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EmDclan Middle School [1.20.2] [Semi-Vanilla] [PvP] [Membership & Ranks] [Datapacks]


Paste the /link [​code] that you receive when you first join into any Discord channel to verify your account with the server

—–> Join our Discord for more info on all of our server features: <------
Server Rules:

1. No griefing player structures or stealing from players. Unlocked chests are fair game so long as it does not belong to a specific base or farm. Ask permission before taking from someone’s unlocked container.

2. No hacking, cheating, or using exploits/duplications that would give you an unfair advantage over others. Vanilla exploits such as TNT duping and bedrock breaking are OK.

3. No unprovoked PvP outside of spawn.

4. No lag machines (overly-large mob farms, redstone machines, etc. that would consistently impact server performance)

5. No farming player heads.

About EmDclan:

EmD Gaming started in late-2014 as a group for CS:GO, changing ownership and names over the years, from NsG (Never Stop Gaming)(2015-2017, 2019-2020), Archon Network (2018-2019), and CgN (Cerberus Gaming Network)(2019). Over time, we accumulated members from the now dead gaming clans DsG, DEFYclan and EgN (Elevated Gaming Network) and grew to be one of the biggest CS:GO JB servers by late 2016. From many deaths and iterations of nearly a decade of history, EmD is back under it’s original name, run by dedicated veterans preserving the memories of our golden years.

We are a clan that enjoy playing video games, whether it be Counter-Strike, Minecraft, or just anything we feel like doing together. We are extremely laid back and always looking for new recruits. Our community started with modest origins, with only a handful of members. What separates us from other places is that we like to hangout with each other without caring what rank we are. In the end, we’re all people who like to play games with our friends. We have established this clan to the best of our abilities and always try to have an unbiased approach to every situation we meet. We aim to make this a fun community and accept anyone that respects our rules. Please invite your friends and have fun!

We are a tight-knit, laid-back community that loves to mess around and play Minecraft like the good ol’ days. We are accepting to anyone wanting to join, just don’t cause trouble and you’ll be just fine.

Some features include: clan ranks and perks, VanillaTweaks datapacks, QOL plugins, and more!

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uToo Survival

uToo Survival (Coming Soon!)

  With no flashing banner, no custom texture pack, and no “golden claim shovel,” uToo aims to be different from the mundane survival server we are used to.
In a community where ‘You Too’ are the focus, we listen to YOUR ideas!
🔗 Discord Invite:
Survival Server Features:- New Integrated Claiming System
– HOST Items (extremely rare)
– AND Minecraft Spawn
– Limited Time Events & Items
– In-game Ranks/Levelling System
– Vast Variety of Skills to Level Up Your Character
– Jobs to Earn Income While Farming Materials
– Player to Player Marketplace
– Iconic Auction House
– Daily Quests
– Player Warps
– Supply & Demand Based Economy🚀 VERSION: 1.20.1🌍 Survival Border: 45k x 45k (Will expand in the future!)💡 Tip: Sometimes the features we don’t implement are most important.
What we DONT have

  • Infinite Shops.
    Our marketplace has LIMITED stock on items. Which means you cannot purchase an infinite amount of items at once. Prices fluctuate based supply/demand!
  • McMMO…
    We’re tired of the same old plugin; and so are you. Our Skills system lets you boost health, damage, and more without it.
  • Custom texture pack.
    We don’t dictate your visuals. Express your style – your way.
  • We’re in the final stages of development, ironing out every detail to ensure you have the best experience possible. Stay tuned for our grand opening!

    🔗 Discord Invite:

    Chill Claims Dynamicmap Fortnite Friendly Griefprevention Gui Map Menus Mrbeast Multiplayer Nolag Nopvp Onlinemap Pve Relaxed Survival Vanillasmp Vanillasurvival Viaversion Website

    ⛏️ Minecraft Country – A mostly vanilla PvE survival server. ✨

    Welcome to Minecraft Country, the Ultimate Co-Op Minecraft Server! If you’re seeking a truly immersive and collaborative Minecraft experience, look no further. Our server is a haven for those who appreciate the beauty of vanilla gameplay, but enjoy tools and mechanics to make default gameplay more convenient. Dive into a PvE-only world where players can come together to craft their own unique realm.

    At Minecraft Country, we uphold strict server rules to ensure a level playing field. Cheating in any form, be it through mods, hacks, or third-party software, is strictly forbidden. We foster a friendly and respectful community. To stake your claim in this virtual world, simply place a chest and follow our straightforward land-claiming instructions. Our commitment to constant improvement means that we’re always listening to our players’ feedback, with new features and mechanics added regularly.

    We’ve also introduced innovative changes & additions – like convenient death chests upon dying, player claims, and changes to hunger mechanics to enhance your gameplay. Additionally, at Minecraft Country, we believe in enhancing your exploration experience. Our dynamic live mapeasily accessible via links on our server website or in-game with the /map chat command, provides a captivating top-down view of the world. This invaluable tool not only helps you navigate and locate points of interest but also enables you to connect with fellow players, spot mobs, and identify land claims. It’s a game-changer for those seeking to embark on epic adventures and collaborate effectively in our vibrant virtual world.

