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Join the ultimate survival experience on EntrepreursMC! Our server offers a custom survival map with realistic features, as well as various addons to enhance your gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to Minecraft, there’s always something to discover on our server. Come build, explore, and thrive on EntrepreursMC today!
“But that’s not all, EntrepreursMC also offers a unique economy system where players can start their own businesses and trade with other players. You can become a merchant, a farmer or even a blacksmith. The possibilities are endless!
We also have a great community of players who are always happy to help out new players and make friends. Our staff team is dedicated to ensuring that everyone has a great time on the server and is always available to help with any issues.
So what are you waiting for? Come join us on EntrepreursMC and start your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the world of Minecraft. See you in-game!

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            Welcome to Wanderer SMP!
As the name implies, we are a server in which your imagination can wander! It is a place in which you can experiment with no heavy consequences, whilst providing a relaxing survival experience. Included in our server is a ton of fun plugins that allow you to enjoy the environment and keep your session from feeling drawn out. The plugins add a lot of quality of life, realism, and social enhancements such as; realistic trees falling, perma-silk touch, claiming plots of land, getting married and so much more. This server focuses on community and inclusivity which means all are welcome with open arms.
Come join us at

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Welcome to Feria !

RP and Community Cityworld, Feria is not your regular city server. We aim to build the most realistic country we possibly can.
This implicates using various styles around the numerous cities of our four provinces. Ranging from Paris-style or European-style buildings, all the way to soviet-looking high-rise districts.

We’ve only been a team of two builders working on this project for the past few months, and we can’t deny great progress has been made! But given the size of the project, if you’re a builder and you’re interested in joining us in this adventure, please apply at the following link and you’ll be more than welcome to help us!
Visitors are also welcome to join!

NaileGames and Natoricreator, owners of the server 🙂

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Tactical Survivor


OR IF YOU HAVE CRACKED MINECRAFT JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER TO JOIN WITH TLAUNCHERWelcome to the end, where only one rule metters: stay alive, no matters what.Build, destroy, attack, defend, but at first, prepare. Find towns, loot them, from now on loot is life.
Organize into teams, or even push alone and sneak to the top of a mountain with a sniper, it’s up to you.
No unnecessary rules to follow and no one telling you what you can’t do.
You can become whatever you want.

In the game, you can find many kinds of

  • weapons,
  • food,
  • drinks,
  • clothing,
  • backpacks,
  • vehicles,
  • medicals,
  • and military equipment,
  • or you can take it from others.


    Creative Creativeplots Creativeserver Realistic

    Aurora [1.19.x] – Realistic Creative Server

    Aurora is a Minecraft server that focuses on realistic building in 1.5:1 scale. We offer multiple words for builders to build in, we have a freebuild world where builders can build whatever they want, we also have a repository world that focuses on aircraft, ships, and trains since they are very popular in the realistic building community, and last we have the projects world where Engineers may plan and build entire projects, like a city. You can join the Minecraft server at You can also join our Discord server at

    Architecture Building Business City Citybuilding Country Democracy Economy Metro Metrosystem Politics Realistic Roleplay Stocks Trains Vehicles

    Harlon City Server

    A server with an ever-growing country, featuring opportunities within business, building and politics.

    Hop on the functional metro to your brand new apartment and start your career on the server. Seek employment at a company or start your own – or maybe give a shot at the financial sector and trade stocks. If you’re unhappy with the ways things are run – call on your elected politicians for change, or maybe even run for office yourself?

    Buy yourself a car, or if you prefer to relax whilst traveling, hop onboard public transportation!

    Play sports and other mini-games: among others we have an exclusive hockey game, only playable in Harlon!

    Harlon City Server Minecraft Server

    If you enjoy building, apply to become a Builder and help construct and expand the server!

    Harlon City Server Minecraft Server

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    Empty Ego || Simple Community Freedom

    Empty Ego || Simple Community Freedom Minecraft Server
    Empty Ego is a community based on creative freedom…WebsiteDiscordPatreon




    The journey you are about to embark on will bring new friends, adventures, and more.
    You may experience great achievements, or suffer through immense peril.
    Choose your path, and become whoever you desire to be.
    Start PvE towns with public shops, or become the leader of merciless bounty hunters in search of glory.What you do is up to you; Let the sky be your limit!

    When building the server we put time into keeping things simple.

    Although this may seem counterintuitive, we promise it’s not.

    Many servers offer tons of plugins, mods, add-ons, and more.

    We believe this takes away from the natural creative freedoms of Minecraft.

    Because of this, we thought deeply about what plugins would make for a well handled community that offers personal growth and development.

    TownyAdvanced – Allows players to claim land, protect it, wage war, and build the history of our community.
    EssentialsX – hosts our integrated Towny economy with Vault.
    DiscordSRV – Allows you to link your Discord and Minecraft accounts, plus, access our Proximity Voice!
    Vault – Connects the dots between economy functionality.
    DecentHolograms – Helps us make the server more informative in a simple way.
    InsaneAnnouncer – Offers a framework for chat announcements/notifications.
    LuckPerms – The basis of our rank/group and permission system.

    With Towny at our core, an Economy is essential – All money can be earned by with /Sell.

    Gold, Copper, and Emeralds can be sold in ANY FORM (Nuggets, Ingots, Blocks, etc.).
    Selling items as Blocks earns 10% MORE than Ingots, and Ingots earn 10% MORE than Nuggets.

