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NightFurs.Net – Furry/ LGBT+ Minecraft Server! [JAVA1.18- 1.19][OPENS NOV. 27TH, 7PM EST]

Hello there! Are you a furry/ member of the LGBT+ community and looking to connect with people just like you on Minecraft? Well, on NightFurs.Net, you can do just that! This new server has so many opportunities for just that, with Be Social commands and many other plugins that allow for fun interaction with other players. We hope you enjoy your stay! Have fun!

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Aurora [1.19.x] – Realistic Creative Server

Aurora is a Minecraft server that focuses on realistic building in 1.5:1 scale. We offer multiple words for builders to build in, we have a freebuild world where builders can build whatever they want, we also have a repository world that focuses on aircraft, ships, and trains since they are very popular in the realistic building community, and last we have the projects world where Engineers may plan and build entire projects, like a city. You can join the Minecraft server at You can also join our Discord server at

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Nystad Building Server – Creative, City Building, Community, Plots, Free Build, W/E

Nystad Building Server - Creative, City Building, Community, Plots, Free Build, W/E Minecraft Server
Welcome to Nystad Building Server, NBS, a creative building server and community. Join to build with others interested in everything from city building to cruise ships and grow as a builder.
Nystad Building Server - Creative, City Building, Community, Plots, Free Build, W/E Minecraft Server
Join in open community projects. We’re currently working on a modern northern European city. More info will be posted when the project is released officially.

Note: Must apply to get full access to the server. Do so by joining our minecraft server and doing the command /apply. The server is however open for everyone to explore.
======================================Discord: DiscordLive map of city: Dynmap
Server Ip: MC.NystadBuildingServer.Net
Youtube: NBS Youtube
Instagram: nystad_building_server

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Hello And Welcome To This Fantastic Server With MiniGames, Survival And Creative If You Wanna Support Us Vote This Server!
You Can Even Checkout Our Channel:

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This is a good old fashioned plot creative server. Infact it’s so simple its fun, there aren’t a bunch of menus trying to tell you to do this or that, or portals and commands to telelport! You spawn in and find a plot, we have plugins that make it simple+, it brings fun gameplay elements to creative! We have building contest for spawn, whoever’s build wins becomes the spawn and they recieve a special “MasterBuilder” rank and credit on the spawn, so when you login everyone know you are one heck of a builder. We have more plans for the future but if building is your thing and you enjoy a nice community then Blockadia is for you!

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Havens Edge MC [1.17.X-1.19.X] [MMO Survival Experience with Towny] [Creative Plots WITH WorldEdit] [Active Updates] [More Coming soon]


Joinable Versions: 1.17-1.18

Discord server:

Havens Edge MCCreative||Survival||Community
Welcome to HavensEdgeMC.

Recommendation: Turn your particle settings to decreased or minimal for survival

What started out as a passion project, has grown into a full community based server. Our friendly staff and 24/7 servers aim to provide you with the best game-play our servers can offer.

With our custom Texturepack with Optifine (Optifine is NOT required though as some to most features will work without it.) features and Multiple Servers we aim to create a truly unique RPG influenced experience.

The Texture-pack will AUTO DOWNLOAD when joining the server, but it will only do it once per a join so it doesn’t need to re-download every time you switch to another server in the network. The texture-pack has been seen to run pretty well on something like a 1050ti and relatively old cpu’s so most people should be fine with it. if there is issues with joining because of it downloading please make a ticket and get help on our discord with: As we can help you with the issue to the best of our ability

We also have deemed the texturepack is now also use-able outside of the server and are going to release it, so if you prefer to have it downloaded and use that one rather than the server one you can download it here: Than you just need to do /usepack empty and you will disable the server resource pack Do not be surprised if some things don’t work without it though

Gold Based Economy
Find or earn gold with /jobs and trade with players and NPCs alike.

Got too much of one item? Auction it off to the highest bidder with /auc.

Grief Prevention
Create and grow your town and nation with Towny, sethomes and RandomTeleport.
Make great kingdoms and establish yourself within the world.

MMO and Magic Based Survival
Level up your skills with Runecraft, McMMO, Magic, and much more!

Creative Plots
Grab your friends and add them to your plots or build solo as you craft your
own mini-map. Merge your plots together or with friends and get
creative with World Edit to see how far your skills can go.

Keep up with your friends with our servers friends list!
And join our Discord Server to stay up to date with community projects; See
sneak peaks on features coming to our server and much more.

Ranks and Cosmetics
Support our server and get some cool perks by purchasing ranks and cosmetics in our Estore (

Servers Progress
Lobby: Open Pre-Release
Survival: Open Pre-Release
Creative: Open Beta
More Coming soon…

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ArchForge Gaming


ArchForge is a gaming community with 1 goal. To connect gamers and provide them a space to enjoy all things gaming. Our community is set to offer members servers to play on, clans/groups to game with, and a place to discuss all things gaming!

Our Minecraft server is laid back survival experience with additional features to help enhance your Minecraft experience. Survive on your own or partner with some of our awesome community members! No matter what, you will feel right at home within our community.


Do you have a Discord server?

Yes we do! You can join using this link! —>

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Lex Network

Discord Server
Lex Network modes and games:
Currently Lex Network has:
Infinite Parkour (>50 players)
1.19 Survival (Has powercell-based land claims, chest shops, economy, rtp, tpa. 1-12 players)
Random UHC (Thrown eggs spawn random mobs & blocks drop a random block/item. 2-20 players)
Turf Wars (Only 1 map currently, will be improved. Play to earn currency to buy better kits. 2-8 players)

1.19 Creative plot-world, 10×10 plots
Suggest more to add in the discord server! I will likely get around to adding suggested things, but I may not explore it if nobody suggests it.

Server Features:
Lex Network is a concept of a good community of players. Join and have fun with your friends, or make friends along the way! Owner (SadLittleOctopus) is active on Discord and will heed requests if deemed worthy. There will be special given out perks for those who suggest games/modes/server tweaks & additions, such as a prefix by your name & free money in Survival (The amount of which shall be determined by myself, and not all additions are equal). You will also earn a higher role in the Discord server to differentiate yourself from the others.
This server is made to thrive off of player suggestions and it’s own community. The server specs are perfect enough to handle plenty of servers & players at 20 TPS, but if there needs to be upgrading I will be running fundraisers towards either Azure servers or upgraded hardware (<-- more likely)
I will also award MUCH LARGER for anyone willing to create a more lively hub world, or contribute more directly to the server’s improvement.

There is no buycraft link. No proceeds will be made off of this server. Venmo donations will be accepted upon direct request. I just want people to have fun & spend less of their time looking at sale banners and price tags. Have fun everyone 🙂

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Welcome to MangoCreative

Hi, this is a little project of mine. The goal of this server is to
be a simple plots server, but with features to enhance building such as
worldedit, and a player head database, more features coming soon.


-4 128 x 128 Block Plots

-Merge Plots


-Head Database

-chill admins

-More features coming soon

If you have suggestions for features, or have found a bug, please use
the support channel on the discord server, if you want to apply for
staff, contact an admin on discord.

It would mean a lot if you even just joined.

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HappyWRLD! *NEW* Adventure-Survival MMO!

HappyWRLD is a huge server packed with plugins and custom features to make a unique MMO experience, we are still at the beginning of our journey and constantly updating, come shape the future with us!!

Join our discord or read our medium article to learn more about HappyWRLD, who are the Happy Homies? and all thats planned for the server!

We hold regular events, games and contests with opportunities to win $WRLD and NFT’s! (My name is Jish on discord or Gollybash in MC, come say hi!) (this outlines our original vision for HappyWRLD) (our creative and survival world dynmap)