Cross-Play Mcmmo Survival Whitelist

Lush Lakes

Hey fellow Minecrafters!
Are you tired of the same old Minecraft experience? Looking for something more mature and exciting? Look no further than Lush Lakes – an 18+ Minecraft server that’s just launched today!

**Explore Our World**: Lush Lakes offers a cozy and tight-knit community where players come together to build towns, conquer dungeons, and create their own epic stories.
**Claim Your Land**: Protect your hard-earned creations with land claiming. Collaborate with others to form thriving towns and share the excitement of building your Minecraft dreams.
**Dive into Adventure**: Enjoy a variety of plugins like mcmmo, smooth timber, and angel death chests, enhancing your gaming experience. Our server also features unique plugins like breweries and taverns for a realistic touch.
**New Horizons Await**: Discover ocean villages, conquer blazing caves, and turn rotten flesh into leather! Our server’s custom features, like plushie pets and ultimate foods, add a unique twist to your Minecraft journey.
**Sweet Dreams**: Say goodbye to endless nights. With our “1 player sleep” plugin, you can skip the night and continue your adventures well-rested.
**Join the Fun**: Whether you’re a Minecraft veteran or a newcomer, our friendly community is here to welcome you. Enjoy the chill vibes and the camaraderie of like-minded adventurers.
Ready to embark on a Minecraft journey like no other? Join us on :ush Lakes, where endless possibilities and great friends await.

Don’t miss out—join today and become part of our growing family!

Anarchy Cross-Play Pvp Raiding Survival Vanilla


Come play a nostalgic version of Minecraft

CraftClue is a cracked 1.8.8 anarchy Minecraft server. It has absolutely no rules and no game-changing plugins, it is purely vanilla survival. It has been running for more than 1 year and the world file size is over 30 GB large. Over 45,000 accounts have been registered on the server since its beginning.

Java (1.8-1.20) IP:
Bedrock IP:

Cross-Play Survival

Welcome to our game server! We are a team of enthusiastic gamers who have come together to create a unique gaming experience. Our goal is to create a community where players feel comfortable and can have fun together.

Our team consists of volunteers who donate their time and skills to maintain and improve the server. We are not a company, but a group of people who share a common passion for games. Our server is operated by the community for the community.

Cross-Play Economy Parkour Survival

Paradox SMP

Welcome to Paradox SMP! We offer the best survival smp featuring a spawn lobby with many shops and fun.

PVP Arena
Daily Rewards
Monthly Tournaments

Check us out today! Need help joining, contact us through discord above.

Creative Cross-Play Economy Oneblock Parkour Roleplay Survival

IceSekai SMP S2 – Crimson Chaos

Java & Bedrock – realistic survival, rpg, roleplay, economy, parkour, oneblock, creative, lifesteal, custom enchantment, etc. come join now.

Cross-Play Hardcore Lifesteal Pvp Survival


MousyMC is a free to play Lifesteal Minecraft server with tons of features, mini-events, and more! It is both Java and Bedrock compatible, so you can join on any platform you want! Our features include KOTH daily mini-event, glow and particle cosmetics, chat colors, exclusive crates, a PvP warzone just outside of spawn, and even an AFK area where you can earn free rewards just for being AFK! What are you waiting for? Join now!

Cross-Play Economy Mini Games Pvp Survival

Kronic Romania MC

We are a Minecraft server from 2018, reopened today for you! The server is 1.20.1 at the moment and everything is redone from scratch. It was completely WIPE, to benefit from keys for crates on survival section, we are waiting for you to vote for customized prizes! We wish you pleasant fun with us and an unforgettable experience!

Cross-Play Pvp


(roblox simulator themed minecraft server)

Upgrade your skills, fight and dominate!

This server will bring you a enjoyable never-seen-before experience!
Upgrade your gear, zones, pets & more and compete for the leaderboards!

Anarchy Cross-Play Economy Kitpvp Pvp Survival Vanilla

Xylo Network

Bedrock IP:
Bedrock port: 25799
Java Ip:


1.8 combat
Hacks allowed
Craftable god apples (1.8 crafting recipe)
Custom enchants
MC Versions 1.9.4+

Bedwars Creative Cross-Play Economy Factions Kitpvp Vanilla

Red Maven

Welcome to the Maven Network, where the economy flourishes and PvP is relentless, a Minecraft kingdom where you’ll start with nothing and rise to riches, fight intense battles, level up with our exciting Rankup system, and join a Passionate community while taking part in epic events and dangerous challenges – it’s the ultimate experience that will test your skills and determination, so get ready to forge alliances, accumulate wealth and fight for dominance in this unforgiving world. Join us on the Maven Network and start your journey to greatness!