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VuniWorld Season 3

  • Are you ready for the ultimate Minecraft challenge? Join our server and explore the SMP world, where you can build, mine, and survive with other players. Or enter the PVP arena, where you can fight, loot, and dominate your enemies. Don’t miss this chance to join the best Minecraft server ever!
  • Do you love Minecraft? Do you love multiplayer? Then you will love our server, where you can play in two amazing modes: SMP and PVP. In SMP, you can team up with other players and create your own adventure. In PVP, you can battle with other players and prove your skills. Join now and have fun!
  • What are you waiting for? Our server is the perfect place for Minecraft fans who want to enjoy both SMP and PVP modes. In SMP, you can craft, farm, and explore with your friends. In PVP, you can raid, kill, and loot your foes. Join now and experience the best of both worlds!
  • Join our server and unleash your Minecraft potential! Our server offers you the best of both SMP and PVP modes, plus many more features. You can earn ranks, customize your items, use powerups, learn skills, and more. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the most awesome Minecraft server ever!
  • If you are looking for a Minecraft server that has it all, look no further! Our server has everything you need to enjoy both SMP and PVP modes, and much more. You can climb the ranks, create your own things, activate powerups, master skills, and more. Join now and discover the ultimate Minecraft experience!
  • There is no other Minecraft server like ours! Our server gives you the chance to play in both SMP and PVP modes, and also offers you many more extras. You can get ranks, make your own things, use powerups, learn skills, and more. Join now and be part of the most amazing Minecraft server ever!
  • No matter what version of Minecraft you play, you can join our server! Our server supports Java, Bedrock, and Pocket edition, so you can play with anyone, anywhere. Our server has both SMP and PVP modes, as well as ranks, custom things, powerups, skills, and more. Join now and have a blast!
  • Our server is compatible with any Minecraft edition! Whether you play on Java, Bedrock, or Pocket edition, you can join our server and play with other players. Our server offers you both SMP and PVP modes, plus ranks, custom things, powerups, skills, and more. Join now and enjoy the best Minecraft server ever!
  • You can play on our server with any Minecraft edition! Our server works with Java, Bedrock, and Pocket edition, so you can join from any device. Our server has both SMP and PVP modes, as well as ranks, custom things, powerups, skills, and more. Join now and have fun!

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    Arenapvp Bedrock Cajas Clanes Clanwar Duelspvp Eventos Kitpvp Kits Koth Llaves Misiones Paintball Pinatas Quest Rangos Stream Streamers Survival Vanilla

    ReinoMC Networck

    Red ReinoMC
    A recently created network, with the purpose of living a unique experience between streamers and their communities, it is public 24/7, we ensure fun and gameplay without lag, we have a spawn in which we have a series of warps in which constant events, such as clan war, 1v1 duels, paintball, an obstacle course area, piñatas, all within the Survival Vanilla mode. At the moment it is that, one or another thing, but now you have to find out:p I am ChinitoGR content creator and owner of the server, what are you waiting for? Be part of this and grow with us!

    Smp Stream Streamers Survival


    This is the minecraft SMP of the twitch streamer:
    special info:
    – no automatic machines
    – no villagers
    – be nice
    – nether and end only available during events
    – heartsteal (but you can only kill for RP reason)

    247server Bedwars Custom Dedicatedserver Discord Hunger Games Hungergames Minigames Minigameserver Minigamesserver Multiplayer Pvp Pvparena Pvparenas Small Stream Survivalgames Survivalpvp Tntwars Youtube Youtubers

    Back to School Hunger Games PVP

    ~Welcome back!~
    Our server is a fresh revival of the classic Hunger Games PvP gamemode

    Unlike traditional HG arenas, this map is incredibly interactive. There are several hundred command blocks hidden behind the scenes running countless traps, secrets, and easter eggs. There are two loot tables for chests on the map, with rarer items appearing in harder to find chests.
    Some map features include (but not limited to):

      - unique summonable bosses with special drops
      - villager vendors with special items to trade
      - pants swapper
      - secret surveillance
      - backrooms
      - hidden rooms & tunnels
      - helicopter with fireball launchers
      - horses
      - TNT breaks blocks
      - powerful loot
      - comfortable lobby with ice boat race track
      - this list goes on for ages, just come and see for yourself

    Press every button! Explore every nook & cranny! You’ll often be rewarded 🙂

    The map is perfectly geared for games as small as 4 players, but the experience improves exponentially with larger parties. Rounds last 15 minutes on average. The arena resets itself automatically between rounds

    Our server is run on a dedicated machine and up 24/7, so you can grab some friends and hop on to play a round anytime you want.

    We also have a discord

    If you enjoy PvP, there’s no harm in adding us to your server list 🙂

    Apply Battle Ben10 Chainsawman Dcau Fiskheroes Fit Hero Lined Marvel Pvp Rime Stream Survival Worst

    Fisk Heroes Prime

    Welcome to Fisk Heroes Prime, the ultimate culmination of the Fisk Heroes experience. This private server includes the highest quality heropacks available, with a multitude of players ready to battle it out to become the strongest hero group out there. Experience streamlined PVP through rules that restrict the worst parts of the gameplay. Apply now!

    *This server is completely non-profit and is strictly for fun. All heropacks used are not owned by Fisk Heroes Prime*

    Challenge Discord Fun Multiplayer Smp Stream Streamers Streams Survival Twist Twitch Whitelist Whitelisted Youtube Youtuber Youtubers

    Lucid SMP

    A WHITELISTED MINECRAFT SMP WITH A SPECIAL TWIST!! The server version is set in 1.19.2 and there are special abilities the players can choose from upon joining the server!

    Join the discord for more:

    1.19.4 Aim Eam Economy Lie Opened Stream Streamer Survival Twitch Twitch Stream Twitch Streamer Vanilla Version 1.19 Witch

    Jukslie Survival

    Jukslie Survival server is a server aimed at survival in version 1.19.4. The server was opened by twitch streamer Jukslie.

    Boxpvp Cross-Play Kitpvp Luna Lunar Oneblock Pvp Stream Streamer Streams Tier Twitch Twitch Stream Vanilla Witch

    Lunar Tier Network

    – Server 24/7
    – Oneblock
    Network of a twitch streamer who is very good honda play and have fun in lunar tier network twitch: ryayitoqq streams 5 Pm

    1.19.4 119 Beau Beautiful Eau Jobs Msmp Quests Realistic Rewards Stream Streams Survival Uests Wns


    Minecraft Server with Crates, Jobs, Quests, Rewards, Kits and much more…

    From 1.8 to 1.19.4, the ip is:


    Join this beautiful community now!

    000 1000 201 2013 Admins Adult Claiming Dedicated Land Claim Mute Roll Stream Survival Talk Troll

    Astracraft, UK server with Land Claiming, Survival +, Jobs, 1000+ Quests and more!

    Since 2013 Astracraft has gained a loyal following of dedicated people that we just love to call our friends on AstraCraft, we are very different to the main stream servers for one simple fact…. we talk to you and you can talk back! we dont just mute players or troll them! we have a friendly team of adult admins who look after players every need!

    Ask Best Block Class Crate Crates Custom Discord Eco Enchantment Enchantments Experience Features Fun Game Help Helpful Loot Mature Mine Noop Open Play Pro Pvp Quest Raid Server Social Staff Store Survival Survivalpvp Title Unique Voting Website


    Minecortex is a Survival PvP server and social media platform that seeks to provide a fun and libertarian experience to its members.

    We have a variety of features such as custom enchantments, unique gear/loot, and voting crates that give some of the best gear in the game. Our staff are mature and helpful, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.






    Arena Community Craft Crates Create Currency Custom Customenchants Customplugins Discord Drops Eco Econ Economy Enchantments Fly Hard Keys Land Mine Minecraft Mmo Mob Mobs Mod New Npc Open Play Pve Pvp Server Sky Skyblock Title Unique Update Website



    Come join us on our unique twist of the classic gamemode: Skyblock. You will be given a random item every 20 seconds from any of the materials in the entire Minecraft catalog. Test your luck and join our community!


