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Semi-Vanilla Tyme

Brand new map starting 11/6!

Semi-Vanilla Tyme offers a twist on the vanilla experience, with some features that you’ve seen on HermitCraft. We are a whitelisted community and in order to play, you must apply. We encourage those applying to put effort in to their application.

Some highlights include:

  • Shop district
  • Player built spawn
  • Expansive Nether tunnels
  • Teleporting
  • McMMO
  • Multi-player sleep
  • Player head drops (from killing players)
  • Mob heads
  • Mini blocks (from wandering traders)
  • Weekly competitions and events
  • UHC Sundays
  • We have an environment that promotes awesome builds and community; we are excited to see what you will bring to Semi-Vanilla Tyme!
    This server is part of Vanilla Tyme, a mature, active community.

    We have an active Discord, that everyone is encouraged to join.
    You can apply to play here:
    You can join our server here:

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    Fruitlab Vanilla Survival | No Micro Transactions | Never Reset

    Why you’d LOVE it here:

    • Survival (Vanilla)
    • Creative
    • Skywars
    • Hunger Games
    • Skyblock (Coming soon)

    • No paying elements whatsoever
    • Never RESET!
    • Relaxed mods
    • Weekly Tournaments
    • Events
    • Latest Version of Minecraft
    • A Cool Community
    • And more ways to play in the future
    • Constant Updates

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    OpVis Network – Survival, PVP, Creative

    Welcome to OpVis Gaming!

    Whether you are looking for a slow-paced survival with your friends, a creative server to compete in build offs, or a ruthless PVP server with a custom map, we have it all. We are a small server community where we put the players first.

    Here are the three main servers we have to offer:
    Survival: Slow-pace Minecraft survival with an economy.
    Creative: Flat plot world where you can build for fun or take part in our build competitions
    PVP: Anything-goes PVP custom map. No claims, no shops, no worries!

    Make sure to join our discord!

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    Hey you! Yeah you!

    This is EquiNation! A brand new Community based Equestrian server!

    At EquiNation we offer a range of things you can spend your time doing, from competing in shows to breeding your horses!

    some notable features you may enjoy are…

    • A Free starter 50 x 50 block region, so you can start building your dream barn!

    • A Free starter horse you can start competing in different events!

    • Join one of the server businesses like the Vet or the Tackshop to earn more money!

    • Different minigames ranging from Boat Races to PvP

    • An Achievement based ranking system! the more achievements you complete the higher your rank!

    • Swearing is allowed on the server but we wont tolerate any bullying or demeaning messages towards the players!

    Come online and introduce yourself to the community and join us as we take on all the adventures that await!

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    Welcome to Light!

    We are a newly launched semi-survival server with a range of great plugins like MCMMO, Fishing Competitions, GriefPrevention and more! In the future we look to be introducing loot crates and other game modes.

    Join our discord for the full run down on the server and to keep updated with everything server related.

    Currently not looking for staff.

    – The Team

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    Server Address


    Welcome to Mythic Miner! Our world has unlimited possibilities and endless fun for all types of gamers.

    Players can upgrade their skills using the MCMMO stats, Earn $ through in-game jobs and Set up shops to gain profit.

    Some other features include: Land Claiming, Upgrade-able Battle Pets, Gambling , Contests, Battle arenas, Mini games, Arcade games and much much more!!

    Come on in and check it out or visit out website at the link below for more info!

    Website :

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    WonderCraft – Survival Slimefun 1.15.2

    Welcome to Wondercraft, a magical place of limitless possibilities and endless fun for you to enjoy!

    Here at Wondercraft, we are a community driven, Slimefun-based SMP server suited for every type of player you could think of. Here, you can build anything you want, venture wherever you want to go. Forge the strongest tools and weapons, engineer your own working Jet Pack, or swing amongst the trees with your very own grappling hook! Whether you’re interested in complex machinery, beautiful architecture or becoming the richest, most successful mineman on the server, we have the facilities to make your dreams come true! It’s time to view the world of Minecraft in a whole new light.

    For the more experienced players looking for a challenge look no further…
    With our brand new HARDCORE server, even the most hardened Minecraft players will struggle here. With PVP enabled and no rules against griefing or raiding you will need to fight. Defend your base with traps, fend off any raiders and make sure to watch your back. Wondercraft Hardcore is a place where your skills are truly tested… Are YOU up for the challenge?

    With fresh and unique custom content not seen anywhere else and regular building competitions and giveaways offering the chance to win FREE RANKS and REAL CASH PRIZES, there is endless fun to be had. Come along and stay a while! Because this is the most significant SMP server, you’ll ever set foot in! Here at Wondercraft, the only limit is your imagination.

    Join us at
    See you soon!

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    💜 Blockface 1.15.2 – BEST Creative Server ►Free Gadget/Pets/Mounts ◕ Freebuild World ◕ 125×125 Plots ◕ Free WorldEdit ◕ Jukebox

    Thank you for checking us out! More detailed text version is available at the bottom.

    Blockface -


    Server IP:
    [ Forums ] [ Discord Link ]

    Blockface is a brand new Creative Minecraft community. It’s aimed for people who’s trying to find a place where they can just Chill and talk or build without getting interrupted.

    Quite old and experienced, we’re actually founded back then in 2012 but the server itself have been relaunched several time over the years. (About us)

    See our Getting Started guide. Don’t forget to read our Rules.

    Our Worlds
    Flat Plot World

  • Large 125×125 Plots (You get one upon joining but you can request to claim more plots later). Plots are mergeable to up to 1000×1000.
  • Free Build World

  • Don’t like Plot? Worry not we have a Natural terrain world, for the advanced builders. This World is Grief protected.
  • Archived world

  • Sometimes we put our old maps online – back from 2011-2017, for people to see.
  • Features

  • Dead Simple Rank system.
  • Custom plugins, We have a few custom plugins in place and most plugins are heavily configured to suits our need.
  • Large 125 x 125 mergeable plots
  • Natural Freebuild World (For the advanced builders)
  • Gadgets/trails/pets/mounts
  • WorldEdit/VoxelSniper
  • Armor Stand GUI/BannerMaker GUI
  • Free Rank upgrade
  • Shop and Coins. We have a Coin economy system in which you can earn coin by voting/just being online (Free coins at hourly rate). You can get more permission at the /shop
  • Regular Update (We make changes/adjustment regularly to keep improving the server!)
  • Join now
    Server IP:
    Our Forums:
    Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch

    Quote from bluezero3»
    This is an AWESOME server! I literally JUST joined and I feel at home :)

    Quote from onepiece189»

    This is a very nice server! I wouldn’t normally reply to a server thread but I made an exception for this one. I even registered an account.
    Big vouch for me, You guys are really trying to start an amazing community :)

    It’s full of mature members, quality build and everything is so neat and organized.
    I recommend checking out this server :)

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    Minecraft Dickgirls Server

    Minewind is where the most popular dickgirls play all day. Dickgirls do exist in Minecraft and they are actually fucking awesome. But there’s also a certain type of dick-girl that is so fucking awful that I’m sick to death of them. You won’t remember the names of any of them because they’re all so gross I wouldn’t be able to put them in my story, but these are the dicks I like most.

    Dickgirls preparing for a good nights sleep on a crafted white bed in Minecraft.

    There was this dude in a server where he owned a clan and it has been in use for about 8 years now, and it had always been a very popular place to find other dickgirls. Most of the time his dickgirls were just there to hang out, but there were a few who actually did his fucking bidding, and for whatever reason they kept popping up in different clans. Some days it would be a dickgirl who was in the same clan. Other times it would be five dickgirls all having their own clan together, with the clan leader taking them out for drinks and making them do things that the clan leader needed them to do.

    What I am trying to say is that there is no shortage of dickgirls in Minewind. I have just recently started the process of moving towards becoming a real cybernetic dickgirl and I don’t think your argument is very fair to my motivation for doing so. We will talk about that and how to proceed better over a month or so later. I am very aware of how difficult this is coming from me, especially to you who were not there the first time I did so.

    Tamed pet wolf girl ready to protect Steve and other players in the house.

    I have not said that my goal is to become a real dickgirl. I am not interested in the world as such. My goal is to be just a dickgirl who enjoys playing Minecraft and interacting with other people. The idea that that is more difficult than getting out of bed wearing underwear. I may make you sad. I know I do. That’s okay.

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