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FrSMP┃#1 Minecraft SMP


this is a SMP Multiplayer supporting everything, every device with low PC specs! (no fps dropping and no lag!)
you can build & Craft and play with your friends!

But its only for java edition we currently trying to support bedrock in the future!

Some Features:
– you can create warps & Homes & Clans (Classic system)
– you can use super pickaxes

– you can buy a free rank using coins system
– you can get any type of heads in minecraft! like chests & furnace.. etc

– You can get unlimited claims!
(limited if you dont upgrade to an rank by coins)

– Custom tiers you can upgrade for free!
– You can create a clan and start fighting! with an amazing clan system! (There is clan chat! & clan ranks!)

Amine & Server owner

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NeonHeights’ Servers Minecraft

i’m not delusional. I know full well that even a perfect server will not force you to join every waking moment of your life. Despite this truth being known, I attempted to create an environment which at least rewards players who are willing to commit themselves to the grind. Free ranks, monthly goals, among other things will be rewarded to whoever wants to put in the work, with an established foundation in the form of years worth of community, integrations like a discord relay, and a firm commitment never to be P2W, will hopefully create an inviting atmosphere for you to join us.

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WanderCraft Semi-Vanilla (1.20.1)

WanderCraft is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server. We have friendly staff and this is a fresh 1.20 seed.

A list of features is below:

50k Border
Set Home
Teleport Requests

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Saturn Universe

Saturn universe is a friendly smp based on pvp and pve. We have gambling, the ability to save your homes location and teleport to it aswell as the ability to /sit and relax. We offer exclusive access to rentable market stalls at spawn, where you can create a chestshop. Rent them while available!

We will offer crossplay support soon.
We have graves! you have 3 hours to get your items before your grave decays. We also have realistic seasons each lasting 40 minecraft days. Along with seasons come varing temperatures and the need to stay warm or cool down.
we have tons of features available for you to try some come join us at! See you there!

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PlatoVanilla is the BEST way to socialize with friends and build AWESOME bases! You can become the best on the server just by playing and having fun! We have/wild, /shop and /home add-ons that can make your EXPERIENCE way better! We hope to see you soon on our server!

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Junior Diabolus

About Diabolus SMP:
Diabolus SMP is a 24/7 Minecraft server that is mainly focused on crystal pvp (CPvP) and economy.

In Diabolus SMP you have many new things to get and buy.

We have very fun things such us shop, crates, homes and many more!

1.9 1point9 Etho Going Home Old Oldversion Party Semivanilla Sethome Smp Stop Survival Svanilla Tpa

Old Version Party

The 1.9 Experience – Tpa and SetHome

This is a server about having fun, while going back to the old type of Minecraft you love!

Hope you stop by!

Asia Button Coins Family Familyfriendly Fanta Home Kits Lobby Obby Oins Spawn Survival Tak The Button


Skyfantasia is a fun familyfriendly survival server
we have /ah , coins , find the button , /home , /lobby to get back to spawn , ranks , kits and a lot more
so come on and take a look at Skyfantasia
we are waiting

Awesome Bedwars Eso Home Hypixel Network No Mods Pvp Reviv Revive Server Ip Survival Tak Vive Wom

Wompixel Network (Bedwars, Survival)

Join the Wompixel network! Home of over 2 unique games like Survival, Bedwars, and more games coming soon! Connect with new friends and take your place in our awesome and fun community!

Server IP: | No Mods Required!

Bedro Day Eth Etho Home Homes Oda Pvp Rock Semi Set Sethome Today Tpa Vanilla


A Fun Semi-Vanilla Survival server. We have lots of Plugins such as TPA SetHome (Upto 55 homes) and more! Join today on Bedrock or Java at