    Currently, we support Java Edition exclusively, so fire up your Java client, add our server IP address, and join us in crafting the ultimate cooperative adventure. Discover the joy of pure Minecraft camaraderie at Minecraft Country, where “vanilla” is anything but ordinary.

    You can find lots more information at our website. You can also find many of our links and commands in a convenient in-game GUI by using the /menu or /m command in chat.

    Simple Survival Vanillalike Vanillaplus Vanillasmp

    Citysquare Middle School

    Hello everyone, me and a couple of friends have created this server out of our own pockets. Its just for fun, so no big rules other than not to grief other peoples property, as this will result in a ban.

    Plugins are enabled, such as:

    For more info, join the discord server shown below:

    Building Discord Discords Events Faction Pvp Scord Smp Smpsurvival Survival Survivalsmp Vanilla Vanillasmp Vanillasurvival

    Stranger SMP

    We are a growing vanilla survival Minecraft server

    What’s different about Stranger SMP?
    Almost every other survival Minecraft server has Towny, and Pay2Win Ranks but not Stranger SMP. Stranger SMP is unique because it’s so simplistic. It’s literally just Minecraft but with friends (and a few moderation plugins of course).

    What is there to do?
    Meet people, explore, build, and overall just have fun.
    You can also stream on the SMP. We have a special role for those who do and allow you to promote your twitch in our discord. (As long as your streaming on the smp!)

    IP and Info

    Java Survival Vanillasmp


    :wood: StiggerLandia 2.0 :wood:

    Is a Survival Vanilla Server and was recently created! :-(o):

    The Server Version 1.20.1 and is being hosted on Spigot :Dash:

    We are looking for active members! Please Join! :sword: by thebaum64

    Must Have Discord In Order To Join :Diamond:

    You Can get the IP In Our Discord Server by Joining With This Link Right Below!

    If You Have Any Questions DM Rectron27

    Friendly Nogrief Smp Survival Vanilla Vanillasmp Vanillasurvival

    The Burger Joint

    The Burger Joint™ is an up-to-date mostly Vanilla SMP looking to build a community of players. The server has various plugins to improve the player experience, such as Graves, SetHome, ImageFrame and AntiCreeper.

    Ame Arg Cracked Crackedserver Discord Server Ele Emi Game Mode Get Http Mun Pre Smp Survival Vanillasmp

    Vote for Void SMP!

    Join our lovely community, Void SMP!
    Join our discord server:

    Game modes:

    Pure Vanilla SMP
    Cracked / Premium
    and more!

    101 Every Her Ire Mem Mind Ost Pumpkin Side Survival Trailsandtales Type Vanilla Vanillasmp Vanillasurvival

    Our Kin

    G’day all.

    Our updated server now runs 1.20.*

    If you would like a mostly vanilla experience (minor quality of life tweaks, universal dyeing and no enderman grief etc.) Consider contacting me on discord at “EndlessFire” (there is no #0000).

    It IS a whitelist server so you will have to contact me to join.

    I also don’t mind questions, but do expect questions in return.

    This is an Australian server hosted in Australia! We do have a few members from overseas but don’t expect perfect ping if you live overseas. That being said membership is not location restricted so feel free to apply regardless!

    Server is mostly new, almost everyone is at grassroots.

    We have one rule: Common sense. It is left vague on purpose.

    Agon Así Contentcreators Double Ele Hermitcraft Hit More Mob Heads Pec Ping Smp Survival Uti Vanilla Vanillasmp

    Bubble SMP – Hermitcraft Like Server – Season 1 Starting SOON – Applications OPEN – WHITELIST ONLY

    Bubble SMP is a hermitcraft-like server that strives to be a back to basic minecraft survival experience. We try to keep our server as vanilla as possible with a few quality of life changes. Our community is a kind and welcoming community with no toxicity tolerated and frequent events keeping players interested. We also try to bring back older and more enjoyable seasons of hermitcraft back with certain things like 1 diamond block for a plot in the shopping district, etc. We highly encourage and welcome smaller content creators to join with loads of possibilities to make new friends with the same passion as you and with a lot of content than your average smp. we only include a few data packs/mods improving the enjoyability of our server.

    Multiplayer Sleep
    Fast Leaf Decay
    Double Shulker Shells
    More Mob Heads
    Dragon Drops Elytra
    Player Heads
    More trapdoors, bricks, and stairs (12, 4 ,8 respectively)
    Coal to Black Dye
    Cobbled Deepslate can be used in cobblestone crafting recipes

    Shulker Box tooltip
    HUD Utilities
    Towards Menu

    We hope to see you applying soon with our new season starting in the very near future.