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A Raid Stream Pvp Raiding server!

Raid Stream PVP/Raiding Server 1.18.2 FORGE
This is a pvp/Raiding server, We encourage you to kill other players and loot there stuff!
We have 160 forge mods full of technology and magic to defend your base or raid others!
Custom mod pack get it here on CurseForge—->
Or Dropbox—–>

Some mods are Ars novena mana and Artifice!
Balistic Missles! Tinkers construct!
This is a hardcore pvp/raiding server! Feel Free to make your own rules/Towns
(cheating is a perma ban)
We have economy arenas and events!

Customization Fantasy Hardcorerp Hubrp Magic Magitech Mcrp Medieval Roleplay

Inkwell Realms RP [Open Beta]

Apply for Whitelist Here!And Join our Discord Here!
Inkwell Realms RP [Open Beta] Minecraft Server

Inkwell Realms is a Hardcore Roleplay server centered around creativity and offering a rich, diverse world with a lot of things to do, from being a shady salesman, to a hunter, or an honored knight. It is up to you to decide your fate!

Inkwell Realms RP [Open Beta] Minecraft Server

Inkwell Realms RP [Open Beta] Minecraft Server

Inkwell Realms is a hardcore roleplay server set in the world of Beltrass, a magical world in which one can discover spirits, commune with gods, or interact with the mysterious artifacts of old. Set your course to the enigmatic island of Arcas and find clues to unravel mysteries left in the past. Create a character, make friends (or foes), and leave your mark in the world, one word at a time.

As your character develops and grows, you will find more avenues of creativity. Garner the interest of gods and spirits and gain customized abilities, or attempt to harness the cryptic art of dreamweaving. Or, if that isn’t up your alley, you can pursue artifice, utilizing the laws of mana and runes and bending them to your whim to make all sorts of magical creations!

Inkwell Realms is a collaborative writing effort, and we are all here to have fun! Feel free to ask around if you have inquiries or if you want to roleplay! Our staff works hard to ensure that the community is welcoming to both new and old roleplayers alike.

From a carefully crafted custom item system to a combat system that rewards emote creativity and teamwork, immerse yourself in a variety of systems and mechanics to help you enhance through your roleplay experience with as little intervention as possible.

Explore, create guilds and organizations, and team up with your newfound friends to take down monsters and constructs, or interact with staff-ran NPCs with fleshed-out personalities and their own goals and aspirations!

  • An immersive and complex world with an ongoing story.
  • Player-driven and player-influenced events, where anyone can make a difference.
  • A set of resource gathering systems to help people of all stages to gain the resources they need.
  • Many unique races and traits allow people to customise their characters.
  • A lot of materials, flora and fauna to discover and document.
  • Friendly staff oriented towards helping you make the character you want and achieve the objectives you have in mind.
  • A proactive mindset focused around balanced, fair experiences between players and NPCs alike.
  • Custom plugins created to help the experience in all kinds of aspects, such as character sheets or designated stat lines.
  • Custom ranks, designs and cosmetics that can all be earned by voting.
  • Join now and Discover the Unknown, Adventurer!

    Kingdom Magic Pve Pvp Rpg Survival

    Kingdom SMP

    A kingdom-based SMP. Become a king and rule the lands. Establish a guild and build a city! With custom terrain and magic that overhauls the vanilla experience!
    – Great community management.
    – A completely fresh start on June 12
    – Experienced staff and a server with great gameplay features!
    Join the discord so you can get whitelisted!

    Application Apply Artifact Artifacts Bioshock Bleach Commnity Custom Dishonored Events Fallout Fun Kitpvp Lore Lotr Magic Minecraft Minecraftserver Onepiece Parkour Pve Pvp Pvparena Sao Semivanilla Smp Staff Staffneeded Survival Survivalmultiplayer Tokyoghoul Whitelist Whitelistapplication Whitelisted

    window SMP [Whitelisted]

    Ventarra is a small 18+ server of about 20 active players, a handful of who streams. We have a permanent survival world (with a few changes),
    but we also like to spice things up with special events, big and small, as well as minigames and challenges.
    These tend to include non-vanilla elements and a lot is created from the ground up.

    Feel free to message with any questions – no obligations.

    Apply here!

    Crystal Crystals Enchant Enchanted Magic Magical Semivanilla Smp Spirit Spiritual Spirituality Survival Vanilla

    Spirit Isles – Community based SMP (New)

    Welcome to SpiritIsles!

    We are a brand new Minecraft semi-vanilla SMP server themed all around mystic, magic and all that!
    We’re looking for new players to form a friendly and safe community for anyone, please feel free to join!

    Server Features:
    – Economy
    – Shops
    – Jobs
    – No ranks (Yet)

    Dragonborn Dwarf Dwarves Elves Fantasy Fantasyrp Humans Lore Magic Roleplay Village

    Mortal Tales RP

    Mortal Tales is a Minecraft server (Founded on 2021) that focuses on Middle-Fantasy Roleplay for all to enjoy.
    With our own unique lore and custom world, we invite you to join us in the continent of Nareen and discover its secrets along with other players of our community. Create your own character and share your ideas with us!

    Mortal Tales Discord server:
    Official Site:

    Bosses Clans Kingdoms Magic Plugins Smp Survival


    I have made a new java server.Its a survival server with plugins.You can do magic,custom enchants, kill bosses ,op armor and weapons, make kingdoms, make clans etc.Anyone above version 1.16.5 can join my server and play.So what are you waiting for join my server fast and enjoy.First join my discord server for IP
    Discord link-

    Ben10 Hero Insane Insanecraft Magic Modded Super Superhero Survival Youtube

    Insanecraft Server [RX-Gaming]

    A fan-made server so you can also play Insanecraft with your friends!!!

    We have an active community on [​DISCORD] and also within the Minecraft servers.

    Play the same mods played by: SSundee, Sigils, Henwy, BiffleWiffleand JeromeASF.




    PVP Arena [​Monthly Events]

    Voting Rewards


    Recommended RAM:




    Auction Custom Customenchantments Customfishing Customfood Customitems Economy Jobs Magic Minigames Npc Playershops Protection Pve Pve Economy Rpg Rpgsurvival Skills Skyblock Towns Towny Trading

    MystiCraft 1.18.2 BETA RELEASE

    MystiCraft BETA 1.18.2

    Welcome to MystiCraft!!! Our goal is to improve the survival Minecraft experience one plugin at a time! This server is brand new and still currently under development, Construction and early access testing. Join now to get a head start on the fun before MystiCrafts full release!

    MystiCraft features a Main towny server that has a RPG style, and is crafted to be slightly more challenging PVE elements than Vanilla Minecraft. The economy is mainly player based and the spawn store features very little but the bare minimums to encourage players to set up shop. There’s lots of Tweaks and the server will be constantly updated daily, changing, balancing, improving, and adding new content. We strive to be a fun Minecraft experience for you and your friends! So suggestions on what you want to see in the server is more than welcome!

    Aurelius Skills
    Magic (Flying brooms, Spells,and lots more!)
    Knocking on doors and double door improvements
    Auction House
    Damage Indicator
    Xp Bottler
    Custom Enchants
    Silk Spawners with upgradeable spawners
    Sitting and crawling
    levelled Mobs
    Custom Mobs and items
    Coin drops
    Bookshelf Storage
    Enhanced beehives
    Sleep – Most
    Activity Tracker
    QuickShop Player stores
    Rentable spawn stores
    Player Warps

    Server is still in development and Will have lots of changes by time its full release.

    Arsmagica Botania Faction Magic Mekanism Modded Moddedsmp Mohist Nations Survival Tech Technology

    Enki SMMP

    We are a Modded SMP looking to grow our playerbase, We opened our initial server in February of 2022, and are moving onto Season 2! We have a modded SMP server setup with basic rules, an economy, and a fresh world with a brand new modpack that we have published to Curseforge to make it easy to keep up with any updates (read: new mods suggested and voted on by players, as long as it’s balanced) and it only requires 4GB of RAM to run, to prevent locking out players who have less-than-midrange hardware.

    Mods we have installed on the server include: ProjectE/x/pansion, Cyclic, Quark, Ars Nouveau+Addons, Apotheosis, Immersive Engineering, Thermal Series, Mekanism, Botania/Mythic Botany, Twilight Forest, Tinkers Construct and more Quality of Life and Cosmetics mods.

    There is a server economy with sign shops, Discord Integration that allows you to speak with players in discord, and they can speak with you as well (With even Emoji Support).

    In the Discord we have channels set up for requesting invites for friends, upcoming Server Activities, Tips for making your game run smoother than heated butter and more.

    We have staff that are available around the clock to help in the event of any issues with the mods, they are just some friends helping out.

    The Current server is up 24/7 with 10GB of dedicated ram through Bisect, so there is no need to worry about DDOS and losing all of your progress.

    If the server sounds like it would be fun for you, join us on our discord to be whitelisted at