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Moonbyte Anarchy – A pure anarchy experience. No OP’s

Hello Planet Minecraft! I’m here today to let you all know about a new anarchy server I’m hosting.

Established just about a two weeks ago, on 2/26/2020, we’ve strived to bring the best anarchy experience to players who are interested. Our current community is small, currently 7 unique active players, but compared to other anarchy servers everyone’s pretty nice and helpful and we try to keep it that way.

Unlike other anarchy servers, no-one has op privs. Not even the owner has op privs. This prevents 32k weapons being spawned, items being spawned, etc. We also have a helpful discord with useful resources for hack clients, baritone and cord locations including the end portal. Click here to connect to our discord

We also started a Bedrock anarchy server! This server is extremely new, and just started on 2/7/2020! Were looking to grow both servers but our main server is the Java one. Same deal with the Bedrock server. All hacks are allowed, no op’s, etc.

As a community, we’ve started working on duplication glitches with the end portal and the nether highway. Other players like to play solo and away from spawn. It’s up to you, its anarchy. As the owner of the server though, I am always working on spawn infrastructure to help new players join the server.

Server IP for Java 1.15.2 :
Server IP for Bedrock 1.14.21 :

With all of that being said, here are some of the features this server offers

  • Allows hack clients, bots, alts, duping, griefing, swearing, raiding, etc its anarchy you get the gist.
  • There’s no set home, warps, or tpas, all forms of travel are completely vanilla to ensure the feel of anarchy.
  • This map will never reset, currently, this map is only a week old and already at 10gb!
  • It’s not paid to win, either you won’t get anything special if you donate to the server.
  • No, World Edit, World Guard, and chest lock plugin. None of that is installed to the server. For a list of plugins please look at our discord link since /plugins aren’t available.
  • And finally, NO rules. No banning. You’ll only be muted IF the whole server agrees on a person being muted. The owner can’t just mute someone without the server’s population approval aka if someone is spamming the n-word 16 times per second and nobody can chat with each other, it’s likely you’ll be muted.
  • Offer both Java and Bedrock anarchy servers!
  • Starting dates for our servers :
      Java : 1/27/2020
      Bedrock : 2/7/2020

    And with that, I’ll leave a helpful notice: We don’t have a static IP our dns is dynamic. And currently, isn’t updating automatically. I’ll work on that tomorrow. So if the server is down, give it a couple of hours, PM me on discord or email [email protected]. My name on discord is braydel.