Bosses Custombosses Custommobs Customores Dragons Dungeons Magic Morebiomes Nop2w Noreset Survival Weapons

1.20.4 / 🛠️ Custom Ore / 🔮 Dungeons / 👹 Bosses / Modded 🏞️ Survival / 🚫 No Reset / 💻 PC 🎮 XBOX 🎮 PS4,5 📱 MOBILE

I used to play minecraft all the time with my dad, the old man could never figure out mods, 8 years later now that I’m 21 and a software engineer student and after 2-3 months of work and whacking the good old Eclipse I made a server with custom ores, 500+ dungeons, custom biomes, furniture, souls like boss mechanics and around 700+ hours of content, but the catch is you need no mods!!! It’s all server sided and you just load a small resourcepack on join, If you’re interested in joining me and some friends and playing DM me or write a comment.

We added bedrock support! Although it’s in beta it works pretty well, bedrock players can see furniture, custom armor, backpacks as well as explore cool dungeons and all the cool new biomes we added. We’re looking for bedrock players to join us and play.

To join on these devices

Add friend DSMC1516 on XBOX, PS4, PS5, PSN, Mobile, Nintendno and join through the friendlist 🙂

Build City Community Crafting Custom Donations Enchants Exploration Fight Fun Futurama Guns Leveling Looting Openworld Pve Pvp Quests Server Survival Weapons

FutureMC | 1.20.4+ | Open world | Guns | Heavily Custom

FutureMC is a server which contains heavily custom features and gameplay including, weapons, transportation, futurama inspired map, custom crafting, recipes and more.

Armor Community Dungeons Economy Epic Friendly Keepinv Magic Mmorpg Nop2w Survival Terralith Warm Weapons Worlds

Exploria 🔍⚔️ | Crafting 🛠️💎 | Magic ✨ | Adventure 🌈🎮 | Community 🤝🌐 | No P2W 🚫💰 | Custom Bosses 📜👹 | Rewards 🎁🌌

🌟 Welcome

**Embark on an unparalleled MMO RPG Adventure** in a world brimming with magic and mystery! 🌍🔮

🔍 **Explore & Conquer: With over 500 Dungeons** 🏰 & 300+ Biomes 🌳, adventure awaits at every corner!

✨ **Magic Awaits: Cast spells** and harness the power of custom items to defeat your foes.

👹**Epic Boss Fights & Storylines:** Engage with custom bosses and immerse yourself in captivating narratives. 📖

🛠️ **Superior Crafting: Forge top-tier armor** 🔧 with unique Custom Ore Like **Amber Ruby and Jade**. Become the legend you were meant to be.

🌍 **Worlds of Challenge**: From Easy to Hardcore RLC Craft Mode, choose your path. 🚀

🤝**Friendly Community:** Join our no-grief, positive gaming environment. Make friends and rivals, not enemies!

🎁 **Rewards & Realms:** Earn Playtime Ranks ⏰ and explore unique realms, including the custom End and Nether. 🟣 🔥

📚 **Interactive Quests:** Dive into an ever-evolving story quest line with Spellbooks and Mana.

🎮 **Join Exploria for a fair, immersive MMO RPG experience.** Be part of a community that values fun, fairness, and adventure. 🎉

🌐 **Play, Explore, and Create Memories! Your adventure starts here.** 🚀

2b2t 3b3t 9b9t Anarchy Factions Legendary Mcprison Minewind Overpowered Pvp Survival Tsengpixel Weapons

TsengPixel Anarchy – Better than 2b2t!

TsengPixel Anarchy – Better than 2b2t!
Anarchy | Factions | PVP | OP Legendary Weapons
1. In Minecraft, click Multiplayer and then Add Server.
2. Enter (the IP above does not work) into the Server Address box.
3. Ensure that Server Resource Packs is set to Enabled and click Done.
*** NO MODS *** Please remove all your mods (except for Optifine and cheat/hack clients) or use vanilla launchers otherwise you will be permanently banned. *** NO MODS ***
Server uptime: when im happy
Server domain: TsengPixel Anarchy Official Domain (don’t click, the website is dangerous)
Support sites: TsengGames @TsengGames @TsengGames @TsengGames

