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GroundedMC is an Economy Survival server but still keeps the vanilla feel that everyone loves! We have an amazing community of members!! Choose to play competitively, focus on building or just come to hang with friends and play some of our event mini games!

Grind for in game ranks and keys or purchase ranks and keys from our webstore – everyone can play!! Also, be sure to join us for events and giveaways as we love to spoil our community!

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BirdMC is a unique Minecraft server featuring casino games and minigames such as BedWars, SkyWars and Duels! Our server allows Java and Bedrock players to connect together to share the fun on one server! Earn coins ⛁⛀ from playing to top the leaderboard to earn ranks or unlock new cosmetics!

IP: Java Edition – Bedrock Edition – (default port)
Server Version: [​1.18.2 – 1.19 (or latest version)]

For more information and to connect with our community or open a support ticket check out our website and discord!

Duels Dupe Earthsmp Lifesteal Practice Pvp Smp Survival

SpasboyMC – {Earth SMP} {Lifesteal Dupe} {Duels} {Partnered SMP’s} {Manhunt} {UHC} {More In Future!}

Server IP:

You can Grind With The Economy Or Grind Using Normal Minecraft Mining! You Can Also Become The Most Powerful With The Most Land On The Server! You May Also Play Duels On The Same Network! What Are You Waiting For Come Join!!

Server IP:

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Atlas Kit-PvP [1.8.9]

Atlas Kit-PvP!

The original Kit-PvP feel you felt 6 years ago comes back today! With duels, events, and more, we strive for an active community to be able to experience how Kit-PvP felt back in the glory days!

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Komplx Network
A 1.8-1.19 Minecraft Java Edition Network (2022)

Here, we provide the following games:

– SkyBlock: We offer two exclusive profiles for every player with this game.
– Profile 1: Easy navigation, features & tools, simple starter islands + more!
– Profile 2: A more challenging environment! Stone island & lava, with limited resources & features, fun to try with friends!

– Opponents: Battle players, advanced bots, parties, and more! With many difficulties, maps, modes, kits & more!

Server IP:
Discord Server:

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Despite the name, we are not a complicated server at all.
We understand what it’s like to be confused and frustrated when joining a network, so we have our build and development team constantly working together to ensure the network is easy to navigate.

And with over 5 years of experience from us and our team, there has been 12+ prototypes of networks before Komplx.

We include cool features like Bot Duels, Party Fights, Factions, Skyblock, and more!


Duels Kitpvp Pvp Skyblock Skywars Spleef Survival Tntrun Tnttag


We have many gamemodes like survival with custom enchants,kitpvp,duels,spleef,tnt tag,tntrun,skywars and more coming soon.
We also have a discord where we do giveaways for free roles and a chat for survival players
join discord hereο»Ώ

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Axify network [1.7-and up]

1000$+ in PAYPAL giveaways
πŸ”‘ Key Alls almost every day

πŸ’° Payouts – Total of $1000+ payouts given every season!

πŸ•ΈοΈ Unique features!
βš”οΈ Unique PvP experience!
πŸ† New features every week
πŸ”₯ Custom enchants
πŸ€– Minions & robots that can help you with your tasks!
⭐ Unique Donator Perks
πŸ’Ž Events

And much more!

πŸ“‹ Apply for staff: Closed right now!
πŸ“˜ Discord:
☘️ Website: Coming shortly!

πŸ’Έ PAYOUTS (Seasonal)πŸ’Έ

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CivEarth is a 1:500 Earth map Minecraft server that is on its 3rd version! Join over 1000 unique players with a diverse community and a mature and helpful staff. We have many unique plugins for you to enjoy including Towny, MCMMO, a digital economy, auctions, PvP Duels, marriage, quests, vehicles, dungeons and much more!

We are available on Java at: You can now join with bedrock!, port:19132. We hope to see you around!

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Ruthless Factions

Welcome to Ruthless! Our network provides the best experience in Factions!
Join us now for the chance to win PayPal rewards and meet our great community!