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TWWOM – The Wizarding World of Minecraft – HARRY POTTER [1.15+]


Wizards, witches and muggles! Have you ever longed to receive your acceptance letter from
Hogwarts, learn all the spells of the wizarding world, fly on broomsticks
and have your own pet?

From the ashes a server is reborn… The Wizarding World of Minecraft has arrived!

On our server we can offer you the most fun at the lowest cost… no Forge or mods necessary,
just put the IP in your server list and get in. you will be prompted
download a texture pack, which you can pre-download at

You will be able to explore the entire magical world of JK Rowling and become part of
the community as if you were a real Hogwarts student.
You’ll pass places like Diagon Alley, Kings Cross, 93/4 station and
finally… you will arrive at the best school of magic and wizardry in the
world, to finally be selected and manage to learn the beauty of
to magic.

You could say that we are in a “beta” mode
from the server, because there is a lot of content missing to add so much of
this saga (as of others *cough* *cough*) and there is still a lot of work to be done
end up. However, you will not have a bad experience, since the
content that is missing itself, are they cosmetics or advanced stuff for a
new user. All kinds of bugs can be reported on the Discord forum or community.

⌁ Forum:

⌁ Textures/textures: click here!

⌁ Store/shop:

⌁ Discord: click here!

⌁ Facebook: click here!

⌁ Instagram: click here!

What can our community offer you?

We have more than 90 spells that you can learn in the academy, and with that explore Hogwarts to complete more than 40 missions (more will be added over time) that will immerse you in the magical world. You will be able to carry out special missions to be able to choose your side within the community.
All this you can do alone, or with your friends and/or your clan. We have a clan system, with the idea that more sides are created and thus, a kind of clan war. Each clan has its grade, and its “power-ups” that will benefit it in every fight or encounter they have in the magical world.
We can also offer you some beautiful pets, highlighted as strange magical creatures, who can help you a lot when you need it.
And last but not least… we can offer you a very friendly community. Both the users and the STAFF will be willing to help you and be your adventure partner.
What are you waiting for to enter?



Bedrock Clans Crossplay Duels Earth Economy Faction Hungergames Java Oneblock Pve Pvp Skyblock

Oger Labs

Looking for a unique / 24/7 Server? :Potion1:


✎ Oger-Laboratories is a Minecraft Server. The Server is mainly RPG, which is work in progress but will soon be released. In RPG we make Experiments and Products! Our goal is to have a friendly Community.

:Verified: No lag!
:Verified: Online 24/7
:Verified: PvP
:Verified: Unique Discord Server!
:Verified: 6-10 Online Players every day!
:Verified: Amazing Staff!
:Verified: Easy to play
:Verified: Free AFK Rewards
:Verified: Many Minigames!
:Verified: Clan Support!
:Verified: Music
:Verified: Duels

✎ IP:
✎ Bedrock Port: 19132

1v1 2v2 Bedwar Bedwars Duel Duels Essentials Faction Factions Factionscomingsoon Games Kitmap Kitpvp Minigames Murdermystery Needstaff Pit Prison Prisoncomingsoon Prisons Pvp Skyblockcomingsoon Skypvp Skywar Skywars Staff Staffwanted Survival Thepit Wantedstaff

Roman Network | Minigames | Kitmap | Factions Coming Soon | Prisons Coming Soon | Skyblock Coming Soon | Custom Enchantments | Bosses | Events | PvP

Our Server Has Many Features/Gamemodes
That U Can Try Out At:

Current Gamemodes:
Murder Mystery

Gamemodes In Development:
In prison
Sky PvP
& More

Cashrewards Cosmetics Customitems Duels Economy Factions Factionspvp Kitpvp Mobarena Optimized Paperspigot Pve Raiding Seasonal Shopgui Skills Survival Towny Velocity

Xan Factions/Towny

Xan is developing a new server that is mainly focused on competing in a factions universe. This server is not aiming to be another OP factions massive scale bucket gen 300$ rank type of deal. It is also not aiming to be a featureless and barren wasteland where there is nothing to do. It is aiming to provide an environment where mini games such as mob arena, rpg elements such as quests/dungeons/skills, and vanilla elements can all be used to steadily progress to different levels of wealthiness and power while you stake your claim in the wilderness.

Factions+Towny/Balanced Economy:
All worlds will be connected, including the towny world. Your $balance is connected between the factions worlds and towny world, but your inventories will not be. Selling items is disabled in the towny world. This means that you can freely transfer value from the factions worlds to the towny world, but not the other way. Factions worlds have a worldborder of 3500, and the towny world has a worldborder of 10000(18000wide). You can easily play on just the factions worlds or just the towny world, it doesn’t matter. The towny world will never wipe, while the factions worlds will wipe every 6 months and season prizes will be distributed.