  • Random falling key shards you can combine to create full keys.
  • Mob Coins (currency for killing mobs)
  • Boosters, including a brand new Fly booster that allows your entire island to fly.
  • Custom Enchantments
  • Random rare items.
  • Planned weekly updates.
  • PVP arena with Randonaut NPC drops (Similar to supplycrates).
  • Fully manage your island with our highly configurable island UI.
  • Rules:

  • Use commonsense.
  • Don’t be racist.
  • Don’t advertise.
  • Don’t spam.
  • Don’t use ALL CAPS (if message contains more than two words)
  • Discord:



    <input type="text" readonly class="auto_select" value="" name="server" title="”>

    Action Admin Aus Aussie Australia Australian Base Based Block Class Community Craft Discord Edit End Friendly Ill Inecraft Mad Mall Mcmmo Mine Minecraft Mod Noop Open Reset Riendly Semi Semivanilla Server Servers Small Survival Title Vanilla

    GummySharp Servers

    Welcome to GummySharp Servers (GSS)
    GSS is a semi-vanilla survival server based in Australia.
    We are a community-friendly server

    Opened 28th March 2020, GSS was made to be a small Australian community server.


    2b2t 2b2tclone Allowed Anarchy Build Computers Craft Dedicated Discord End Friends Grief Hack Hacks Hacksallowed Hacksclientscheats Kingdom Kingdoms Mine Minecraft New Norules Old Online Open Play Player Playing Pvp Reset Safe Server Staff Survival Teamspeak Title Update Vanilla World

    P.I.T – True Anarchy / Survival (HACKS ALLOWED) 1.15.2



    P.I.T is a vanilla server where there is nothing holding you back. The world is a playground where anyone can do anything.
    There are no rules or restrictions meaning you can play the game however you want to play.
    You can play survival alone or with friends. You can team up and take down other players. You can build large castles and kingdoms and rule over it however you wish.
    This is a server where you can literally do anything. No one will stop you. No one can report you.
    This is true survival.
    There is no protected zone, PvP is fully enabled. Houses can be griefed and stolen from. And the world will never be reset.
    The world is yours. Do with it as you wish.

    (NEW UPDATE: We now have a server Discord – )

    Server IP:

    Total player count as of 29/3/2019: 10,426
    Online since June 2016

    *Server will not be reset. The world stays persistent for as many years as possible

    **While there are no rules, the law still applies. For this reason scamming players for real money and personal information cannot be accepted. To keep all players safe, anyone found to be scamming will be dealt with.

    ***This server is massive! The world file is very large and when multiple people are online, they can often be literally millions of blocks away from each other. Because of this, players with slower computers or internet connections may experience performance issues while playing on the server. We try to keep the server as up-to-date as possible though to keep the server running as smooth as possible!

    Active Amazing Anti Class Community Custom Datapacks Discord Drops End Friendly Grief Head Heads Hermitcraftlike Item Items Join King Map Mob Mobs Multiplayer New Open Play Player Players Reset Server Shop Smp Survival Title Vanilla War Whitelist Whitelisted Who


    Who are we?

    We are a whitelisted vanilla survival server, community-focused with a whitelist. We have an amazing shopping district, all player built! We have no items cheated in and have no reset policy.

    General Information
    ➤ Version:
    ➤ Server Address:
    ➤ Host: 16 gigabytes of ram, Ryzen 7 3800X – 4.5GHz, hosted from Canada.
    ➤ Map started: 2/10/2020′
    ➤ Discord: Join our Discord server!

    Datapacks and enhancements:
    » Multiplayer sleep: If one player sleeps the night is skipped.
    » Double shulker shells: Every shulker drops 2 shells.
    » Anti enderman grief: Enderman can’t pick up any block.
    » Anti creeper grief: Creepers do damage to entities and not blocks.
    » Player and mob heads: Players and mobs have a chance of dropping their head.
    » Custom armour stands: Customize armour stands.

