Mini Games Skywars


Minecraft server with active staffs and game we got are, Bedwars Skywars and others. We got no permisions to make it like hypixel but
there is alot of servers more than 1K have hypixel map.
We got active staffs
better anticheat

Mini Games Pvp Survival

Murder in Mineville

A social game of murder and betrayal.
One murderer, one detective and 14 citizens.
Which side wins: Good or evil?

If youre a citizen, stay alive! Hide or gain enough coins to get a weapon of your own to defend yourself with – Coins can be found inside hidden chests around the map.

If youre a murderer, try and eliminate all the players, but be careful of the detective – he has a gun and will try to kill you!

If youre a detective, your job is to try to find the murderer and bring him down!
A good detective never kills without evidence.

Hardcore Mini Games Pve

Citrus UHC

Welcome to Citrus UHC
The best UHC Server out there.
We offer a nice and friendly server community

We also offer….
– Over 60+ Crafts
– 50+ gamemodes
– 10+ teams
– 30+ Kits

Make sure to vote for our server :]

Anarchy Mini Games Survival


Have fun in this community based mc server. We have mods and we are trying to build are community using our discord and mc server.

Economy Hardcore Mini Games Parkour Towny


ProtonMC is a server with almost no lag. We have a towny server and more gamemodes like Skywars, bedwars and more coming soon. The server is online 24/7. You can join on 1.8+ and bedrock support should work (not tested yet)

Mini Games Survival Vanilla


IllusiveMC is a community based server that features survival & other types of gamemodes. We are a community first server meaning that we are forced on ideas and things from our members’ feedback. We have Java & Bedrock Support that allows members to join on various platforms. We want to make sure that everyone is treated like family.

Other Information
We have a Community Discord server here –
Follow us on twitter here –
If you are joining on Mobile or Xbox make sure you are adding the port Number 25565

Vanilla SMP

Mini Games Pvp Skyblock

Fabled MC

We have TONS of fun packed into this server. We have Bedwars, Skyblock, PvP and more. Come visit the discord server as well! We have giveaways and even more fun!

Factions Mini Games Pvp Survival


Welcome to the Shiny Creators Minecraft Minigames Server.
Many await them on this server
innovative and unusual game modes, which we work carefully with our team
developed and implemented, purely out of our imagination. That means you too
cannot play our game modes on any other server.
We take great care not to lose any of the fun. Our server will keep up with you
new game modes and offers an increasing number of modes which target bugs
being checked. We organize big events where fun cannot be missing. If
there are problems or bugs, these will be forwarded to our support team, who will inform you
can always achieve. Our contents always sit at new modes
big events that you can participate in. You don’t have to be good to get on with it
the server to enjoy something. If the server is hacked, this
Offenses against the rules are punished with a ban. So think carefully about whether you hack

Economy Mini Games Pve Pvp Skyblock Survival Vanilla | 1.8 – 1.16

We are a small but strong server, having an active community we are growing from day to day. We host a variety of game modes, including:

– SkyBlock

– Knocked
(A fast-paced, knockback based, free for all)

– CheatMatch
(A Deathmatch with Creative Mode to gather Items)

We are doing regular events and giveaways with great interaction between the community and our team.

Mini Games Prison Pvp Skyblock Skywars


Tiger Craft offers a unique experience on all of our gamemodes, GalaxyBlock is a mix of SkyBlock + Prisons, all space themed.

We also offer private bedwars, skywars, murder mystery, build battle games. For 100 NetworkCoins each game, you can host a private game of your choice with your stream, or your friends. Youtubers with 1k subs or more get this feature for free.

NetworkCoins (which can be bought in the store, you also earn 0.5 NetworkCoins for every hour played) is our currency in the hub which allows for private game and rank purchases.

Our ranking system is also different, you don’t have to pay IRL money for a rank if you don’t want to, as they can all be purchased with NetworkCoins.

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