Faction Pvp

BRAND NEW – Histatu Network 1.16.4 – Factions and 1.8 Style PvP

A brand new server – Histatu Network – has just opened for the first time!
Established 11/25/2020

Server IP:
Histatu Network combines both nostalgic but also a unique playing experience for any gamer who has loved to play survival or factions in the past. With over many special features, we offer the following:

  • Survival: The one and only original gameplay that Minecraft offers. You have the option to go out in the wild, play with friends and have fun. Or, you could team up against players and challenge people to duels, which leads us to…
  • Factions: The nostalgia every original Minecrafter has had in the early 2010’s – but a dangerous one. Anything could happen to your base and faction, thus only invite people you trust! Team up and build the biggest empire, but watch for those raiders who sneak in and steal your loot.
  • Economy/Shop/Auctions: Simply having the best gear or items but having an excessive amount of them would ruin the fun, right? That’s why we offer an entire market of items that you can buy, sell, or simply auction off to other players in the server.
  • Bounties: Do you really hate some player who has raided you and stole all your gear? Catch them off guard, and put a bounty on the player to get the competition going! The first person to kill your target on sight gets the bounty.
  • mcMMO: A fun, entertaining, and original plugin that gives you random perks when going your own day doing anything in Minecraft. From mining rare items just by mining dirt, or even rare enchanted books from fishing, this plugin offers dedicated players the ability to level up their perks, making their entire realm of Minecrafting a whole different experience!
  • A Fun Community, Staff, & Discord: From websites to social media platforms, we offer an entire community of players ranging from casual players to hardcore dedicated gamers. Or, simply have a question? We have staff online or on Discord who are always ready to answer your questions.
  • Dueling: Ever thought that items need to be exact and completely fair in a duel? We have that as well. With multiple different kits, you can challenge a player fairly without the risk of losing your survival items! That would settle the score.
  • Anti-Cheats and Anti-Xray: Do you really hate people who cheat on Minecraft, just to make your lives harder? Well, we offer one of the best anti-cheats that the developer community can offer. Oh and yeah, try turning on Xray, and you’ll be looking at millions of disappearing ores.
  • Battle Pass Quests/Missions & Rewards: If you ever get bored to the point that you’re not sure what to do anymore, try out battle pass quests! They offer you many unique perks that can be found nowhere else but require you to complete challenging missions, from something as simple as mining 100 stone to killing the Enderdragon.
  • Lag-Free and Online 24/7: Who ever wants a server that constantly lags or shuts down every night? Nobody! That’s why we offer a premium dedicated server which is 100% lag-free, and always online no matter the time of day or night.
  • Server rules can be found in the rules hallway in the actual server.

    We currently offer a 75% discount in the donation store, but I would recommend you guys to check out the server first. Suggestions are welcome, and feel free to ask any questions!

    Here’s more info if you want:

    Server IP:

    Server Donation Store:

    Autobots Decepticons Dotm Faction Pvp Factionspvp Pvpfactions Roleplaying Survival Tfp Trafomc Transformers Transformiummc Uniquegameplay Wfc



    This server is a Minecraft Transformers themed Faction-Survival-Roleplay server, we have ALOT planned for this server
    we are in the building stages as of right now. We would love for anyone who loves transformers to join our war, create a faction and fight for a side in which you can pick. JOIN US TODAY!


    Economy Faction Pvp Factions Mcmmo Mcmmofactions Pvp Pvpfactions


    I wanted to make new ”Old school” based server because all nowdays faction servers are made pretty badly, im not saying mine is the best but i think my is far better than many of the other faction servers. I hope i find many active players from here.

    1164server Economy Eseentials Faction Pvp Rpg


    Servidor muy completo para entrar a jugar y no aburrirse nunca, fantasticos premios en sus cajas que se abren con llaves. A que estas esperando para entrar y ver lo bueno que es?

    Modo de juego: RPG/FACTIONS. Bosses epicos y quest epicas, crea tu facción. Eventos de faccion y mucho, mucho mas.

