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Enjoy a brand-new Minecraft Server with a growing community!


Experience our Survival Multiplayer world with some great additions, including..

Our server supports PVP!
So protect your homes and your valuables, prepare to befriend or make enemies!

Join our mature community today!
We hope to see you on the server.

Hardcore Home Tpa Vanilla Vanillasurvival

Uncle Matt’s Hardcore

Just A Starting Out Server Based On Hardcore Minecraft You’ve Got One Shot Make It Last This Server Is a WIP currently so expect downtime and slight hiccups in the system we are also looking for someone with somewhat professional build skill to build up a spawn area just ask Uncle Matt when you get in for details

Anticheat Antigrief Claims Dedicatedserver Home Lowping Mcbans Survival Vanilla

[US-West] Daemon Industries

We are a brand new server focusing on a mostly-Vanilla experience with some quality of life add-ons such as /sethome, claims, and some anti-grief/anti-cheat measures to keep the experience fun for all.

As this is a new server, we are open to suggestions from new players. Know of an add-on you’d like to see added? Let us know!

– Creative world
– Discord server and integration
– Server roles with additional privileges (to be determined)
… and more!

Bedwars Bungee Claims Home Homes Minigames Network Sethome Smp Spherebattles Spigot Survival Tpa Tpaccept Tpahere Waterfall

Time to Battle

TimeToBattle Network!
A land claim based survival server, with a theme of kingdoms. Also features Sphere Battles: a special mini-game based on Bedwars, but with movable spawn points and resources are collected from floating spheres!

Bedwars Bounty Crazy Economy Elo Extreme Factions Fun Hardcore Heads Home Homes Keys Medieval Pvp Quests Ranks Survival Survivalpvp Vanilla Vote


The DavidsonCraft Network is an extreme Survival and PvP Server! With 1.8-1.16 support, we truly have a spot for everyone. This community focused server is immersive and fun, taking advantage of events and many gamemodes. We offer Quests, Heads/Bounties, Auctions, Supply Drops, ranks, Voting/Crates, and other fun in game prizes!
Join today for a guaranteed fun time.
-DavidsonCraft Staff

Datapack Home Modded Moddedvanilla Pure Pvp Silkspawner Survival Vanilla

Modded Vanilla [1.16.1] [Vanilla Survival] [Datapack]

This server runs the vanilla .jar file straight from Every additional feature added by the datapack is designed with the purpose of making the vanilla experience more enjoyable, without interfering with it. There is no in-game currency, no bloated features and nothing is locked behind a pay-wall.

Current features:
– Silk-Spawner
– Home
– Sleep-Voting
– 1.14.3 style God-Armor (obtainable in survival)
– Anticheat
– TPA (Restrictive)
– Death coordinates

– Griefing is allowed but frowned upon
– No racial slurs
– No insulting other players
– No Hacking

Familyfriendly Friendly Home Vanilla Whitelisted

(Whitelisted) MadMen Server

Community and Gameplay
– 24/7
– No griefing
– No PvP unless playing around
– A whitelisted community, meaning that players on the server are mature and respectful.
– A playershop where players can sell their items if they so desire. WIP still building
– The server is hosted in a great location for everyone. New York, USA. This hosting location means that players around the world can play on our server while having low latency!
-ever heard of hermit craft or the mindcrack thats how we like to do it in the server family freindly
– Regular changelog postings on the website. This allows for players to know what exactly has changed or been tweaked.

1. No griefing.
2. Be respectful to staff and players.
3. Do not harm the server in any way or abuse any glitches.
4. Do not cause drama or excessively troll other players.
5. Do not swear excessively or directly at another player.
6. No X-Raying or Hacking.

How to become whitelisted!

If this server sounds like something you would enjoy, we ask that you take the time to apply on our server website in order to become whitelisted. You may read the steps to registering below.

1. Head over to
2. You can register and apply for whitelist on that page. Fill in all of the fields and hit submit. Our website uses Enjin. If you already have an Enjin Account, go ahead and hit login on the top right hand corner of the page.
3. Verify your e-mail.
4. Wait anywhere from a few minutes up to 8 hours for your application to be reviewed by one of our staff members.

