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This is a Minecraft SMP Server for player from every country around the world! here are some features


An ingame shop where u can buy/sell items

Lifesteal: if u kill another player u basically steal that persons hearth and u get an extra

Griefing is Allowed!

Fun community!!


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– Join our Discord:
Open Server on 1.19.2 for EVERYONE, come and make FRIENDS
☆ Java Server – Original and Pirate
☆ Server focused on Survival
☆ Clan system
☆ Terrain Protection
☆ System of Skills (Aurelius Skills)
☆ We have weddings on our Server
☆ Economy System
Java(1.17.x/1.18.x/1.19.x): IP:

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The Havok Server [ Java & Bedrock ] Minigames / Survival / Factions / Chat Commands

Come join the Havok Server! The Havok Server has a survival area, and factions commands like /kits, /sethome, /home, /clan create, /tpa, /rtp, /mute ( username ), /buy ( item ) ( amount ), /sell ( item ) ( amount ) and more! There is also Minigames like Spleef, Skywars, TNT RUN, Pakour, Hunger Games, mazes and more! The server has tons of features, and any command you see when you type / bar you can use. The server is meant to be super simple, with books with instructions on how to the server features that is subjectively easy to understand. It is not like those complected servers where it feels so overwhelming because of how many features they have. Getting out of spawn is not a hassle either, and there are tons of things to do! There is also a huge physical shop in case you do not want to use slash ( / ) commands like /buy and /sell. Come join the Havok Server today and be apart of our awesome community, with active staff and voting every Friday where we vote on policy issues, proposals and more !

The discord link War
The server is cross platform ( Supports Java and Bedrock ) and almost every version of Minecraft

There is also support for other languages as well! Of course English, German, Japanese and Spanish and more languages coming soon!

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Hi, welcome to MountainSMP. Here we like to keep things simple.

We’ve found that with time, especially with semi-vanilla survival servers

The goal has moved towards how much can we profit off the player.

Rather than how can we create a great, and rewarding experience.

We hope to create that again for you.

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Lumeni Community Server

Welcome to Lumeni!

Lumeni was at first group that was
founded on March 3, 2017. Over the years we have grown closer and have
become very good friends with one another. We used to play on a server
called AnarchyMC, however, we changed servers constantly trying to find a
place to permanently play on. We could never find a server to play on
for over 2 months. Since we could never find a server we decided to
create our own. Overall, it is very obvious that we have a unique and
long term community of family.

We are currently in Season 9, we
are focused on a custom built map that can be used or the available vanilla
terrain outside of it! We would love for you to join us. Our current map will be
around until we as a community vote for the next season. We have tons of
events planned and are excited about the awesome times we have together!
We also have branched out and are focusing on other games as well! Members
can come vibe and can play other games with one another. We are not all Minecraft!

We are currently looking for more players to join us!
We are known for our large and intensive bases on multiple servers. These
bases are full of inside jokes, good times, and many buildings. We are
always having fun and joking around with one another We also fill our
bases with many meaningful buildings and structures
We have played on servers such as:

  • AMC 1.0: Dugtrio, Paradise Falls, and Mantua
  • AMC 2.0: Awesome
  • SemiVanilla: Meden and Solaria
  • PlainMC: MoonRise
  • AMC 3.0: Pegasus
  • Lumeni’s Private Server (Season 1): Archia
  • Lumeni’s Private Server (Season 2): First Lumeni Season with custom map and freely chosen bases
  • Lumeni’s Private Server (Season 3): Individual Bases
  • Lumeni’s Private Server (Season 4): Flying
  • Lumeni’s Private Server (Season 5): Lumeni Earth
  • Lumeni’s Private Server (Season 6): Unnamed Transition Season
  • Lumeni’s Private Server (Season 7): Sinfinity (Meant to be infinite season)
  • Lumeni’s Private Server (Season 8): Unnamed Transition Season 2
  • Lumeni’s Private Server (Season 9): Current, Volakiar Season
  • The main players that are on the server are very hardworking and dedicated.
    However, sometimes problems come up IRL.
    We understand this and don’t expect you on constantly, but please let the community know when you will not be available for long period of time.

    Our server consists of a few plugins and datapacks that all of us agreed on and enjoyed on the servers we have played on.
    These include:

  • 1/2 Players Sleep – 1/2 of the players online must sleep to skip from the night.
  • Player & Mob Heads – Collect all the mob heads and show them off.
  • AllPaintings – Gives access to the new 1.19 paintings.
  • ArmorStand Statues – The VanillaTweaks datapack
  • Classic Fishing Loot – easy fish farms
  • Essentials- which includes:
  • /nickname – Change your nickname to anything you would like.
  • /msg – Message players privately.
  • /tpa – teleport to players
  • /sit – You can sit down in chairs and on the floor.
  • /home – set home to go back to an area quickly.
  • /back – go back to where you have died.
  • /warp – need to go to a public place quickly? Use /warp!
  • Brewery – Make alcohol with other players and get drunk
  • Custom Maps – we can add any image into the game, it adds for some fun times
  • MarriageMaster – If you and your partner are on, might as well, right?
  • Timber – 1 block of wood broken.. destroys the whole tree
  • Geyser – Bedrock Players can play too!
  • ViaVersion – If a patch comes out you can play on it without too many issues.
  • NoCropTrample – Don’t worry about crops anymore!
  • Our plugins are mainly for more active roleplay and more things to explore in the already expansive world that we have!

    Our community is very tight-knit and we hold many social events throughout the year to come closer.

    Our community is very diverse with players from around the world! We try to
    expose each other to our cultures through food, languages, holidays,
    and much more. A primary focus of our server is for our players to
    become more understanding of other cultures as a whole.
    Where Our Players Are From!!
    This link will take you straight to our dynmap where you can see what our
    players are building, and if you are lucky you probably will see
    somebody online!

    We have a holiday plot in our town and we always
    build structures and have events in the plot Such as Halloween,
    Christmas, Birthdays, etc
    We have heavy discord integration with our server. Many votes, screenshots, and voice calls happen within the discord. Basically, this means discord is a requirement.
    There are a few requirements for you.
    You must meet these requirements in order to come vibe:

  • You must have good communication and social skills
  • You must be humble, polite, and helpful
  • You should be able to tolerate controversial humor
  •   - But always tell someone if it goes too far
  • You should be decently active
  • You should participate in social events on the server
  • You must be able to tolerate small pranks
  • Remember there is a difference between in-game and IRL!
  • You should have some sort of microphone
  • You must have a discord account and be active within our discord
  • What Lumeni has to offer you.
    There are a few things that we as a community can offer you as a player and person:

  • Many potential friendships beyond the community
  • Very experienced players
  • Many vivaciously hard-working players
  • A fun and caring community
  • Players who can expand your perception of cultures around the world
  • A space to express yourself and get accustomed to all of us!
  •   - But on a serious note, we love anyone who joins and wants to vibe!
  • Friends to play other games with
  • People who will be here for you
  • But on a rather good note, we are just a big group of friends who always love opening our horizons to more people!
    Hope you all are interested! If so reach out so we can get to know ya!

    How To Join:
    – Go to Our Website at the top of the page.
    – Click the Join Today Tab.
    – Join our Discord and come vibe!
    – Or Bypass these steps and click here to go straight to Joining!

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    Void’s SMP

    Void’s SMP is a small survival multiplayer server aiming to build and grow amazing community.
    We have an economy mainly to buy claimblocks with the GriefPrevention plugin at the moment, which can be used to protect your amazing builds!
    We have a shop with over 300 items to buy or sell your precious goods!
    our buy rate of the items in the shop is expensive to encourage player-to-player trading.
    We allow 2 homes for the default rank to ease up the vanilla gameplay.

    You can join our server at:
    The server is running on Paper 1.19.2
    Join our discord server for more information!

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    OldCraft v3



    OldKraft is coming back once again with a new owner as the tradition has been, but now in english making it more accessible to all players! We have a brand new map and some exciting new content including crates, shops, graves, quests, easter eggs and much more! OldKraft is currently in 1.19 and always looking to update to the newest version whenever possible. I hope you will enjoy your stay in Oldkraft, have some fun and make new friends! Our staff will always be happy to help.
    Our Discord:
    Our server-ip:

    More details:
    ‌Our map is 40k x 40k and it is pregenerated. (Worldborder center is spawn not 0,0)
    ‌There are three crates: vote,rare, epic and legendary and you can only get better keys from quests and the vote crate.
    ‌Server restarts everyday at 4 am UTC+3.
    ‌Night will be skipped when at least one player is sleeping.
    ‌There are /tpa and /home commands that are accessible to everyone.
    ‌PvP is not enabled in the overworld, only in the nether and the end, so be careful!
    ‌You can create shops by rightclicking a chest/ender chest/barrel with the item you want to sell. You can also edit the shop after creating it by right clicking it again.
    ‌You can lock a door/chest/furnace etc. and add other players might want to play with by right clicking the block with a sign in your hand.
    ‌/pay is an easy way to transfer money to your friend in need.
    ‌/rtp takes you to a random spot on our map.

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    Smulbeana SMP

    Smulbeana Survival Multiplayer Server!
    Java Edition IP:
    Bedrock Edition IP:
    Bedrock Edition PORT: 39157

    This is a normal survival server except with some quality of life plugins like right click crop harvesting, fast leaf decay, sleep percentage, tp, warp, etc.
    The server includes a mall where you can buy items as well. In order to make money on this server you need to connect your twitch account with the command: /twitch Then from that point forward you will earn $4 every minute you watch Smulbeana on Twitch. ($240/hr)


    We have tools to reverse griefing and see who did it so join the discord in order to report griefs easily!

    Speaking of griefing…
    [1] Don’t be a dickhead, use common sense <3
    [2] No Griefing, stealing, harassment, etc.
    [3] Have fun and make some friends!

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    Generations SMP

    Generations SMP is a Survival Multiplayer server, with a twist! Featured in this pay2play server is a full-fledged player government with actual power, incredible hardware to maintain 20tps under immense strain, plugins like CMI and Coreprotect, and an incredible community, nearly troll-free thanks to the $5/month deterrent!

    Subscribing to Generations SMP also grants you access to it’s sister server, Generations Snappy. Snappy is a rapidly updated server featuring Slimefun, a plugin that turns the game into modded Minecraft without YOU needing to download a thing! The server does all the work.

    119server Home Hub Kit Smp Spawn Survival Vanilla

    The Stoned Villager

    Vanilla feel SMP. North America based on minecraft version 1.19. Villagers are granted with /home and /spawn commands along with a starting kit. Come sesh with us!