    Join us today!
    We are looking for friendly and active new players to join! In order to join, you must apply. If you’d like to apply you can join our Discord server. We look forward to meeting friendly, and active new players!

    Admin Ars Bee Beta Block Class Craft Date Discord Has Ill Inecraft Join Map Mean Mine Minecraft Mini Noop Old Open Pvp Red Reddit Reset Rules Server Sub Subreddit Terra Terrain This Time Title Version Versions

    BoxPVP: Time Traveling in Minecraft! (1.2.5)


    BoxPVP is a Minecraft server with no rules and no administrators that has been running since March of 2019. The main idea is that the server version has gone back in time 8 years. This means that today’s date for the server is currently May 18th, 2012 and the server version is 1.2.5. The map will never reset, which means there is plenty of terrain from versions as old as Beta 1.3!

    Join the discord!

    Or the subreddit! r/boxpvp

    Community Cosmetics Dedicated Eco Econ Economy Economysurvival Elves End Farm Farming Friendly Job Jobs Jobsreborn Lwc Minecraft Needplayers Needstaff Pets Play Player Plugin Plugins Server Shop Sky Small Smallserver Spawn Survival Title Town Towny Townyserver Townysurvival Vanilla Who

    A Towny Server

    A Towny Server delivers a close-to-vanilla experience with the Towny and Jobs plugins!

    Our small community of dedicated people are ready to welcome you with cosy and friendly vibes and will be happy to welcome you into the borders of a beautiful town!

    On our server, we try to keep things simple. Rather than going for complicated things, we like to keep it simple. When you join, you’ll be welcomed by the cosy spawn that we built ourselves with members of our community, who themselves will be ready to welcome you!

    To keep things simple while still encouraging interaction within the community, we have a player-driven economy where you can buy and sell helpful things to and from other players at better rates than the server shop. Sporting the Jobs plugin as well, you can earn money by simply doing your favourite thing in vanilla Minecraft, be it mining, farming, enchanting, brewing or many other things!

    We also have lots of cosmetics! Pets, Hats, Trails, Mounts, Gadgets, and more, all available for everyone to get their hands on!

    Other plugins that contribute to our comfy feel are Harbor for skipping to daytime, /back for returning to your location should you die, FastLeafDecay for getting rid of those pesky leaves, LWC for locking your valuable chests away from other players and an Anti-Cheat to keep everyone playing fair!

    Thank you for reading through and we hope to see you in-game!

    Casino Chestshop Citizens Class Craft Developed Discord Eco Econ Economy End Event Events Friendly Friends Grief Home Ill King New Newserver Noop Open Play Player Protection Pve Pve Economy Semi Server Sethome Shop Staff Team Title Top Tpa Vanilla War Warp

    LuckyCraft | 1.15 | PvE Economy | ChestShop | Citizens | LuckPerms | Semi-Vanilla

    This is a new and well-developed server that me and my friends have been working on non-stop. If anyone would like to try it out, please go for it!



    Here are some features!

  • We have grief protection
  • An economy that is mainly player-run
  • /Sethome, /warp, and more!
  • /Tpa
  • Chestshop
  • A friendly staff team
  • Coming Soon:

  • Casino
  • Events

  • Categories
    Basic Best Block Cat Cheat City Claim Claims Class Experience Griefing Hate Ill Join Land Land Claim Play Player Players Plugin Plugins Pve Pvp Raiding Rules Semi Semivanilla Server Survival Svanilla Title Toxic Underground Undergroundmc Vanilla Vote War

    sVanilla Survival

    We believe the best Semi-Vanilla experience has no land claims, vote-walls, unnecessary plugins or overcomplicated rules. Our server is geared toward veteran players, but everyone is welcome to join.
    Our rules are basic – no cheating, no spamming, and no excessive hate speech/toxicity.

