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Have you been looking for a Star Wars themed Minecraft Server? Well join now for an exclusive look into the planets of Ilum, Tatooine, and a custom wilderness planet: Rellan. Create a faction, craft sabers, join tournaments, do quests, and so much more! PLAY NOW!

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The Democratic Republic of Minecraft

Welcome To The Democratic Republic of Minecraft

This is a new server and will have issue – I am only one person and some of the feature will break

A social experiment, where we based this server for the people. Make groups, cities, empires, and more with your friends. This server is almost entirely based on voting so your voice matters.


1. Be Respectful to all people

2. No hacking or cheating of any kind

3. No real-world problem since we want this to be a place to get away from the problem of the world

4. Respect nonpvp zone and peaceful groups (some places might be anti PVP depending on the group)

6. Don’t grief just to destroy the server (sometimes griefing is will not be enforced by the server and but keep it to a minimal, just to keep things interesting)

7. Spawn is mainly for shops so keep houses to a minimal/small.

8. Have fun at the end of the day this server is for the fun of everyone…


Faction Pvp Nationserver

land of hilllawat

this is my new server, its to make your own nation! or join other nations. you can build together, fight others and protect yourself from them.
join the discord server:

1171server Faction Faction Pvp Factionpvp Factions Factionspvp V17

XanoCraft [ FR ]

XanoCraft [ FR ]:

– XanoCraft is a Minecraft Faction server offering a different experience from others, in terms of its gameplay.

– Factions Vanilla 1.17.1 ( Extra ),
– Kits at your disposal,
– An active community,
– Good Machine, limited slots for optimization,
– Obsidian which explodes after a few explosions,
– un Shop, Market, Grades, etc…

– Then join us!

Faction Pvp More Survival Survivalmultiplayer Wars Worlddomination


Join now for a small, growing server! With common updates and stsff who respect and listen to their community! If would love to cause wars, fights, world domination, World Wars and more, then join now! Even if you love PvP faction servers then we would recommend joining this one! Our two main aims are to both grow and make this server as clean and entertaining as possible! If you would like to help then come on down and play!

We have a discord server to communicate with others. We have a DiscordSRV if you would like to chat to those online even if you are offline. We currently have 20+ members. Who live worldwide!

If you are interested in becoming staff then join our discord server and head over to #staff-applications and apply there! We are hoping for staff from almost every country. We are also hoping for effective and efficient mods who we can promote to admin!

The owner of the server also plays, however, he is fair and had demoted himself down to his own owner role where he cannot tp, fly, go into creative, etc!

If you experience any bugs or issues or suspect any hackers please inform use via the minecraft chat or in discord where you can file a ticket!

If you would also like to become part of the support team, it is very simple to do so, simply apply you will 90% of them time get the role!

We hope to see many of you there and we hope to entertain you all through tough boring times!


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1.17.1 UnitedFactions PVP 100 PLAYERS 24/7, Factions, mcMMO, Economy, Anticheat, Bedrock edition support!

Logo United Factions
1.17.1 UnitedFactions PVP 100 PLAYERS 24/7, Factions, mcMMO, Economy, Anticheat, Bedrock edition support! Minecraft Server Facebook United Factions Visit United Factions website Twitter United Factions United Factions Instagram Planet Minecraft
Dear Minecraft community, Player, NPC, entity or Factions player, Bedrock Player,

United Factions is one of the best Faction Servers out there, we are back from the past! Join our server again today,

United Factions is one of the best Faction Servers out there, we are back from the past! Join our server again today,
We try to serve our players the best gaming experience
possible on a faction server!
We also try to get the best faction players on

United Factions so the challenge is exciting enough

for you to raid, and defend your bases and belongings!

Building a strong base is absolutely one of the first things you should do to keep your stuff safe!
Try to get some obsidian to secure your base, TNT cannons are around yes, so be prepared!

Raiding and Defense are part of the game! We offer it all! From Factions to PVP, to economy to raiding! And from Arenas to Weed! 🙂 We have it all! Raising money is easy with our guidess!


Wallpaper United Factions

Server specifications:

AMD Ryzen 3950X
100 Slots
24 TB backups
500 Mbps connection
Why play on United Factions?

– Hourly Backups
– Discord channel
– Dedicated and active staff
– 100 slots
– Website
– Almost 10 years old on Minecraft Servers
– No lag
-100 Slots
– Plugins and support
– Factions server
– TNT allowed
– Anti hack measures
– Trading and shops

Constant action!
Constant updates on the blog!
We are 24/7 uptime, at 96.9%! Want to know more on the server?

Additional NotesThe best Minecraft Faction server you will ever see and find! We are 100% behind our users! We have a lot of plugins! And try to give you the best faction experience!

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Welcome to our server! We’re a group of mature North American players. Off The Block (OTB) focuses on economy survival, skyblock, and factions.

When you join the server you’re welcomed by a beautiful spawn and a slew of friendly players. Hopefully, you’ll also see that new players get a toolbelt of helpful commands, such as /back and /recipe.

In every world a shop is accessible through /shop. This alongside player chest shops is how the economy operates.
We’re hosted on a 19-9900K processor clocked at 4.8Ghz on two dedicated threads and 8GB of DDR4 2666MHz RAM. We have DDoS protection to ensure low downtime. If you’re in North America then your ping should be low too!

We’re always looking for new friends! Come check us out!

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Economy Faction Pvp Factions Survival

EmpiricalCraft FactionsPVP,lag free,fun,good community,english,minecraft server join us now to see our great minecraft server!

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SkyRaidsPvP | Open Beta | Need Staff | Custom Enchants |

Welcome to SkyRaidsPvP
A unique Factions Experience. We’ve engineered our server to provide a unique and outstanding PvP experience How Are We Different From Other Servers?

Custom Enchants We have loads of custom enchants 160+! Server-Integrated Economy Our Economy features a strategically-priced and incredibly-organized GUI Shop (with Spawners) as well as a Player-Run AuctionHouse.

We believe putting the economy in the hands of the players allows for a better all-around experience in the long run. Community Functions & Forums (And Crates!!) The community is the most important element of our server! Our forums are an integral part of the full server experience, which provides a place for players to talk, suggest changes, report abusive hackers and even staff, and so much more!

In addition, we make sure to give back to our supportive community through well-established donation ranks as well as Crate keys for voting! So what are you waiting for?

Join SkyRaids now!

Server IP:

Faction Pvp


» $15 USD In payouts every map (WILL INCREASE WITH MORE PLAYERS)
»Warzone Eco
» Custom features
» Looking for staff and suggestions!

» $10USD OR $15 Buycraft
» $5USD OR $10 Buycraft
» 2X Of the best crate keys

» Custom Raiding
» Warzone Events
» Custom Enchants
» Auto Spawning Bosses
» Totems
» Get keys from Warzone events

IP –

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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