Active Are City Ect End English Friendly Greif Ogmc Pvp Riendly Swe Swedish Town Towny


Hi! We are a swedish and english minecraft server. Our server is a towny and pvp server. The town owner decides if it should be pvp or friendly in the town. You cannot greif in any city.

Creative Data Day Economy Ect Hank Limits Nks Ree Riendly Roleplay Share Thanks Today Vanilla


We invite you to the fascinating world of our Ukrainian creative server archiquest! Unleash your creativity without limits thanks to free access to WorldEdit. Choose your favorite: classic vanilla or server with mods.

But that’s not all! We have an incredible community on Discord where you’ll find friends who share your passion for creativity and fun. Join our friendly community today.

Ace Anarchy Anything Data Deal Friend Friendly Grief Hack Hardcore Pac Real Riendly Space Yone

The Real Server

A server where anyone can do anything, have fun, hack, do anarchy, grief, etc. it’s a friendly space

A Minecraft Basic Cozy Enhanced Fou Friend Friendly Minecraft Servers Minecraft Survival Riendly Secure Servers Survival Vanillasurvival Version


We offer an enhanced version of Minecraft survival with a friendly community.

If you miss the odl basic vanilla minecraft servers then you have found the right server!

138 Bedwars Enjoy Friendly Heir Look Looking Mad Mcmmo Mini Games Players Riendly Survival Tim Time

Playerid MC

We are a server that was made for players that are looking for a friendly enviorment to play in and enjoy their time!

Community Fort Friend Friendly Inclusive Lit Little Owny Pve Riendly Roleplay Smp Server Survival Town Towny

Nexus Borne

Welcome to our fun little server, where the community is all inclusive and friendly! We humbly welcome you to our server, a Survival-Towny SMP Server!

1.15 580 Dom Domina Factions Factions Server Friendly Idk Please Riendly See Server.. Shop Survival Things

IDK Faction Server

Idk we are a new factions server… friendly community, please join. Has AH, shop, and much more things. Join to see if you can dominate the server!Discord:

Awa Away Event Events Give Giveaway Giveaways Mha Multi Nice Please Riendly Rules Survival Time

Multi SMP

Welcome to the Multi SMP. Here we have Events and Giveaways. Please follow. the rules and have fun. On the discord, we are Very Friendly and The Owner of this SMP is Jomha. He is very nice and hopes to give you a good time.

1.21 1.6 201 Adventure Adventures Dventure Factions Forum Mall Prison Riendly Skyblock Small Survival Venture

Uktick Network

Welcome to Uktick Network! We are a small and friendly community. Come join us in our adventures. Having an issue just hop on over to the forum and tell us there!

1.18 Cross-Play Friendly High Java Lit Quality Riendly Staff Survial Survival Taff Use Version Vial


LugCraft is a high quality server, with friendly staff and users!

VERSION: 1.8 A 1.18


Casual Claims Diamond Economy Homes Hype Hyper Land Claim Land Claims Ops Rps Shops Survival Warp Warps

HyperVanilla SMP

Casual Survival
HyperVanilla SMP
Vanilla With:
– Diamond based Item Economy
– Shops
– Player Warps
– Land Claims
– Discord Sync –
– Homes

Join Today:

Acid Crafting Economy Ert Him Island Mini Games Official Parkour Party Sea Sim Skyblock Survival Youtube

TylerTube Crafting

TylerTube is YouTube Flex Seal sensation, join him on his official Minecraft server! Where we have Survival with an Economy! Acid Island(Similar to sky block) And soon Party Games!

Bedrock Economy Gun Gungame Inventory Java And Bedrock Mcmmo Nothing Ortal Portal Pve Pvp Survival Towny Vanilla

Ramsy IP

UPDATE: The “GunGame” map is now available
Available for everyone
-There is a completely different inventory.
– There will be nothing Protectet, that means you have to look for a safe shelter and build it
– Pvp is activated

Info: you can only get there via the Spawn portal.
Have fun

Bedrock Bot Claims Crossplay Dynmap Economy Java Java And Bedrock Pat Pve Rock Roleplay Rose Survival Vanilla

White Rose Survival

We are a mostly vanilla survival server that is both java and bedrock crossplay compatible with Dynmap, DiscordSvr, Claims, Toggle PvP. We also have a discord server our members can chat in!

Current Dev Elo Emo Factions Gamemode Gamemodes Grand Mall Mcmmo Mini Games People Pixel Skyblock Survival


We are a small developing community, friendly with newly joining people.
As of current, we are having 3 gamemodes Survival,Factions,Skyblock.
We are waiting for your arrival.
Wish you a good day!

138 Builder Creative Emo Gestion Hitman Legend Legends Mini Games Pvp Raiding Suggestions Survival Survival Game Survival Games


We Are a Brand New Server Looking For Staff Mainly Builder Though. We Are Creating HitMan Gamemode And Survival Gamemode.
If You Have Any Suggestions Please Join Our Discord!

