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Empire’s Conquest

Empire’s Conquest is a nation building geopolitics server. We engage in diplomacy and war along with building up our empires. We have many talented builders and are looking for more. Since the server isn’t quite open to the public, you have to go through a very short vetting process. But after this, the door is open.

Economy Medieval Network Pvp Realistic Staffneeded Survival Ultra


We are MightAndGlory MC. A Server with an awesome community so far! We’re trying to create a medieval survival Minecraft server, as realistic as possible. At the moment I’m working on custom plugins to make this experience happen! We’re in development, so there may be bugs in some places. Don’t hesitate to report them to our Discord! Every single thing you report is appreciated. Your idea’s to improve the server are welcome too! I hope to see you at our magical server!

~ MightAndGlory

Building City Defense Economy Factions Government Jobs Other Real Realistic Reallife Survival Town Towny Village


Welcome to QuantumEconomy!
Your main goal is to set up civilisation, make as much money as possible and conquer the leaderboards. Not sure where to start when building your money-making empire? How about the Government work facilities? Alternatively, start up a multi-million dollar company and provide unbeaten service to fellow players. Secure real estate area, build your business and become a millionaire!

Other Real Realistic World

Funky Factory – GTAIII Liberty City Map

Home of the GTA III Liberty City map replica. If you want to pay a visit message me to be whitelisted.

Server under construction…. A new world will be built there! Feel free to visit… after requesting to be added on the whitelist (Map is prettty huge and the subway system is still on maintenance…) There will be a entire transportation system that will take you to the different areas where adventure and quests will be waiting for you. There is still a lot to be done, in the buildings and all the rest…. So far I am working alone on it… But I hope i can bring you lot of fun very soon….. Feel free to comment and give your opinions… 😉

Awsome Boats Cars Casino City Cityrp Craft Fun Government Gta Gta4 Gta5 Gtainminecraft Gtamc Gtaminecraft Gtaminecraftpolice Gtav Horses Law Minecraft Newyork Newyorkcity Planes Players Playing Police Race Raceing Rcg Realism Realistic Reallife Roleplay Shop Skyscraper Subway Survival Tower Updated Vindex

VindexCraft [CityRP] [Jobs] [Custom Vehicles] [Economy]


FOUNDED 9/9/2012


Website :

VindexCraft has been up for a long time now so whatever you build is here to stay, VindexCraft was founded in 2012 and has since changed a lot. VindexCraft is a City RolePlay server, you start out in Vindex City (The City above) and you can get / earn several jobs, buy homes and apartments, buy cars and more! With all of our many many CUSTOM plugins and years of experience in the server world, we strive to make this blocky world more and more like real life every day.
want to have an even better experience? get a cool shader pack and really make the world come to life. (as seen above)

-=- Current Cities -=-
– Vindex City (spawn, uptown and downtown)
– SeaWall City
– WestHedge
– Dorean
– Port Gallifrey
– Addersfield

-=- Jobs Avaliable -=-
– Police Officer
– Lawyer
– Farmer
– Politician
– Doctor
– Citizen
– Soldier
– Business
– CoastGuard
– Chef
– Detective
– Rebel
– RealEstateAgt
– FireFighter
– Employee
– Hobo
– AND SOOOOO MUCH MORE!!! I would rather not spend 3 hours listing jobs 😛

-=- Vehicles -=-
– Police Sedan (holds 4 people)
– Black Sedan (holds 4 people)
– Taxi Cab (holds 4 people)
– Black SUV (holds 5 people)
– MotorBike (holds 1 driver)
– SpeedCar (holds 4 people *fastest car*)
– FireTruck (holds 4 people)

I just added like 50 more cars to the server, and I am lazy. Therefore I’m not gunna list them all….

more comming soon!

Additional Notes
Vindex Craft, 24/7, Realistic, Life, Fun, jobs, CityRP, city role play.

Hard Localchat Pvp Realistic Survival Vanilla

(Beta) Greatbuild: Advanced Survival

Welcome to Greatbuild: Advanced Survival

What makes this server’s survival so advanced? – Well, it’s not advanced in the sense that it’s difficult to play or hard to understand. It’s advanced in the sense that it’s not just survival Minecraft. It’s more.

On this server, you will not know where you are or who you are near. Nobody will know anything. You can live your Minecraft life however you want.

Live atop of a mountain with an amazing view, or go to the nether and live as an underworld caveman.

Build a huge castle and intimidate your enemies, or become a mountain dweller in a big underground fortress.

Create a community by a river while making new friends, or grab your finest swords and head out to kill innocent passerbys.

Suit up with your friends and raid The Core to find the best loot you can find before anyone else can, or seek revenge on those who burned down your house.

No playerlists. No nametags. Localized chat.
Play the way you want.

Note: This server is in testing stages. Simply by playing on the server, you are eligible to 1 month of premium rank on the server, once it is out of the testing phase.

