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Cobblemon Park – SMP Pokemon Server!

Welcome to Cobblemon Park! We’re a Cobblemon SMP Minecraft server! We have only the best hardware and server plan, frequent support via updates, a fully fleshed out free and premium battle pass, and weekly competitive and casual tournaments! Join our Discord and install our modpack to connect directly to the server, no hassle!

Join our Discord here!

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Frank’s PokéPark

Welcome to the PokéPark!

Discord: Frank’s PokéPark

If you are looking for a friendly Cobblemon community with fun addons, weekly tournaments, and other great events to keep you entertained, look no further! Frank’s PokéPark has you covered! We are a newer server, and we are looking for new active players to join us! Want to know a bit more about us before you join? Keep reading!

☆ We offer ranks through playtime. Each rank has access to a new command, a kit, and all the previous commands from ranks before it.

★ We utilize Terralith and PokéNests. This adds more variety to our world generation than vanilla and offers fun new places to explore; you might even find special loot!

☆ We have a dedicated tournament team! This means we have a team focused on balancing our weekly tournaments with the banning of moves, items, or Pokemon. This team is run by an ex-VGC professional with 6+ years of international-level competitive experience. Perfect for anyone from experienced competitive pros to new players looking for help and guidance in building their very own teams and succeeding in our weekly tournaments with great prizes and your own spot on the wall of champions!

★ We want our community involved in decisions. We have a forum dedicated to suggestions for features both in Discord and in Minecraft, and we will have anonymous polls before adding requested addons just to see how the community feels about them before we add them.

☆ We have an active, friendly staff. You can reach staff either in Discord or on the server so that no matter where you need us, we will be there to help you. We also have help tickets and a bug-tracking forum for any issues you come across.

★ We have a custom modpack available. This can currently be found on CurseForge, under the same name as the server, or can be found easily on our server along with some recommended resource packs! We want to keep the modpack smaller so more people can run it and edit it if wanted!

☆ We have increased shiny odds. We brought our shiny rates down to match the newer gens of the official Pokemon games to give a better chance at finding shinies for all types of players.

★ We believe, above all else, in never becoming pay to win. This has driven most of us from previous servers and makes it a core philosophy of the staff here. The only thing you can give money through is a donation link through Ko-fi, which is explained more thoroughly in our discord.

Check out our Discord for any more information, and we hope to see you soon!

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PokeGems Cobbled Version

PokéGems Cobbled version is a Cobblemon Server that is still in its ALPHA stage. It is a Survival server that plans to convert to a hybrid between an Adventure and Survival server. We aim to bring a unique experience to all with our unique set of features.

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Bedrock Nexus

Bedrock Nexus is a modpack community with many different modpacks, Including cobblemon and Hypatios that are official network packs! We offer many other modpacks and votes to add more or remove in future! We are also hosting 6 other modpacks that are not officially owned by us, Including All The Mods 8, Stoneblock 3, ATM Spellbound, All The Mods 7 – To The Skies, MedievalMC [Fabric] and MC Eternal! We hope to see you all join the server and enjoy this to the fullest and make sure to have your opinion on modpacks that are added and/or removed.

Join our discord here:

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The Mine Labs

Now Open! Join our new community with a ton of excellent features already available, with more to come! We will always run the latest Forge version of Cobblemon!

Our Server IP:
Our Modpack:
Our Discord:
Our Website:

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Treasure Network – Cobblemon

Treasure Network - Cobblemon Minecraft Server

Treasure Network’s Cobblemon community server. This server adds a number of quality-of-life mods as well as some performance boosts. This server builds upon the base mod found here. Through a diverse and enjoyable community, players can spend their time building and catching Pokemon in Minecraft! With a bunch of custom mods, players are never going to run out of things to do!

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DynastyMC Cobblemon

Welcome to DynastyMC Cobblemon, an authentic server that strives to bring the best experience for all players and provide them with exciting and fun events.

⭐ Features
– Authentic Experience
– New/Fresh Server
– Shop/Economy
– Wondertrade
– Weekly Events w/Rewards
– New features being added regularly
– Loving Owners and Great Community
– Cobblemon Fabric 1.3.2 (Latest)

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SlockageMC Cobblemon Forge 1.19.2

Brand new Cobblemon Forge server! All server changes will be voted on by the community. Not a pay to win servers, as those suck, and we all know it. SlockageMC is not overloaded with mods. We like to keep it simple. Don’t want your screen overloaded with datapacks, your spawn overran with useless buildings/items, or hate pay to win servers? Slockage is the perfect fit for you! Join today. It’s time to Slock!


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PokeClash Cobblemon

PokeClash Cobblemon is a new Cobblemon server that is opening soon! It wants to blend Cobblemon and Minecraft survival, while adding fun things to do over the top. The PokeClash Cobblemon server is a small time venture and its features include things like jobs, quests, free ranks, land claiming and more. Join the Discord to get updates!

Server Links & Info
Modrinth Modpack:
CurseForge Modpack:
Technic Modpack:

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Interesting SMP | A Cobblemon SMP

Welcome to Interesting SMP! We’re a year-old SMP community that recently made a server based around the Cobblemon mod. Here is a few of our features:

>One of the first servers to bring Cobblemon to PlanetMinecraft
>Paid for server, not aternos
>No Land claiming mod
>We still use a fool-proof blocklogging and backup mods to keep your stuff and your builds safe
>Our antigriefing system has no impact on gameplay. It feels just like an smp.
>Diamond Economy
>Active community
>We’re whitelisted, but it’s pretty easy to get on. Just be a reasonable person.
>Custom Modpack
14+ Only.