1152server 115server Discord Home Pve Pvp Semivanilla Silkspawner Spawn Support Survival Tpa


[Eng] The Server is on 1.15.2 and got some plugins for example a Sleep plugin but mainly its Vanilla.
[Ger] Der Server ist auf 1.15.2 und hat ein paar plugins zum beispiel ein Schlaf plugin aber es ist hauptsächlich Vanilla.


1 Be Kind / Sei Freundlich
2 No Griefing / Nicht Griefen
3 No Stealing / Nicht Stehlen
4 No Scam / Kein Betrug
5 No Insults / Keine Beleidigungen
6 No Rassism / Kein Rassismus
7 Don’t build right next to someone / Nicht direkt neben jemanden bauen
7.1 Unless you have permission from the Person / Außer du hast die Erlaubnis von der Person

115server Basic Community Communityserver Creativeplots Europe Friendly Global Home Legit Nophantom Playtimeranks Pve Pvptoggle Smp Smpve Smpvp Smpworld Survival Tpa Unique Vanilla Vanillasmp Worldwide


Welcome to Gibbscraft Survival Multi-Player.
Gibbscraft is a classic survival server, we use well established plugins to keep things running smoothly, so you can enjoy survival care-free with other players.

Important stuff:

  • Teleport and sethome
  • Dedicated Server with Intel I7 64 GB RAM.
  • Strong connection worldwide
  • All languages allowed
  • Random Teleport Function
  • Better sleep
  • Trading-based economy. Fully vanilla chest shop and player trading.
  • Diverse, friendly and social community of regular players from all around the world
  • How to join the latest SMP world:
    New maps are created every season, and the previous map is playable anytime

    Gibbscraft should have something for both newbies and veterans to enjoy, so give it a try!

    Antigrief Arena Arenas Claims Dynmap Elitemobs Enjin Epicworldgenerator Essentials Essentialsx Free Fresh Fun Griefprevention Griefprotection Hard Home Landclaim Minecraft Mpet New Pets Pve Pvp Semi Semivanilla Server Sethome Sethomes Sleepplugin Smp Smps Steeltoncom Steeltonmc Survival Svanilla Updated Vanilla Vote Voterewards

    [HARD]Semi Vanilla Survival Server SteeltonMC

    SteeltonMC- Simply, Minecraft:

    Welcome to Steelton MC!

    This is our all-in-one reference page. Here you will find all the information you need to understand our server as a new player.

    Short summary

    Steelton is a hard, semi-vanilla survival server. PVP, raiding, and griefing are allowed. However, players are also given the ability to create land claims in order to protect their builds and items PVP is disabled in all claimed areas. Our vision is to create a server that provides an enjoyable experience by bringing Minecraft back to its roots – friendly players and a small devoted staff team.

    General information

    The server is, first and foremost, a survival server, and most of the plugins we use are chosen with the survival player in mind.

    The server’s difficulty is set to hard. This means that you will find lots of mobs and death by starvation is possible. Plan accordingly!

    The server is Semi-vanilla. This means that you can expect an experience somewhat similar to vanilla Minecraft. However, certain plugins are used to create a richer player experience and make server management easier for the staff team.

    There are a number of rules, which we enforce to ensure a safe, fair, and fun environment for everyone. For more information, please check the Rules section, and/or type /rules in game.

    PVP, raiding, and griefing are all allowed.

    Players are encouraged to protect their builds and items from raiding and griefing by claiming them using our claims system.

    Client-side modification exceptions:

    Modifications that are cosmetic and/or do not give you an unfair advantage over other players (Optifine, minimaps, etc.) are allowed. In general, it’s better to be safe than sorry – if you are unsure, ask the Staff!

    Guidelines and etiquette:

  • Keep in mind that our server has a very diverse playerbase, with players of all ages from many parts of the world represented. Treat everyone with respect, regardless of your personal relationship with them.
  • Welcoming new players to the server is a great way to make new friends and contribute to the growth of our community! Greeting new players is not a requirement, but refrain from acting in a way that actively discourages them from playing on the server. Avoid immaturity.
  • Staff members will occasionally ask for feedback and input from members of the community – we use your feedback to make the server a better place! Don’t hesitate to contact us if needed.
  • Ban appeals:

    If you believe you have been banned by mistake, please refer to the Ban Appeal section of the forum.

    Ranking up:

    Use /warp promotion – you will be ranked up automatically. This will enable PvP.

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