    Allowed Ban Chat City Communitydriven Craft Environment Farm Free Friendly Grief Hack Hacking Home King Lag Mine Minecraft New Open Play Player Players Plugin Plugins Pvp Raid Raiding Semivanilla Server Sethome Small Smp Staff Survival Swearing Title Tpa Vanilla


    What is Tap1Survival?
    Tap1Survival focuses on bringing a semi-vanilla Minecraft experience. We strive to preserve the classic survival experience while also incorporating minor plugins like teleport commands and a set-home for the ease of player access. We try to keep a laid-back environment while trying to engage with our player base.

    Feel free to swing by, we’re excited to host you.We open our arms to players of all ages!

    [1.] No use of cheats or exploits (hacking, x-ray packs, etc.)
    [2.] No excessive swearing
    [3.] Raiding is allowed, no major grief
    [4.] No excessive toxicity
    [5.] No AFK farms
    [6.] Don’t kill new players excessively
    [7.] No spamming chat
    [8.] No lag machines (we reserve the right to delete them)
    [9.] Attempt to respect other players

    BAN EVASION will result in harsher punishments!

    Active Adult Allowed Anarchy Class Community Craft Dedicated Discord End Friendly Grief Griefing Help Helpful Inecraft Join Mine Minecraft Open Play Player Players Pve Pvp Raid Raiding Ranks Reddit Semivanilla Server Shop Shopkeepers Spleef Staff Sub Survival Title Vanilla

    Emerald Haze

    Emerald Haze is a Dedicated Survival server that has tried to maintain the vanilla feel.
    Adult 18+
    Griefing and Raiding are Encouraged!!
    PvP is Allowed!!
    Friendly Helpful Players and Staff available 24/7
    Come Join our active Minecraft community Now!!
    Our IP is:
    Our Subreddit is:
    Our Discord is:

    Boss Bosses City Claim Community Crates Create Custom End Event Friendly Fun Grief Griefprevention Hard Hardcore Hardcore Pvp Job Jobs Leveling Mcmmo Mmo Mob New Play Plugin Plugins Prevention Pvp Quest Quests Server Shop Shops Spawner Spawners Staff Survival Unique Voting


    ⚔ LeisureMC ⚔
    Friendly Survival ➠ KeepInventory ➠ Jobs ➠ Custom Crates ➠ McMMO ➠ GriefPrevention ➠ Custom Quests ➠ Level System

    LeisureMC is founded on the principals of kindness and fun. The server was created as a stress-free environment, where toxicity, griefing, and hardcore PvP are non-existent. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and safe community, where all players from various walks of life are welcome.

    LeisureMC features plugins such as GriefPrevention, McMMO, Jobs(Reborn), along with leveled mobs, custom bosses, and unique and custom rewarding systems (such as crates, voting, etc.)

    Main Features:
    ✓ Claim Protection
    ✓ JobsReborn
    ✓ Keep Inventory
    ✓ MCMMO
    ✓ Silk Spawners
    ✓ Chest Shops
    ✓ Player Warps
    ✓ Custom BAR API
    ✓ Loot Crates
    ✓ Custom Leveling System
    ✓ 1.15.2 Compatible

    Server Specs:
    ✓ 35 Slots
    ✓ 1 concurrent server
    ✓ Optimized Server Plugins, Property Files and Jar File

    <input type="text" readonly class="auto_select" value="" name="server" title="”>

    Ass Auto Blo Block Class Custom Data Date Dates Discord Ect Elo Elon Erver Follow Fresh Fun Game Gameplay Join Keep Lin Link Noop Open Play Server Sky Skyblock Tes Title Tom Tps Update Updates

    Melon Block

    Custom skyblock server. Nw updates every 2-3 weeks to keep gameplay to keep gameplay fun and fresh
    Join the discord here:

    Based Build Building Buildingranks Buildranks Contest Contests Creative Customterrain Customworld Freebuild Nonpvp Nopvp Plots Rank Ranks Rankup Survival Worldedit

    ✪ ClownerCraft: A Network for Building ✪ Building-based Ranks | No-PVP Survival | Creative | Contests

    ✪ ClownerCraft: A Network for Building ✪

    We are a family friendly minecraft network, rooted in the creativity of building in minecraft.
    We aim to be different and to give a safe place to experiment with creativity.

