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MessyMedieval – Historical/Fantasy Build Server 「Plots | WorldEdit」

We are a Minecraft creative community and server with a strong interest in historical and realistic architecture. Our core aim is to create immersive and believable builds with fully interactive interiors at human scale, in vanilla Minecraft.

Anyone is welcome to build on the MessyMedieval server. We have a freeplots world that is open to the public, with no restrictions on world edit or other building tools. Furthermore we have a flexible plot system allowing plots to be merged to reach a desired size.

MessyMedieval has a rank progression system where users can submit their builds for approval, gaining access to larger plots and challenging themselves further in an effort to reach the rank of Master within the community.

We have a friendly and welcoming community, Join us today!

  Server features:

  • Creative Mode
  • Building Plots
  • Free WorldEdit
  • Custom plugins
  • Build submissions & coaching
  • Categories
    1181server 18plus Anime Based Economy Fate Hard Maturecommunity Mcmmo Movecraft Playerwarps Plotsquared Pvp Sabermc Survival



    We’re SaberMC! A small 18+/mature community of players who love to build and fight with each other!

    On our server you can:

  • Create Moving ships with MoveCraft!
  • Participate in build competitions
  • Engage in PVP
  • Trade with players via command or by use of chest shops
  • Create playerwarps to make shops or farms public
  • Level up skills with McMMO
  • Make money with PyroFishingPro and Jobs
  • Construct lands to protect and expand your territories
  • Test Builds in creative mode on a creative plot world with separate inventories
  • And much more!
  • We would love to see you join, so give us a try !

    Note: 18+ rule is enforced, we like our community this way. We will ban users breaking this rule.

    Server IP: (Minecraft 1.18.1)

    Chestshop Cmi Creativeplots Economy Jobs Plotsquared Stockmarket Survival Minecraft Server
    IllegalMC is a new community:
    Buy Real World Stocks From Any Market With In game Currency.
    Jobs is a great way to start out making money.
    Residences plus Ability to Rent To Others
    Public Creative World Plots
    Custom Blocks
    Custom Food
    Custom Guns
    Over 500 Custom Items
    Including Planes and Vehicles!
    Casino Games Include: Slots, Dice, Black Jack, Jackpots “Currently Testing”

    Join Our Website To Be Whitelisted

    Creative Mcmmo Plotsquared Raiding Skygrid Survival Team Pvp Teams



    Utopia is a variety server with several worlds including survival/faction, creative plots, and Skygrid. In the surival world, each player can join one of three factions to fight the opposing factions for player kills. Once you reach 10 or more player kills, you can go to your faction headquarters to call a raid on an opposing faction, and all players on the team with 10 or more kills will receive an award! To rack up extra kills, visit the PVP arena to fight opposing faction members! If the teams and raids are not of interest to you, there is a whole world for you to explore. Go to spawn to find warps to other worlds, team recruiters, and other useful information. The server is complete with the latest MCMMO. Don’t forget to visit the rules room when you join! Have fun and help us create a Utopia!

    Bedrock Creative Griefprevention Java Plotsquared Quests Survival

    Lectern SMP

    Welcome to Lectern SMP, a small community where anyone may play survival with grief protection and claim their very own creative plot. Both Java and Bedrock Edition players may connect. See you there!

    Lands Oneblock Plotsquared Skyblock Survival

    Welcome to our server list by

    Hey people,

    the server is currently under construction.


    What to expect!

    OneBlock Server





    When can you expect the server to start?

    The server start is currently unknown. We do everything we can to get started as soon as possible!

    Creative Other Plotsquared Survival


    Currently there is a Survival server and a Creative server running PlotSquared.

    This is still a work in progress. The creative site is now permanent but will possibly receive more mods

    The survival site is still a work in progress. It may get the world regenerated at some point in the future.

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    BloofMC – Adult Creative – Creative.Bloof.XYZ


    This server is supervised and has build guidelines in order to preserve it’s integrity.

    See our Discord for more info!

    Server Location: Ashburn VA, USA
    99.9% Up-Time – Online 24/7
    Official Contact: Discord



    BloofMC SkyBlock Server

    BloofMC Creative Server

    Artmap Auctionhouse Beatdown Betterrtp Cosemetics Craftbook Creative Creativeplots Deluxetags Discordsrv Disguises Dynmap Emojichat Essentialsx Griefprevention Hatgui Headdatabase Logblock Mcmmo Pets Plotsquared Pvparenas Silkspawners Singleplayersleep Skywars Smp Spleef Survival

    Elijah’s Kingdom [SMP] {1.16.3}

    Server Information:


    Elijah’s Kingdom Is an SMP server featuring the following:
    Survival overworld with a nether and end, Custom resource pack with cosmetic hats and hopefully custom items in the near future. Minigames such as Spleef, Skywars, and Beatdown with room for expansion. Belove plugins such as: Mcmmo, Artmap, AuctionHouse, access to essentialsx /sell hand, ShopChest, and more. We also have Voter/Donor ranks that comes with perks like creative mode, pets, disguises, and again much more!


    (all ranks get the previous ranks’ perks as well)
    priest = 100 votes
    knight = 400 votes
    bishop = 700 votes
    lord = 1100 votes
    hero = 3000 votes
    artisan = 4000 votes
    (these ranks are also purchasable through the donation store)

    Our aim:
    Here at Elijah’s Kingdom our aim is to provide players with a mature environment in which they may freely build and relax.
    Come and check us out!

    Community Links:

    Customenchantments Customenchants Discord Economy Friendly Griefprevention Mcmmo New Newserver Plots Plotsquared Ranks Ranksystem Semivanilla Small Survival

    Refuge Realms

    Refuge Realms:
      We’re a small server owned by 6 Founders. Every player on the server has become good friends with everyone else; we have a very friendly community. We (the six founders) decided to make this server after unfortunate instances with a different server owner. You can join our discord server to learn more.
      Server features:
        • Semi-vanilla
        • Custom enchants
        • No griefing policy – if they grief, they get banned.
        • GriefPrevention plugin – you can claim your land!
        • Economy
        • McMMO
        • Survival plots
        • No harassment policy


      Donator rank?
        • Our donator rank has only cosmetic perks and has no unfair advantage over anyone else, and they still have to rank up normally.
        • There are up to 7 ranks that you only gain by playing in-game – no money required. You can rank up by earning enough money, exp, McMMO, and playtime, among other things. For example, you start playing on the server as a Pleb. To rank up to Knight, you need:
            2 hours total playtime
            10 levels of exp
            At least $20k, and
            At least McMMO power level 50
      As you rank up, you can gain access to more and more perks, such as:
          • Silk touch + change spawners
          • More sethomes, plots, and claim blocks
          • /craft, /ec, /head, /fly, /feed, /heal, /fix
      Is there PvP?
        PvP is allowed with consent. If a player kills you and takes your stuff without your permission, tell staff and we’ll take care of everything for you.
      Custom enchants?  
        Here are some examples of custom enchants on our server:
          Firestorm for bows: Spawns a firestorm where the arrow strikes
          Germination for hoes: Uses bonemeal from a player’s inventory to automatically grow nearby plants
          Grab for tools: Teleports mined items and XP directly to the player