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MirageMC 1.16.2 — Towny and McMMO —

Mirage is a Minecraft server with the goal of designing a tranquil and fulfilling Minecraft experience.

We are a Towny server that uses playing the game and time committed to the server as a currency in order to receive rewards and other survival benefits. We hope to push this experience further with an open Alpha that will iron out many of the defects which would be encountered upon a full server release.

Alpha Stage

This Alpha will be treated as any build would. Suggestions moving forward are appreciated.

The goals of the Alpha are

– Maintain a balanced gameplay with a functioning economy.
– Reduce glitches and bugs in a more lenient environment.
– Lay the foundation for PvP and PvE gamemodes.
– Create a unique UI experience through the Inner Harmony interface.

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Minecraft Nazi Server 1.16.3

Kawaii Gang live

So you want to find a nazi girlfriend for yourself in Minecraft? You can.

The idea is simple enough. You can invite the random nazi girl you’ve had your eye on into your clan. You can then make her a recruit (your clan must contain 5 women and 2 males) so you can now teach her everything about the game, and give her a bunch of cool god weapons. A couple things to keep in mind: Her profile has to be at least 10-20 days old. If she’s not, no-one will join your clan. You can make multiple clans and still not have the required number of women to keep your clan running.

Note: Her clan will come with different perks – for example she can join a clan if she’s an OG griefer, or you can make her join your smurf clan if she’s a pro.

And if you have a lot of women to recruit, what’s a clan without a leader? This is where the leader comes in. If a commander isn’t in your clan, she will simply sit by and let you do all the work.

Now that you are good friends with nazis, I am going to explain how to undress nazi girls, its actually way easier than you think.

Nazi girl player surrenders in 1vs1 wild PvP duel against Steve.

If you’re also dressed up as a nazi, make a nazi girl stand on her knees for 10 minutes and then just let her do whatever she wants, like, let her touch other nazi girls (this is especially a bad idea since it’s hard to find nazi girl’s to wear your new clothes, most nazi girls are just as uncomfortable with their nazis wearing their new clothes as you are..)

Nazis are also very hot, so if someone is hot and naked in front of you you’d best give up on it, there is a high possibility someone could break your nose. nazi boy’s are also great for nazi girls, the majority of nazi boys on  the internet are nazi, they’ve got big dicks and will make even their nazi girl to wear clothing. nazis will find some guy’s hot and naked and they’ll use that guy to wear their clothes and play “sex games” with him.

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Welcome to MelVille
A semi vanilla survival network focussing on quality gameplay and freedom of choice.
We offer 4 game modes while also hosting events and building contests on a regular basis.
Check out our active Discord server, linked below, for more information.

Vanilla – enjoy a mostly vanilla experience, build and maintain your base but don’t share your coords!

Towns – enjoy the safety of claims and subclaims for building, plus the use of Dynmap!

Creative – building contests hosted regularly!

Skyblock – expand your island and become the richest player!

The most recent relaunch: 1.15+ Jan. 2020

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TrueMC – Friendly Survival

Join the TrueMC Community via our Discord!
  • Grief Prevention
  • Land Claim
  • mcMMO
  • Auction
  • Clans
  • Jobs
  • Pets
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    ITS SIMPLY SURVIVAL :: An Official 1.15.2 Minecraft Server

    –= Its Simply Survival =–

    Hello, Survivors

    The time has finally come – ISS is now updated to Minecraft 1.15.2!
    We have opened our brand new 1.15.2 Survival & Creative Worlds

    Now Featuring:

    – Standard & City Grief Protection
    – Player driven economy with Player & Admin shops!
    – Voting, Donor & Staff Ranks
    – TPA, RTP & Home Commands Enabled!
    – Creative World Plot
    – Adult Run / Mature Community
    – More of our beloved ISS features to be added in the future!



    Come join us for an official 1.15.2 Survival & Creative Experience!

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    Minecraft Dickgirls Server

    Kawaii Gang live

    Minewind is where the most popular dickgirls play all day. Dickgirls do exist in Minecraft and they are actually fucking awesome. But there’s also a certain type of dick-girl that is so fucking awful that I’m sick to death of them. You won’t remember the names of any of them because they’re all so gross I wouldn’t be able to put them in my story, but these are the dicks I like most.

    Dickgirls preparing for a good nights sleep on a crafted white bed in Minecraft.

    There was this dude in a server where he owned a clan and it has been in use for about 8 years now, and it had always been a very popular place to find other dickgirls. Most of the time his dickgirls were just there to hang out, but there were a few who actually did his fucking bidding, and for whatever reason they kept popping up in different clans. Some days it would be a dickgirl who was in the same clan. Other times it would be five dickgirls all having their own clan together, with the clan leader taking them out for drinks and making them do things that the clan leader needed them to do.

    What I am trying to say is that there is no shortage of dickgirls in Minewind. I have just recently started the process of moving towards becoming a real cybernetic dickgirl and I don’t think your argument is very fair to my motivation for doing so. We will talk about that and how to proceed better over a month or so later. I am very aware of how difficult this is coming from me, especially to you who were not there the first time I did so.

    Tamed pet wolf girl ready to protect Steve and other players in the house.

    I have not said that my goal is to become a real dickgirl. I am not interested in the world as such. My goal is to be just a dickgirl who enjoys playing Minecraft and interacting with other people. The idea that that is more difficult than getting out of bed wearing underwear. I may make you sad. I know I do. That’s okay.

    UA MC girls only server.

    United Angels – Girls Only Minecraft Server No Boys Allowed

    Only girls are allowed to play on this Minecraft server because Minecraft servers are place for boys only. (Regeneration is ...
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    Pig taming in Minecraft multiplayer server

    Crazy Pig Minecraft Server 1.16.3

    Pigs are nasty and nobody likes them because they’re so damn scary and you can’t feel good about being around ...
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    Hentai Furry Minecraft Server

    Minecraft RP Furry Server

    My Minecraft teacher was a cute swedish furry doggy who explained to me how to use my computer to play ...
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    Minecraft Nazi Server

    Minecraft Nazi Server 1.16.3

    So you want to find a nazi girlfriend for yourself in Minecraft? You can. The idea is simple enough. You ...
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    Minecraft Hentai Server Banner

    Hentai Minecraft Server

    Not everyone wants to be cute, sometimes we like to get really lewd! The idea is to see if we can find ...
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    Catgirl pets added to Minecraft for Steve to have fun

    How To Tame a Catgirl in Minecraft

    Catgirls are wild by nature, that’s why it’s been so great to work on taming them. You guys know that ...
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