    Faction Pvp

    Giant Panda MC

    Giant Panda MC Factions

    Best Factions server in Australia
    Full functional and Operational Server

    Good Community
    Nostalgic Server Aim

    add your ideas and become apart of the community and earn your rank!

    survival server that will meet your needs. goal is to keep the survival server as nostalgic as the early 2010 decade.

    join Giant Panda now and get immersed with Factions, Survival and PvP at

    Dbe Dragonball Dragonballsuper Dragonblockc Dragonblockcserver Dragonblockelite Faction Pvp Factions Modded Pvp Quests Storyline

    Dragon Block Elite

    Hello there,
    Dragon Block Elite is a modded 1.7.10 minecraft server that’s based off of the Dragon Ball sires made by Akira Toriyama. The core mod the server uses is Dragon Block C made by JinRyuu. We have some other mods that help enhance the setting we are trying to make. We made a Modpack on technic for people to use. We have factions so you can enjoy taking over lands you might want or you an spend your time training to become the strongest person on the server. Maybe even try to become a God while at it as well. The server has many things to do and is still being worked on.

    Link to the Modpack

    1v1 1v1duels Admin Anticheat Antigrief Apply Arena Bedwars Bestserver Cheatingallowed Cheats Cheatsallowed Creative Duelspvp Faction Faction Pvp Freebuilding Friendly Fun Kitpvpserver Needstaff Newminecraftserver Newserver Owner Parkour Parkourserver Pvp Pvpservers Skyblock Skyblockserver Skywars Staff Twitch Youtubers

    ZedarMC 1.8+ to 1.16+ – Best Skyblock & PVP experience!

    ZedarMC Network 1.8+ – 1.16+ (Full Release Soon)

    We are currently in pre-server release testing if anyone wants to give a server a go! I will be sure to post images of the server if anybody is interested.

    What do we offer?

    – Best Skyblock experience with so many features!

    – KitPVP with customized kits and more!

    – The perfect 1v1 duels that you need!

    – Seeking for Staff/Youtuber/Twitch streamers to get their own rank!

    – Friendly Staff

    – Skywars in beta!

    Discord ->

    Server IP ->

    Cracked Faction Faction Pvp Factions Mcmmo Network Pvp Raiding Ranks Rankup Rankups Survival


    An always innovating server without any pay to win features, here you can rank up with in-game currency to gain better benefits and commands! We have a great community and we are always hosting events. We’re also hiring staff!

    Ace Competitive Cracked Crates Customenchantments Customitems Economy Envoy Faction Pvp Factionfly Factions Factionsupgrades Ftoppayout Generators Ingameranks Koth Minions Obsidianbreaker Premiumaccountgiveaway Pvp Randomtp Spawners Trenchpickaxes Xpbank

    ReactiveMC Ultimate PVP Experience!!

    The perfect factions server for premium and cracked players. Especially for the cracked players it is amazing, because each month we give away 1 premium mc account. Also a reward to the #1 #2 #3 f top factions! We are a unique and customized server with a good economy! We got custom CES/Items you have never seen before! The server is not pay2win you can achieve a nice cool in game rank by playtime! We got Generators, Trench pickaxes, Minions, Crates, KoTh, Envoys etc.
    Come and check it out yourself the ip is 1.8 – 1.8.9

    1164server Faction Pvp Pvp Semanarchy Semivanilla

    The Survivalists

    The Survivalists
    Fight, Survive, and Conquer the server! Gather resources, create armies, and destroy your enemies.

    What we offer you:

    This 1.16.4 server offers you many cool features. This server is unique for its capability for clanning while keeping the vanilla aspect of Minecraft. This server has no grief protection, and we allow any sort of raiding, PVP, and griefing.

    We offer a multitude of Custom Coded Plugins to make the server as enjoyable as possible, these include:

    – Teleport Request
    – SetHome, BuyHomes
    – Guild Create, Guild Tiers, Guild Chat


    Why should you vote for this server? Voting promotes the game and helps to grow the server, this intern creates server activity, making the game more enjoyable to play. Furthermore, you will also get special rewards as a thank you for voting for the server.

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