cracked & premium.

We foster players from all over the World, all with different backgrounds.
With lightning fast pings, you can enjoy a lag-free experience.

The FS Family welcomes you to play in Our Server we are providing you the best exprerience:

So what are you waiting for? Come and Join Us:
IP: [ ]

Join Our Discord and have fun with others and give suggesstion to improve out Server:

Bedwars Skyblock Survival


We are a Cracked SMP that anyone can join, with no lag, no whitelist. We have tons of enjoyable plugins. Join us today!

Bedwars Skyblock Skywars


RedFoxMC is a new Minecraft server network trying to find players and build up its community. Its starting out as a skyblock server with a Discord. If you are a huge fan of skyblock servers, who knows, maybe you will like it. The only way to know for sure is to join and find out! 🙂


Bedwars Survival

ModernCraft Network

ModernCraft your Server without any vips and indifferences we accept you well without any prejudice here we have BedWars and survival very rooted without anything op if you are tired of that boring server ModernCraft is an option.

Bedwars Economy Factions Parkour Pvp Survival

ShadoWorld Community

Bored of playing Hypixel Bedwars ? Want to play a different Factions Server ? Here we are.

We are a brand new minecraft server with Bedwars and a Special Faction Server.

In the Bedwars server you can play with your friends or other people in the classic modes and the LuckyBlock Mode. You can select which effects you prefer and get to the Top of the LeaderBoards!!

In the Faction server there are a lot of features but, the most important, are the CrackShot Weapons. You can disintegrate the enemy with seconds, travel the world in minutes and be almost immortal.

Bedwars Hungergames Maze Minigames Parkour Pvparena Smp Survival Vanilla

ObiWorld 1.19.2 Survival with Grief Prevention & MiniGames. BedWars! HungerGames! Parkour! Mazes! Custom Boss Mobs!

Family-friendly SMP server with active staff! Vanilla with grief prevention and minigames. Something for everyone–beginners to expert! No donation pings, no lobby, just play! Our server is small; we have just over 100 players. You can get to know everyone on ObiWorld!

Note to parents: This is a safe server for your kids. I made it so my own kids would have a safe place to enjoy minecraft multiplayer. I am on the server daily and I read ALL the chat. Most of our players are between 10 and 18 years old. Staff are able to watch the chat remotely and take action if needed. That being said, I do allow player vs player combat and item keep–sometimes feelings can be hurt. Also, I never ask for money; the server is NOT configured to accept donations. I fund it myself.

Join us on discord:

Bedwars Factions Kitpvp Lookingforstaff Other Prison Pvp Skywars Softcoresurvival Underdevelopment

ExpressMC Server Network

ExpressMC is a soon-to-be server network, focused on PvP-like elements and additions to vanilla Minecraft. Currently, there is one gamemode integrated called Softcore Survival, where players will engage in a “Soft-core” PvP where you will have 3 lives until you’re banned for 24 hours. The world resets every 2 months to prevent OP players.

Core Features:
Custom Bosses that drop Life Keys (These keys can be bought as well-Maxed out at 6 lives)
Custom dungeons.
Custom Loot *NO OP ITEMS*
Soft-Core (no perma bans)

Looking for staff

Server Network Incoming – Prison, KitPvP, Factions, and Creative in development.