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armor power 3

Welcome to PanzerKraft 3, the 3rd installment of the beloved PanzerKraft series, not set at the high of the cold war. We have a wide variety of countries to play as where you can build realistic cold war vehicles and defend in raid against enemy factions.

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Classic RPG | Interact with the pirates in the game, explore and find new treasures while leveling up and gaining new skills to protect yourself from danger in this incredible world.
Skills | Each pirate will have 15 skills which can be upgraded as you gain more experience playing and having fun.
⚓ Customized Intro | Customized game start for greater server immersion.
⚓ Ambient Sounds | Sounds of environment in the main biomes, as much in the bottom of the sea, like in the dungeon or the surface, will be able to listen to these incredible sounds, that attenuate and change according to the hour within the game.
⚓ Treasure Chests +36 | Throughout the main map you can find treasure chests, which are usually guarded by dangerous monsters.
⚓ Treasure Crate | Get the keys and get awesome rewards.
⚓ Voting Crate | Players voting for the server may receive a key to obtain a reward.
⚓ World Events | Discover the events that occur in the main world, where you can search for the mysteries of the Kraken, or find all the cannibals, you can also try to loot the booty of the thieving pirates.

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Admirals Of Adamaria 1.18.1 | Towny | Movecraft | PvP

Sails at full, but completely motionless...

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⎈ Adamaria is a vast world with much to see! ⎈
Admirals of Adamaria has officially launched and we’re inviting all to come join us. Whether you’re a peaceful hermit living off the grid, a war-mongerer with a hunger for power, a humble merchant looking to turn a profit, or a pioneer seeking to chart Adamarian Seas, this world awaits your mark!

  Pictured below is the hapless colony of Edmundstown (the world spawn). Food shortages have resulted in a mass banishing of your fellow colonists and you drew a short straw, so it’s time to pack your bags again. So take your bread, boat and your blade and head off into the unknown.
Every so often, there will be small sailboats on a beach just to the East of spawn. New players are welcome to take one and sail into open ocean. With a world size of 45,000 x 45,000, there is plenty of exploration to be done.

Smoldering crops of Edmundstown

Admirals of Adamaria sports the latest version of Movecraft and is a spectacular way of getting around.

As you progress, you will gain the ability to pilot bigger, heavier and faster ships. Join the discord for more information!

Ship Comparison


With the exception of border griefing, griefing is generally allowed. Joining a town will protect you from the dreadful anarchy of the wilderness!

Fort Vitroseau

Admirals of Adamaria has its very-own trade system. Unique to the server, it allows the player to take up the role of a merchant. Buying and selling goods based on a proprietary supply-and-demand system. Our development team is constantly working on ways to improve its fluidity and balance.

Below, you can see dye vats located on the Kaelian Islands.

Caelian Dye Vats

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Sailable Ships, Cannons, Claims, Brewing, PvP, and lots of custom plugins set in the Golden Age of Piracy. The server was recently created, and is currently in ALPHA testing period. Lore: 1706, british empire discovers a portal going into a new dimension near the coast of Americas.


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SilverearthMC Movecraft server!

Welcome to one of the friendliest servers ever! Silverearth is an earth server with the addition of Factions and Lovecraft where you can pilot your own ship airship or whatever you desire and fight other nations, Protect your own or just stay peacefully! but of course, raiding is encouraged!

Discord server :

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CCNet | Geopolitics | Ships | Towny |

CCNet is back, with two new gamemodes!

Nations is a geopolitical sandbox set on a 1:1000 scale map of Earth.

Stake your claim to the world and found a town. Join or form a nation, navigating the treacherous waters of diplomacy and warfare to survive and expand. Construct naval, ground and aerial vehicles to assert dominance over the skies and seven seas, and engage your foes in sieges that involve intense vanilla combat, guns and artillery. Improve your productive capacity using dozens of machines and supply goods to fuel your war machine, or become a peaceful trader ferrying items across the world. Whether you are a builder wanting to build a beautiful city, PvPer looking for combat or roleplayer interested in running a nation – there is a place for everyone in Nations. The only question is this: can you build a nation that will stand the test of time?


  • Dynamic, player-run economy consisting of hundreds of shops and custom plugins to show economic data and facilitate trade.
  • Build moving land, naval and aerial vehicles, such as tanks, dreadnoughts and aircraft carriers.
  • Wage war using artillery and custom-modelled WW1-era guns.
  • Custom Towny mechanics such as nation coups and vassalization.
  • Craft machines and custom items to aid you on your quest.
  • Towny is a peaceful gamemode for those who would like to build. Construct a town, and band together with other people to create a thriving nation. Construct massive factories, huge machines and epic gear with Slimefun!

    You can visit our website at

    Click here to join our Discord server!

    We hope to see you in-game!

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    BlitzKraft | 1.17.1 | Guns | Movecraft | Towny | Earth Map

    BlitzKraft | 1.17.1 | Guns | Movecraft | Towny | Earth Map Minecraft Server

    Version: 1.17.1


    BlitzKraft is a WW2 themed PVP server with guns, tanks, planes, submarines, and much more. You can log in and begin building your base anytime, the server is up 24/7. Create your own town, join a nation, conquer your neighbors, or just try to live peacefully as a citizen and start your own brewery. The whole earth is yours to explore, join us now and take control of your own destiny. Glory awaits!



    43 different guns to collect
    4 deadly new melee weapons
    5 types of throwable explosives



    /w Exotic Garden


    & more!

    BlitzKraft | 1.17.1 | Guns | Movecraft | Towny | Earth Map Minecraft Server

    Cannons Earth Faction Pvp Factions Historical History Movecraft Planes Pvp Roleplay Ships Tanks Ww2




    Server IP:

    Version: 1.15.2

    Hi! We’ve just released our new WW2 server on Veteran’s Day and are looking for players. You can join any nation you want and start playing immediately without having to wait on a faction leader to invite you or apply on some forum. We have guns, movecraft, and waifus. There are also staff applications on our website.

    Come join us!

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    PirateCraft – Pirate themed minecraft server, build working ships and cannons! 1.12.2 – 1.16.3

    ⚓ Connect:

    ⚓ Website:

    ⚓ Discord:

    ⚓ Rules:

    ⚓ Live Map:

    ⚓ Getting Started:

    ⚓ Detailed Guides:

    About us

    PirateCraft is a Pirate themed Minecraft survival server. We are a 5 year tight-knit community that’s developed over the years into a wonderful family.

    Our ethos for running PirateCraft is to have a permanent map that isn’t ever Reset, builds will be kept and protected, you can disappear for 3 months and come back to carry on where you left off! We’ve had players come back after 3 years and continue where they left off!

    The world doesn’t get stale, Land & abandoned claims are regenerated over time to keep it fresh and clean, players can request Claims and Land to be removed and regenerated by our Staff Team.

    Staff act like police, they only intervene when asked, you are mostly left to make your own way in PirateCraft, be it Solo or an Empire. We have a rich History documented over the years on our Wiki

    Getting Started

    There are no hurdles to get started, spawn is small, you just need to leave it in any direction to get started.
    You spawn a deckhand on a shipwreck just off the coast, where has your crew gone? Gather resources and build yourself a home to survive. Do you Build your own Empire or Join an existing one? Maybe you fight as cut-throat solo Pirate laying down your own rules!
    We have an in-depth getting started guide on our website:

    PirateCraft - Pirate themed minecraft server, banner


    ☠ Moving ships, you can design and build your own ships then sail them, no mods needed! Battle, sink and steal Pirate ships, attach our working cannons too!
    ☠ Build and shoot cannons!
    ☠ Vast Crew System
    ☠ Survival game play with GriefPrevention protection and siege turned on.
    ☠ Build custom working Portcullis gates for castles!
    ☠ Build working bridges for your castle moats!
    ☠ Ranking system, to work your way up through the ranks unlocking bigger ships and perks
    ☠ Custom brewing of your own grog! Custom brewing technique, age your grog in barrels!
    ☠ Player marketplace to rent shops and sell/buy!
    ☠ No mods needed! Join now at


    ☠ Videos
    ☠ Gallery (Needs a lot of photos added!)
    ☠ Blog of competitions & Builds of the Month are listed on the homepage

    We look forward to meeting you!

    Creative Cruiseships Ships Showcase

    RCL Yards

    RCL Yards is a Minecraft shipbuilding and architecture server where you can come on, build, have fun, and even have your builds shown off! The server itself is whitelist only but if you want to come on and become a builder there is a Google Form below! See you There! – CaptainPig14


    Builder Application Form: