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Chocolate Stars UT+MC

Chocolate Stars MC is a survival minecraft server with a small but friendly community! a community with a big love for undertale too!

Our server has strict rules against any sort of harrassment, etc and we want to promote an environment where anyone is welcome as long as they are friendly!

The server has many plugins, such as griefprevention, dynmap of the whole map! Seasons plugin to change the climate of the server every 100 days, new biomos and villagers and even Playerwarps to your builds, easily creatable with /sethome and much more ! We are always looking for new things to add to help enhance the player experience!

If this small welcoming community sounds fun to you feel free to join us on the server 😀

If you enjoy your time with us please diamond and vote it helps us a ton !

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Heyyy People,

I think u Searching for a new server for playing and be creative in your builds right??

So i think i got u.

Takimocraft is a survival server on 1.19.2 and have some big plugins to help your experiments

some this that u need to know about u:

– Ranked based

– Playerkits

– Mcmmo

– Lands

– economy

and more

so try to join us on 2 december 2022 and take a look

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Chris’s Minecraft Server

Chris’s Minecraft Server


Address (java):

Address (bedrock):
Port (bedrock): 26114

My MC server is an anarchy server with no rules except no hacking, excessive cursing, and no respawn anchor and crystal PVP. We also have factions; these factions are basically the biggest plugin we use. In these factions you can claim land, get more members, and try to be the most dominate faction in the game. You can have enemies, and allies in these factions, some factions might be neutral, peacekeeping, or people who want trouble, or you could just join a faction and help support their cause.

We are always welcome to new members to join; I hope you join!


1: no combat logging
2: no hacking/exploiting
3: no excessive cursing
4: no respawn anchor or crystal pvp
5: have fun (or else)

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Kingdoms is all about building your own lands up from nothing and to leave your mark on the world.

Venture into the world to find the perfect spot to settle and begin your journey up the leaderboards. Gear up, work your 9-5 job, level up your stats, discover new enchantments and explore a ton of custom content!

Join our Discord to stay updated!

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Xtreme Lands

Welcome to Xtreme Lands server, we use many plugins in order to make the player have a satisfying experience, you can play with your friends, claim lands, create shops, player warps, pets, ranks and more…

With the Lands anti-griefing system, you will not only be able to safely claim your lands, but have absolute control of them, trust players, custom flags such as mob spawn or water physics and much more.

Some of our another plugins are economy, crates, player warps, ranks, voting, mypet, mcmmo, shops and more…

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SilkiEcon: Survival RPG

‘SilkiEcon: RPG Survival ‘ (Running 1.18.1) Has been a RPG/ Economy / Survival project that we’ve been working on for nearly 4 years. Through many iterations, we’ve streamlined what works and what doesn’t and put our ear to the audience to create a custom experience like no other. This time around, we are recruiting you to Co-Develop this project and make your ideas into reality. This isn’t your daddy’s minecraft. Expect a challenge. We are opening Beta Testing to the public. Your character builds are unique through the use of classes and attribute distribution. Between Armor combinations, and stat/skill development you will be able to contend in any dungeon or battlefield. There is no pay to play here! Every plugin and feature is accessible through leveling professions. Every normal move you make in minecraft contributes to your characters growth. Use lands to forge alliances and build nations. Wage war on your geopolitical adversaries. The economy is %100 player run. The amount of industries a player can create or dominate are never ending, with the help of the server developers. Come join us. Be a part of a growing community and contribute to something that is ever expanding. Help us build the greatest minecraft. A minecraft with longevity, community, and infinite capabilities.

ViaVersion; ViaBackwards installed | Accept resource pack or prompt

Staff Needed || Making Ideas Come to Life

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🐣DreamsCraft SMP🐣[1.19-1.19.1] – Friendly survival server

Hello and welcome to my description about our server!

Me and my friends started up a community and looking for some players to join us and play with us.
The server is of type survival game.
Plugins we have in this moment on the server:
– Jobs Systems ( Take your job and go to make money) TUTORIAL

– Dragon Slayer ( Kill the dragon and grab his head)
– Lands System (You can claim/rent/sell your own land and be protected) TUTORIAL
– Chest protection (Protect you chest from thieves) TUTORIAL
– Marketplace System (You can sell/buy/request items from another player) TUTORIAL
– NPC System (They are here to help you with instructions)
– Quest System ( Quests that will make you stronger and will give you great rewards)
– Global status (See who is the best player on the server)
– Pet system (Buy your own bet and it will help you in your battle) TUTORIAL
– Ender Dragon System (The dragon will revive every day, go and defeat him!)
– Tag System (Make quest and win awesome tags)
– And much more (we will wait you to the server to see ) ALL TUTORIALS

Also we will be very happy if you can give us some support with some suggestions(discord) .

We want to make the server friendly and fun for every survival player.

We are seeking to create a space were we can play together and have fun.
In this moment the server is online and we will work for advertising the server, we will very glad if you can help us.

Also the server is free-to-play, we don’t ask player to buy crates/items, we want player to have the same start.

Server IP:


Lands Other

Gilded Gaming’s Lands Server

Gilded Gaming is a small Lands server (similar to Towny) that started as a small project with friends. You can make towns, or play on your own. Many economic-friendly plugins, while maintaining a near-vanilla experience. Compatible with Bedrock edition and earlier versions of Minecraft.

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McMarmalade is an economy server. This is the initial launch. Be the first to succeed and buy the best spawn shops.
Admin shops are priced to encourage players to shop with other players instead.
Jobs give small amounts of money to add to the sold items to spawn shops.
Shop stalls can be rented for a weekly fee.
I set up the economy to be anti inflationary and be stable long term. I’m open to criticism and suggestions.
Website coming soon…

Pvp arena
Spleef arena
mob arena (coming soon)
Purchasable town portals

1. Treat each other like you’d want to be treated.
2. No griefing, stealing, or killing outside of pvp areas.
3. No hacking, duping, or other form of cheating.
4. Explicit content will not be tolerated.
5. No spamming of links or repeated messages.
6. Do not cause excessive lag.
7. All redstone must have an off switch.

Notable Plugins:
grappling hook

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Golden Nations SMP Civilizations Worldbuilding

Golden nations is a worldbuilding/roleplaying. we have a small but welcoming community. Join today and make history!. Features: Lag Free!, Lands, Nations, War, Brewery, Dynmap, McMMO, Chestshop, And much more! We welcome any and all new members to our server, and we hope you have fun playing Golden Nations!