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Adventure World with Challenging Quests! Epic Storyline! Multiple Worlds! Adventure & Build in Grig’s Quest! [1.13]

If you are an Adventurous Explorer, Come Join!

Grig’s Quest is a classic RPG built with Minecraft! Gain powers, unlock achievements, and level up!

Come explore (on your own or with friends) the marvelous and magical worlds of Grig’s Quest! Join over 200 guilds, buy warper status, and gain elemental lordships (Earth, Fire, Water, Air)! You can build your powers to fight against the forces which threaten the peaceful realms of Arcadia and Flower Fruit Mountain and return to build your own kingdom in your home world of Darwinia!

* Join over 200 Crafting Guilds – and gain the power to summon items! Join as many as you can!

* Gain Lordships – and make yourself immune to fire, lava, hunger, fall-damage, and drowning in each world!

* Gain Warper status – and move swiftly from one part of the world to another – even across worlds!

* When you complete Arcadia, you unlock the challenge of Darwinia (a survival world) with nothing but your kits and wits!

Ultimately, you will be able to build your own palaces and fortresses in Darwinia, The 9th Circle, Endia, and in Seventh Heaven. But to get there takes a Herculean effort – are you up to the challenge?

Maps of the worlds are available at More maps are unlocked as you do quests in game.)

Guild List is Available at

Additional NotesGrig’s Quest is a 24/7 hosted Adventure Map server. We operate on 1.11.2. Players begin in Survival Mode and, by doing quests, gain powers to summon items, warp to places, become immune damage and eventually fly! Some mature themes are alluded to. Recommended age is 15+.