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Endless story

Endless story

• The server was created for players who love this game. That’s why I decided to make something unique and balanced, where every player can find what they love about Minecraft. at the same time, based on many years of experience, we give it a special touch together.

• We focus primarily on quality gaming together with friends and family and at the same time on the safety of players, property and the entire server for a satisfied community.

• There is classic Survival, with an almost infinite map. There is a fully developed economy, complemented by several special methods for obtaining rewards. The whole game mechanics of the game itself is changed to several different skill levels of all kinds. There are monsters adapted for this with corresponding difficulty than in the original game. There are ready-made custom charms that everyone will be very happy to try. There is a lot of entertainment prepared here, which will never get boring, and you have to discover the main charm of the whole server yourself :3

• The life stories of each of us unfold every day, let’s share them together and create one big one that will have no end. We are looking forward to seeing you o/


Creative Eceonomy Factions Magic Pvp



New server under development. Feel free to play on /gamemode creative


Challenge Difficult Eldenring Fantasy Magic Mmo Pvp Rpg

Violet Myths Rpg

Myths monsters and magic hundreds of monsters a nears a dozen playable races with skills passives and hundreds of weapons and spells fine tune your playerstyle.

The modpack:

The Official discord server:


-Difficult in the vain of terraria or elden ring

-Rolling weapons skills fully animated dodging the option for Souls like combat

-A dark fantasy base with some element sprinkled in

-Castles myths demons and dungeons

-Over 60 bosses

-Hundreds of weapons

-A full party system several realms

-Diablo style elite enemies

Customenchants Magic Other Pets Pve Pvp Skyblock

Empire Of The Forgotten

Empire Of The Forgotten has reopened!
Bored of classic skyblock?
We offer a lot of fun with our skyblock server.
-We got custom mobs with custom bosses that drops special items
-Fighting a custom boss sounds hard but dont worry. We got over 200 custom enchants to make it easier!
-Not a fan of close combat? Get your magic stick and learn all the spells we have to use them in a fight
-Islands are upgradable but they are not free. You have to finish island missions and quests to earn crystals to level up!
-Daily rewards with cool crate keys! You have chance to win a Rank crate key.
-Fishing is the best way to earn money by catching custom fish! You can sell them to earn some or win Fishing Tournaments to get even more!
-We also got some cool custom Armors that gives u buffs!
-Machines to get new items. Jetpacks,LongBow,Greatsword etc etc.
-Every mob can be your pet with some special skills!
-Our server is NOT pay to win EVERYONE can get EVERYTHING!

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Redemption Of The Mages (Magic PVP)

Redemption Of The Mages (1.19.2)
Join our server at (1.19.2)!

  - 30+ Unique Magic Weapons!
  - 5 (and more to come) Custom Built Maps!
  - Secrets to find!
  - A PvE mode is coming very soon! (only on the server!)
  - Leveling up!
  - Custom Armor!
  - COMPLETELY RAN BY DATAPACKS! (Literally no plugins!)
  - Up to 8 players per map!
  - Daily Updates!
  Redemption Of The Mages is a magic PvP both map and server to play with friends! Gain Arcana by winning games or simply exploring the lobby! Arcana can be used to unlock new wands to be used in PvP, and with over 3 million combinations to try, possibilities are almost virtually endless! Join the discord for more frequent updates!


Discord Server:
Creator YouTube: through the images above to see some of the wands and maps!

This is a brand-new server, at minimum 2 players are required to start a game.

Dwarf Elf Fantasy Highelves Humanrp Lotr Magic Medieval Orc Roleplay Roleplaying Thronecraft Thronesofmyridia

Thrones of Myridia – Fantasy Roleplay


After a change in the Leadership of Thronecraft and months of revamping the old system, as well as creating an entirely new world, we are happy to announce the release of the next version of Thronecraft: “Thrones of Myridia”.

Thrones of Myridia is an immersive fantasy Minecraft server, with a strict focus on roleplay. On ToM you create your own character and steer through the world in their perspective. Journey, Quest and meet friends and enemies that influence your story and help you develop your character.

Our intense world-building gives you a unique possibility to delve into all kinds of directions. A powerful mage, commanding the elements and bending reality to your will? A fiercesome warrior, battling the dark creatures lurking in the wilderness? Or a healer, fixing people up and keeping the community alive? The possibilities are endless and lie in your hands.

To join the server future players are required to write a whitelist application on our site, which will be reviewed by our experienced players. This way we ensure high-quality and enjoyable roleplay on our server with a diverse group of personalities.

Apply For Whitelist – Thronecraft (

-=- Myridia -=-

For this world, named Myridia, roleplay takes place in three cities that each feature their own culture and unique races. These three countries are:

The Land of a Thousand Lights, Zavarah. Located in the deserts of the south, the Zavarah countryside is home to those marked by the Phoenix’s icon as the first to claim the nation from the fall of the Empire of the Sun. In the years that followed the tyrant’s fall, the Houses of Mankind have taken over the ancient holdings. House Phyrria reigns as the Firekeeper Pharaohs, their rivals the families of Luscythia and Silesia. These three noble houses, follow the Divine Light’s teaches as told by the Light-bringers of the divided sects.

In the deep forests and mountain valley of Myridia’s heartland, rests the wildlands of Tal’Aethel. Untamed wilderness spans the region with only sparse locations that are loosely organized under the Avatars of the Eternal Circle. Each avatar embodies the will of its patron’s spirit and represents the often turbulent aspect of the divine itself. Taming the overgrowth is among the duties of the forest dwellers as well as the quiet guardianship of their people of the remains of the distant past.

While the forest and deserts hold to tradition and common cultural identity, the northern lands have long been at odds. In the harsh mountainous north, there is but a common covenant lived among the people there. Unity against the world’s uncertainty built a diverse city. With the tall, gothic spires, dwarven stone halls, and orcish rugged shrines, the Uzrath are held together by the covenant. Either they will survive as one nation or will be torn apart by the hostile beasts that they defeated.

-=- What features can you expect? -=-

– Detailed world-building, knitting together different aspects of Myridia

– A mix of player and staff run storylines and events, that define the future of Myridia. Discover secrets and ancient evils or explore our unique map, filled with beautiful builds, created by our own passionate builders. Each is unique to its surroundings and nations.

– A variety of races and creatures dwelling in the three nations

– A diverse player base, each bringing their touch to Myridia, developing and bettering our community.

– Combat mechanics created by our own community. Enjoy an intense and balanced combat roleplay, like on no other Minecraft RPG Server

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Hardcore Supernatural

This is a MODDED 1.18.2 fabric server, you must get the modpack before playing which you can find in the discord! 🙂
relatively new and small server! Come if you want to join a more tightly nit communitity. When you die in this server, you will be banned for 6 hours!

The modpack contains:

Bewitchment, Bewitchment Plus, and Besmirchment 2 so you can curse your enemies with the additional ability to ride broomsticks!

Requiem to cheat death and possess mobs!

Hex Casting which allows you to… program with magic?? A very cool mod that resembles Psi (Psi is not in this modpack, psi is a mod where you program your own “spells”)

Archon to allow you to make your own magical artifacts

True Darkness and hardcore torches make the night so much more dangerous!

Create to allow you to bring out your inner engineer

Origins, Apocalypse, Libra, Improved Bedrockean, and Extra Classes to really make you feel unique!

Antique Atlas to traverse the world

Arcanus, to bring back that Electrobob’s Wizardy feel, with premade spells if Hex Casting is becoming too big of a headache or too resource-consuming.

BetterEnd and Better Nether to spice up these new dimensions, now featuring: More Danger!

Charter, a new mod in beta. Subject your “friends” to magical contracts to make sure they never betray you! Also allows you to claim land in an immersive factions-like way.

Literally, do surgery on yourself and others live with the Chest Cavity mod; ever wanted to rip out a villager’s heart as they run from you in horror?

Contains a bunch more, play a single player world or join the Hardcore Supernatural SMP!


Minecraft Server:

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THROATPUNCH | MC – Survival with a twist! Magic, EliteMobs, mcMMO, Towny, and more! Supports Bedrock, 1.19.x, and ViveCraft.

Development is a one man show, expect slow updates.

A simple, yet complicated survival server with many twists. Adjusted mob spawns, loot, magic, and more. Slowly adding and tweaking as we go. The goal is to be a unique place with unique experiences.

  • Towny
    – (Claim and Protect your land or build a community!)
  • Magic
    – (Wands and Staffs with leveling spells)
  • mcMMO
    – (Level up your skills!)
    – (Travel the worlds with style from the comfort of home)
  • Terralith Datapack
  • EliteMobs
  • Slimefun – (New food items, plants, and machines)
  • Quests – Coming Soon
  • Server is being ran as a one-man show. Updates will be slow. Visit the website:

    Server is set to restart every 6 hours Eastern Time.

    Faction Faction Pvp Grief Hardcore Magic Pvp Raid

    CherryMC | 24/7 Classic Magic Factions

    Welcome to CherryMC!Discord:

    Hello! Do you like survival/factions but want to add a little something extra? Are you looking for a new place to make friends and hang out? – CherryMC! We provide a unique survival experience, if you think factions/survival is boring, you just haven’t tried out CherryMC!
    Major Features
    – Fully custom magic system to enhance vanilla experience- Custom world generation with beautiful natural landscapes (as seen above)- Balanced Economy- Full GUI Shop- Classic Combat Mechanics- Very Few Rules, More Freedom- Warps- Crates- Friendly Community- Active Staff
    Rules- No cheating
    – No DDoS/Dox threats
    – No racism/gore unless in #nsfw
    – No spamming/advertising
    – Have fun

    Adventure Fantasy Harry Harrypotter Hogwarts Magic Medieval Potter Roleplay School

    Fawkescraft – Back to Hogwarts!

    Welcome to Fawkescraft! Fawkescraft is the ultimate Harry Potter roleplay Minecraft server. We offer you to become the student you’ve always wanted to be as you experience life at the famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Study all kinds of charms and spells, mix magical drinks, take care of fantastic beasts and plants, and embark on a journey through the wizarding world full of familiar locations.


    Getting Started
    When you first join the server, you’ll spawn in the Diagon Alley and you get a list of supplies you need for your first year at Hogwarts. On top of the school supplies, you will be able to buy a pet, and lots of other supplies and clothes for your adventures. V.I.P. players are able to customise the cosmetic qualities of their wands and pets.

    After getting the school supplies, you will step into Hogwarts and go through the Sorting Hat ceremony to place yourself into one of the four Hogwarts Houses – Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. The Sorting Hat takes your wish into account.

    The Hogwarts Castle is based on the books description.

    Read more at our wiki: