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KingHills MMORPG

Sorux Network presents: KingHills ⚔

Hello! You’ve been invited to play Kinghills! 🏰
We’re very organised and you’ve been lucky enough to come across it!

We offer:
• custom bosses
• a storyline with a custom map
• almost flawless rpg leveling system
• nice textures (more coming soon)
• welcoming community
• quests and storylines are powered by betonquest and dungeonsxl
• uncountable amount of custom items

We’re quickly expanding and now we’re at the testing phase, Your goal is to play the game with a new player experience on King hills whilst looking for bugs and glitches (Refer to ArcSid#5816). ⚔️
Version: 1.19.3 🐉

Extra, ❗
If you’d like to apply as a staff or an observer please contact ArcSid#5816.

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KnightCraft/Theme Park Galaxy

A Theme Park server and Semi-Vanilla Survival server!

-Fully operational theme park!
-Arcade minigames!
-Semi-Vanilla Survival world!
-Custom blocks and custom mobs!
Come join the fun today!

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RealmSMP – Survival server with Unique Features! | Quests / Skills / Jobs / Economy

➥ Detailed Spawn.
➥ Custom Heads Around the Spawn.
➥ Random Teleport with a NPC & GUI.
➥ Land Claiming.
➥ Detailed Server Shop.
➥ Custom Mobs.
➥ Chest Shops
➥ Good Looking Menus
➥ Backpacks
➥ Epic Bounties
➥ Lottery
➥ PvP Arena with Supply Drop
➥ Epic Ranked Kits
➥ 3 Amazing Crates (Vote Crate, Elite Crate, Legendary Crate)
➥ Player Tags (Can be received from Crates)
➥ Daily Rewards
➥ Amazing Server Icon with Custom Motd
➥ And a lot More!

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What is all included
– Custom world gen
– Custom mobs and bosses
– Custom abilities and enchants
– Nations system
– Custom models for bosses and mobs
– Entirely bedrock compatible
– No pay-to-win aspects a permanent guarantee
– Custom pet models
– Custom furniture
– Custom cosmetics
– Custom resource pack
– Custom economy based on streamers
– 1.19 through 1.19.2 server runs on 1.19.3
– Same ip for bedrock using port 26299

What is coming very soon
– Network-based server filled with other streamer smps
– Minigames
– Bedwars
– Prisons
– Skyblocks

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Starfruit Gardens

Welcome to Starfruit Gardens!

We are a chill, cottagecore-inspired survival server made for those who want a grief-free, laid-back, and friendly community!
Since we are so small, we often have the ability to receive and implement player suggestions! Ask and you shall receive.

Some of our features include:

– Custom overworld, nether, and end generation
– Custom structures
– Custom cosmetic items
– Over 100 custom enchantments
– Super cute custom cottagecore textures (our primary resource pack is Mizuno’s 16 Craft)
– Pyrofishing and Pyromining
– Towny- Mcmmo and Jobs
– Chest shops
– Dead chests
– Crates
– Separate survival and resource worlds
– PVP arenas and minigames (and toggle pvp for those who don’t want pvp in the overworld)
– Slimefun

We also have ViaVersion and ViaBackwards so you can join on any version of Minecraft!
Thank you for your interest in our community and we hope to see you there!

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EternalCore | The MMORPG in a world of mythology and technology

We welcome you to

Play, puzzle and fight your way through the world of Demeter – alone or with your friends.
It is best to use version 1.18.2 to make the gameplay an unforgettable experience and to experience our variety of unique designs.

Fighter, alchemist or errand boy for your friends – decide for yourself what role you want to play in your story.
Integrate your interests and contribute to the economy to make gaming even more realistic.

Build your own empire and prove yourself against other guilds to show who is the stronger fighter.
Collect resources, build your own island according to your wishes and go into battle against powerful opponents!

What we offer
► Unique storyline with orientation of own interests
► In-house design style on the Minecraft server
► Create your empire alone or with your friends
► A well-structured Discord server with extended support function
► A TeamSpeak server, just like in the good old days
► Varied website
► Regular community events – and talks for the development of EternalCore
► Support through partnership with Twitch streamer xFibii
► Regular updates and features
► Own security system
► Competent server team
► Integration of wishes of the community

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Ethereal Skies | Skyblock RPG

Ethereal Skies | Skyblock RPG Minecraft Server

1.18.2 -> 1.19.2

Ethereal Skies is a unique Skyblock RPG experience featuring tons of custom mobs, items, equipment, bosses and mechanics. Players have described gameplay as being like a combination of Stardew Valley and Diablo. It is truly a unique experience with a great community at it’s core.

Brief Feature List:

  • RPG Classes & Leveling
  • Player Skills w/ Special Effects
  • Massive Worlds to Unlock and Explore
  • Procedurally Generated RPG Equipment
  • Epic Open World Boss Fights
  • Custom Fishing Mechanic
  • Stardew Valley Style Farming
  • A Thriving and Balanced Economy
  • Engaging and Rewarding Quests
  • Team/Solo Islands with a Block Shop for Building
  • 11+ Custom Professions/Lifeskills
  • Collectable Combat Pets
  • Involved/Responsive Development Team
  • & Much More
  • Our server is truly a unique adventure that we hope you’ll come and experience firsthand. See you soon!

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    Hidden Sanctuary where SMP starts


    The Hidden Sanctuary Open Beta launched on 16/02/2023.
    Hidden Sanctuary is 100% free to play. A true passion project.

    All donations go straight to the improvement of the server!

    We respect the terms of service of EULA.

    Hidden Sanctuary is a FRESH 1.19.3 SMP Server. We have claims, nations, pvp, pve (bossing), extended vanilla progression with a custom nether and end, a pet system, a kudo system, boat racing, minigolf, even a world to explore after the end (no spoilers)

    This is just the beginning though, there is so, so… so much more!

    To sum up the vision of Hidden Sanctuary, we are looking to expand, improve and add content to the vanilla base game we all love so passionately! Currently we have a team of 5 fivehead developers (With the MC-STAFF role on Discord) that are all ready to develop, now that we have set up our Trello board. I technically started this serverproject 4.5 years ago, starting out as a custom content SkyBlock server. Over the years I have had several (somewhat succesful) itterations of Hidden Sanctuary, it is very unfortunate that I could never find the time or position in life to fully persue my dream of creating a one of a kind MC server. However now that I am in a position where I can do exactly that I am taking on the opportunity with both hands and feet!

    As for promotion and to start building a following and name, I am trying to grow myself on several platforms. You can expect me to make a ton of content about Hidden Sanctuary together with you guys as I stream live on Twitch every single day 😉 You can also find me (Knetterkoekje) on YouTube and TikTok.

    We would love to invite you to get involved with us right now, on Discord. Our Discord is a community server that covers all sorts of topics gaming, but mainly Minecraft. We love to brainstorm and discuss ideas for the server! Even if you dont plan on playing Hidden Sanctuary, or I have yet to grab your interest, please have a look regardless.

    We own pretty much every useful premium Java MC plugin. On board are several experienced Custom Mob/Map/Worldgen config developers and designers on board. We will be slowly adding more and more content through various plugins. On top of that we utilize scripting logic, using a Minecraft scripting language called Skript with an additional library called SkriptBee. We have a great network, as such we are able to contact any of the developers of said important Java plugins to request features for our server in case we cannot achieve our goals using Skript or already exisitng features. Or in case of an emergency of course^^

    If you have any questions regarding Hidden Sanctuary, me or well anything :D, feel free to DM Cracker cookie here on PMC, or (preferably) on Discord @Knetterkoekje#6600 – However if the server sounds intruiging it is a better idea to actually have a first hand experience! <3 ——————————————————————————————————————– Hidden Sanctuary is hosted in Germany on a private dedicated machine (specs on Discord)
    I would like to reiterate that we are in the Open Beta stage at the moment and are still finalizing some of our systems.
    The ETA for the full release is Q2 2023.


    Trailer of the Nether:
    Timelapse of our first PvP arena:

    Get involved with us today @

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    Syntheria RPG

    Syntheria RPG is a fantasy themed survival server with
    dungeons, custom mobs & items, quests, npc’s, classes and much more.

    Plugins used:
    And many more.

    (The server is still very new so certain things are subject to change)
    Come and join the server today!

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    Join our discord: 🎉 Welcome to embers smp! 🎉 Embers is a customized survival multiplayer server with different features and nice staff with cool players. In Embers you can either hardcore pvp or just chill (as far as you’ve made sure that nobody can breach your house 😈) or you can just meet new friends! In Embers we believe that you meet new friends and have fun playing the server! Hope to see you soon! Our other socials Tiktok: Instagram: Twitter: Reddit: r/EmbersMc Youtube: