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Last Element

Welcome to Last Element

A inspired Server from the anime The Last Air Bender – Here you will be able to use the magic of many elements such as Fire Water Air Earth Chi With even more extra elements coming to the server such as Thunder, Ice, Blue Flames, Blood Bending & Much more to come!

The Goal is to become the Avatar! By having the 5 Elements Fire Water Air Earth Chi You will be able to achieve Avatar Status to boost all of your bending powers making you a force to recon with!

We have 3 Main City’s in each city’s you can rent out house or apartments which allows you quicker access to that city’s perk such as Shop to buy and sell certain items.

You get 3 Set Home points so you can use one for your house/apartment

We also have a player Market where you can buy a plot and build your own shop selling whatever you like to other players even offline!

In game currency is very important as there will be weekly pop up Shops & NPC that you can buy more elements and more claim blocks and rare items!

Each player will start with 300 Claim blocks which would allow you to go out and claim an area for yourself, You will generate 6 more blocks every hour of game play (You do not have to worry about height or deep of your area] You will be able to claim up to 3 area of land however big or small is up to you!

You can add friend to your land and they can add you! making it possible to claim land side by side and giving each other access for a much larger shared area.

We update our server on a daily basic so you will never get board from having boss fights and a new party system coming very soon and even dungeons with great rewards! this server will keep you playing and playing able for you to leave an impact by becoming one of the strongest out there wanted by many to clear such fights for such rewards!!

If This Is You Then Join and Enjoy!! IP:

Adventure Anaheim California Disney Disneyland Dreams Magic Park Theme Vanilla

Disney California Dreams Server

The Disney California Dreams Server is a fully functional recreation of the original Disneyland, with rides, restaurants, and interactive attractions! With 15+ working attractions, you’re sure to enjoy your time at the Happiest Place on Earth!

To learn more information about our server, or download our resource pack, visit our website! Visit us at:

“To all that come to this happy place: welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America… with hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.” – Walt Disney

Our Server is Compatible with Minecraft Versions 1.13.2 – 1.16+

Currently in progress is Project Dream, our complete overhaul of our resort into a 1:1 scale!

Follow us on Twitter! @dcdimagineers

Anticheat Bukkit Customdrops Customitems Faction Faction Pvp Factions Guns Magic Modded Moddedserver Paper Plugins Pve Pvp Slimefun Spigot Survival


FactionsPlus is an unrestricted factions server that is against Pay to Win practices.

We organize through discord

The Server has combat plugins to make fights more varied and strategic, adding some firearms as well as various magic items. We run slimefun on the server which allows you to use exp to unlock new crafting recipes for powerful combat and utility items. Phantoms are disabled, bats drop phantom membranes. Evokers and witches drop spell books or magic wands, elytra are now a 10% drop from the ender dragon. Zombies, wandering traders, and pillagers have a chance to drop flintlock pistols, muskets and musket balls, along with a few other fun custom drops.

1. No Hacks, X-ray, cheating, or exploits
2. Do not spam
3. Do not ddos, dox, or build lag machines
4. Do not grief your own faction/team
5. It is okay to be a dick but do not harass players
6. No advertising without Vadim’s permission
7. Golden Rule- Use common sense texturepacks used in screensots

Abilities Capturetheflag Classes CTF Deathmatch Ffa Loonatics Loonmight Magic Objectives Pvp Skills



loonatics is a team/FFA objective based game with different game modes, abilities and classes.

Choose a class that suits your playstyle and fight for objectives alone or with your teammates.


Version: 1.14.4

Exploration Magic Modded Other Pve Pvp Technology

**All The Mods 3- Remix, SprocketGames – NO WHITELIST**

All The Mods 3- Remix, SprocketGames – NO WHITELIST


Nothing banned! – Long term All the Mods 3 Remix Modded server – Please see discord for behavior rules and best practises on minimising lag!

Modpack info and download page here:

Version: Release 1.5.4

High powered server based in Europe – up 24/7 with 20 slots

Aiming to build a nice community of modded minecraft players that like playing, building and experimenting. Griefing won’t be tolerated!

