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Celestial Craft


Exploit the natural world! Become an industrial powerhouse! At CelestiumCraft anything is possible for you, your town, and your faction!

Play tall and become rich on the server!

Play wide – conquering and dominating other towns, and also becoming rich on the server!

Modded minecraft + plugins (featuring towny)

Custom modpack

New Server

1192server Exploration Life Magic Modded New Roleplay Smp Survival Vanillaplus Whitelist

Starnal Modded SMP (whitelist application required) 1.19.2

Starnal Modded SMP has been made available to the public!

some of our features:

a new magic system

new food items and cooking equipment

dozens of new mobs to friend and fight!

a new endgame dimension allowing you to further enhance your netherite gear

band new bosses to find and conquer such as the infamous void worm, terrifying prismarine monstrosity and the terrifying dead king

tons of new golems to make and befriend

a new melee combat system from minecraft dungeons
awe inspiring new terrain and biomes to explore
and SO MUCH QOL stuff.



come join our community today! we’ll give what mojang refuses to.

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Sword And Copper SMP | Create | Magic | Combat | Factions |

Welcome to the Sword And Copper modded SMP – A modded mix between create (and it’s many addons), combat overhauls (epic knights, better combat and create alloyed guns), various magic mods (most notably, iron’s spells and biomancy), exploration (when dungeon arise, twilight forest and few other miscellaneous structures), and many more changes, all sprinkled with a healthy dose of factions and territory control.

Oh yea, we also have simple voice chat installed 🙂

Join our discord to learn more, and if you decide so, leave your mark on the world, where time of Sword And Copper has finally come.


Fantasy Heavyroleplay Magic Roleplay Seriousroleplay Survival

Korth | 16+ | Heavy-Roleplay | Semi-Hardcore | Magic | Epic Fight Mod | Streamer-Friendly | Classes |

Knights of the Round table
| 16+ | Heavy-Roleplay | Semi-Hardcore | Magic | Epic Fight Mod | Streamer-Friendly | Classes |

You’ve woken up in the darkness with no memories. Your memory from there is blurry. You remember that you have been given the ability to see how many people someone has killed. All you know is they took your memories, and that your previous life is no longer with you, but you don’t know where you are or who the people around you are. It seems like some of them are just like you. With this new life you’ve been granted, you will become your own person, not the one you used to be.

Korth, or the “Knights of the Roundtable,” is a semi-hardcore, fast-paced combat-based roleplay server inspired by games like Breath of the Wild, Dark Souls, Skyrim, and other RPG games. Korth is a server for real battles and roleplay, where you can make friends, foes, and just roleplay. This server is not like any other roleplay servers Where just Combat or Roleplay Matter.

1. Epic Fights + Weapons of Miracles
2. Alex Mobs
3. Callable Horses
4. Epic Knights
5. Loxi’s Limited Lives
6. Locksmith
7. Terralith
And much more.

“Knights of the Roundtable” is a roleplay-heavy server. Roleplay is a very important and required aspect of the server. If you cannot stay in character, then try out for another server that will suit you.

Communitydriven Create Events Friendly Magic Moddedserver Modpack Survival

Alexandria CTR

🌟 Welcome to Alexandria CTR – Craft, Create, and Conquer! 🌟

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary Minecraft journey like no other? Join our thriving community on the Alexandria CTR server, where creativity, ingenuity, and quality of life enhancements come together to create an unforgettable gaming experience.

🛠️ Unleash Your Inner Inventor: With the “Create” mod at your disposal, your imagination knows no bounds. Construct intricate contraptions, automate your world, and watch as your engineering marvels come to life.

🌌 Discover a World of Wonders: Our server boasts a high mod count, ensuring that your Minecraft adventure is filled with excitement and endless possibilities. Explore new dimensions, encounter fascinating creatures, and take on epic challenges.

🌈 Quality of Life Enhancements: We’ve carefully curated a collection of Quality of Life (QOL) mods to make your gameplay smoother and more enjoyable. Say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to streamlined crafting, inventory management, and more.

🌐 Join Our Community: We believe that the best adventures are shared, and our Discord community is the perfect place to connect with fellow players. Share your creations, collaborate on projects, and make lasting friendships. Join us on Discord today!