Amusementpark Amusementparks Atlanta Build City Cityserver Classicprison Coaster Creative Custom Detail Detailed Disney Freebuild Griefprotection Headdatabase Heads Highquality Hongkong Hongkongdisney Hongkongdisneyland Nyc Paintball Playerheads Plotme Plots Plotsquared Prison Prisonserver Realism Realistic Shanghai Shanghaidisney Skyblock Themepark Themeparks Traincarts Washington Washingtondc Worldedit

MCVantage BUILD Server: PLOTS {Free WorldEdit} | CITY | DISNEYLAND

1.15.2 CREATIVE | Free WORLDEdit | Merge-able BIG Plots | SCHEMATIC Available
FREE BUILD Custom City Map {High-Quality}
Hong Kong Disneyland [​1:1]

•  The most customizable Creative and ‘tourism’ Server in all of Minecraft.
• You can download your builds as schematics.
•  A Server with Free WorldEdit.
•  Plots are Merge-able, meaning, you can make enormous plots!
• The only server with Hong Kong Disneyland [​1:1 Scale]!
• Anyone can build in the Plot World.
•  Anyone can tour the City & Disneyland, but they require applications to build on.
•  Able to speak either English or Español.
•  Custom Anti-Crash Plugin makes sure trolls cannot crash the server!
•  As many permissions as possible are given to new members.
•  Listen to area music and city noises by doing /Audio.
•  We want to give players the greatest server ever created!

So as to not waste your time, here’s what our creative has:
Customizable Creative, with Plots! Free Build!
Drivable Cars! Heads Plugin! 3D Furniture! TRAINCarts!
Animated Billboards (like Times Square)! & WorldEdit!
To get started, do /warp Creative!

We have casual players only wanting to build dirt huts and professional builders that sell their builds on our plot world. Since WorldEdit is Free, and that you can Merge & Download Plots as Schematics, it’s a perfect setup for any type of Builder!

Our plot world is open for everyone to build, but to build in our City Free Build, or our 1:1 recreation of Hong Kong Disneyland, apply on our website!
Most just build on our Plot World and enjoy being a ‘tourist’, which is just as fun!

Ever wanted to go to Hong Kong Disneyland, ride Mystic Manor, hop on Space Mountain, watch the Nightly Fireworks, and eat some Dim Sum on Main Street U.S.A.?
Now you can!
For the first time in Minecraft history, we are on track to finish Hong Kong Disneyland this summer!
We have 3D-models for ride vehicles, firework shows, actual area music, live shows, costumes, and more!
If you have been on any of the more popular theme park servers, we’re also like that, only more laid-back, and the only to feature Hong Kong Disneyland.

Join our Discord!
This is not just a server, it is a community! We have already grown to average 10 people on at once in the afternoon EST! Thanks, to all of you!

Austria Byzantium Greatawr Greatwar Historical Mcmedieval Medieval Medievalera Medievalserver Minecraft Minecraftmedieval Realistic Roleplay Rpserver Towny Worldwar1 Ww1



What is it?
MedievalMC is a Alternate Great War era RP server with geopolitical elements like Factions and Dynmap. You can make your own empire on our map and expand!

How can I join and is there dynmap?


America City Craft Crafty Craftyfoxe Creative Economy Fox Foxshot Foxy Realism Realistic Roleplay Server Shot Urban Worldedit

FoxShot Realistic Creative Server

FoxShot Realistic Creative Server.

Themes: Military, City, Trains, Aircraft, Ships, Houses, Infrastructure, etc.

We are looking for realistic builders!
I’ve built in single-player for a lot of my projects, but building on a server with a whole community would be a lot more fun. You can learn new things and make friends so I invite you to come! We have an entire world dedicated to building ships, trains and aircraft.
If interested in being a builder, please read signs at /warp plot

A Trial is where you will take a building test of making a house based on a picture to become builder. Go to /warp plot and read the holograms for more info.

world download:
Ban Appeals: send me a private message w/ reason of ban and why should we unban you

Check out below to view projects from our server!

Brewery Civilization Disease Dynmap Earth Earthmap Historia Historical Historicalrp History Jobs Kingdom Lockpicking Merchant Movecraft Nation Npc Realism Realistic Roleplay Town Towny Trade Village War

Historia – Historical RP

Welcome to Historia! We are a casual roleplay server set roughly around
115 A.D. – 450 A.D.

Notable plugins/features:
-Scaled map of the Earth
-Hardcore plugin
-Thirst (Temporarily disabled)
-NPC Merchants
-NPC guards
-Realistic item restrictions
-Custom Doors
-Roleplay as a mercenary
-Food spoilage

Please take a moment to check out our website to learn more.


We’ve got Discord! Linking your account to the game will enable you to send messages on the server through Discord (use /discord link while in-game and message the unique digits you receive to our bot, Historia#4103)! As an added bonus, you’ll be able to easily and quickly reach staff with your concerns.

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