Make sure to claim your chunks! – Donation system in place to support server, keep it running smooth and gain perks in and out of game:

**Become a Top Supporter (VIP+) for £5 a month:**

Get guaranteed white-listing on future servers, priority support and special
recognition in Discordand in game chat as a VIP+ (Orange text). You also get
the following in game perks:

1. All FTB/Chicken loaded chunks of yours will remain loaded after you
log off the server(default is they unload upon leaving).
2. Five /home locations (default is one)
3. /back after death to return to your grave
4. Instant teleporting (no stand still for 5 seconds)

**Become a Supporter (VIP) for £2 a month:**

Get next in line behind Top Supporters for white-listing on future servers,
priority support andspecial recognition in Discord and in game chat as a VIP
( Green text).You also get the following in game perk:

1. Three /home locations (default is one)

Any issues, or want to join the community, come say hi over on my discord:

Claims Community Discord Discordserver Discordvoicechat Economy Economysurvival Gold Magic Surival Survival

A Minecraft Server for WordPress Enthusiasts

This server was created for all WordPress people out there who looking for a steady world to build their ideas on (and have lots of fun adventures!). Come join myself and the many other faces of WordPress in a survival, economy, tourism-based server.

Have a commercial plugin or theme or agency? Have one of your crewmen come and lay a claim, maybe even offer a hidden coupon or two in a strategic location….

WordPress Merchants 👋 Come build something to represent your company too and maybe toss us a coupon as well 🙂

This is a relatively new server with new members and new attractions being built over time. We hope you decide to come early and be a part of it!

Join the @atwellpublive discord network and hop on the #MC voice channel to chat with other players.

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Fairy Tail Legends of Ishgar

A world of Fairy Tail, Magic, Wonder and Adventure!

An actual Fairy Tail Server with everything you could hope for!
Live your life as a Wizard in the kingdom of Fiore, take on our 80+ requests, join one of the 10 guilds, train and enjoy everything the world has to offer, around the world you can find and obtain all sorts of Magics.
Take one of the 20 Magic Classes and train in your Magic skill until you’re a top wizard with all 14 class spells!

Fire – Control the element of fire, allowing you to scorch your enemies and douse flames!

Water – Control the very water of earth itself, striking your enemies with water and blocking their attacks!

Ice – Create and Manipulate Ice in various forms!

Guns – Requip advanced Magical Guns, Snipe your enemies and shoot out Tornadoes(Among other things)!

Reflector – Distort all that is inorganic, reflecting all manner of substances to gain the edge over your enemies

Gravity – Obtain the power to manipulate the very gravity itself!

Sand – Manipulate Sand to attack and defend!

Snow – Create and control Snow, using it to freeze and attack your enemies!

Light – Create and manipulate hardened Light, using it to pierce enemies and create Light Seals!

Shadow – Utilise the properties of Shadows, striking the enemy from their own Shadow and becoming one yourself!

Lightning – Call down and manipulate Lightning, becoming it and using it to attack and defend

Air – Manipulate the wind and atmosphere, turning the world into your play ground!

Enchanter – Gain the ability to Enchant people and things, creating Berserkers and calling down Meteors.

Celestial Spirit – Summon Celestial Spirits from another world who’ll fight for you using their Keys

Take Over – Call forth great animals, beasts and demons from within your Souls and perform Take Overs on Monsters!

Paper – Use various coloured Papers with different Effects to dominate your enemies!

Solid Script – Write magical words in the air and use their meaning to fight!

Sound – Create and control Sound to Attack, Defend, Support and Weaken your enemies!

Smoke – Create and manipulate Smoke to defend yourself, hurt your enemies and suffocate them!

Requip – Requip powerful weapons and armours with magical abilities to overwhelm your enemies!

Obtain unique and immense magics around the world!

Concerning Ranks –

Can I be Mod?
No but you can send an application to my email or on Discord, found on the server

Can I be Admin?
Absolutely not, you will only be promoted after being Moderator for a period of time and have done the job properly

You can join our Discord at !

Additional Notes
A true RPG for Fairy Tail, live as a Wizard, grow as a Wizard and enjoy the world that’s come to your door step!

Colonial Fantasy Magic Minecraftroleplay Minecraftrp Roleplay Rpserver

Dunwater Roleplay [NEWLY UPDATED TO 1.16.3]

Dunwater; Far from your typical Roleplay server

In a colonial fantasy setting, players inhabit a long abandoned colony, founded initially by the Dunwater Trading Company. The possibilities in the revived colony are endless. Play as an exiled human merchant, missionary, or a spellcaster, a halfling, and more. The server is has with a low amount of lore in order to pave the way for player generated stories.

Applications for whitelist will be required.

Some Features of the Server Include…..

⦁ Flintlock and Colonial Era Guns
⦁ A diverse set of races and backstories for your character to be from
⦁ An ongoing storyline with events to attend
⦁ Plenty of plugins for crafting and decorating
⦁ Custom Texture Overlay Pack

Please join us at our website, and in our discord to receive the latest updates, and apply for a whitelist so you can participate in our opening day events.

