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Lifesteal Hybrid

Welcome to LifeSteal Hybrid, a semi-vanilla Cracked Minecraft server with an additional feature where you can steal hearts from other players. When you kill another player, you receive their heart while they lose a heart. This means that the player who kills someone will have a maximum of 11 hearts, and the victim will have 9 hearts.

On our server, PvP is allowed, and we don’t restrict players from stealing or raiding other bases. However, we do have a limit of 30 hearts on the server! If you lose all of your hearts you will be death banned for 5 hours, after which you can join back as your stats will be reset.

We have two servers, one located in Central Europe so players from different regions can easily connect and play with others. Join us today and experience the lifesteal gamemode in a semi-vanilla Minecraft environment.

Cracked Lifesteak Lifesteal Lifestealsmp Survival

Wompo’s Lifesteal SMP (Season 2)

Welcome to Wompo’s Lifesteal SMP we dont Admin abuse but make sure you join the Discord server


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Just an Earth Server [1.19.4+]

* According to us
🏠 Looking for a server that’s more than just a place to play?
Just an Earth Server lets you explore the world like never before, but what really sets JES apart is our active and vibrant community.

🌎 Nations & Towns – Our 1:500 Earth Server allows you to create your own nations and towns, but what really sets us apart is our amazing community of players.
Join our active Discord server and connect with other players who share your passion for Minecraft.
Our dedicated staff members listen to the community and work tirelessly to make sure everyone has the best possible experience.

✅ Healthy Community – We’re all about community. Our Discord server is a bustling hub of activity where players can connect, share tips and tricks, and make new friends. Our dedicated staff members are always on hand to listen to the community and ensure everyone has the best possible experience.

✅Wait! there’s more! – We also host a ton of different events and giveaways to keep things exciting! From appearances in our popular YouTube and TikTok channels (with over 200k followers!) to Discord Nitro giveaways, there’s always something going on at JES.

✅ We’re waiting for you! – So come join our community today and experience Minecraft like never before! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, our friendly and welcoming community is sure to make you feel right at home.

And who knows, you might even make some new friends along the way!

Minecraft 1.19.4+ Java & Bedrock
(We always update to the newest version)

📎 IP:
📎 Port: 19132

2b2t 2b2talternative 2b2tcracked 2b2tlifesteal Anarchy Anarchylifesteal Cracked Lifesteal Lifestealanarchy Lifestealcracked Lifestealsmp Norules Survival

2b2t Lifesteal

2b2t Lifesteal is a cracked Minecraft server with no rules and a lifesteal plugin. It’s a 2b2t alternative for Minecraft 1.19.2 and features some plugins to bring extra fun. These plugins include lifesteal and simpleTPA. The server is also cracked, meaning you can join the server even if you never bought Minecraft Java Edition. With the server being cracked, also comes a skinsrestorer plugin. With that plugin it will still let you have your skin instead of it being removed.

Because this server has no rules, it means you can grief anywhere, raid others bases, use a hack client, use cheats, and kill other players (PVP). There will never be a bannable offense unless it was against Minecraft’s own TOS. Other than that, enjoy your stay on the server and have fun getting as much hearts as you can. There is a 128 respawn radius so players can’t be spawn trapped (and this radius may be increased if there’s issues).

So what are you waiting for? Join our server today at!

Airships Artificialinteligence Bedrock Chatgbt Chestshop Crossplay Economy Griefprevention Hardcore Hardcoresurvival Hardened Harshenvironments Java Lifesteal Lifestealsmp Medieval Mobs Needstaff Permissions Pve Pvp Roleplay Smp Survival Tradeshop Vampire Vanilla

Land of Narzoo [24/7] LIFESTEAL-SMP(CROSS-COMPATIBLE) (Anarchy) (Towns) (Vampire) (Hordes) (Raids) (GriefPrevention) (PVE/PVP) (ChatGBT)

The Land of Narzoo (Public) 24/7 (CROSS-PLATFORM)

Community vanilla server with plugins for added difficulty such as modified/hardened Ai, light grief prevention and a few other plugins to make the game feel refreshed and difficult.
Players can protect their builds but every time you die you will lose a heart (Unless another is crafted) PVP is enabled and the rules are as follows: Theft and murder is allowed in Narzoo, Players are encouraged to fortify to protect their builds. Griefing in Narzoo is NOT allowed! NO OTHER RULES! Apon depletion of all hearts, you shall be banned and all claimed lands will become unclaimed.

Players are encouraged to create the most powerful towns/governments of the server to maintain server order or to either compete as one or fight for victory! (Players can also earn ranks/titles and potential staff)

Narzoo is a mix of SMP/Lifesteal/Hardcore but players have to survive against harsh PVE environments as well. Our configuration lets you build with confidence and pride while enjoying factions! Most player towns/architect are in a medieval aspect and is quite suggested. PVP may not always be the answer but war is sometimes necessary to ensure the positive future of others, Right? Jk Players can simply just do as they wish! Whether its from conquering or becoming a trade capital! But be warned the environment is very harsh
Players are encouraged to create the most powerful towns/governments of the server to maintain server order or to either compete as one or fight for victory! (Trade and economy is highly encouraged) (Players can also earn ranks/titles and potential staff)
-Strongest governments control spawn (Narzoo) and its players futures. (NO WHERE IS SAFE)

-Something cataclysmic happened within Narzoo’s timeline very long ago, ancient armoured skeleton’s, zombies and their minions roam the night. There is a 60% chance for a bloodnight to happen everynight resulting in buffed mobs, scripted events and more.

