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Welcome to SparkMC!
We offer towny survival with both Skyblock and Modded Survival in the works.
Kits, Crate, & More!

Join Us On Discord:
SparkMC Discord

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Welcome! We are a new and growing RLCraft server, we have kits/votes/plugins and much more. We are a Faction Server looking for active members to help us grow!

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MantraMoriMC – Alpha 0.1


A beautiful community server where the content is unique and storytelling, and the gameplay is forever entertaining.

That’s our server. Though we are brand new, MantraMori is off to a fantastic and exciting start. Our primary gamemode is a new concept recently put into place- Gods VS Generals. When you join the server you will be guided through a spawnpoint showcasing both sides of a hectic war between powers. The Gods;

– Using magical (custom) enchantments and armor, some even allowing flight, or vampirism!

And the Generals;

– Using powerful heavy weapons such as RPG’s, machine guns, and even laser rifles, like something out of Star Wars!

All of this is done using a custom texture pack designed to bring these awesome features to life. You don’t have to do anything to install it, just join the server and go!

Right now we feature two awesome PVP arenas to battle in, as well as a 1.18.2 Survival world that you can survive in, and towns! While we are in this early stage, you could even potentially start your own town.

“Survival? That’s boring.”

Not with us. We have so much special content that changes the shape of our server and makes your experience even cooler. These are just some;

– Treefeller! Chop down trees by breaking one block.

– HiddenArmor! Hide your armor with a simple command.

– GrapplingHook! Swing yourself around with a simple fishing pool. It’s almost as fun as flying.

– PoweredDoors! Create giant gates, or a sliding door, or even blinds for your windows! All powered with a simple GUI menu.

– Furniture! Furnish your house with tables, chairs, sofas, desks, even campfires!

– Seasons! Watch the seasons go by and the trees change color with them. Experience temperature changes, and watch your crops grow twice as fast in the Summer time!

– Make yourself wealthy with Jobs! Everything from Lumberjack to Miner, to Farmer and Hunter.

Make the world your own on MantraMori, we’d love to have you.

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TimeBlocks – 1.18.2 Survival

An awesome #Minecraft content creator survival server for your eyes only!
More information will follow…..

Stay tuned for all updates:
Twitter: Click Me!
Website: Click Me!
Youtube: Click Me!

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Sapphire Hills Hub

hello and welcome to Sapphire Hills

we aim to make this server a fun and friendly server so you can all join with your friends
in our SMP server you can make shops claim land set player warps and more to make lots of money in game

through our rank packages (RL cash) you can get extra’s
with sapphire rank you can even hire your friends or someone to help you in your shop and more

we will have many different events and some free giveaways (in game)

this server is new so please bare with us

Sky Block and Other Servers Coming to our Hub Soon!!

we hope you come and join our friendly family and overall just come and enjoy

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💖AXO.BAR NETWORK💖 is one of the most wholesome small minecraft server networks on the planet!
you can play loads of gamemodes, talk with us on discord and in general have a lot of fun!

if you’re searching for a small survival server, you’re definitely at the right place!

streamers and youtubers are welcome!

this is a youtuber server, meaning that it’s created by the youtuber JohnHeikens..

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Lykonix Network

Lykonix network consists of survival, factions, creative, prisons, creative and more!

We strive to bring the best possible experience without the paywall most servers have, almost every rank, perk, and cosmetic is available in game but hey if you want to help out and skip the hours of grinding we have a store to <3

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ViciousMC is a semi-vanilla SMP with very few rules but the main thing is that this is not a pay to win server so come and have fun.

Plug-ins: RTP, Sethome, Claim, kits.

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StonedCraft 4/20 Friendly Factions Server

1.18: Welcome to the StonedCraft Factions PlanetMinecraft listing. We will be attempting to separate where we gain users from in order to track data for our future endeavors. If an admin asks in chat where you saw a post PLEASE tell them the first place you saw us.

We are a 4/20 friendly factions server. We started on 4/20/2022.

Spawn and base plugins have been installed. We have a working shop and enchantment area and the world is clear and open for exploration. Dynmap is installed, but not active to give players a heads up against other factions for the first week.

Economy is a big part of this faction.

I am working on Discord.


If you made it this far, give us a try and see what you think!