Apply here!

Customenchants Eco Econemy Enchantments Magic Magicspells Magicspellspvp Muchmore Survival


QBINmc has a small community but get your friends on and we will grow fast it will be worth it! We have magic, economy, claims, teams, mcmmo, abilities, and much more! Even better… It’s all very simple to understand!

Cats Fantasy Magic Roleplay Warrior Warriorcats Warriorcatsrpserver Warriors

☆.。.:*Cry from the Shadows*:.。.☆ [A WIP Magic Warriors Server]

Cry from the Shadows!

A Warrior Cats RP server with a magical twist!
This server will mainly be of the gameplay type, but we will have plenty of roleplay-related events to help please everyone! We a fully custom map, lore, events, and groups, for a unique and exciting new experience!

Join here:




Builder and Staff positions open on our Discord!

❄️Cymatile Tribe ❄️

“Grace and Intelligence.”

The Cymatile Tribe is known for being smart, cunning, witty and graceful! They never let anything slip under their noses and will always be on high alert around others. Their pelts are usually lighter colours to blend into their snowy habitat and are able to have accents of light blue on their fur! The blue markings they’re born with are usually smaller and are more flake-like than the other Tribes. Their eyes are commonly shades of blues, purples and grays. The pelts of these cats always seem cold and frosted over, making the air around them become colder and colder…

Mayor: –
Chief: –
Doctor: –
Doctor Trainee: Ferretdance

🔥Ardere Tribe🔥

“Endurance and Glory.”

The Ardere Tribe is known as one of the Tribes with the more raw power. They’re tough and it’s very hard to knock a member of the Ardere Tribe down. These cats can be hot-headed and can become very aggressive very fast. They’re respectful of rules, though, and would rather be honourable than blood-thirsty. Their pelts are usually shades of browns, reds and gingers and are overall larger and bigger built. They’re born with red markings that are usually in shapes of wisps, flames, etc. Their eyes are most shades of amber, red, orange, yellow and brown. Little sparks and wisps can be seen bouncing out of these cats’ pelts, warming up the air around them..

Mayor: Wispstar
Chief: –
Doctor: –
Doctor Trainee: –

🌿Cresecre Tribe🌿

”Loyalty and Spirit.”

These cats are known for being quite feisty and defensive, making them a little difficult to deal with. Within their Tribe, though, they’re very kind, gentle and patient with each other. They honour kin and friendships over anything else and are extremely loyal to their Tribe. Their pelts are usually shades of browns, creams and light gingers and are usually taller and lankier than the other Tribes They’re born with green markings that are usually rounder and shaped a little like leaves. Their eyes can be shades of greens, browns and ambers. Each cat in this Tribe, if their blood is purely from the Cresecre Tribe, will have some sort of plant growing on their pelt. It can be a flower, a mushroom, a little sapling(it wouldn’t ever grow into a tree), etc.
Mayor: –
Chief: –
Doctor: –
Doctor Trainee: Rosemary

☀️Vita Tribe☀️

“Pride and Compassion.”

Cats apart of the Vita Tribe are known for being very prideful and judgemental of other cats. They enjoy attention and are overall very loud and extroverted cats. Once you get to know a Vita cat, though, they’re a great friend. They’ll never fail to cheer up a friend when they’re feeling down or help any other cats in need. Their pelts are usually shades of lighter grays, whites, gingers and cream and are a lot smaller than the other Tribes. Their markings are shades of oranges or yellows and are usually shaped like suns, stars, circles or orbs. Their eyes can be shades of yellows, ambers or lighter browns. And they always seem to have an aura of happiness and brightness around them, being able to light up a room… figuratively and.. literally.
Mayor: –
Chief: –
Doctor: –
Doctor Trainee: –

🌙Umbra Tribe🌙

“Stealth and Silence.”

Cats in the Umbra Tribe are known as being quite reserved and quiet. They always seem to keep their heads down and mouths shut. They’re very stealthy and great at sneaking through the night, a skill most of the other Tribes lack. They’re known for taking no nonsense and won’t tolerate being pushed around by others. They won’t hesitate to take action in any situation where they feel threatened or belittled. Their pelts are usually any colour but in darker shades. They’re born with purple markings that are usually a lot sharper. Their eyes can be pretty much any colour but in a very dark, almost black shade. They always seem to have a sense of… darkness around them, making anyone who’s by them for too long start to feel drowsy and fatigued.

Mayor: –
Chief: –
Doctor: –
Doctor Trainee: –

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