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Gatohost Servers Presents a new 1.19 Minecraft Survival + Minigames server. We have Enhanced the Survival Experience, and provide Minigame services as well. Our server features quality of life improvements, custom tool tiers, a Survival-core economy, skills and abilities, charms, AntiChatReport, and more.

Bedwars Factions Mini Games Pvp Skywars

RIOT Network

RIOT Network (START 1.7.)

Czechoslovak PvP Minecraft server

You will find with us:
• PvP Minihry
• SkyWars
• BedWars
• Practice (Build UHC, Pot PvP atd.)
• Factions

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Creative Economy Mini Games Survival


Aellyn Minecraft
Survival, Creative, Minigames.
Survival includes grief prevention, story / quests and challenges.

Bedwars Cross-Play Mini Games Parkour Roleplay Survival

IndiumCraft Network

Welcome to the top server of India.We have bedwars,bedwars practise,Op Economy survival along with minigames,parkour and much more.

Economy Mini Games Parkour Pve

Xeak SMP

New family-friendly SMP server. It has shops, Parkour, Land claims, an Auction House, kits, Trade GUI, and much more, Come on in and join the fun with other players and build until your hearts content.

Bedwars Cross-Play Mcmmo Mini Games Roleplay Skyblock Survival

MRCrushed Network

The Best growing community in Minecraft server. Here MRCrushed Network is Representing you the best minecraft server to be played in minecraft community. You can hangout with friends and enjoy our beautiful minecraft survival server. I am really 100% sure you will like it join the server to check out more see you there…

Cross-Play Economy Kitpvp Mini Games Pvp Raiding Survival

Fire Vanilla is a PvP and survival network. Join 100s of daily players. We offer:
Survival, Events, PvP Practise, Box PvP, & more!

Cross-Play Hardcore Mini Games Parkour Pvp Survival Vanilla


Regix server is all the time online 24/7 and run on the fastest servers.The server runs on Minecraft Bedrock edition and Minecraft Java edition at the same time) the addresses are both the same: and the port is the default

Minecraft Java: 1.13 – 1.19
Minecraft bedrock : 1.19

Regix is a fantastic server that was made with a lot of effort and is still being updated with cool new events), we have a great and friendly support team) at our Discord. Our server is very interesting and we have lot of hidden secrets like secrets locations etc… But actually its more like a survival server….. Every new player is welcome and become help if needed)

Our server gives the player a heavy dose of reality in gameplay. Weight of someone’s gear may prevent them from running or swimming normally. Freezing temperature could inhibit motion or even lead to death. Drinking water to replenish one’s thirst should be done so from a bottle or else the thirst just gets worse. These are but a small portion of what you can find on Regix server.

Our main features/Maps on server :
– Survival world
– Big PVP Map
– Mini Games like big parkour, explore the corrupt world of players and a horror/adventure maps etc…

Mini Games Prison Pve Pvp Survival

Hyperium Prison


– **$60 PAYPAL AND $150 STORE CREDIT** Payouts for Cell Top and Prestige Top
– **HOURLY EVENTS** that reward **VALUABLE** Crate Keys
– **CUSTOM** Pickaxe Enchantments
– **CUSTOM** PvP Enchantments
– **CUSTOM** Bosses that drop **AMAZING** Rewards
– **CUSTOM** Pets that provide boosts while mining or getting kills
– **FRIENDLY** Community and Staff

Bedwars Creative Mini Games Parkour Prison Pvp Skyblock


SpaceCube is a Minecraft network where fun and relaxation are the key words. Join us now and experience an unforgettable adventure on our servers!