Lifesteal Smp Survival

Wompo’s Survival SMP (Custom Plugins)

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    Changelog: VERISON 2.0v

    Added custom Enchants
    Removed Lifesteal
    Some improvements.

  • Removed admin abuse

    Changelog: VERISON 1.0v

    Season 2 started
    Server added
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    Cracked Economy Lifesteal Lifestealsmp Smp Survival Vanilla

    Lifesteal Hybrid

    Welcome to LifeSteal Hybrid, a semi-vanilla Cracked Minecraft server with an additional feature where you can steal hearts from other players. When you kill another player, you receive their heart while they lose a heart. This means that the player who kills someone will have a maximum of 11 hearts, and the victim will have 9 hearts.

    On our server, PvP is allowed, and we don’t restrict players from stealing or raiding other bases. However, we do have a limit of 30 hearts on the server! If you lose all of your hearts you will be death banned for 5 hours, after which you can join back as your stats will be reset.

    We have two servers, one located in Central Europe so players from different regions can easily connect and play with others. Join us today and experience the lifesteal gamemode in a semi-vanilla Minecraft environment.

    Cross-Play Lifesteal Pvp Raiding Survival Vanilla

    Craftedsmp NeedStaff

    CraftedSMP is a brand new SMP/PVP server that has just been opened to the public this past week. Our main gamemode right now is Lifesteal SMP but we plan on releasing two more servers (FFA & BoxPvP). These servers with all support the most recent versions of bedrock and java so anyone can join. We are in the testing stage as of now and are looking for players to help test the server, looking for bugs and providing feedback for improvements. We are also currently hiring experienced staff members to help monitor our network so if you are qualified, please join our discord and apply! Thanks! Votifier link coming soon as well.

    Economy Factions Hardcore Lifesteal Pvp Raiding

    HeartSteal SMP

    – What is this Server?
    This is a Minecraft server with HeartSteal, HeartSteal is when you kill a player and gain there heart and they lose a heart, but if you lose all your hearts you are Banned until revived with a “Revive Beacon”

    You can also choose clans, you can make a clan that is blood thirsty and wants to raid and kill anyone in there sight, or a calm peaceful clan.

    Cross-Play Economy Lifesteal Parkour Pvp Raiding Vanilla


    This is a lifesteal server for both bedrock and Java with many features and easy heart recipe cheap items in shop and many more things it’s 24/7 with high ram and cpu means no lagg join now for bedrock ip is and port is 3511 and for java there is no port only as ip.

    Bedwars Lifesteal Skyblock Survival

    Endpixel Network

    Endpixel Network is a Minecraft server that was started in India. This 24/7 lag-free server features survival, skyblock, minigames, bedwars, events and so much more. Want daily rewards? Custom enchantments? How about player warps? The Endpixel Network server has got them all! Join now, where a new adventure overflowing with fun and excitement is about to unfold!

    [+]Lag Free
    [+]Custom Enchantments

    Economy Factions Lifesteal Pvp Survival Survival Games


    Welcome to our Minecraft SMP and Lifesteal server!

    Join our community of passionate Minecraft players where you can explore, build, and battle your way to the top! Our SMP (Survival Multiplayer) world is filled with endless possibilities, including custom biomes and terrain, exciting quests, and unique dungeons to explore.

    But that’s not all – our server also features a unique lifesteal system that adds a whole new level of excitement to battles. Earn health by attacking and defeating your enemies, making for an even more immersive gaming experience.

    Our server is constantly updated with new features and events to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft player or just starting out, our friendly and helpful community is here to welcome you and help you on your journey.

    So what are you waiting for? Join us today and start your adventure in the ultimate Minecraft SMP and Lifesteal server!

    Hardcore Lifesteal Parkour Pvp Raiding Survival


    BeeRealms is a fun Minecraft network hosted in Germany.
    We offer fun gamemodes, like Lifesteal, Parkour and occasional events.
    Our server is semi-hardcore/PVP based. We also offer a Fast Crystals plugin for
    players with high ping.

    Cross-Play Economy Lifesteal Pve Pvp Survival Vanilla

    Mine Oasis

    [1.19] [Cracked] Mine Oasis is a friendly 1.19 Lifesteal server providing an engaging and unique experience. We provide many cool features, including a player-driven economy, custom items, pets, and much more! MineOasis allows Java, Bedrock, and Crack clients to make sure anyone can play. See you there!

    Hardcore Lifesteal Pvp Survival


    This is a Small smp pvp server with awesome plugins so if you would like to get the chance to join a small growing mc sever and becoming a og in the sever join up!