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Magi-ka Survival

Magi-Ka Survival Minecraft Server


The Best Minecraft Magic Server

What we offer:
– Factions
– Marketplace
– Shops
– Magic
– Custom Items
– Custom Decoration
– Item Naming and Lore Command
– Essentials
– Epic World Gen
– Ore Crops
– Hour Generator
– Custom Mob Drops
– Harder Bosses
– Custom Bosses (Mythic Mobs)
– Leveled Mobs
– Custom Enchants
– Angel Chest
– Bounty Hunter
– Best Tool
– Custom Items In Shops
– Name Tag Editing
– Name Tag Ranks
– PvP Stats
– Sit Down
– Skinner
– Tree Feller
– Uber Enchanted Items In Shops
– Vien Miner
– XP Storage
– XP Trading/Selling
– Ghoulcraft Cit
– Minuncraft Cit
– And Many more Cit Packs while are slowly being added into custom vanilla resourcepack Items

– PvP Gear
– PvP Wand
– PvP Arena
– Manhunt Events
– It’s Very Hard at first but very rewarding with the OP gear
– Admin that listens and helps you
– A Friendly Community

Discord Server Here:

Adventure Boss Events Magic Quests Races Roleplay Skills Survival Towny Vampire Vampires Werewolf Werewolfandvampires Werewolves


A survival roleplay server.

At the start of the server, you are asked to choose your race,

After you have selected what race you desire to be you will immediately be dropped into the world to start your adventure.
Create a Kingdom, practice magic, Be infected with Vampirism or Lycanthropy you name it!!

Join the adventure now in Nithiancraft!!

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⚡ FantasyRpg ⚡ 1.17.1 ⚡ RPG ⚡ PVP ⚡ PVE ⚡ Dungeons ⚡ 100+ Spells ⚡ Monster Mods ⚡ Bosses⚡ Custom Coded⚡ Dedicated Developer


The Fantasy Network is a fun-first Minecraft community with it’s main
server being FantasyRpg. FantasyRpg is a 24/7 server that runs a
heavily-modded custom-developed RPG experience. It runs the same-named
plugin FantasyRpg that facilitates the RPG experience and adds a
traditional leveling experience for players (exp, levels, stat points),
levels to monsters, randomly generated dungeons, guilds, spells for
players and mobs, monster ranks, custom items and much more.

FantasyRpg has pvp enabled, but we offer land claiming with grief prevention and
‘Warding’ to create grief proof bases. To prevent players from only
camping in their base 24/7, random dungeons are generated hourly that
are full of loot and monstesr. They are great areas to farm items and
experience, so use them well!

FantasyRpg runs in three-month seasons with a ladder reset (world and player
resets) at the end of each three-month season. These new seasons allow
for the server environment to be balanced at a much faster pace than
not, letting players level up and acquire interesting spells and gear
within hours, rather than over days and weeks. It also lets new players
catch up with veterans and start off on equal footing. And, these new
seasons are also when major plugin updates will occur.

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Felicity Valley SMP

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Felicity Valley SMP *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

SMP/RP servers
✼ Lore events
✼ Magic
✼ Jobs
✼ Good builds get showcased


How to get whitelisted;

Please join the Discord in the link – you will also need to fill out the form, dont be discouraged by anything on the form, anyone is welcome 🙂 If you cannot create content and just want to join the fun thats okay too!


IG: felicity.smp
TUMBLR: felicitysmp


– Keep chat family friendly
– English only in chat
– Griefing is not allowed
– No builds near spawn
– Cheating is not tolerated
– Treat other members with respect
– Do not try to crash the plugins/world
– No stealing
– Exploiting will not be tolerated
– Ask before building near someone

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Arkham Smp

-=-=-=-Arkham SMP Rp -=-=-=-
A world of Magic and adventure!
-Custom mobs and magic
– Kingdoms and economy
– Amazing scenic map
– Friendly community
– Roleplay and Arcs & opportunity to show Your inner mage
– Dragons and Dire wolves
– Medieval feel and adventures to face with your friends or alone

– Completely VANILLA

– 1.16.5

Bosses Crossplay Customenchantments Customitems Custommobs Customworld Economychestshop Magic Magicspells Mcmmo Pve Economy Quests Vrsupport

Medieval Melon

It is a 18+ Server (Because of swearing)
We have a custom terrain generator.
Bosses and custom Items.
Geyser Cross Platform Support.
Vivecraft VR supported.
and more.

Currently we are using the plugins: BeautyQuests, Better-Enchantments, Citizens, ClearLag, CMILib, DiscordSRV, dynmap, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsGeoIP, EssentialsSpawn, floodgate, Geyser-Spigot, GriefPrevention, HolographicDisplays, ImageMaps, Iris, ItemSorters, Jobs, LargeRaids, LuckPerms, Magic, mcMMO, ModelEngine, Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-NetherPortals, MythicMobs, ProtocolLib, QuickShop, SilkSpawners, SleepPercentage*, UltimateChairs, Vault, Vivecraft-Spigot-Extensions, WorldEdit, WorldGuard

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ComicMC Rebirth Beta (No Mods)


Welcome to the Rebirth of ComicMC! Back in 2020 I started working on a server and shut it down due to real life problems. But I am back and ready to work on it as much as I can! I’m so excited because I have learned more than I ever had before via powers, quests, models, etc. With some friends on board ready to help me I can offically release the server and so many unique abilities.

