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Realm Of Insanity [SMP] {Towny}{MCMMO}{Discord}{Ranks}{Kits}


Discord :


Survival towny server that is new with many plugins to enhance the experience.

MCMMO to train different skills and unlock new features.

Towny to group together and help protect your builds.

Jobs to he;p you get money for the shop.

A dynamic shop that adjusts prices based on supply and demand.

A pet system where you can train any mob you want.

Auction house to safely sell items you have got.

Chest Shop so players can make their own shops!

And plenty more

Due to the wide array of plugins, the server supports any playstyle, whether you just want to make massive detailed builds, or complex redstone farms. Or maybe you want to just slay mobs and become stronger than you ever imagined in vanilla.

Server has amazing uptime and performance, and the owner (WkzDylan) has direct control over the server machine hosting itself so any issues that arise can be quickly solved. Since the community is small and the server is growing, any feedback or suggestions will be paid great attention to.

We WILL be looking for staff but you have to spend a decent amount of time on the server and learned how it works to become staff if you join and ask right away you WILL BE IGNORED!

I am personally active on the server and can answer any questions you may have.

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Australian Crafters Empire – Towny – MCMMO – SkyBlock

Australian Crafters Empire – Towny server.

Commonly know as ACE, is a Towny server which as been running since 20th March, 2012.
Its a child friendly server. Website:

The main plugins include
– Towny + ACE Home Protect
– ChestShop
– BlockLocker (Basically Lockette, but for 1.14)

We have a Skyblock world.

A minigames world with the following games:
– DeathCube (race to the top of messy block tower)
– Dé à Coudre (precision diving)
– The Hidden (1 ghost vs players)
– Speef
– ZeeSlag (Battleships)

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Um, yeah yes yep yup we are a mostly vanilla, economy SMP, single multi player. With the option of wars between players/clans whatever.

We have /home, /msg, /tpa and the essential commands.

The server is three days old and created, 11/20/2020.

Ip is

We have a very friendly community that averages around 4-10 active players at a time. We have a discord: with 29 members and are currently looking for staff. We have 4 staff members right now but are looking for a few more.

This server is non-pay2win and has plugins enabled to stop griefing and roll backs available so you don’t have to worry about your progress.

  We are currently running 1.16.4 Java edition. 😀
  Server currently supports up to 40 people.

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Towny Empires

Hello and Welcome to the Towny Empires Server.

A new server for people who want a new style of fun open community.

11 custom ranks

3 honor ranks

vast custom world

40% of the income goes towards the Wounded Warriors Project.

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Timecraft Survival [1.16.4] [Free Rankups] [Land claims] [Friendly] [Crates] [Spawners]

TimeCraft offers 10 free ranks, to get them you use in-game cash that you can easily earn in order to rank up. We also offer a large range of plugins such as Gems, Banks, McMMO, Player shops, Jobs, Grief prevention and everyone’s favourite crates, We also have a nicely built spawn. TimeCraft has a great community that anyone can be apart of some come on an give it a go!




116server Chestshop Discord Earth Earthmap Faction Factions Geocraft Geomc Jobs Larp Politics Quickshop Silkspawners Worldborder | Earth Map | Factions | Jobs

Have you ever wanted to build your hometown in Minecraft? Build an empire? Manage relationships with other nations?

Now you can do all of these things on our 1:1000 scale map of our own planet Earth! This map uses real geographical data (ores, topology, borders) to bring the most playable Earth map yet to Minecraft. You can view this map at

Discover many different custom-built monuments placed throughout the world ripe for looting, or track down a loot drop and collect its valuables!

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Emerald Isles MC

We are a new towny server looking to expand our community and player base! We have 2 staff members that are’nt the original founders and could use more!

We have:
Elite Mobs
Auction House
An Economy
Chest Shop
Wars (If Wanted)

and More!

Join now to earn 5 crate keys and an extra $5,000!

More Rewards for recruiting players!

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🏰 The Colony 🏰 ✦ 1.16.3 ✦ Survival ✦ Semi-Vanilla ✦ Community ✦ Anti-Grief ✦


🏰 The Colony 🏰
A 1.16 Survival Server

The Colony is a survival server that aims to bring players together, while at the same time enhancing the game play of Vanilla Minecraft. This server has a large amount of plugins in order to give players the most authentic Vanilla survival experience. The server is always open to players suggestions. Ranks are earned through playtime, and with each rank comes more royalties.


          Ranks (Earned Via Play-Time)

Visitor – 10 minutes playtime on server
1 Set Home
1 Player Warp
3 Pet Slots
3 Jobs

Traveler – 30 minutes playtime on server
1 Set Home
1 Player Warp
4 Pet Slots
4 Jobs

Voyager – 1 hour playtime on server
2 Set Homes
2 Player Warps
5 Pet Slots
5 Jobs

Historian – 5 hours playtime on server
2 Set Homes
2 Player Warps
6 Pet Slots
6 Jobs

Scholar – 10 hours playtime on server
3 Set Homes
3 Player Warps
7 Pet Slots
7 Jobs

Master – 20 hours playtime on server
4 Set Homes
4 Player Warps
8 Pet Slots
8 Jobs
/kit Master

Expert – 40 hours playtime on server
5 Set Homes
5 Player Warps
9 Pet Slots
9 Jobs
/kit Expert



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Tempus Realms

Tempus Realms aims to bridge the gap between a few different multiplayer ideologies. The expressive freedom of PVP, the engaging interactions of economy, the excitement and exploration of RPGs. We aim to achieve this with a minimalist approach, reducing command usage and other immersion-breaking aspects whenever possible. We also strive to be as well-documented as possible; ensuring the player is always in the loop about gameplay mechanics and features.

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Swain’s Server

Swain’s Server is a survival server that was made to feel like the classic survival servers from 2012. We have a variety of classic plugins like Mob Arena, Mcmmo, chestshops, and more! we are a pvp antigrief server with afk and auto farms allowed! make money by selling items and create your own shops! build something with friends or live alone. We have plenty of things to do and more to be added in the future!

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