    By default, you are a Nomad looking to Claim land to start your Town, or Join others.
    ALL TOWNS HAVE RENT! Rent is based on Town Size and can be paid with your Bank by using /Towny Deposit.
    This is where starting a Shop and Mining for currency becomes important.

    If you don’t pay your Rent for a few days, That’s OK! All towns have a small Debt Limit, for safety reasons.
    If you hit your Debt Cap, your town will be Deleted, leaving your base open to Attack!
    Be sure to always have money in your town bank, so that you can feel safe when logging off!

    If a Town gets large enough, it can chose to become a Nation.

    Nations host Towns within their Regions, and can develop much more In-Depth Ecosystems.

    The map is 50,000×50,000 blocks
    The Inner 500×500 Blocks is a Community Zone (Shops, Public Towns, Safezone Building)
    We do have ranks/perks available to our community as a whole (Discord, Minecraft, etc.)WebsiteDiscordPatreon




    Economy Mmorpg Npcnetwork Realistic Survival Swordartonlineserver

    Project Oasis

    Welcome to the Oasis Project,

    About the Project:

    The Oasis Project is a collection of players with one goal, bring to life a game unlike any other, a game were you can choose who you want to be, a game that has no world limits, a game of guns and swords, all set in a modern themed world, The Oasis Project has a collection of mods and resource packs to help with this, each pack has been gone through with a fine tooth comb to insure that there is as few bugs and glitches or crashes as possible to insure a smooth game play with out lag or other performance issues, with this we run on a dedicated host with a 100gbs speeds and over 96 gigs of ram preloaded for heavy load times to insure there is no tps drops,

    Back Story:

    The Oasis Projects story line is based off the Sword Art Online Series in a whole but takes effect after Project Alicization, were there back in the real world, but not everything is as it seems, you will encounter bosses and other beasts of the wilds, players included that will try to kill you if given the chance, while most bosses have a set area you will encounter bosses that appear randomly in the wilds, and certain towns and city locations,
    as you progress further into the world you will find hidden quest and items that will unlock parts of the map and be able to experience Airncrad for your self as you fight your way through the floors, but be careful the beast of them worlds may just follow you back to your own,

    Project Credits

    GreenField for Base map and texture pack- { highly recommend checking them out as they bring there epic city to a close,
    All Mod Credits go to there respected authors and developers

    Need files
    Mod Pack
    resource pack


    We are looking for All Staff to join us with the project

    Bedrock Build Builder Building City Craftyfoxe Creative Foxyard Geyser Java Realistic Server Town Train Worker

    FoxYard Bedrock Realistic Build Server

    FoxYard Bedrock Java Realistic Creative Minecraft Server

    Build server for both Bedrock and Java builders since it’s a Java server running Geyser.
    It’s a chill place to build things from real life: Towns, Railroads, vehicles, etc for fans of my YouTube.

    To become a [​Worker]:
    Simply take a trial where you build a realistic 1.5:1 scale diorama to be approved. More instructions at /spawn.

    To Join:
    For Java Edition: IP:

    For MC Pocket Edition MCPE: IP: Port: 19132

    For Console(Xbox One, PS4, Switch, etc.), please watch this video, you require extra steps to join.



    FoxYard Bedrock Realistic Build Server Minecraft Server

    *If you are interested in a stricter standard of realistic building, check out FoxShot (java only)

    Civ Civilization Hard New Realistic Survival Vanilla

    Peak Blocks

    Peak Blocks
    Theme: Vanilla/Civ
    Version: 1.18.2
    This is a brand new sandbox experiment. A combination of the simplicity of the vanilla genre, with the depth, realism and roleplay of the “civ”/civilization genre, where players team up and create nations, economies and alliances.

    The vanilla mechanics have been modified to encourage teamwork, interaction, diplomacy, and make the game more realistic. Whether you want to group together with other players and build a civilization, or live alone as a nomad, the server’s future is up to you.

  • There is no protection plugin, how you want to organize and defend your claim/settlement is up to you
  • Villagers, The End, generated structures, are disabled
  • Chat is limited to players within a 100 block radius
  • Thirst has been added, you will need to drink water to stay alive
  • The world is 10,000 blocks wide
  • Crop growth rates and animal breeding speed have been drastically slowed/altered. Crop growth speed is now biome-specific, crops won’t grow in certain biomes. You will not be able to make efficient auto-farms. Unlike normal minecraft where food is mostly an afterthought, Peak Blocks has adopted a more realistic system, where food supply will be the top priority for players and the basis of any development and success on the server.
  • There are no commands. If you want /tpa, /home, etc, this server isn’t for you. There is no one player sleep. There is no pay-to-win, no ranks, no cosmetic plugins. There will be no spawning in of blocks or items by me under any circumstances.
  • Land is limited (“arable land” even more so), resources are finite, food supplies are hard to set up and maintain, and there is no formal protection on chests, so
    you will have to compete with others, and be ready to defend yourself if need be.

    Rules overview

  • Hacking/Exploits/Xray/etc are banned
  • PvP is allowed
  • Griefing and stealing outside of a war are not allowed
  • The server has 16GB of RAM so it should run smooth at all times

    If you’re interested come and join the discord server, I’ll open the server once we have a handful of players whitelisted