Alpha Backpack Backpacks Dynmap Economy Factions Lockdown Mcmmo Meet Pvp Stable Stage Starting Survival Tag


Currently a small server starting up in the UK during the third lockdown. Come join our Discord to meet some amazing people!

Server is still in Alpha stages but is stable and fun!

Factions, backpacks, Clans, Dynmap, Economy and more

100 100% Awesome Command Commands Different Eren Eso Good Lobby Nice Obby Plugins Survival Vanilla

Kyles Awesome Server

A survival server where you and your friends can play
There’s a nice lobby with different activities:)
Also this server is 100% vanilla, no plugins just commands

Blox Creative Easter Easter Egg Easter Eggs Eggs Exclusive Jump Merge Opening Parkour Sand Surival Survival Vanilla

SandBlox Network

Opening soon, keep up to date on our discord:

We offer an exciting new hub with parkour and exclusive easter eggs and rewards. We offer a creative plots server with 150×150 plots and the option to merge multiple plots with our creative ranks! We are also excited for the release of Season 1 of our surival mode which is set to launch very soon! Jump in and receive exclusive rewards for voting!

620 Autominer Autosell Backpack Backpacks Gems Leveling Lucky Lucky Block Lucky Blocks Op Prison Server Parkour Pickaxe Prestige Prison


A New OP Prison server
With custom features like:
– Sell boost gems
– Pickaxe leveling
– Custom enchants
– Lucky blocks
– OP crates
– Key backpacks
– Autominer
– A-Z Ranks
– Prestige

1.16.4 Artic Contest Contests Creative Current Different Gamemodes Large Multi Nectar Pat Plot Plots Sts


Nectar is a fun minecraft server!
With multiple different gamemodes planned, and currently running creative!
Our creative server has large plots, and fun contests every 2 weeks that anyone can participate in!

Allowed Anarchy Anything Build Destroy Griefing Jus Man Mana Phantom Rule Rules Survival Tom Vanilla

Phantom Anarchy


Acting Among Us Anarchy Aves Caves Coded Economy Hardcore Monthly Prices Pvp Survival Thor Tren Unlimited


Hello, our server is currently acting as survival, if it reaches 40+ people, the server hub will open and the request games will be added to the game !!!

There are mobs of different strength and difficult in the caves. You will have a hard time while mining.

Faction, conconcraft, survival rivalry on the server is a server.

There will be regular events on the server

Authorization-Prices are cheap and change monthly and unlimited!

Scripts are coded by our special staff (not plugins)

we will be pleased to see you among us too !!


1.16.5 Adventure Club Current Dventure Future Night Oce Ocean Pure Rts Short Survival Vanilla Venture

Ocean Network

We currently host 1.16.5 PURE Vanilla Survival on our network! Join now your Adventure starts here :! Please note: we have plans to bring prison many more games modes in the short future. Have a wonder day/night :

1.16.5 Auction Auctions Beginner Beginners Clans Economy Kill Level Leveling Minimal Moderator Parkour Skill Starter

MadCraft server Minecraft

New unique server with clans. Version 1.8 – 1.16.5. The economy is well tuned, there are auctions and skill leveling, parkour, varnish blocks, Donat privates have a minimal effect on the game. Starter kits are available for beginners. Moderator 16+ required.

Account Add Added Jesus Owner Pers Person Persona Personal Script Server Minecraft Son Survival Multiplayer Sus Your

JesusCraft server Minecraft

The owner of the JesusCraft server has not yet added a description. If this is your server, add a description to it in your personal account.

Currency Death Economy Empire Items Lose Ortal Pire Place Plugins Portal Projekt Sorting Special Survival

EmpireProjekt Minecraft server

Our server is great for people who just want to play survival. There is a system with a well thought-out economy. An in-game store where you can buy in-game items.
There is a portal system that can send you where you need to for in-game currency.
For convenient sorting of items, a special plugin is present.
So that you do not lose things on the server, there is a plugin that will collect all your dying things at the place of your death.
Of course, no one wants to start all over again every time, so the server has a whale system …

130 Alliance Alliances Allies Anarchy Destruction Endless Horse Minecraft Smp Pvp Raiding Roleplay Survival Teleports Vanilla

E Craft

We are a close-to-vanilla (a few teleports) minecraft SMP server with near endless freedoms, bar hacking. Form alliances or go it alone and get the best gear the game has to offer.

Will you be the bringer of war and the horseman of destruction, or bring peace to your allies and enemies, and build a powerful kingdom?

Bot Bottle Cheat Cheating Eat Eating Emi Heat Mine Server Pers Person Persona Personal Survival Multiplayer Wit

BotteMine server without cheating Minecraft server

The owner of the “BotteMine server without cheating” server has not yet added a description. If this is your server, add a description to it in your personal account.

Anarchy Back Backpack Backpacks Basic Bungee Economy Gravity Ops Pack Pvp Survival Towny Tree Ungee


Lighful SMP is a small smp with many basic plugins like tree gravity, backpacks and trade shops! We will soon have a bungee cord with anarchy.

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