2b2t 3b3t 9b9t Anarchy Factions Legendary Mcprison Minewind Overpowered Pvp Survival Tsengpixel Weapons

TsengPixel Anarchy

TsengPixel Anarchy – Better than 2b2t!
Anarchy | Factions | PVP | OP Legendary Weapons
Support sites: TsengGames @TsengGames @TsengGames
Server domain: TsengPixel Anarchy Official Domain (don’t click, the website is dangerous)

Aid Army Cops Correctional Escape Fighting Fps Gangs Guns Jail Jailbreak Millitary Newserver Police Prison Prisonescape Pvp Riot Robbers Roleplay Survival Weapons

Oakwood Correctional | Prison Escape Roleplay 🚔 Looking for Staff & Admins!

Welcome to Oakwood Correctional Facility

Our goal is to house dangerous, reoffending, unreformable criminals into full-out war criminals and keep them secured and contained from humanity’s vulnerability and innocence. Publicly, there are regulations being followed to ensure our facility inmates are well-fed, and have clean and safe conditions, along with humane punishments and access to many work opportunities and medical assistance.

Our Vision
Choose your story!

Players will be able to choose the life they want to live at Oakwood Correctional Facility.

Inside of Oakwood, complete missions, quests, and more to gain weapons and access to officer areas only.

Pickpocket or find keycards to escape from the prison, without getting caught!

Create gangs, sell blackmarket items, and more!

Outside of the prison, find abandoned and developing towns to rob, create bases, and more!

Beware, police officers are always on the lookout throughout the district.

Want to become a police officer?

Officers at Oakwood are incharge of keeping all inmates in line, giving humane punishments to the ones who are doing wrong, and making sure no inmates escape. They will guard the inside of the prison, and as well as the surrounding islands outside the prison. Use handcuffs to arrest players, tasers, guns, etc!

Join our staff team!
Interested in creating this one of a kind experience?

We’re looking for staff members! Builders, Developers, Roleplay Designers, and more!

If you want to stay updated on our server progress or any more information join our discord server!

Join our discord here!

Battlegear Chaos Forge Furniture Invasion Moddedserver Modpack Server Survival Tech Tekkit Tornadoes Trains Weapons

Zilla’s Modded: Chaos Edition

Survive in a world of mild chaos; wacky mobs, tornadoes, and invasions!

Zilla’s Modded: Chaos Edition is a Forge 1.12.2 modpack server based on the idea of chaos, unique experiences, and dynamic gameplay. Each time you play you’ll see something new, whether it be a mob variant, structure, natural event, item, or a new game mechanic. Unlike other chaos based modpacks, this one is still meant to be fair to the player; the mobs may feel incredibly overpowered at times, but so are you if you play to your strengths ;]

The modpack uses Zilla’s Modded’s gameplay principles as a foundation, so there are near infinite ways to play correctly. There are always multiple ways to complete a task, even a task as simple as mining (pickaxes, robots, or even trains can be used to mine!). There’s something fun for everyone, whether you’re a technical player, PVPer, builder, or anything in-between. We’re looking for more players, so tell your friends!

Modpack download:

You can import and run the modpack with CurseForge launcher, Prism launcher, or ATlauncher (ATlauncher is preferred). Other launchers aren’t guaranteed to work.

Discord community server for Zilla’s Modded:


Important crafting tip: If you open your inventory and look to the right, there is a small menu that helps you see what items are possible to craft, and how to craft them. Search for any item you want with the search bar (you can search “Blunderbuss” for example), and click on the item to see its crafting recipe.

It is recommended to comb through the list of mods in this modpack, and look at their CurseForge pages and wikis to see what they allow you to do; there is no official guide for Zilla’s Modded, it is up to you to figure out what playstyle works for you :]

The full list of mods included in the modpack can be found here:

Anarchy Argentina Bolivia Bosses Car Cars Chile Guns Helicopter Helicopters Japan Magic Peru Pets Planes Powers Survival Usa Weapons Zombies



link: Resourcepack Tecnomagic (FREE)

If you wanna see all the bosses and OP weapons, go to discord!:

Admin Building Discord Hunt Other Pvp Survival Treasure Weapons

admin weapon survival [1.20.1]

a survival server were you have to travel the world to find hidden admin only weapons that you can use in PVP and BUILDING!!!!
the weapons are a secret and will only be revealed once someone has found all the clues and collected the item including the knockback 10000 stick and debug stick for PVP and BUILDING!!!! so join and have fun in our new server see you soon:).
the discord will be made in the next day or so for vc and chatting.

Bedrock Crossplay Earth Enchants Java Lifesteal Survival Vehicles Weapons

Juice Network

Juice Network offers a custom LifeSteal x Earth experience to both Java and Bedrock players! The Server features custom enchantments, vote rewards, custom weapons and vehicles and much more!

1000 4gb Cannon Land Claims Login Peaceful Redstone Rise Setup Slots Survival Survival Games Survivals Terrain The Walls


Hello, I have been running a minecraft server lately and we have been having money troubles and player login troubles. While most new comers usually stay we barely have 10 players at a time on and none of them donate using our setup BuyCraft account. We have made only $20 of $40 this month. We are struggling and need answers. How can we get more donations, all money we earn goes toward helping the server strive and stay alive but without those donations we won’t live to serve the community.

The server has the following:
55 Slots w/4GB of Ram, 24/7 Hosting 1000 Mbps
Easy, Normal, Hard, and Peaceful survival.
Redstone and Plot creative worlds
Raiding, Cannon Tnt, PVP/War worlds

Survivals, Land Claims, More features, and Custom Terrain
A server website
Server Artist
A small active staff
Updates every week

Ability Datapack Eaten Harry Killing Lang Lord Lord of The Rings No Griefing No hacking Pmc Redit Rings Survival Witch

Rings whitelisted

This was inspired by Pleasenotme on PMC. im making this becaus his sever is no longer Whitelist witch is what this will be.
This is a datapack run lord of the rings whitelist server.
No griefing
No hacking
no spawn killing
No threatening
No Abusive language

The datapack you see below is made by Pleasenotme he takes all the credit for this server
I am also using aternos to run this server so if you have aternos i will let you have the ability to open the sever

If you want to be whitelisted contact me on PMC or discord. Discord name:Harrymorti311#3940

Fol Follow Great Group Lore Mall Node Noop Oup People Som Survival Swe Swedish Target

Skates SMP

A small survival server with some plugins,factions,lore and of course a great community! our three factions are the factions of slateu, Skates Land and A group of swedish people! You will be welcomed to join this server! our discord is

Australia Australian Bedrock Cked Cpvp Cracked Crystal Griefing Java Massive Purity Purityvanilla Pvp Survival Vanilla

PurityAU Cpvp/Sword PVP (Griefing no land Claims) Cracked,Java,Bedrock

Hey Im The Owner of PurityAU Here!!! My name is vCrystalAura or some might know me as Dqwud I Am here To Make a Pvp and Australian Version of Purity Vanilla with Diffrent Twist I Wanna Make This A Massive and Dedicated Server Subscribe to Me on Youtube The Discord To The Minecraft Server Is Stay Safe And i Would love to See You On here!!!!

Ability Anarchy Anticheat Anticheats Bedrock Bedrock Edition Cheats Crossplay Lag Machine Machines Patch Semivanilla Survival Trueanarchy Zero is a 1.19 anarchy server. It strives to be the best anarchy server by utilizing anticheats, exploit patches, and ZERO admin interference (except in the case of lag machines or server stability). The server is cross compatible with Bedrock edition, just use the same IP and port 19132.

0.14 200 Account Add Center Count Cri Description Enter His Neo Our Script Survival Multiplayer Your

NeonCraft server Minecraft

NeonCraft server owner hasn’t added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

/s/ Collectibles Expansion Incendium Lsc Music Netherite null Nullscape Pebblehost Roles Smp Survival Terralith Wholesome

Swifties SMP

Swifties SMP: Flames to Embers

Swifties SMP is a Minecraft server by swifties, for swifties, and for everyone. Featuring world generation datapacks such as Terralith, The fire, Nullscapeand The Swift Biomes.

– A crates system to collect Swift-related collectibles.
– A simple economy system, featuring Jobs and Player Shops.
– Custom world-generation, brought by the datapacks mentioned above.
– A custom resource pack, which adds custom discs and paintings. Get it here.
– Wholesome, accepting, music-lover community.
– Netherite scarcity.

