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MineEuphoric Factions PVP GRAND OPENING!

Mine Euphoric a new Minecraft server compatible with all versions ex, Bedrock, IOS, Android, Xbox and more! our focus is to provide an immersive Faction based Minecraft experience to you.


– What we have to offer-

Custom Factions!

Over 10 Custom Drugs and Crafting Recipes for use and sale.

Black Market Traders accessible by anyone willing to explore! buy your combat goodies at a discount price.

Instant-Soup, Eating a mushroom stew instantly regenerates 4 hearts of health

Custom BOW PVP, Skill shot combat your love? enjoy it in a totally diffrent way. no more RNG spread for your bows. HIT headshots and get rewarded greatly for it.

Casino Games, after a long hard day mining what better way to unwind then gambling with your team.

Roulette Chests – Purchase a key or find it exploring. Open a roulette chest for some amazing Loot

Bank Robbery’s – Enough people online? you and your friends looking for some combat? Fight over the bank for the large vault prize!

Trained Developers, Ever had something you wanted to see created in Minecraft. Look no further put in a suggestion and our developers will get right too it.

–A bit of history about The Team and Myself

I am a 24 year old based in the United States. Growing up Minecraft was a love for me. Over the last year I have been reminiscing heavy on the original Kit Faction servers and missing it dearly. Thats when I set out on my journey my goal with this community is to provide a fully customized community requested server for you guys to play on for the foreseeable future. Our staff team is role-players at heart. coming from GTA RP we always look to provide an immersive roleplay experience without straying too far from what we all love, Minecraft.

Welcome to your last gaming community! we hope to see you soon!

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Newbieblock! – We’re all newbies at heart who are trying to progress one block at a time!

Not your traditional MMinecraft server.

NO WORLD BORDER!!! 😀 This means that there is no limit to how far you can physically travel.

SURVIVAL – a purely skill based survival server.

SEMI-ANARCHY – Claims are available but that won’t stop TNT cannons and creativity!




Towny and community!

Not your typical uptight staff/admins.
Have a blast with Admins and kick back and enjoy the ride!

Plugins installed on server: Find you for yourself 😛

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Welcome to our semi-op factions Minecraft server! We are excited to offer a unique and engaging gaming experience for players of all skill levels. Our server is designed to strike a balance between player freedom and server protection, allowing for a fun and fair gaming experience.

One of the main features of our server is the factions plugin, which allows players to create or join a faction and claim land, build and defend their base, and raid other factions for loot. This adds a whole new level of strategy and teamwork to the game, as players must work together to protect their faction and expand their territory.

In addition to the factions plugin, we also offer semi-op gameplay. This means that players have access to some operator commands, such as the ability to teleport and set home, without the drawbacks of being a full-fledged op. This allows for a more level playing field, as all players have access to certain advantages without giving any one player too much power.

Another feature of our server is McMMO, which allows players to level up their skills and gain special abilities in combat, mining, and more. This adds an RPG element to the game and gives players something to work towards and strive for.

We also have a player-driven economy, where players can sell items and earn money. This adds another layer of strategy and decision-making to the game, as players must weigh the cost and benefit of different items and actions.

Finally, we have custom enchants, which allow players to enchant their equipment with powerful and unique abilities. This adds another layer of customization and strategy to the game, as players must choose the right enchantments to suit their playstyle.

Overall, our server offers a unique and engaging gaming experience with a balance of player freedom and server protection. We have a dedicated community of players and staff, and we welcome new players to join and become a part of our growing server. So come and join us for some fun and adventure in the world of Minecraft!

Anarchy Faction Pvp Kits Survival

NX Empire

Welcome to NX Empire, the ultimate Minecraft experience! Our server offers a 16 million block map, crates full of amazing rewards, kits to help you get started, ranks to customize your gaming experience, and amazing plugins to enhance your play. Best of all, NX Empire is crossplay for both Bedrock and Java players! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new player, you’ll find something for everyone here. Come join us and explore the Anarchy Empire!
► Info
– 100% uptime & Daily backups
– Powerful, lag free specs
– Located in Virginia USA
– Bedrock & Java crossplay
– 1.19-1.19.3 support
► Commitment to Vanilla Experience
– We only add minor addons or QOL changes to improve the server.
Fun & Engaging Community
– Frequent Events
– Monthly Competitions
– Community Projects
► Unique Server Experience
– Unique Server Layout
– 16 MILLION block custom map
– DiscordSRV
► Lots of Quality-Of-Life Changes
– No phantoms
– No creepers.