🚀 Easy Installation: Getting started is a breeze with the CurseForge Launcher. Gain instant access to our expertly crafted modpack, simplifying installation and updates. You’ll be exploring Alexandria CTR in no time!

🌆 Discover Alexandria: Our server world, Alexandria, is a vast and breathtaking realm waiting to be explored. From lush forests to towering cities, every corner is teeming with wonders.

🎉 Join Us Today: If you’re seeking an immersive Minecraft experience that combines creativity, innovation, and convenience, Alexandria CTR is the perfect destination. Forge friendships, build masterpieces, and conquer the unknown.

📜 How to Join:

Join our Discord community to download the modpack directly from our server.
Once you’re in our Discord, head to the modpack channel to access the download link.
Install the modpack and dive into our enchanting world.

Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime! Join Alexandria CTR today by joining our Discord community and getting access to the modpack. See you in-game, adventurer! 🌍

discord link

Anime Custom Erzascarlet Fairytail Fairytailserver Fiore Grayfullbuster Lucyheartfilia Magic Magicpvp Magicspells Magnolia Natsu Pvp Rpg Rpgsurvival Survival

Fairy Tail Adventures

Embark on a journey into an enchanting realm where magic thrives and thrilling adventures await at every turn! Introducing Fairy Tail Adventures, the synthesis of MMORPG, PVP, and Survival gameplay situated within the universe of Fiore. Drawing inspiration from the well-loved anime series Fairy Tail, our server provides more than just entertainment, it offers an unique narrative that revolves around your character.

This server features, but not limited to:

  • Uncover a World of Magic – Our custom-designed server provides a vast world that closely resembles Fiore, with our unique interpretation. Roam through urban areas and rural landscapes tucked away from the conventional routes. Prominent landmarks such as the Fairy Tail Guild Hall and the lively Magnolia Town eagerly await you.
  • Power Up Your Magic – Participate in battles against players and powerful bosses. Our leveling system enables you to enhance your skills in different areas such as strength, defense, agility, constitution, spirit, and willpower. Progress steadily and become stronger and more skilled with each battle.
  • Live the Story – Fairy Tail’s storyline is reimagined in this adaptation, presenting slight deviations. Engross yourself in an RPG experience that transports you to the heart of enthralling journeys alongside the main cast, enabling you to intimately embrace their friendship and relish in battles.
  • Survive, Build, Thrive – Our server provides a unique survival world in Minecraft for those who appreciate the Survival aspect. You have the opportunity to join forces with friends or collaborate with other players to construct bases, cultivate communities, and mold the world according to your desires.
  • PVP – Engage in thrilling PVP matches with other wizards. Sharpen your prowess and tactics to ready yourself for large-scale conflicts, where only the strongest emerge victorious.
  • Hosted Events – We present a variety of custom experiences, encompassing competitive PVP battles to epic encounters with powerful raid bosses. This task beckons players to come together, devise strategic plans, and conquer the most formidable adversaries in pursuit of honor and valuable prizes.
  • Despite being in the stages of development, our server welcomes everyone. Stay tuned for further announcements regarding its official launch. In the meantime, we invite you to join our Discord community where you can remain informed about our progress and get exclusive previews, for the adventures that lie ahead!


    Createmod Etc Forge Java Magic Modded Rpg Survival


    we are looking to add a few more people to our modded server(still fairly new btw), you’ll have to go through to the discord to see about joining

    here’s the discord link:

    Magic Modded Origins Other Tech

    Strobic Origins

    Strobic Origins is a server & modpack that wants to create an inclusive and fun experience for all!

    Strobic Origins is a 1.19 Fabric mod pack that utilizes magic, tech, decoration, terrain & generation, quality of life, structure generation, graphics, and more!

    This modpack aims to include a variety of mods in order to create an immersive & in-depth Minecraft modpack experience using the Fabric engine.

    It includes a whopping 226 origins, multiple choices, structures, custom terrain generation, and more! All for free!

    You have to be in the Discord to join, so apply/request to join today!

