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Kingdom’s Calling

Join Kingdom’s Calling to start an adventure of your own. Making your way through Mines to unlock access to the Kingdom, Dungeons, Battlefields and more. Earn Perks and rewards as you go. Create a safe Kingdom to defend and grow. After unlocking access to the battlefields earn military ranks to set up battlefields, forts and military bases for your Kingdom. Join a family friendly atmosphere. Search for hidden chests and earn money simply for being in your Kingdom.

Admin Boss Bosses Creativity Dupe Generation Lin List Rat Real Realistic Sell Selling Survival Wip

⭐SURVIVAL ⭐Bosses⭐WAS A WIPE server for Minecraft

Survival, realistic world generation, no dupe, no selling admin panels and creativity.

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HotSun Server Minecraft

I am glad to introduce you the HOTSUN server

The server is running version 1.19.2.

Wipes – absent.

Donat – absent.

Lots of different, interesting plugins.

You will no longer see ordinary residents, they are in the past! (new residents on the screenshot)

Look for Christmas gifts at spawn! (example in screenshot)

Realistic seasons on the server (not with real time)

Convenient interactive menus. /menu /kit

Change the skin to a pirated version! /skins

No world limits, RPT with 30k block radius!

Over time, your prefix changes – beginner / player / veteran / old.

Cool store heads in the form of various decor items! /hdb

The game chat is connected to the discord!

2023 Anarchy Dimension Elytra Example Explosion Interaction Lang Launched Pvp Racism Realistic Rocket Survival Wither

Nocturnal Dimension

Anarchy Server, running 1.19.2 (Due to installed Plug-ins)
Frame Dupe is Enabled
Elytra-Fly Enabled (cause rockets….BLA)
Griefing Is allowed so make sure your base is long way from spawn.
Server was just launched today (May 10-2023) so of course its a fresh map.
Hack Clients are welcome
Very little owner interaction, unless see fit, Example negative language racism etc.
PVP? Sure have at it 😀
Extra plug-in’s have been installed, such as realistic explosion, so be it TNT or a wither there will be fire and lots of it.

No discord server, may or may not be one, time will tell.

1.19.4 119 Beau Beautiful Eau Jobs Msmp Quests Realistic Rewards Stream Streams Survival Uests Wns


Minecraft Server with Crates, Jobs, Quests, Rewards, Kits and much more…

From 1.8 to 1.19.4, the ip is:


Join this beautiful community now!

1.19.4 119 570 Beau Beautiful Cube Eau Job Jobs Kits Quests Realistic Rewards Survival Uests

HellCube Factions

Minecraft Server with Crates, Jobs, Quests, Rewards, Kits and much more…

From 1.8 to 1.19.4, the ip is:


Join this beautiful community now!

Ambientsounds Datapackserver Elitemobs Fireworks Horror Music Peru Plugin Realistic Rpg Rpgsurvival Survival Temperature Texturepacks Ustoms

Proyect SPN

Realistic Survival (Temperature, hydration, sanity),

Realistic Seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring) + (weather events, :fireworks: meteor shower , fireflies, snow, :comet: comets, stars.),

Customs sounds [ Combat music + All Dungeons epic combat music + weather music (Rain relax music, morning, afternoon, night, midnight
relax, Respawn, Kill player horror music,
low health = Heart sounds, 25 player custom sounds and more!)],

All EliteMobs RPG Dungeons (in spanish), + Unique Items and Loot no vanilla (Custom)
Custom models in automatic texture pack included all in one ( Animals with fresh animations, night sky, custom hearts, Visual enchantments in
armor and weapons and more!),

Custom World Generator

20 necesary plugins (:beginner: BetterRevive, Gsit, :shield: Protection with /home, /Tpa /back, LuckPerms, LibDisguises, Quests, ExplosionReg and more! ).

Proximity voice chat

Travel to the Arks of SPN[(4 Arks = 4 Survival maps) ( Ark obelisks are scattered around the map)]

– VERSION: 1.19.X
– GUEST: Peru

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Equine Haven

Welcome To Equine Haven!
Coming Soon….

What We Offer:

  • Realistic Roleplay
  • SWIM
  • Various Livery Packages
  • Various Competitions
  • A Quaint Town (Includes Farrier, Vet, Pet Store, Cat Café and more!)
  • Friendly and Experienced Staff Team
  • Discord Server
  • Lessons (private or with your friends!)
  • Your Very Own Cottage With Various Biomes To Choose From
  • Jobs
  • Seasonal Events
  • Miles Of Hacking Routes
  • Currency
  • And Loads More!
  • We are currently looking for builders and beta testers!

    If you are interested please join the Discord server! We look forward to seeing you soon!

    ♡ Equine Haven, A Safe Haven For All ♡

    Automatic Compliance Dance Detail Detailed Elements Farms History Interaction Realistic Rules Survival Territory United Vanilla

    My Nation | Private | Prohibition on auto farms Minecraft server

    We are creating a United State where everyone can play their role in history. Here you will own your personal territory, which you can expand with the money you earn from your profession, thereby increasing your status.
    “Before you start playing on a server, you must understand that it is different from normal survival. There are strict restrictions on the server that are designed to balance the game, in accordance with the idea. If you do not comply with them, you will be punished.

    The main thing you need to know is that the server is completely vanilla with RP elements, designed for realistic high-difficulty survival, with a ban on almost any automatic farms and compliance with the systems. All systems are built on the rules and interaction of players. First of all, read the detailed information about the server and the rules. “

    1.19.4 Bon Dnf Elf Great Invite Job Jobs Link Mission Missions Nft Realistic Survival Things

    Bubona Survival

    Survival Server 1.19.4 with missions, jobs and many more things, come in and see for yourself and enjoy this great experience: