Team Pvp


Raiding is now and we’ve got plenty to offer you, including custom
developed unique plugins that no other servers can comply or stand against!

Not just that but we’ve got experience and friendly dedicated staff to help you at every corner!

  • Custom Plugins
  • Dedicated staff
  • No Lag (Latency)
  • Years of Experience
  • Dedicated Forums
  • Owners who will actually talk to you!
  • A lot of servers are all about money, we’re not – we’re here for your enjoyment so why
    not give us a vote and hop on over and have some fun?

    Community Hardcore Koth New Pvp Raiding Survival Team Pvp Teampvp


    Hi! This is a small pvp community that consists of mostly college students who love a personal/competitive aura on a minecraft server. The server tries its best to ensure efficiency and professionalism for all the players of the server! Come check us out! We are a small starting up server so we hope to see you guys!

    VERSION: 1.16.4

    Lifesteal Lifestealsmp Smallserver Smp Team Pvp

    The Lemon Life Steal SMP

    The Lemon SMP Is A Semi-Anarchy Life Steal SMP!
    Get ready for chaos!

    I need more characters so i’m putting this lol Please Join this why do i need to put so many characters

    Live Livestream Minecraft Minecraftserver Pvp Pvparena Smp Smpearth Survival Team Pvp Youtubers Youtuberserver

    The Mach Nation SMP

    Hey thereWhy don’t you JOIN this wonderful Minecraft server It’s an awesome server for both bedrock and java players to have fun together.It is whitelisted also because of hackers so make sure u input Ur in game name in the discord serverYou have the ability to team up with other players and rule the server
    enjoy With cool pluginsLike tpa, clear lag , set home , etc And u can also give suggestionsWe also accept partnership and advertisment .

    Anarchysurvival Anticheat Antixray Cracked Crackedserver Crackedsmp Fair Pvp Small Smp Smpcracked Survival Team Team Pvp Tlauncher War


    This is an SMP-based survival server, initially made for me and my friends. It has plugins like Better teams and anti-cheat to enhance gameplay. It has clear lag and is online almost every time. Create your own countries, wage wars, and more. Join the discord group for an enhanced SMP experience. The server allows cracked players to join. You can join with crack clients like TLauncher.

  • You can join BIG power blocks and wage wars!
  • Has Clear lag plugin for a lag-free experience
  • It has the text emotes installed.
  • Has Ranks
  • Has a powerful Anti-cheat
  • Has anti-Xray for the game to be fair.
  • Has skin restoration so that even cracked players can have skins!
  • To learn how to use these commands, join our discord server.

    Dynamic IP –
    IP –
    Discord- [



    Customplugins Customtrades Customworld Datapacks Farm Farming Guild Guilds Guildwars Proximitychat Proximityvoice Proximityvoicechat Pvp Realtime Smp Survival Survivalserver Survivalworld Team Pvp Trade Tradesystem Vanilla Vanillasmp Vanillasurvival Vanilliaserver Villagers

    [1.8-1.18] SopraGames: Wildland

    SopraGames: Wildland
    A new beginning is waiting for you !

    Description of the server bellow

    ——————————< SopraGames Roadmap >——————————
    Development, To do list, Known Bugs and Ideas | Développement, To do list, Bugs Connus et Idées

    HELP/BUG ? –> SopraGames Discord (Click)

    SopraGames Team

    SopraGames Team is a small team that loves to play Minecraft and create new things.
    Thought by Dapho999 and Tenebrae, the team started with SopraGames: Arcade. A map with a lot of unique minigames to play with your friends. Link:

    The goal was simple, make a nice complete map where Minecraft players can have fun with close friends. The map is still being reworked but is today complete.
    The team thought it was not enough. They made SopraGames: Wildland

    What is SopraGames: Wildland ?
    It’s a free server (You can invite your community)
    You can join guilds
    You can claim a base
    You can farm emeralds to be in the scoreboard
    Proximity Chat
    50 Custom Villagers
    Real Daytime
    And a lot more !


    AboveGames Roadmap:

    Discord :



    Capturetheflag Guns Mods Roleplay Spanish Survival Team Pvp Ww2


    GloriusSMP is a server set in World War II. It has 5 mods: weapons, planes, vehicles, JEI, and voice chat.
    The server tries to create a country or join one and conquer the other territories on the map.

    Anarchy Customitems Economy Factions Money Nations Noclaiming Noclaims Pvp Survival Team Team Pvp Teams Vanillaanarchy Worldborder


    Java AND Bedrock crossplay!
    Team plugin to start your own army!
    Custom made plugins to make PvP much more fun and more fast paced, as well as raising the skill ceiling!
    10k World border to allow more chances of PvP!

    Custom Customenchants Envoy Faction Faction Pvp Factions Hungergames Kitpvp Koth Minigames Opfactions Opprison Opskyblock Outpost Prison Ranks Skyblock Skywars Survivalgames Team Team Pvp

    GodX Factions 1.8.8 – 1.18.2 – Custom Factions / Custom Enchants / Koths / Envoys

    ============================================================================================ a custom factions server with potential to grow custom plugins like envoy koths and outposts and much more

    Farm2win Kitpvp Pvp Team Pvp


    Welcome To CloudWars

    We are a unique kitpvp server with a friendly community & a helpful staff team.
    Our server includes:
    A fun pvp system
    cool and powerful weapons
    Seasonal Crates
    Fun & Daily Events