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Dream Realm SMP

Dream Realm is a 1.15.2 Towny Survival server, We have a lot of fun plugins like Slimefun, McMMO, Jobs, Pets and in-game money rank ups for cool perks! There is 0 Grief and Protected chests! If you’re interested in playing come join today at

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LitRaids – Custom Factions Experience

When we do a factions server, we understand every aspect that plays a part in creating a wonderful experience for the player. We understand what the players want, and how to deliver it without a problem. We strive for perfection and anything less is impossible. So why not join the hundreds of players that already love and play our server daily? Join us today, and we’ll show you what a community that loves and listens to you is like!

+ Factions
+ Custom Coded
+ Great Staff Members
+ Custom Builds
+ Much more!

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World Civilizations- A Minecraft server

A simple and small survival Minecraft server aimed at creating a civilization-building experience. On this server, you may live as a simple nomad wanderer traveling around the world freely, a simple citizen in a growing civilization, or a powerful ruler. Players may build their own nation from the ground up competing with other civilizations for land, citizens, resources, culture, etc. The experience of the world is truly at the helm of the players themselves.

Plugins Include:
Brewery- Produce your own alcoholic beverages!
Gods- Create and worship your own gods
Coreprotect- Find out who destroyed your house or stole your items…. and maybe get revenge?…….
TreeAssist- Don’t wait forever to chop down one tree. Break the bottom log with an axe and the whole thing comes falling down.
Lift- Hate taking the stairs? This elevator plugin will help you get from floor to floor in record speeds!
Shopkeepers- Make villagers be your workers and sell your items in your very own shops!