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GeopolMC 1.16.3 Earth Towny Roleplay

GeopolMC is a 1.16.3 Minecraft Server that focuses on the geopolitical roleplay on the Earth map. Our staff team is filled with players of many of the most popular earth servers out there, and we saw that there was something missing in all the servers out there. There wasn’t a single server that focused on roleplay and we made this server to fill that gap. We are releasing the server on Monday 21st of September.

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ExoticEarth is a geopolitical economy survival minecraft server. Here you can form your own nation, create towns, invite friends and conquer the world! We highly recommend you to join our discord server as that is where we post our server updates and changes to ExoticEarth. ExoticEarth, join today!

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Geopolitik is a geopolitical Minecraft server using a 1:1000 map of Earth, having accurate rivers, roads, ores and more. Geopolitik uses the plugin towny.

In our server there is wide range of opportunities and paths you can go, you can go down a path of war, peace, trade, or do whatever you want, really.

We also offer:

Bloodmoon events
A small community that you will be included in.
A gui-shop which receives regular updates and fixes.
And a dynmap!

if this sounds like your thing, then join today, I guarantee you will not forget it

our discord is…

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XylumEarth | 1:1000 Earth Towny Server

Welcome to Xylum Earth, a 1.14+ Minecraft towny Earth server.
Minecraft IP:

Here’s what we offer:

  • 1:1000 scale earth map
  • Towny
  • 1.8 Combat system
  • Player-run Gold-based Economy
  • mcMMO
  • Chest Shops
  • Companies
  • War
  • Movecraft
  • Cannons
  • Custom crafting recipes
  • Dynmap
  • Bounties
  • Categories
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    Valorb | Map of Earth | Nations/Alliances | War

    Geopolitical Minecraft Server


    Cool Staff Team

    Custom Coded Plugins

    Potato Leaderboard

    Economy Freedom Geopolitical Geopolitics Landclaim Libertarian Politics Pve Pvp Survival Towny Trading War

    The EarthProject, An experiment [DOOMSDAY] [Civilizations] [Siege War] [Anti-Pay-To-Win]

    We are more than a server, we are a community of individuals who resist oppression. Our server believes in player’s rights, individual freedom, and a minimum number of rules.

    Custom civilizations plugin
    Custom leveling system
    Custom siege war system
    Custom map taken from satellite images
    Custom governmental system
    Custom economy plugin

    100% up time, 0% lag

    Your world, your rules. Welcome home.

    The clock is ticking…

    Earth Earthmap Faction Geopol Geopolitical Globia


    Welcome to Globia!

    We are a geopolitical server with a number of plugins such as Slimefun and MCGStarCraft.

    Our server began back in July 2019 and we have had 4 seasons during that time, with our new S5 coming very soon.




    Our staff team:
    Owner – Araciel
    Manager – IcyMC_
    Admins – seurator1527 and Acurrz
    Developer – Yayes
    Moderators – FieryMC_ and hmru
    Helpers – Coming soon

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    Valorb | Geo-Political Server | Join now!


    Valorb is a geo-political server that based on a MAP of EARTH! You can join faction clans (allies) and go to war! We also have giveaways and events!


    Faction Faction Pvp Factions Factionserver Factionsplus Geopolitical Geopoliticalsandbox Geopolitics Survival

    GeoBlock [Geographical Factions]

    [​Geoblock] [​Factions-Survival] [​Geographical map] [​BETA] [​Custom]

    Welcome to Geoblock, We are a newly released server currently in BETA stage, but are fully playable with many unique features, The server is Factions based, with raiding disabled and the focus on war, pve and general survival.

    The time has come for us to open our doors to the MC community, and we seek to build a small community within this stage and welcome all to join us, we look forward to seeing you. IP:


    Professional Kits
    Ingame GFX
    (MINIMAL) Custom Items

    Custom Enchants



    Slimefun+Many Additions (New Items/Ores/Armor/+

    Mob Stacker



    Geographical 1:1000 Scale Real World, With Custom Terrain

    NO RAIDING/TNT Cannons (Never lose your hard work)




    Countries Geopolitical Modded Pvp Team Pvp Teams

    Modern Conflict Modded

    [Java] [Modded] Modern Conflict/Orbis Novum is a war based server on an earth map. You make your own country, or join someone elses country, build up, and war it out. The server is included in the pack so you can join as soon as you download. There is a modlist in the discord if you are wondering what you can have fun with.

    What we have:
    – Space: We use WarpDrive for space, this means you can build a custom starship, go to space, and visit one of our custom planets
    – Trains: We also have the Immersive Railroading mod, so you can build custom trains that go from point A to point B
    – Ships: The server includes fully working ships that you can sail across the sea
    – Tech: Of course you cant have a good pack without tech mods, we have: RFTools, Mekanism, Immersive Engineering, and much more


    We hope you have fun playing our server!

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