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Welcome! We are a new and growing RLCraft server, we have kits/votes/plugins and much more. We are a Faction Server looking for active members to help us grow!

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True Survival MP

True Survival MP is a brand new modded server that aims to create a more survival oriented game type, inspired by the
likes of RLCraft, that is more performance friendly and a bit closer to the vanilla experience.


Realistic survival mechanics like heat, cold, and dehydration.

Breathtaking world generation using Open Terrain Generator, a plethora
of different dungeons , and vanilla+ style mobs with unique characteristics.

Leveling and progression systems that discourage grinding and promote exploration.

Roll based loot that may have unique characteristics, unique weapons, armor, and trinkets.

A large selection of new weapons and adjusted combat mechanics to make PvP and PvE alike feel fresh.

Huge quality of life enhancements such as PvP loot protection in the form of an inventory timer, JEI, custom recipes, land claim and more!

Small community trying to grow! Join today!

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We are a small community of (mostly) mature players (18+). We’ve been playing together for almost two years, from vanilla mc to heavily moded skyblock. We also play other games such as ark or among us etc. Nonpay-to-win, we despise “crates” or OP gear for donations with passion.

Friendly and helpful staff and players. Suggestions are always welcome, we strive to build a community with like minded people. We are not for everyone, and that is ok. Looking for players that will fit in within our community. Vanilla smp launch after 1.19 release

Feel free to join our DISCORD and hang out until the server launch. We do have a creative world plots server that is open for all members as well if you would like to check out other peoples builds or build your own.

Applications are open and you may fill them out on our website which is very much a work in progress so don’t be alarmed. We require a short voice call in discord upon joining.

we have these servers available for our members (some only after a trial period)

– SMP (launch 1.19) – this will be our main focus, stay tuned for launch date
– Creative with plots and world edit – available for all new members

servers bellow available after probation period

– Moded Skyblock
– Hardcore
– Battle of Helms Deep co-op siege
– Minigames (coming soon)
– RLCraft (coming soon)
– Pixelmon (coming soon)

*moded servers are subject to demand, if members want to try different modpacks we can change those out*

Anarchy Anarchysurvival Modded Rlcraft Survival


Pure RLcraft anarchy survival. Hard mode is enabled. Huge world. The only rules are no hacking and no lag machines. Simplicity at it’s best. Come join the anarchy!

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Moljas Better Survival Server

Welcome to Purpleninja951s better survival server
Our server now includes magic and tech

Players will choose to build freely in survival mode (with the option of land claims) or players can live in the city and utilize existing shops/homes
We have added a progression system (slimefun) to help add more exciting features

We are always looking for builders to develop more land and moderators to help watch over the server
for applications email [email protected] and tell purpleninja951 why you are a good choice

Join our discord at Ninjas Better Discord

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my personal RLCraft server that I stream on. if you would like a lag free RLCraft server its here. I stream on the server on YouTube and twitch
this server is the latest update

Mods Rlcraft Survival

RLcraft v2.9 1.12.2

Pack of mods created by Shivaxi in which the mechanics are somewhat different than usual. Contains more than 120 mods. It will be quite a challenge to survive for those players who are not intimidated by a hostile world full of magic, demons and dragons.

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Chillax RLCraft

Chillax RLCraft is a competitive PvP & Factions RLCraft Modpack server.

We feature:
– PvP
– Player Only Economy (Auctions)
– Factions
– Hard gamemode
– Vanilla RLCraft experience

Chillax MC has a history of hosting multiple different modpacks, including Tekkit Classic & Hexxit, and running one of the top servers on both in their prime. We are working custom plugins and configurations to ensure the best player experience!

Come check us out!

Modpack Link:

Australia Nopvp Rlcraft Survival

RLCraft Server

A small RLCraft server hosted in Australia. Anyone is welcome to join!
Join the Discord for more information: 7fdKCRu

And yes I’m not imaginative enough to think of a cool server name

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AzCraft: Hidden Realms

To play, you must join and visit the AZCRAFT – HIDDEN REALMS category. From there you can visit the following Channels:

– hiddenrealms-setup: Server url/ip to connect to the server with instructional steps/video
– hidden-realms-packs: download the latest Twitch launcher pack
– hidden-realms_mod_list: a list of videos for tall the mods that make up our server

6gb of memory recommended using the Twitch launcher with particles turned down.

What is Hidden Realms?

I personally love RLCraft. But the mod’s End Game is reached quite fast and fans tend to get bored after 3-6 weeks. Because of this I have made my own modded server called Hidden Realms. I feel this server contains the best mods to keep me and any player busy/happy for a long time as there is no real end game. A player can never really reach invisibility.

Do you love making food or like to decorate your base? Love engineering or building with custom block using chisels? Love animals or danger/dungeon diving? Ever get chased by lighting or a tornado and blown into the air? Wanna make a copter+couch, a dune-buggy or jeep with a fuel processor that requires building to fuel the vehicles? Even farm animal require some care by feeding and watering them before they will breed. If you like visiting far off lands, the Twilight Forest may be for you.

With a touch of RLCraft, this modded server is beautiful. Here is a short list of some of the mods:

– Zoo Animals (70+)
– Exotic Birds (50+)
– Lycranites
– Battle Tower
– BlockCraftery
– Fairlylites
– Engineering Doors
– Dyanmic Trees
– BiomesOPlenty
– JourneyMap
– Just Enough Harvestcraft
– Pam’s Harvestcraft
– Vehicle Mod
– Weather
– Tinkers Tools/Construct/Armor
– Engineering
– Gravestones

Stop by and say hi. We also host an RLCraft server along with a BungeeCord 3 world PaperMC survival universe where a majority of our players play.

:: CreeperBaitAZ