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Anteiku Prison


Anteiku Prison is a PERFECT mix of the Classic, Grinding, Prison Play Style, With A Hint of Custom Features To Keep You Playing!!
– Custom Crates
– Balanced Custom Enchants
– Mob Arena
– Hourly King of The Hill
– Envoys
– Donor Ranks

If You Are Looking For That Classic Prison That You Can Grind Until The Top, WIth Active and Dedicated Staff, Anteiku Prison Is The Server For You!

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Dirkocraft SMP – Custom Items – LandClaim – Ranks – McMMO – Player Shops – Crates – Quests

Dirkocraft offers every Minecraft player a friendly, fun and community driven Minecraft experience.

Dirkocraft started back around 2008 and has been going ever since, we see many older players coming and going and we’re looking for new players to help us with our new world!

If you are looking for a server that is experienced, we have just the place for you! Dirkocraft has a strong community base that is growing daily. If you are looking for something different, give us a try!

Server IP:

-Whotton & T00thpick1

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The Galaxy Beyond (1.19.4) NEW STARWARS SERVER / RELEASE: MID AUGUST 2023

The Galaxy Beyond
A Star Wars MC Server

What we have to offer:

• Custom Lightsabers, Blasters, and lots of different armors with color customization!
• Custom Mobs, Ships, and Vehicles
• Force Powers (Jedi and Sith)
• PodRacing Gamemode and Events
• Planets and Locations (As seen in movies and shows)

• Tons of Quests for you to do!

• Dungeons and raids, that can be done with a party, or solo!
• Weekly/Monthly Events
• Bounty Hunting system that includes mobs and players!
• Mob Arenas
• Friendly staff, and non-toxic community!
And so much more!

Come join us today to experience the fun!

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RPGs | Classic Heros

A classic 1.7.10 Superhero modpack.
Come play RPGs Classic Heros modpack we have a server
with tons of fun features such as shops, crates, mob arena, economy and much more.

Classic Heros Technic Pack


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⛏ Liaison ⛏ «Survival with Towns, Playershops, Minigames, Parkour & much more!» [1.20.1]

Server Logo
Welcome to Liaison!
An entirely new survival server with lots of cool gadgets and fun activities.
The place where you can start your own journey with new or old friends, build in peace or compete against other players in various tasks.
If you’re looking for a simple, friendly anti-pvp server with a little extra fun, you’ve found it.
What we offer:
30k by 30k Survival World
Full live maps of server worlds
Dedicated Playershops area
Player economy
15 stage parkour course with 4 different difficulties
Minigames such as PvP Arena, MobArena and TNTRun
Treasures hidden around all server locations
Crates only by voting and playing on the server
Playtime rank promotions and rewards
Lots of cool gadgets, such as decorative heads, trails, etc.
No pay-to-win donator perks
Trees topple completely when it’s stem is broken
Friendly Discord community
Events and challenges
And lots more to come!
Server Information:
Portfolio: click here

Click here to join our Discord Server!

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SolaceMC | Enhanced Survival | 1.19.4 | McMMO | Jobs | Battle Pass | Quests

SolaceMC! – Enhanced Survival

Our brand new Battle Pass is out for season 1! get ahead of the game and experience the all new battle pass and surpass your friends in the rankings!

Some of the plugins we have on our server:

Prefix Ranks
Custom Worlds
Custom Enchants
Battle Pass
Player Particles
Player Warps
Mob Arena
Spawner Shops
Player Shops
Economy Shop
Lands Claims
Mob Nets
and sooooo much more! come check us out!

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Welcome to Districts-MC, the Minecraft server on which you can explore and experience different worlds or ‘districts’. The districts together form the spawn area and offer an endless amount of possibilities to play and explore. Whether you need creative building or fighting monsters in a beautiful city, we can do it all. Moreover, the longer you play, the higher your rank and therefore more permissions. This way you can visit and discover more and more worlds.

To keep the experience fun for everyone at District-MC, we’ve put together a set of rules. The most important thing is that we respect each other. In addition, cheats, hacks and mods that make playing easier are not allowed. Destroying other people’s creations (griefing), spamming and unwanted advertising are also not allowed. We trust that all players will follow the instructions of the administrators.

To make the experience even better for everyone, we have taken extra measures against griefing. For example, it is not possible to grieve and you can claim your land or buildings by using our faction plugin. Hackers and griefers will be permanently banned immediately.

Curious which plugins we have installed? Then feel free to view under the ‘Plugins’ tab to learn more about this.

In short, on Districts-MC server you can enjoy an old-fashioned survival atmosphere and at the same time enjoy all the modern possibilities that the game has to offer. Don’t wait any longer and come and play on our server!

Oh and, join our discord server!

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Eռearʀʄǟʟʟ ֆʊʀstirring [RPG]

Welcome to EnderFall RPG – an unparalleled Minecraft odyssey that transports you to a world brimming with untold possibilities and formidable challenges! As a valued member of the prestigious EnderFall Transport LLC, your mission is to explore and settle the enigmatic planet of Modalia, a precarious sanctuary for humanity at the fringe of the life zone.
Embark on this exhilarating journey as one of our meticulously crafted classes – Hunter, Engineer, Farmer, or Miner – each equipped with a distinct set of skills and abilities to aid you in conquering this perilous new world. As a new employee, you’ll also receive a private spaceship, which serves as your personal world with a max border that expands as you rank up.
The Space Station orbiting Modalia is the heart of commerce and trade, housing shops and the bustling Auction House. Player trading and industries flourish here, as players combine skill sets to dominate various sectors. Regular Minecraft actions contribute to your professions’ levels, while unique attributes and skills offer a fully customized experience that emphasizes the Survival and Building aspects of Minecraft.  
Through the use of Lands, players can claim territories, construct nations, and initiate wars with rival nations and lands. Cooperation and collaboration are essential, as each profession contributes to the dynamic, player-driven economy centered around Leather, Stone, Wheat, and Gold.  
But proceed with caution, for Modalia is a treacherous land. The further you venture from the sanctuary of your private spaceship and the Space Station, the more formidable the mobs become. As you advance your class and professions, you’ll gain access to exclusive mechanics and features that will fortify your prowess against mobs and rival players alike in both PvE and PvP combat.  
Custom planets and resources are in development, further expanding the universe of EnderFall RPG. As we are currently in open beta, new players will be gifted a free emerald crate and key, armor crate, tool crate, weapon crate, and 25 EnderCoin upon joining.
Are you ready to confront the unknown and etch your name in the annals of EnderFall? To harness your skills and decode the mysteries of Modalia? Join us now and immerse yourself in a world where every decision you make shapes your destiny. Welcome to EnderFall RPG – your adventure begins here!

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EndEmpire is a free, essential Minecraft world with minimal play and inventory saving. There you can find various duel modes, as well as pvp and pve (pve – arenas with mobs with a fiber difficulty level). the stone landscape with the absence of hostile plants allows you to create your own oasis and fill your territory with empty plants, animals, houses. Or build your own underground base with secret passages. All resources can be found on a free server – there are merchants in compliance with the requirements of trading and accepting building blocks, decorative blocks, food, armor and weapons. The main currency is diamonds, you can get them for drops from mobs that you can get on spawners near the spawn. Diamonds that can be put in inventory can be put in bank/bank.

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DoctorChosenCraft || MCMMO || Towny || Dropheads || Mob Arena ||

DoctorChosenCraft is a Towny central PVP server that utilizes both MCMMO & TownyWar. Players can use the towny plugin in order to protect their builds and set up towns/plots for their friends & other players. Difficulty is on HARD

DoctorChosen’s goal is to have a medium-sized, well managed SMP Minecraft server where friendly banter & competition/pvp is allowed + encouraged, while also having a safe place to work on massive build projects with your friends.

PVP is a key part of the server and combat logging is blocked by a 30 second timer upon being damaged by another player. If a player does not wish to engage in any form of PVP then players are encouraged to set up a secure town and claim all of your items and make sure town PVP is toggled off.

ChosenCraft SMP Server Rules/Info:

PvP is enabled in all areas besides spawn (players can decide whether PvP is on or not within their own towns)

No hacking, Cheating, Exploiting, or any form of 3rd party support besides things like optifine, minimap, etc. These are more serious offenses which will result in permabans.

No hate speech, Spamming, or any violent language that would be against Minecraft/Mojang TOS. Minor cursing/banter is fine as long as it doesn’t become overwhelming in chat, this is up to mods discretion.

No advertising

No griefing other player-made structures. Looting & Theft is okay but it must be unprotected This is to encourage more building from new players and improve the overall aesthetic & community of the server. (There are townywar plugins that will be used as a substitute for this that regenerate bases after war)

No Lag Machines or AFK Machines. Auto Farms need to be approved by a mod and will only be approved if they aren’t an exploit and cause minimal lag, Standard mob grinders are all okay as long as they are cleared regularly.


MCMMO Plugin info can be found here: [b][/b]

Towny Plugin info can be found here: [size=18px][b][/b][/size]

This server has dropheads! ALL mobs in the game drop heads (less than 1% chance for most mobs & player heads have a 2% chance of dropping)

Consequences for rule breaking:

The repercussions for breaking the rules depend on the rule broken and the conditions under which they are broken. Hate speech or Cheating will result in an instant ban, if done again it is a permaban. Less serious chat offenses will be handled with a player being muted.

The difference between misunderstandings and intentional malice is made very obvious in the server logs. Bad faith arguments will most likely be ignored.

In cases where it is less obvious, a decision will be made by the moderators as a group. All rules are also subject to this method. If a moderator is waiting on feedback from the others and they have reason to be concerned about the server while offending party is online, they may temp ban the offender with the reason: “Temp-ban: pending investigation”

Repercussions for breaking minor rules generally will follow this pattern: kick, temp ban, temp ban, permaban. Ban appeals can be submitted to the discord and will be addressed by a discord moderator.

Donor Perks Tiers/List

Type /buy in game or go to this link:

ALL Donations go towards helping keep the server up 24/7 as well as improvements to player count, reduction in lag, server events & are non refundable 🙂

Discord link for the community can be found here: