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TavernMC | Peaceful Survival | No Grief | PvE Style | Looking for Staff!

☃ TavernMC ☃

Friendly Survival ➠ KeepInventory ➠ Custom Crates ➠ McMMO ➠ GriefPrevention ➠ Custom Items ➠ Player Market


TavernMC is a friendly, peaceful and relaxed survival economy server which aims to preserve the semi-vanilla experience of minecraft. On top of this amazing community, our server features plugins such as GriefPrevention, McMMO, Jobs(Reborn), along with leveled mobs, and unique and custom rewarding systems (such as crates, voting, etc.)

Main Features:

✓ NEW Custom Enchantments

✓ NEW Crate System

✓ Claim Protection

✓ Keep Inventory


✓ Mineable Spawners

✓ Chest Shops

✓ Player Warps

✓ Player Shops

✓ Custom BAR API

✓ Loot Crates
✓ 1.17.1 Compatible

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Berry Realms Survival

Hello welcome to BerryRealms we hope you decide to play on our server and become an active memeber of our community, We are a new server just opening its gates for the 1st time after beeing setup for the past month. We are a Survival focused server with alot of features but not taking away from the core Survial aspect of the game. Here are some of our features.

• PVP | A large ancient gladiator themed PVP arena, contains lots of open space for players to fight.

• Commands, perks, and cosmetic shop | Players can spend their in-game currency to purchase permissions to advance their gameplay; as well as purchasing cosmetics like /Hat.

• Quests | Players can complete several different types of tasks such as Mining, Crafting, Mob killing and more to earn rewards.

• Terrain Generation | Beautiful randomly generated terrain for players to explore.

• Grief Prevention | Players can claim land with a golden shovel, to protect it from griefers. Players earn claim blocks whilst they’re

• Pouches | Purchase pouches for a chance to win big!

• Sell GUI | An easy to use sell system, insert all the items you want to sell and it’ll total how much it’s worth, and confirm to sell.

• Bank | Withdraw XP, withdraw money, access your enderchest and backpack.

• Backpack | Store items in your backpack. You can upgrade your backpack from 1 to 6 rows, and buy perks to further improve it.

• Custom Enchants | Upgrade your tools, weaponry, and armor with exciting custom enchants. Also, there’s a custom shop to purchase books, dust, scrolls etc.

• Settings | There are 3 types of settings menu: Personal menu (/settings), player menu – for staff to use which will affect another player (/settings player ), and server – which affects the whole server.

• Auction House | Sell and buy items from the auction house.

• Elevators | Easy to create and use elevators to quickly teleport up and down floors.

• Trade | Players can safely trade each other via a GUI. Players can trade blocks, items, and money.

• Temporary Fly | Players can purchase temporary fly. Donators are entitled to discounted prices.

• Markets | Players can rent a market stall to create shops.

And Much Much More..

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[Grand Opening] Caravelle Towny

About Us

Welcome to a Caravelle Towny. Caravelle is a community driven server based on towns, survival, economy, and PvP. We believe a server is just a server, but what makes a server is the community. We run over 50+ plugins to make us unique and to add a different feeling to our server. You can join a town, start a town or live in the Wilderness. We have McMMo that is used for our 50+ complex ranking system that is strictly play-to-win. One of our main features we evolve around is economy. We have jobs for players to join to earn money and player markets for players to buy and sell with a complex tax system. We have a custom brewery plugin for brewing drinks like beer, Coffee,, and even Redbull. The most favorite thing we have that players are thrilled and absolutely love is our bloodmoon,, Every 14 minecraft days,, the sky will get dark and mobs become tougher, stronger but drop special loot for players. We are a new server and we strive to run a peaceful, fun, and amazing lag free server. Come and join our community today! Trust me you will not regret it! We are the smallest and most dedicated server you will ever see within the Minecraft community. Come stop by and have a look for yourself!

Events and Tournaments

We run server and player hosted events for holidays and special occasions. As for Tournaments,, at the end of each month,, we will have towny tournaments for towns to battle to 1st place. Towns are judged on looks, economy, town vs town pvp battles, and more



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Jobs~McMMO~Small~Family Friendly~Huge Build Plots(World Edit)~Survival~Skyblock~SG~Economy~Fly & God in Main World~Unlimited Homes~Mini Pets~Chairs~Trails~UCars~Disguises~Protection Stones~Kits


Family Friendly Fun!



Family Friendly Fun

Lucid Dreams is both a Survival and Creative Server. We have mcMMO, mcjobs, Freebuild Plots in Plotworld are 256 by 256 Huge. Upon joining, You will generally get Premium, which allows you to fly, have /god, /heal, /feed, /ptime, /back, Unlimited Homes in each world.

There are several ranks on our server depending on which world you are standing in. When you join the server, you are immediately ranked to Premium, if you are in any survival-based world you will be player. In the creative world you will be premium until we learn if you know world edit or not, at which point we will manually rank you to Builder.

As of recent too, we have added ontime ranks, so these ranks will be applied as you play. If you play for 5 hours, you will be granted Premium+. For 24 hours, you will be granted Elite, and so on – there are 3 other ranks to achieve too.

We are a very rated “G” server


Welcome to Lucid Dreams! We are a friendly community with lots of blocks and room to share. We have a few rules to help the server run smoothly though, so its important that you read the rules to ensure that everybody has an enjoyable survival multiplayer experience on our server. Below are the Basic Rules, Policies and Guidelines of LD (Lucid Dreams).

#1 Listen to all Staff members! Do not ask for promotions!It is critical that you listen to all staff members (this includes helpers). We work hard to ensure that players on this server have fun. Help us by following any orders you are given by Staff; we never ask you to do something without good reason. One thing we ask members to refrain from in particular is asking for promotions. Mature, active members who have proven to be helpful Might get a chance to be one of our Helpers. Staff are chosen from the army of Helpers we employ. The bottom line is this: when we think you are ready for a promotion, we will let you know immediately!

#2 Respect all other players, especially Staff!The Golden Rule: Treat others the way you wish to be treated! We strictly forbid any form of hate speech; be sure to play nice and respect others’ boundaries. It is especially important to be respectful of Staff members. Lucid Dreams personnel stay busy, and will not tolerate being antagonized or disrespected. Members ignoring these guidelines can be muted or even banned.

#3 Advertisement of any type is strictly forbidden!
Lucid Dreams is a small, competitive Minecraft server which strives to be one of the most popular and excellent Minecraft servers ever created. We do not allow players to advertise or give out the IP of other servers in-game or on the website. Even discreet discussion of other servers is not permitted, regardless of the nature of the discussion. Please note that punishment for this type of behavior is swift and severe.

#4 Do not grief, or modify others builds!Again, the Golden Rule. You wouldn’t want others coming onto your property and changing something that you worked hard on would you? We track all block placement and removals, and can wipe a player’s history like they were never there, all in a heartbeat.Once your name shows up in a grief record, nothing you can say will convince the investigating Staff member that you are beyond punishment. Remember, we hold the name accountable, meaning ‘my brother did it’ gets you nowhere.

#5 Do not steal, spawn, or duplicate items! It is important that players only own what they rightfully worked for. Do not steal, we Will find out! Do not take advantage of exploits, or use mods to spawn items! Any accumulation of wealth is subject to auditing, we can always tell if the blocks were gained legitimately or not. Punishment for block fraud is very strict so as to protect our economy.

#6 Build only on unclaimed land which you mark off with a Protection Stone!You must find land which is not claimed by another player before you can start building. This may take a little while But we will never run out of free land! Adequate space must be given apart from nearby claimed land. Any land claims must be marked with a sign and some form of obvious boundary, for instance a fence. You may get permission for a much larger piece of land to build a town in with permission from Staff.