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Welcome to OblivionCraft! 😀

We are a BRAND NEW survival server and cannot wait to have players like YOU come and join us! We have an outstanding, friendly community of players that welcome every new player.

We currently have a variety of plugins installed that make player experience even better but still keeping that OG Survival vibe.

To List a few:


We are open to any suggestions and cannot wait to see you on our server! 😀

Crossplatform Crossplay Crossplaybedrock Crossplayjava Eco Economy Head Headhunter Heads Kit Kitpvp Kits Pvp Rtp Shop Shopgui Survival Wilderness Wildernesstp

HeadHunter PvP

The Finest PvP Experience on the List. Kits, Combat Logging, Warps, Glass Wars, RTP, Clans, HeadDrops, and more! Our server is Cross-Platform which means you can play with Bedrock Players! Players from Switch, XBox, and PlayStation all spend time on our server, and you can too!

Adventure Economy Factions Kits Pvp Smp Survival


CraftingPinas is a Minecraft server hosted out of the Philippines. Its an SMP server featuring Factions, Adventure, Economy and more. Come join and try it out today!

This is the initial launch phase of the server, so its open for beta testing. We currently give ranks for testing which you will be able to keep for the alpha launch.

Also, we are open for staff applications! I, the owner of the server, have been the only one working on the server and would appreciate any help I can get.

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Plots MCMMO economy Guns

new server

started december 10th 2022

a creator of zencraft lotpvp

buy plots

plots in spawn buy and sell

pvp build near spawn

plot world safeworld

no greif safe

Airmage Aquaman Attackanddefend Beacon Bomber Brute Buffmaster Builder Class Crusader Custom Customcoded Earthmage Electricmage Engineer Fish Gunner Hitman Hulk Icemage Illusionist Jumper Kangaroo Kingofthehill Kits Knight Koth Medic Mercy Miner Minigame Musketeer Porcupine Potionmaster Potions Pvp Pyrotechnic Sniper Soldier Teampvp

Fortress Wars (Team Kit PvP Mini-Game)

Fortress Wars is a custom-coded team PvP game mode in which two teams build fortresses to protect their team’s beacon. After the build time, your kit comes into play. Each kit has its own unique abilities and you must use those abilities to defend your beacon, all while trying to break the enemy beacon. There are three game mode types: Classic, King of the Hill, and Attack and Defend. In Classic and Attack and Defend modes your build a fortress to protect your base. In King of the Hill, you and your team’s objective is to control the center beacon.|


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The Havok Server [ Java & Bedrock ] Minigames / Survival / Factions / Chat Commands

Come join the Havok Server! The Havok Server has a survival area, and factions commands like /kits, /sethome, /home, /clan create, /tpa, /rtp, /mute ( username ), /buy ( item ) ( amount ), /sell ( item ) ( amount ) and more! There is also Minigames like Spleef, Skywars, TNT RUN, Pakour, Hunger Games, mazes and more! The server has tons of features, and any command you see when you type / bar you can use. The server is meant to be super simple, with books with instructions on how to the server features that is subjectively easy to understand. It is not like those complected servers where it feels so overwhelming because of how many features they have. Getting out of spawn is not a hassle either, and there are tons of things to do! There is also a huge physical shop in case you do not want to use slash ( / ) commands like /buy and /sell. Come join the Havok Server today and be apart of our awesome community, with active staff and voting every Friday where we vote on policy issues, proposals and more !

The discord link War
The server is cross platform ( Supports Java and Bedrock ) and almost every version of Minecraft

There is also support for other languages as well! Of course English, German, Japanese and Spanish and more languages coming soon!