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GrassLand SMP

Hey there,
I made an Aternos server with me and my friends. I want lots of people to join to make this server into a big SMP.
Xray allowed
No hacks
Grieving allowed
Teaming allowed

There is a good amount of plugins such as:
-Skill plugin
-tp ask and tp accept
-warp plugin

This is an aternos server, maybe in the future i can buy a normal server 24/7
so if u want to join and the server is inactive dm me on discord 4hmad#9707
Im usually active.
you can give me your aternos username and you vcan start the server.

118smp Anarchy Mage Magic Minecraftserver Modded New Occult Survival Witch Witchcraft

Occult Themed SMP Custom Modded 1.18.2 New Generation

Witch Crafted SMP CurseForge FFA

Dedicated 1.18.2 NEW! Occult Server

Hello Witches and Adventurers!~~ I’ve started a SMP server with 16 mods and extensive ram to run them. This will be using curseforge to easily download and run the modpack.

First time setup takes around 10-15 minutes, but after it’s set up, you only have to click play on it in the future!

~Project E

This mod implements Alchemy into minecraft. It assigns every item a energy value and you can use this value to transmute items in other items so long as you are using equal value~ that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

-Equivalence Exchange,

-Dark Matter Rings Rings that require heaps of this energy but if you are able to provide it, you can use these rings to Fly, dematerialize rock, shoot fire, bring lightning.

No banned items, they will simply be balanced as needed.

– Mahou Fat

This mod blends perfectly with project E implementing flashy animated alchemy alchemy circles that spin around and protect your base from mobs and other players entry~ this mod is so powerful it can dig rivers out of the ground to deliver holy swords~ Spells that summon infinitely large lazers from space~ all depending on your mastery of the energy around you. How do you gain such mastery? from the time you spend practicing, of course!

Those are just 2 of the 16 mods!

we also have:

~Custom Items- Bridges

-Custom Mobs 100+ new mobs and NEW BOSSES, LOOT

– Custom Dungeon Generation 80+ new dungeons

– Fresh New 1.18.2 Minecraft World Generation Fully Updated

-Ranks, Sethomes, Warps, Open Staff Applications!


However here is an outline

you will be required to have CurseForge, A leading trusted modloader.

this will allow you to obtain the 16 required mods to join my server.

Using curseforge, it will take about 10 minutes to search and add these mods to a modpack, then you will run the modpack.

The mods are listed and screenshotted to detail in the discord server.

once you have sucessfully added all 16 mods to a custom modpack, you can run the modpack and add my server ip like you would any other server.

Ip Address is

that’s all there is to it! Thanks for the View!

Just to spark your interest, here are a names of some of the mods in the 16pack

  • Just Enough Items (JEI)
  • Repurposed Structures (Forge)
  • Alex’s Mobs
  • Macaw’s Bridges
  • Mahou Tsukai
  • MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod
  • ProjectE

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