#7 Do not leave messes or eyesores; don’t spoil the terrain!
This server has a general building code which forbids certain things:
Eyesores; this can include anything which a staff member deems poor quality.
All cobble, dirt, sand, or gravel buildings; you must use multiple building materials in a logical, attractive manner.Unsupported structures; no floating cities or houses hanging in the air.
Trashed landscape; any spoiled land must be cleaned up to look natural again.
Leftover 1x1s; if you dig or create 1×1 columns please clean them up once you are done.
Leftover treetops; if you chop trees for wood remove EVERY log so the leaves decay.
What staff members consider an ‘eyesore’ varies, but the most common problem involves the build only using one or two block types,or having a very generic, awkward shape. Also, builds need to make sense in the context they are presented in (for example, in themed towns, stick to the theme). If you are not sure if your building passes code, just ask LD personnel. This server emphasizes creative, attractive building. Every member is responsible for the appearance of the server, please do your best to keep Lucid Dreams a clean, beautiful place!

#8 1×1 towers and holes are strictly forbidden! If you are doing the Treasure Hunt, cover the hole behind you when you dig straight down. It’s okay to use them as scaffolding, but when you are done, clean them up! All left behind 1×1 towers and holes
will be removed when found by Staff.

#9 Do not use fly mods, xray, speed-hack, exploit bugs, ect!
A large number of mods are not allowed at Lucid Dreams, to ensure a level playing field. Anything which gives a player an advantage is not permitted, this includes exploiting any form of bug. If you aren’t sure, just ask if your mod can be used before activating it. We are quite strict about this policy and often ban players who ignore this rule after being made aware of it.

#10 Communication
Lucid Dreams Enjin In-game chat/ Website/ In-Game Chat Terms of Use. Users on our server must observe some basic rules. Those who do not follow these rules will be warned, then punished, and possibly banned. Spamming and flooding of any type are forbidden. Hate speech is not tolerated. Users may not advertise other servers or disclose IPs, even in private messages.Profanity is discouraged, however certain (rare) usage can be acceptable; rule of thumb is keep it clean.When asking for help, do not repeatedly ask or be rude: be patient, polite, and mature and you’re more likely to get helped.If you have questions, for Staff members in particular, just ask the question: avoid simply saying a name expecting an inquisitive
response. Listen to Staff members and obey their wishes.

Additional NotesPlotSquared Skyblock Spawn End Nether PVP Survival Worlds…Free Rank to Premium HeadHunter Ontime mcMMO McJobs Creative FreeBuild World SkyStone World

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About the server
Valegate is a survival server based around having an improved survival experience. We strive to have a great community that is friendly and works together, we do not allow griefing and pvp can be turned on and off, we use GriefPrevention as a landclaim tool but if you are ever griefed, our staff will do the best we can to rollback and fix any damage caused. The server offers a variety of features to make survival more enjoyable, with some of the features being :

[✓] Auction House – Allows players to auction off or bid on items, in this store items expire within 48 hours.
[✓] Jobs – This allows you to join a job which will reward you with money for doing certain actions like mining or farming.
[✓] Diseases- You can now get diseases whilst playing Minecraft with bandages/cures needed to stop you from falling ill.
[✓] Ranks – We offer a few ranks that can be purchased with in game money which allows you to unlock some extra nifty little features to help you out.
[✓] Market Area – This is a place right next to spawn, where you can rent a plot and set up a shop for players to come and buy your products.
[✓] Fishing – We have custom fish & fishing contests every week!
[✗] Art – A Feature that allows you to craft an easel and a canvas to create your own Art Piece. (Coming Soon!)
[✗] Weekly Events – Every week, we will be hosting events for you to participate in and win some great rewards. (Coming Soon!)

There are a few more features that are not listed and we are constantly looking for new great things to add to make the server more fun. We hope to see you on the server and become an active member of the community.

Server Website –
Server IP –

Server Rules

1 – Hacking/Exploiing Bugs, Glitches is not allowed.
2 – Griefing is not allowed.
3 – Advertising is not allowed.
4 – Swearing is allowed, but don’t over do it.
5 – Be respectful of other players.
6 – Use common sense.
7 – AFK Farms are not allowed

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The Oasis – A Relaxing Survival Experience

The Oasis is a server geared towards a simple, relaxing, worry-free, survival experience.
This is achieved with our simple rules, friendly community, professionally active staff and our plugins.

We pride ourselves on our community who respect each other and are helpful and friendly. Meet new people, chat and play with your friends, build, farm, buy and sell items and more.

Check out our server and spend a little time with us and we guarantee that you will enjoy your stay! >