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The Cheez SMP

Cheez SMP

This is the Cheez SMP we are very poggers and non-toxic :); The server is based on the “Lifesteal Smp” where you will be able to lose hearts and gain extra hearts (Max 20) from killing people OR by crafting them (Only if you’re below 10 hearts)

Border: 10k by 10x
Plugins: Lifesteal, CombatLog, and BowHP
It is Pure Vanilla Other Than the Lifesteal
Here are some rules: No Netherite gear, no OP farms, and no elytra
For more info read the rules and server info (IP is in server info)

Version: Java 1.19.2
SMP TYPE: Lifesteal SMP
Number of Players so far: 20 Active
Language: English but you could meme and say random languages, nobody cares.
We are trying to recruit new active players 🙂

Thank you 🙂

Ancientwarfare2 Iceandfire Moddedserver Story Survival Team Pvp Tinkersconstruct

Official Lands of Teyahrlu Server

Welcome to The Lands of Teyahrlu

This is a modded PvP server that uses the modpack of the same name.

There are 2 teams you can join: The Order of Vodein Mindah and Semper Vigil.
Players are allowed to kill each other at any time anywhere but are only allowed to damage and steal from the opposite team’s base during a ‘Siege Event’, more info on this event and other rules can be read in the server’s section on the modpack’s Discord server.

The server will also have in the future, lore and story-driven PvE using the Custom NPCs mod by Noppes_,
these stories will vary from overthrowing a tyrannical lord, mad cults, evil schemes, wars, and more.

Thanks to the mod, Ancient Warfare 2 by Shadowmage4513, players can also make their own NPC army.

You need to be on the whitelist in order to join so if you do just dm me on Discord.

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Bitesized’s Events (100 Player Civilization Events)

– Bitesized’s | Events, originally known as Bitesized SMP is a new events server which will be focusing on the PvP genre. It will
include 100 player civilizations event, but since it is a new server, players will be needed. It currently has around 150 discord members but that is soon to change!
– Version 1.19
– Weekly events
– Apex Hosting 4GB
– You can compete in intense PvP battles, team up with friends, and dominate the events!
– There is an infinitely number of event ideas to choose from, and you the player gets to vote what to choose from!
– Battle in wars, take place in player votes and publically decide who your next ruler will be! Or who knows, you could be the next ruler of your civilization!
– Defeat, gain, conquer, become the most powerful!

The server IP is

(IMPORTANT) Join the Discord server!

It will say the server has 0 members when there is no events, so don’t worry, the server is not dead!

Pve Pvp Survival Team Pvp


a fun open rl craft server that allows teams alliances and full all out wars among the population with many new features to be incoming soon to make this server unique from any other basic rl craft server

Crates Kits Pvp Skyblock Team Pvp Towny


Welcome to SparkMC!
We offer towny survival with both Skyblock and Modded Survival in the works.
Kits, Crate, & More!

Join Us On Discord:
SparkMC Discord

Airship Ares Battle Battles Capture Core Deathmatch Destroy Europe Flag Minigames Monument Project Pvp Pvping Team Pvp Wool

Project Good

Project Enyo is a objective team PvP server running classic maps from the golden days of Minecraft PvP. There are iconic maps featuring Capture the Wool, Destroy the Core and Team Deathmatch!

Miss playing Airship Battle by dewtroid? You can play it on Enyo, as well as many other maps.

All versions from 1.7.2 to 1.18.x is supported. After you connect, type /join to enter the match.

Minecraft IP Webpage Mumble IRC #enyo @ Discord

Smp Team Pvp


IffyCraft Is a War Smp Meaning you can ally, raid, fight, and die. Claiming will be given to each Army, Armies may have main bases as well as 10 Solo bases. Solo Bases will not be claimed so storing items in there will be a bad idea. Their is going to be a map showing all locations of players that are not invisible or crouched so that raids will be more possibe!

Hypixel Hypixelbedwars Hypixelremake Remake Sandbox Team Pvp

Lagpixel Network / Hypixel Remake

This is lagpixel. A hypixel remake where only a couple of people are working on this started out as a way to bypass hypixels private games but now its turned into a fully fledged server! Right now the main gamemode is bedwars but we will be adding more stuff to it!


Bedrock, Java, PS4,? Yea we allow that! This is cross platform so anyone can play hypixel anywhere at anytime! IM BEING SERIOUS!!!

If you wanna join us then theirs also a discord so you can talk to lagpixel players and maybe us!

Lifesteal Team Pvp

Provoke SMP

The Provoke SMP is a lifesteal smp there is timber veinminer as well as /home and simple tpa plugin Pleas enjoy the server, If Someone is hacking tell me my mc user is TotallyAlexXD -Alex

Team Pvp

Error SMP

it will be open 24/7 it will be lifesteal but when you join you will have a random number of hearts selected between 8-15

you can craft extra hearts or make 2 and sacrifice them to gt a reroll
and a few minor plugins including tpa
when you join pvp will be disabled for the new members for a hour
and when the server first opens it will be difficulty easy and no pvp for the first hour
then it will go to difficulty normal
msg/dm me on discord if you want to join:)

my discord user is DJ_Dragon118#6335

tell me why you should join and your minecraft user

youtube and tiktok coming soon