Mutliverse: Travel between worlds using /warp or /wild with a visual gui
Midheaven – Dregora generated overworld(factions)(3250)
Nether- Default nether(factions)(3500)
End- Default end(factions)(3500)
Midearth – Default generated overworld(factions)(3500)
Towny – Mostly default generated large biomes overworld(towny)(15000)
Dungeonworld(Factions) – Use your gear from factions to complete dungeons and earn money.(In Progress.)
Dungeonworld(Towny) – Use your gear from towny to complete dungeons and earn money.(In Progress.)

The only rules are rules that are necessary for the fairness, function, and balance of the server, anything that doesn’t negatively impact those things is allowed. Freedom of speech heavy.

More indepth rules ingame.

Current Plugins:
Plugins (69): ATopPlayers, AureliumSkills, Blackjack, BottledExp, ChatBubbles, ChatEmojis,CombatLogX, CustomCommands, Duels, DungeonsXL, EconomyShopGUI, Factions, InfernalMobs, MobArena, MythicMobs, Quests, RoseStacker, RTP, SellStick, Towny, UltimateAirdrops, UltraCosmetics

Server Specs:
i5-11600kf @5.0GHz
18CL 4000MHz 32GB Ram
Nvidia 2070 Super
When/if the server becomes inadequate we will be expanding our servers with Amazon Web Services which is already configured and ready to go.

$$$Season Prizes$$$(Factions):
At the end of the season, currently April 30th, 2022, prizes will be distributed to top players. This includes in-game roles/titles, hall of fame entry, and cash prizes. The cash prize is currently a pool of $335. The majority of this prize will be distributed to players who hold the most “prize tokens” at the end of the season, which are non-stackable, stealable tokens that are purchasable from /shop up until the last week of the season. Tokens will not be placeable in ender chests, tokens will not be purchasable in the towny world. If you log out with more than 2 prize tokens in your inventory, those tokens except 2 will be deleted. Tokens will be submitted anytime during the last 2 days of the season by doing /submit token (amount).

OldCombatMechanics is not actually old combat, it is a hybrid between the two.

We do not require a resource pack to be downloaded on join.

Towny dynmap:

Auctionhouse Duels Economy Mcmmo Minigames Pve Pvp Survival


GroundedMC is an Economy Survival server but still keeps the vanilla feel that everyone loves! We have an amazing community of members!! Choose to play competitively, focus on building or just come to hang with friends and play some of our event mini games!

Grind for in game ranks and keys or purchase ranks and keys from our webstore – everyone can play!! Also, be sure to join us for events and giveaways as we love to spoil our community!

Bedwars Casino Casinos Duels Economy Gambling Other Pvp Skywars Slotmachines Slots


BirdMC is a unique Minecraft server featuring casino games and minigames such as BedWars, SkyWars and Duels! Our server allows Java and Bedrock players to connect together to share the fun on one server! Earn coins ⛁⛀ from playing to top the leaderboard to earn ranks or unlock new cosmetics!

IP: Java Edition – Bedrock Edition – (default port)
Server Version: [​1.18.2 – 1.19 (or latest version)]

For more information and to connect with our community or open a support ticket check out our website and discord!

Duels Dupe Earthsmp Lifesteal Practice Pvp Smp Survival

SpasboyMC – {Earth SMP} {Lifesteal Dupe} {Duels} {Partnered SMP’s} {Manhunt} {UHC} {More In Future!}

Server IP:

You can Grind With The Economy Or Grind Using Normal Minecraft Mining! You Can Also Become The Most Powerful With The Most Land On The Server! You May Also Play Duels On The Same Network! What Are You Waiting For Come Join!!

Server IP:

Duels Events Kitpvp Kits Minecraftkitpvp Pvp

Atlas Kit-PvP [1.8.9]

Atlas Kit-PvP!

The original Kit-PvP feel you felt 6 years ago comes back today! With duels, events, and more, we strive for an active community to be able to experience how Kit-PvP felt back in the glory days!

Botduel Difficult Duels Fights Fun Hardcore Komplx Komplxnetwork Minecraft Party Partyfights Practice Skyblock Survival Unique


Komplx Network
A 1.8-1.19 Minecraft Java Edition Network (2022)

Here, we provide the following games:

– SkyBlock: We offer two exclusive profiles for every player with this game.
– Profile 1: Easy navigation, features & tools, simple starter islands + more!
– Profile 2: A more challenging environment! Stone island & lava, with limited resources & features, fun to try with friends!

– Opponents: Battle players, advanced bots, parties, and more! With many difficulties, maps, modes, kits & more!

Server IP:
Discord Server:

Botduels Botfights Duels Factions Ffa Komplx Network Partyfights Skyblock Survival


Despite the name, we are not a complicated server at all.
We understand what it’s like to be confused and frustrated when joining a network, so we have our build and development team constantly working together to ensure the network is easy to navigate.

And with over 5 years of experience from us and our team, there has been 12+ prototypes of networks before Komplx.

We include cool features like Bot Duels, Party Fights, Factions, Skyblock, and more!