Economy Mini Games Parkour Pvp Skyblock Skywars Survival

SG-Network 2.0

Hi There Welcome To SG-NETWORK
This is The Only Minecraft Server To Provide 6+ Game modes + Cross play (Java + Bedrock)In India

port: 28435

Game modes We Provide:
-Survival 1
-Survival 2
-Village Defence
-TNT Run
-Murder Mestry
-SkyWars (Coming On Fall 2021)

Kitpvp Mini Games Parkour Pvp


PCNetwork is a brand new mini-game server, play mini-games, earn coins, and UPGRADE YOUR PC TO THE MAX!


Mini Games Skywars

HyMC Network

New server 2021, with the best SkyWars Rush and a fun KnockbackFFA! What are you waiting for? Play at:

Economy Kitpvp Mini Games Pvp


Hystar, officially the Hystar Network, is a Minecraft Pratice server started on June 15, 2021, by zMaddi and xDexy, and is managed by HystarTeam.

P:S: don’t join now, join in discord:

Mini Games


Inplex is a tnt run server where you go in a arena and run with other people until you fall into the void the tnt blocks under you disappear while you run and then you falll into the void

Mini Games Vanilla


Lavaswap, an exciting death swap with our own plugins and a great community, we will be adding new stuff and keeping the server as active and fun as we can.

Economy Mini Games Pvp


The best Gen Server, with crates, farming, economy, special events, and even more. Join now and come play with us. We hope you will like it.

If you are on 1.17 do not use the IP, it will not work. We are currently working to fix this issue

Creative Kitpvp Mini Games Parkour Pvp Skyblock Skywars


Yt smp is big network
Many games
Like bedwars,skywars,survival,arcade,hide&seek,bridge,kitpvp,more games
Made by Rounak dadsena,Babaji,bossy,gokul,killermen,darkstar

Factions Kitpvp Mini Games Parkour Pvp Skyblock Skywars


The AgentMC Server Network is a network of Minecraft servers created by Agent Squad Productions. The hope for it is to take over the Minecraft server world, and to do this we want to offer the best experience for players 24/7.

Mini Games Pvp Skyblock Survival Vanilla


A small minecraft skyblock server made by a small youtuber. It has dungeons , pvp , skyblock and has other gamemodes upcomming in the future. We are a small nice community waiting for nice players to join. You are always welcome, we are waiting for you 🙂

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