    1201server Bosses Cracked Crafting Customenchants Customitems Customore Customworld Dragons Dungeons Magic Mmo Mmorpg Premium Quests Rpg Survival Worlds

    NEW 1.20 🛠️ | 📜 Skill System & Storyline Quests 🗺️ | 🌈 3 Unique Worlds 🌍 | 💎 Custom Ore & Jobs 🛠️ | 🌀 Keep Inv and No Resets 🚫 | 💪 No P2W 🙌 | 🌌 Mana ✨ | 🎮 Bedrock Friendly 🤝 | 🚀 No

    Introducing DragonShield – Dive Deep Into Adventure!

    Immerse yourself in a world beyond imagination with DragonShield, where every corner holds a thrilling challenge and every moment promises adventure. Here, we prioritize community spirit, ensuring a welcoming space free from toxicity.

    Key Features:

  • Extensive Exploration: Over 500 unique biomes, 400 captivating structures, and more than 70 intricately designed dungeons await your curiosity. Each adventure promises a fresh, unparalleled experience.
  • Dynamic Mob Encounters: Be on your guard! Encounter over 20 menacing underground foes below level 60 including:
  • Ominous Watchers
  • Smoke Demons
  • Dead Miners
  • Crawling Skellys
  • Will you emerge victorious in these battles?

  • Weekly Boss Events: Conquer unique bosses from varied dungeons, but remember, only the swift and strategic will reap the grand spoils.
  • Unrivalled Enchantments: Our enchantment library boasts a staggering 300 types. Whether you choose the traditional enchantment table or opt to spend your earned exp, there’s always a magical edge waiting.
  • Exclusive Armor Set: Elevate your combat capabilities with armor even mightier than Netherite.
  • Brace for Nafplio: Dare to step into Nafplio, a realm opened by THE ANCIENT ONES every weekend. This brutal world pushes players to their limits, with challenging conditions such as:
  • No inventory protection
  • Absence of natural health regeneration
  • Restricted command access
  • But the rewards? Beyond imagination. Nafplio’s formidable mobs may overpower even a full Netherite-clad player, but defeating them grants unparalleled exp.

  • Discover Dragonite: This rare material offers abundant exp and transformative crafting opportunities. But proceed with caution – its volatile nature might just catch you off guard.
  • And as for THE ANCIENT ONES? Their enigmatic intentions remain a puzzle. Join us, as we strive to decipher their captivating role within DragonShield. The question remains, are you game?

    Join our DragonShield Family and embark on this unforgettable journey!

    Connect with Us:

  • Discord: Click Here
  • Java IP:
  • Bedrock IP:
  • Bedrock Port: 19132
  • Gear up, adventurer! Your saga is about to begin.

    Magic Magicspells Pvp Roleplay


    Unleash the Magic – Join Our Minecraft Spellbinding Adventure!

    Version: 1.19+

    🌟 Are you ready to embark on a mystical journey like no other? Welcome to MagesMC, where magic comes to life in the world of Minecraft!

    🔮 Experience the Magic: Dive into a realm where the arcane arts are at your fingertips. Harness the power of spells, conjure mystical creatures, and discover the secrets of ancient enchantments.

    ⚔️ Battle with Magic: Engage in epic battles using your magical prowess. Duel other players, defend your kingdom, and conquer dungeons with your magical abilities.

    🧙‍♂️ Choose Your Path: Whether you’re a master of elemental magic, a skilled alchemist, or a shapeshifting druid, there’s a path for every wizard and witch on our server.

    🏰 Build Enchanted Realms: Craft your own magical haven. Build towering wizard towers, hidden forest sanctuaries, and secret potion labs. The possibilities are endless!

    🌎 Explore a Vast World: Traverse a breathtaking custom world filled with enchanting landscapes, hidden treasures, and dangerous dungeons. Adventure awaits around every corner.

    🤝 Join Our Community: Connect with a friendly and dedicated community of fellow magic enthusiasts. Collaborate, trade, and embark on quests together.

    🚀 Join Us Today: Unlock the secrets of the arcane, forge alliances, and become a legend in the world of Minecraft magic. is your gateway to a magical adventure like no other!

    🌐 Website:
    📱 Discord:
    🌐 IP: (Port Required)

    Don’t miss out on the enchantment. Join MagesMC now and become the ultimate Minecraft mage!