Some plugins include:
-Simple Voice Chat (Mod Recommended)
-Junior Lifesteal
-SMP Tweaks


-Added Generated Structures
-Weekly Horde
-Advanced Enchantments
-Anti Cheats
-Better Boats
-Action Bar health

You probably wont survive


Server Founded 01/30/2022
Join now unwhitelisted Java ip:


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Vitalize LifeStealSMP





Fair owner and the map will not reset but 1 TIME a year! So you dont lose your progress

247server Bestsmp Cracked Joinnow Lifesteal Lifestealsmp Smp Survival

Best Minecraft Lifesteal Smp Grapemc With Lots of plugin 24/7 join now and enjoy

Best Minecraft Lifesteal Smp Grapemc With Lots of plugin 24/7 join now and enjoy Best Minecraft Lifesteal Smp Grapemc With Lots of plugin 24/7 join now and enjoy Best Minecraft Lifesteal Smp Grapemc With Lots of plugin 24/7 join now and enjoy GrapeMc GrapeMc Best Minecraft Lifesteal Smp Grapemc With Lots of plugin 24/7 join now and enjoyBest Minecraft Lifesteal Smp Grapemc With Lots of plugin 24/7 join now and enjoyBest Minecraft Lifesteal Smp Grapemc With Lots of plugin 24/7 join now and enjoy

Lifesteal Lifestealserver Lifestealsmp Survival Survivalpvp

BountyMC Lifesteal

BountyMC (Cross platform!)

Port: 19132 (Bedrock)

A crazy Lifesteal server with a Crazy bounty system! Join the discord server for any questions!

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wheels productions network

the wheels productions Minecraft network is a welcoming community.
we have 5 servers:

after stealing your friends favorite stick you’ve been sentenced to life. Mine your way through the ranks to freedom. Will you get out alive?


gather your friends and allies to become the top faction. Protect your base and build up your ranks in a dog-eat-dog world will you prevail or will you crumble.

life steal
explore the lands and build your team up. With limited hearts plan your every fight and watch your back. Will you gain hearts or will you lose it all?

bed wars

 gather your teammates to defead and defeat rivals. Collect resources and destroy your objectives, will you stay afloat or will you fall with the rest?



Lifesteal Lifestealcracked Lifestealserver Lifestealsmp Pvp


Welcome to PlanetMC, a Minecraft server network like no other. Our network is designed to provide players with a unique and exciting gaming experience, featuring a wide variety of gamemodes that cater to players of all skill levels and preferences. Our flagship gamemode is our innovative lifesteal gamemode, which offers a thrilling twist on traditional survival gameplay. In addition to this, we also have plans to release a variety of other gamemodes in the future, including classic survival, creative, Skyblock, and many more.
Our lifesteal gamemode is unlike anything you’ve ever played before. In this gamemode, players must fight to survive and steal life from their opponents in order to stay alive. This adds an extra layer of strategy and tension to the experience, as players must balance their own survival with the need to take down their opponents. With a variety of custom items and abilities at your disposal, the lifesteal gamemode offers endless possibilities for players to test their skills and strategies.
But our network isn’t just about one gamemode, we have a variety of other gamemodes planned for release in the future. Our classic survival gamemode will offer a traditional Minecraft experience, with players working together to survive against the elements and build their own bases and communities. For players who prefer a more creative experience, our creative gamemode will allow players to let their imagination run wild and build to their hearts’ content. And for those who enjoy a more fast-paced and competitive experience, our Skyblock gamemode will provide players with the challenge of surviving on a small island in the sky, with only limited resources at their disposal. These are just a few examples of the many gamemodes we have planned, and we’re always working on new and innovative ideas to keep our network fresh and exciting.
At PlanetMC, we pride ourselves on providing a stable and smooth performance. Our server is powered by the latest technology, which ensures that you can enjoy seamless gameplay without any lag or interruption. We also have a dedicated team of staff members who are always available to help with any issues or questions you may have. Our team is committed to providing the best possible experience for our players, and we’re always looking for ways to improve and enhance our network.
In addition to our core gamemodes, we also offer a variety of features to enhance your experience. These include custom enchants, quests, crates, and more. We also have a lively community that you can join and interact with other players. Our community is the heart of our network, and we’re always looking for ways to involve and engage with our players.
In conclusion, PlanetMC is the perfect destination for players looking for a fun and challenging Minecraft experience. With our unique lifesteal gamemode, and plans for many other exciting gamemodes in the future, we offer something for everyone. Our network is designed to provide players with a unique and exciting gaming experience, and our dedicated team is committed to providing the best possible experience for our players. So why wait? Join our network today and experience the ultimate in Minecraft gaming!