Creative Kitpvp Mini Games Pvp Survival

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We are dedicated to enjoyable gameplay,
and great content.
Server Bio:
We were released on 5/29/2016
by Mdbrooklyn, ddbrooklyn, and DogBae.

Anarchy Hardcore Mini Games Pvp Raiding

Skycraft Guns

WARNING: MUST USE PORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Skycraft is an epic new gun server for you, with you, and ALMOST by you!

Creative Mini Games Skywars Survival Vanilla

SlimeyPlayz (Restarted)

Hello everyone! We are now using a new IP address to connect to the server. The old IP Address WILL NOT work in the coming weeks. Please be sure to transfer over to to play!

So this is a new SlimeyPlayz server! Our old one was on my computer but that computer somehow broke. It’s RAM disk overloaded and that caused the boot disk to fail so it kinda just…died. We’re still in the process of rebuilding so please be patient while we get back up on our feet! Our new server has more RAM space (double the previous amount!) so we are running pretty much lag-free! We currently have 2 creative worlds, one with 101×101 plots and another with 201×201 plots. We now offer basic WorldEdit with the Peasant+ rank that is achieved by playing for 1 hour. You can use very basic WorldEdit commands in the creative worlds. We also have survival on our server! The survival has several custom RPG style things such as poisonous spiders living in trees, to finding money inside grass! We now even have BlockParty, SkyBlock, Factions, Paintball, and so much more! Please come play on our server

Economy Kitpvp Mini Games Skywars Survival


Hello, welcome to DragonWarsGames we are a unique server made up of a community in the process of growing big and strong.

Game Modes:
> SkyWars y KitPvP
> Survival Games
> Parkour y Survival
> BedWars
> MobArena
> and more

Join today @:
> IP:
> Website:

Factions Mcmmo Mini Games Skyblock Survival


Previously known as The Real World Minecraft Server with the owners Davo and Sarah.

Our Skypes::


Davo: david.little737

Reality³ is a unique server that is laid back and the players have a lot of freedom to do what they wish. We have simple basic rules for playing on our server to fit everyone. We are generally a survival server but with a few extra things like, Factions and Towny. Our community is very friendly as well as the owners who are husband and wife very dedicated to the server. The owners are constantly working out ways to improve the server. On the server we have Two survival worlds, One Faction and Towny worlds, Nether plus an End world, There is also a world that is completely flat for those that wish to build on flat land. We never reset the worlds so what you build remains for the life of the server. Everyone has access to a way to claim land and earning claim blocks. There is so much more come on the server to experience it for yourself!

Mini Games

Server has many minigames for fun and more New game modes Bedwars, Kitpvp, Skywars, Woolblock, Community

Mini Games Survival Towny


We are a server that provides a survival world so you can build your home and gain resources, we will be adding a shop to buy and sell items. We also like to have fun so we will be adding minigames and much more.

Creative Economy Kitpvp Mini Games Parkour

Spark Games

The largest Russian project with mini-games. Our main areas:
1. Continuous operation of the server 24/7 without lags
2. Interesting game modes
3. The fight against cheating
Игровые режимы: – Survival – SkyBlock – SkyWars – BedWars – PaintBall – FullPvP – Annihilation – Factions

Creative Factions Kitpvp Mini Games Skywars


Welcome to VoidPVP.

Who are we? VoidPVP is a Minecraft Minigames & Gamemode server.
We have games such as Skywars, SurvivalGames & much more.
And gamemodes such as Creative, SkyBlock.

We can’t wait for you to meet our amazing community and for us to meet you!
See you there :D.

Fun Mini Games Parkour

Creepers Unite

An inviting server where you can chill out and have some fun playing multiple mini-games such as Parkour and Spleef.


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