=Concept of the server=
The concept of it is basically having players complete quests/missions in order to recieve currency. The currency is used to actually unlock characters that withhold amazing, unique, and some with even groundbreaking abilities. Currency will later be used for unlocking alternate costumes, items, and vehicles. It’s very different than other DC/Marvel servers as they heavily focus on roleplay and application systems. I wanted to steer clear from this as I like to be different. Giving players the power to countless characters rather than applying for one and staying as them. Even with having multiple characters, the powers and skins make up for still being able to feel like the character.

=Current State=
Currently, there are about over 50+ characters already implemented along with still being implemented and ready to played! Since it is in beta all characters are available to try out and give a taste of what this server really is. No need to have a staff member give you your character when you can just jump straight into it and soon unlock them! There are about 6 quests already added and ready to get a head start along with defeating some bosses. Characters are started to be overcome with models and textures rather than plain vanilla items. Characters are constantly being updated by myself and giving them more moves if I think of any or get any requests. There are a few voice lines added into the server and soon animations with very cool stuff 😀

=The Future=
Once I’m satisfied with the large DC roster I will move on and add Marvel with more characters, abilities, quests and more! I will also continue to keep adding new features onto the server.

Thank you and hope you enjoy my current work! 🙂

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Minewind: Memes Done Right

Minewind: Memes Done Right Minecraft Server

Next generation survival server.

Find out more at

Minewind: Memes Done Right Minecraft Server

[​Server IP]

Alfheim Alicization Art Boss Bosses Community Dungeon Dungeons Fantasy Magic Online Pvp Raid Ranked Roleplay Rpg Survival Sword Techro Underworld War Warofunderworld

Techro Alfheim – Alfheim themed MMORPG Server

✪Alfheim✪: Embark on an adventurous journey into the world of Alfheim! There are 9 races that are completely player ran, grow with your fellow players to become the best race in the server!

✪Magic✪: Move through quests and dungeons, advancing through different magics, obtaining new ones through rank, shops or events!

✪Quests✪: Challenge yourself with a vast array of quests and dungeons to fulfill the hearts of the need for adventure and growth!

✪Items✪: Customize and outfit yourself with the hundreds of custom weapons and armours within the world from monsters, quests, and shops. Weapons such as Axes, Swords, and Spears!

✪Mobs✪: Fight against many different custom mobs in dungeons and for quests, some of which will have rare drops.

✪Home✪: With all your loot and gear enjoy the life of normal Minecraft survival and build a place to call home!

✪Roleplay✪: Immerse yourself in a grand adventure throughout the server!

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Fables and Fantasy

Fables and Fantasy Roleplay
The New Roleplaying experience in Minecraft!

What does it mean?
Fables and Fantasy is the ultimate RP experience. Set in a medieval fantasy universe on the beautiful lands of Eden. In this world you van do whatever what you want!
Want to be a trader? A grand wizard? Or maybe a scheming politician, that or you want to take the criminal path…? Everything is possible in Eden. Make it happen!

Join our discord to join the server!
Dynmap: The server is still in developement. We’re searching for architects and loresmasters if you’re interested in helping? contact @Arkhun#2196 or Darwin#6417 on Discord.

What else do we offer?
Together with amazing gameplay we offer a unique minecraft experience! As stated before everything is possible in Eden. Your character, your rules!
Epic locations for your character to explore and adventure in! Find the rules on our discord. Check out our announcements for images!
A lot of lore to give locations flavor and life! Discover long lost secrets or use their information to further your agenda and work your way up to the top…
Eden is a place to make or break your character. To go from a humble peasant to a proud Emperor. Or from a fugitive to a mighty warrior.

What is our purpose?
Our goal is to create a safe environment for players to get used to roleplaying.
In addition we offer a hub for experienced roleplayers to make their mark on Eden for the years to come!
We want to illustrate that everyone in our community can make a difference. We would like to get used to our players and to welcome you in our community!

For the experieced?
We still have several starter nations opened for new Nation Leaders. These are:
A desert nation and a jungle nation, both of which you can write exactly the way you want. If you have a group ready to join we can talk about other nations as well.

In order to play on Fables and Fantasy we ask you to fill in a “character application” on our discord! We do this to safeguard the quality of roleplay in Eden. A loremaster will quickly judge your character application.
When your character has been verified you’re allowed to partake in our adventure on Fables and Fantasy!

All screenshots and showcases of our maps were buildon Fables and Fantasy, previously known as Feudalrealms, do not use, or sell these maps as yours!

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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