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WysternMC – Season 1

WysternMC – Season 1

Welcome to Season 1 of WysternMC (inspired by Hermitcraft). A private SMP server. We are now looking for players to join our server. WysternMC Season 1 will start on Saturday 14th November 2020 .

The server is whitelisted so you need to fill out the form on our dIscord server to join our minecraft server.
Apply for WysternMC – Season 1 here

Our server is semi-vanilla here are some things we have added:
– Multiplayer Sleep
– Mob heads and player heads drop on kill
– Admin Tools

You will be added to the server within 12 hours

Server Rules:
1. No griefing in the Shopping Destrict (SD for short).
2. No Kill on Sight (KoS)
3. Try to limit your entieties (villagers, animals and 24/7 redstone machines) to prevent server lag.

Apply for WysternMC – Season 1 here

Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Hermitcraftlikeserver Hermitcraftshoppingdistrict Hermitcraftstyle Smp Survival Vanilla Vanillasmp Vanillasurvial

CritterCraft [Season 1]

Welcome to CriterCraft! Here we have one of the best hermitcraft like servers and we want you to join it to apply please fill out a application in our discord!


1. No malicious hacks. This includes x-ray, kill aura, fly, and any hacked client

2. No griefing or stealing. Only take stuff with permission from the other player.

3. No harassment or bullying. On this server,

4. No PVP unless consensual or organized.

Note] If you are griefing someones property as a prank and help clean it up after it is ok as long as the owner is ok with it


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About Server
Welcome to Lemuriah! We are a survival server with a customly generated world. The server has difficulty always set to hard and has individually toggleable PvP. We do not use game changing plugins so taht we keep the classic vanilla feel but we like to add in a bit of magic in every here and there to make the server more enjoyable. No towny, factions or guilds plugins are in the game so all towns and cities are made through interactions between players. To protect our players’ bases and items we enforce property rules and have a locking plugin to lock your chests, doors, furnaces and everything you’d want to keep safe. Come join us and many other unique players with your same interests here at

Custom Terrain
Our world has been generated customly using advanced techniques. The terrain is unique with never seen before structures and biomes! Instead of explaining it, why don’t you come on and check it out!

We love events here and plan to do as many as possible! Events are fun activities hosted by the staff. Future events are to include things like: boss fights, custom enchantments, map art events and much more! If you have ideas for events, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Staff will have minimal interaction in the server with regards to price and availability however we will ensure that there will be ways for new players to get non renewable items (Such as shulkers and elytras).

We are actively seeking new players to join our community. Our community is friendly to any and everybody. Banter is allowed but respect others if they request you to stop. Our team of staff are active and consistently strives for better

There are a few rules to keep the server in check. Here are a few rules but there are many more on the full document Here

  • No Griefing
  • No Inappropriate Content
  • No Hacking
  • No Harassment and Toxicity
  • No Advertising
  • Staff
    A3eead | a3eead#8890
    _ghosti_ | ghosti#0471

    xiaonoot | Noot#2951
    Xezel | Xezelthawr#2828
    CarrotCentric | Carrot#0667

    That’s all we have to say. We hope you enjoy your time with us!
    join our discord here.

    Friendly Smp Survival Vanilla Vanillasmp

    Cabana Minecraft

    Cabana is a new server project.
    It will be a friendly whitelisted server built by its players.
    The only real rule? Don’t be toxic.

    Do you want to be part of creating the culture on this new server?

    Apply to be whitelisted on our Discord:

    Players Rule the Server

  • Plugins, policies, events and community builds are all suggested and voted on by the players.
  • Vanilla is the Flavor

  • This is about the original SMP game. We don’t install plugins that dramatically affect game play.
  • And that all means what?

  • Build where you like as long as you don’t infringe on another player.
  • Invent a way to play tag or hot potato without plugins.
  • Host a pig race or start a build competition.
  • Inspire a community build of your favorite real life building or statue.
  • Join a shopping region with a cool store or task service.
  • Do anything else you can think of as long it doesn’t disrupt the server.
  • Plugins, Schmugins

  • We do have a few. We use CoreProtect to investigate claims of theft or griefing, a live map of the overworld on the web, and live connection to this Discord server. There are also some quiet custom performance plugins that transparently improve the experience on the server.
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    Biscuit Survival. Anarchy with no hackers!