    ✪ Our main servers feature a unique building based rankup system ✪
    where each rank earns you more perks to help make your next project even better than the last!

    ✪ Our Survival Servers have no PVP ✪
    So you’re safe to go ahead and build whatever you want
    with no fears of other players ruining your fun!

    ✪ Survival and Creative feature multiple building worlds ✪
    Whether you want to build in a flat plot, vanilla terrain, custom terrain
    we have a world for you!

    ✪ Survival has separate worlds for resources ✪
    We have extra worlds which we can reset more regularly, so theres always
    access to resources without the need to reset everyone’s builds!

    ✪ We run regular build contests and other events ✪

    ✪ We’ve existed for over seven years! ✪
    ClownerCraft was started back in 2013.
    We don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

    Android Block Class Community Craft Creative Custom Different Emo Features Game Gamemode Gamemodes Gaming Has Home Inecraft Ios Join Mine Minecraft Ming Mod Play Popular Prison Pve Roleplay Server Sky Skyblock Speak Staff Survival Talk Youtube Youtuber


    Join Chasecraft to play on a variety of different gamemodes with loads of custom features, as well as be apart of our wonderful community and talk to our lovely staff members.

    Active Arena Arenas Battle Block Cat Class Com Community Cool Creative End Erver Friendly Friends Join King Lms Looking Mall Mob Mobs Mod People Pvp Real Realm Realms Riendly Rvival Semivanilla Server Small Survival Title Welcome

    Cat Realm

    Greetings and welcome to Cat Realms! We are a small community looking for active and friendly people!

    We have both survival and creative modes!

    We also have cool pvp arenas to battle mobs or your friends 😀

    Come and join us today :D!!!

    <input type="text" readonly class="auto_select" value="" name="server" title="”>

    Aves Avesmc Bosslyraven Buggerbug50 Buggy Community Customenchantments Discord Family Friendly Friends Fun Game Lgbt Lgbtq Marriagemaster Marriagemasters Mature Mcmmo Minecraft Mobarena Partners Planetminecraft Plotme Plots Pmc Raven Rewards Servers Silk Spawners Staff Survival Viaversion Vote

    ✧AvesMC✧ | 24/7 | 1.15 | Friendly Community & Staff | Discord | SMP | mcMMO! | Silk Spawners! | Click For More Info!

    Like us on Facebook!

    ✨ Welcome to AvesMC! ✨
    We are a friendly community that’s been running for a little over 3 years we developed a server that catches the eyes of players and is suitable for all ages we support everyone, no matter their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or anything a lot of friendships have been made on Aves. As long as you are not rude to others, you are accepted here! Starting off we are a survival server with a few special perks, in-game you can find custom shops and towns made by other players make your own, join one or play solo. We are looking for players who not only enjoy playing on our server but also wish to help it grow as well. We encourage you to leave us suggestions for plugins you would like us to have that will enhance the player’s experience as well as bugs we need to work out. We look forward to seeing you in-game!!

    ✨ Couple Fun Plugins We Have ✨
    – AutoRank
    – mcMMO
    – Silk Spawners
    – Custom Enchantments
    – MarriageMaster
    – MobArena (coming soon!)
    – RTP (Allows players to be randomly teleported somewhere in Survival)
    More to come soon!! (Some Limited)

    ✨ Be In The Know ✨
    Discord: ,
    We are online 24/7, expect staff members to be on when players are.
    Friendly Community, Staff Included
    PvP (By Mutual Agreement)
    No Griefing
    LGBTQ+ Friendly
    Discrimination/Bullying will not be tolerated here, so take it somewhere else. 🙂
    Drop Party at 25 players!
    What are you waiting for? Copy and past our IP and join the fun!!

    100 Anarchy Ass Auto Best Blo Block Class Com Comunidad Craft Economy Ect Erver Exp Game Games Host Mini Nam No. Ores Pay Port Raft Rvival Server Servidor Servidores Sur Surv Surviv Surviva Survival Ter Title Vanilla

    Vinagre Craft

    Este é um servidor 100% survival e livre! não existe pay to win aqui, este servidor se mantém por meio de “doações” e do próprio dono.

    Todos são bem-vindos! se deseja ter um experiência survival sem mini-games ou qualquer outra besteira de muitos servidores por ai, entre para nossa comunidade!

    Versões suportadas: 1.14.2 até 1.15+

    <input type="text" readonly class="auto_select" value="" name="server" title="”>

    Adventure Adventures Best Build Chill Class Community Cool Cosmetics Crates Custom Discord Eco Econ Economy End Friendly Friends Fun Join Open Play Player Quest Quests Semi Server Shop Shops Staff Standard Survival Survive Title Unique Vanilla War Warp Warps

    Survival Adventures – Fun 1.15.2 survival – Chill community – Unique features

    Hello! Survival Adventures is a custom coded Survival server. Main goal here is to offer a place where you can come on to have fun, relax and play with your friends. We are a very friendly community, staff members make sure it will stay like that forever!
    We meet all 2020 standards, striving to bring the best experience and listening to our community’s ideas!

    Some of the things we offer:
    – Player Economy
    – Player Warps (Restaurants, parks…)
    – Player Shops
    – Cool Crates
    – Unique Cosmetics
    – And much much more! View with /guide in-game.

    What can I do on here?
    Survive! We offer semi-vanilla experience with bunch of features
    that just happen to enhance your stay! You can play with your friends,
    build anything you wish and share it with others, complete quests,
    enjoy player economy system- and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

    Server’s IP:
    If we convinced you, make sure to join and give it a shot!

    Antigrief Awesome Bedwars Best Claiming Claimland Claims Community Friendly Fun Games Minecraft Minecraftserver Minigames Prison Pvp Server Skyblock Skywars Survival Thepit

    Dubadub Server Network *LOOKING FOR STAFF!*

    Dubadub is a vast array of server networks, designed by the players, for the players! We have everything you may need for the full Minecraft experience. Come join us today!

    Survival w/ KIT CLAIM
    – Varied minigames, like BEDWARS and THE PIT
    – Plots/OP prison, with custom RANKUP and VOTE PARTY
    – Complex SKYBLOCK experience

    Server IP:
    Country: Canada, West Coast

    Join our discord!

    Minecraft Servers to Join

    The Minecraft servers are looking for dedicated players who will participate in their gaming community. Minecraft servers are completely free to play. Join today and play the best Minecraft servers in of the most popular games in the world! Players can join the server in a few different ways. First, you can download the Minecraft launcher, find the server and join with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you want to become a regular user of the Minecraft server, you can also apply to become a member of the community and make your presence known.

    Minecraft Servers List

    A Minecraft server (Java/Bedrock) is a server program that allows players to play the game of Minecraft. In this list you will find hundreds of online servers running the game of Minecraft. These servers offer players a safe place to play the game and have fun together. There are servers for just about any kind of game you can think of. This list contains many different types of top Minecraft servers and new Minecraft servers. Each server on the list is unique, hosting a variety of custom mods, game modes, and features that cater to the diverse preferences of Minecraft players.

    Minecraft Servers Survival

    Survival is the most popular servers type for Minecraft to play. You can find a lot of mods for it, and its population is really high. Minecraft survival servers are based on a more realistic Minecraft, and players here get to play on a world that has a lot of possibilities for how the game will play out. You can play on these servers with friends, and with the same servers and its features, your session is going to be more or less unique. In addition, it is more complicated than the other Minecraft servers, and to play you are going to have to become familiar with the game.

    Minecraft Skins for Minecraft Servers

    Show off your unique skin in the world of Minecraft with this huge variety of Minecraft skins. No matter if you're diving into survival challenges, enjoying community games, or just exploring server lists, you can stand out with a skin that matches your personality. Minecraft skins have something for everyone - whether you prefer simple or intricate designs. Looking for a skin of a specific color? You can easily find Minecraft skins sorted by color, making your search quick and convenient. So go ahead, give your Minecraft skin a fresh look!