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PermMC KitPvP

PermMC Is A KitPvP Server compatible with 1.8 To 1.16 (1.8 Recommended For Best PvP)
– Crates
– Playervaults
– Kits
– Voting
– Leveling System
– 1.8 to 1.16
– Duels
– All Crates Add up to 100%

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Goldy Network [1.8.X] Factions SkyBlock SkyPvP Bedwars BuildBattle

Balkan minecraft server Factions, SkyPvP, SkyBlock, Bedwars & BuildBattle

Bedwars Duels Pvp Skywars

DownPixel PVP server

Downpixel is a pvp minecraft server for java 1.8.At the time of writing this we have 3 different pvp gamemodes/minigames with more coming in the future.We have a small staff team applications are open, you can apply for staff in our Discord Server

Creative Duels Duelspvp Kitpvp Kitpvpserver Minigames Pvp Ranks Skyblock Skywars Staff Streamers Twitch Youtube Youtubers Zedar


The best competitive server, including KitPVP, Skyblock, Skywars, 1v1 Duels & More! Daily events with massive prizes! Win shoutouts and money! Purchase special ranks from our website and apply for Youtuber + Staff ranks! Versions 1.8+ – 1.16+.

Arena Buildbattle Drop Duels Hideandseek Minigames Paypal Plots Pvp Survival – Duels, BuildBattle, CaseOpening, HideAndSeek [PL]

BuildBattle | Duels | Chowany | CSGO | Survival | Działki | CaseOpening | Parkour

Wiele trybów, wiele nowych przyjaciół, sprzedawaj swoje itemy w Sklepie, otwieraj skrzynki RubinCase, zbieraj Kolekcje i wymieniaj na nagrody.Dołącz do gry już teraz! Przygoda online czeka na Ciebie! Buduj, walcz i odkryj świat Minecraft.

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SuperiorMc Custom Faction | NEW!! [1.16.3]


Hey Superior-Mc visitor. we are a Multi-Version Custom Faction/Pvp Server on a 1.8 Play style base. But we are seeking for more, we want to use our ambition to expand and grow as a team!

Will you join the community and help us evolve?



Hey Superior Community! Today we bring you all of the latest information regarding the season of Factions. This time we exclusively focused on adding content that was frequently suggested by players over the last couple days. We worked hard on our BETA and tried our best to add as many suggestions as we can.


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Servidor del juego Minecraft con temática mexicana, atrévete a emprender una gran aventura y conoce la grandeza cultural de México

Server of the game Minecraft with Mexican theme, dare to undertake a great adventure and know the cultural greatness of Mexico


SERVIDOR DE MINECRAFT: JAVA EDITION 1.16.2La Comarca MX es un servidor que esta inspirado en todas las culturas de México.

MINECRAFT SERVER: JAVA EDITION 1.16.2La Comarca MX is a server that is inspired by all the cultures of Mexico.


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    The Nightus Network Kingdoms

    The Nightus Network
    RPG Kingdoms 1.16.2

    Customizable Character Abilities with:


    The Nightus Network is an RPG Kingdoms server that brings a unique gameplay experience for all! Customize your character with unique armor that boosts their abilities! Invade other kingdoms, or be a pacifist and be immune to invasion! Play with your friends, or make new ones! Anything is possible!

    2020server Duels Jnnetwork2020 Kitpvp Minecraft Minecraftserver Pvp Survival


      This server is a minecraft kitpvp/duels/survival server [1.8-1.16] we are JNNETWORK!! we are a very new server so bugs and   might still be there as we are still kinda in dev mode atm but as of rn its all good to go and you should have no problems but like   any other server there is gonna be shutdown times as well so yeah but i basically just wanna say hope you guys enjoy playing   on this server and hey maybe you even wanna maybe do a review and kinda help us out to get players on anyways im not gonna   take to much of your guys time just come on by to the JNNETWORK and come have some funn!!


    Challenge Duels Economy Nether Paintball Parties Perks Pets Skywars Treasurehunt Villagedefense


    <-------------------------------- [ Nether Boss ] -------------------------------->

    Welcome to the NB community. We are a server that will opening in 30 days.
    We are opening small, but we have an aggressive game-play plan to ensure to
    brings hours of enjoyment and competition.

    We have games where you need to save the village from zombies, which you in a
    way, can take revenge on the nether! We also have hand full of treasure hunts scattered ALL
    through the main lobby which results in a massive reward. We have quests to run
    and games such as Paintball and Sky wars to join.

    We welcome you to join our community as we ready to open in the weeks to come.
    The server runs on 1.12.2 but we have setup to where anyone can join on any version!

    – NetherBoss Management


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