    Keep getting killed on 2b2t? Dont know how to use or dont like hacked clients? Well we are the server for you!

    We are a new server, so getting a start won’t be hard. We have a great community here and we have a discord for you to get the latest news. Dont worry about hackers stealing your stuff because we make SURE there are no hackers.

    Our server will NEVER shut down so you know that what you build will stay. If you like survival servers but they are too controlling and strict for you, this is the perfect server for you! Griefing is allowed.

    Come on we’d love to see you!

    Pure Pureminecraft Purevanilla Real Server Survival Truevanilla Vanilla Vanillaserver Vanillasmp Vanillasurvival

    Classic Vanilla! 1.16.3

    Try vanilla Minecraft using the latest version 1.16.3! We have no plugins that alter gameplay, map has no limit, pvp is on. Everything is like on vanilla 🙂

    247uptime Anarchy Dedicated Dedicatedserver Lets Play Minecraftanarchy Minecraftanarchyserver Minecraftpvp Minecraftserver Minecraftsmp Minecraftvanilla Minecraftvanillaserver Openworld Pvpenabled Pvpserver Raid Raiding Raidingallowed Semivanilla Smp Smpserver Survival Survivalpvp Survivalserver Svanilla Vanilla Vanilla Gameplay Vanillaserver Vanillasmp Vanillasurvival | Vanilla No Map Limits Vanilla SMP Server!

    We run 3 Minecraft Servers Total –
    Vanilla, Team PVP , & Anarchy Economy
    Full server info on our website



    Go /Spawn Anytime

    Classic Vanilla Survival Multiplayer With PVP Enabled


    join today

    Griefprevention Network Pve Pvesurvival Vanilla Vanillaplus Vanillasmp Vanillasurvival

    Tab N Friend’s 1.16 SurvivalMP | Minimal | OfflineAuth | GriefProtection | Permissions | BRAND NEW!

    Multi-server Network, currently the only server that is open for regular players is the Vanilla Survival Server!

    This server runs minimal plugins to ensure a non-griefable survival experience with you or your friends!

    Fresh World Started on 8/7/2020 by beta testers, this is the grand opening of Tab N Friends Vanilla!

    Started by Tabrune, and Foulwerp, original creators and admins of FoulMC.

    Maturecommunity Multiplayer Nohackingallowed Vanilla Vanillaserver Vanillasmp

    Exodus SMP

    Exodus SMP

    Hi my names Jack, Im the owner of this Vanilla SMP server.
    I opened up this server due to a server I played for 7 years has unfortunately shut down,
    Im hoping to find new people to play with and hopefully get to know.

    Server rules

    *Big builds/projects are invited
    *Treat other with respect for ex. speak to people the way you want to be spoken too
    *No hacking, for ex. No Xray, No Tracers etc.
    *Be mature/Have common sense, Dont start arguments over politics and things like that, this server aint the place for them sort of things.



    Cheers for taking the time to read this,
    Anyone that has sent an application will be replied to as often as I can.
    When I have accepted you, I will whitelist you and let you know ON DISCORD.

    Crates Custom Hermitcraft New Semivanilla Smp Survival Vanilla Vanillasmp Vibecraft

    ✔️(NEW) 1.15.2 | 🍏 Vibecraft ✔️ | Survival / Crates / Anti-Grief / ⛏ MCmmo / ⚔️ PVP-Toggle / Friendly / Claims & More!) ✔️ Top Survival 2020! ✔️


    – Vibecraft is a new and growing community of players looking to enjoy Minecraft survival mode!
    Land Claim
    – Anything you build can be protected with a land claim, which grows in size the longer you spend on the server.
    Claims can also be shared if one wants to form a team with fellow players, trusting them with the contents of   your claim.
    – Players can also buy claim blocks using the command “/buyclaimblocks”.
    – Player vs player is opt-in, so one does not have to worry about dealing with better-equipped players. However, if one wishes to enjoy pvp all they need to do is type in a command. ‘/pvp toggle’ The same command will toggle it off as well.
    – Anyone who has this command enabled will be able to fight each other as they wish
    – Our server consists of a lot of other features such as MCmmo, Crates, GUIShops & More! We are looking to add a lot more features and custom plugins in the future!
    Thank you!
    – As the server is new and growing, new players can help shape the direction the server will take. We hope to see you in Vibecraft and our thanks for your time and attention!

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