– No spamming/advertising
– No use of offensive/derogatory language
– No use of abusive bugs or glitches (dupes)
– No cheating (xray, hacked clients)
– Keep the server environment free of harassment/derogatory messages against minorities.
– Have fun!

Join the Discord and get the @Swifties SMP role from #smp-roles to unlock the channels.
The server launched on May 7th 2022, which is kindly hosted by our friends over at PebbleHost. Check them out!

1.19 Survival Award Chestshop Chestshops Creativeplots Landclaim Parkour Random Uhc Randomizer Sale Survival Turfwars Tweaks Uhc Ultrahardcore

Lex Network

Discord Server
Lex Network modes and games:
Currently Lex Network has:
Infinite Parkour (>50 players)
1.19 Survival (Has powercell-based land claims, chest shops, economy, rtp, tpa. 1-12 players)

Turf Wars (Only 1 map currently, will be improved. Play to earn currency to buy better kits. 2-8 players)

1.19 Creative plot-world, 10×10 plots
Suggest more to add in the discord server! I will likely get around to adding suggested things, but I may not explore it if nobody suggests it.

Server Features:

This server is made to thrive off of player suggestions and it’s own community. The server specs are perfect enough to handle plenty of servers & players at 20 TPS, but if there needs to be upgrading I will be running fundraisers towards either Azure servers or upgraded hardware (<– more likely)
I will also award MUCH LARGER for anyone willing to create a more lively hub world, or contribute more directly to the server’s improvement.

There is no buycraft link. No proceeds will be made off of this server. Venmo donations will be accepted upon direct request. I just want people to have fun & spend less of their time looking at sale banners and price tags. Have fun everyone 🙂

10k Archer Archers Bill Democracy Diplomacy Employme Journeyman Rift Spider Survival Terror Wayward Worker Workers – A Land of Peace, War, and Democracy



This server is not complete, but it’s finally complete enough for me to open it up (I am paying for it after all).

Plugin wise, this server is very simple, towny being the only plugin of feature. I wanted to keep things simple, in a bid to instead encourage players to plant their own ideas into the world.

The ranks system, and jobs system, are combined in a way, and yet serve neither function as one might be accustom to. Each week you can go to the unemployment office to change your rank, gaining for yourself new kits and commands which you can use to sell and provide services to your fellow players as the primary means of making money. You can also find special ranks hidden through the world, where you can provide services that no one else can!

Why did I do this?

I want to encourage players to interact, to depend on each other, which will encourage Peace in the world. Towns are provided with vast amounts of land to claim territory, but PVP is always enabled. Towns must build walls, traps, and use mob eggs/spawners to protect their bustling community of Merchants, Mail Carriers, Archers, Bounty Hunters, and more! Use the natural environment, such as a ravine full of spiders, or an impenetrable snow drift to block enemies from attacking your peaceful town.

Towny outlaws are enabled, where mayors can force their own punishment against players that attack their community and jail them for a period of time!

Throughout the world I have built structures, biomes changed and diversified that you’ve never seen before, and more! I attach many of these “world enhancements” in the photos. There are more: but then the surprise would be gone!

This server has VERY limited teleports! No /tpa, no /sethome! But don’t worry: it’s also limited to 10k x10k blocks, for now!

Once the first Grand Director (the highest ranking member of staff and general player, elected by the entire server) is elected, players can begin submitted bills to change the rules, gameplay and anything else they want on the server. I am the owner, but I want the server to be community lead. The Grand Director is a position that any player can be elected to to become the de-facto manager of the server for one month.

In addition, town mayors, and national governors, gain even more abilities beyond the regular player, and facilitate in world-wide peace, war, and diplomacy that is fueled by player created communities.

Will you be a wayward trading post for long journeyman or the manage of a large diamond mine with many workers to inhabit it? Will your nation be one of Peace and free travel, or one of pillage and war, terrorizing towns into destroying to expand your own land?


Small towns are perfect to protect you and your friends, but don’t expect to make an empire. Town land claims grow exponentially as they do, encouraging the development of massive empires to protect your citizens from attack, and protecting large and creative builds crossing hundreds of blocks!

I hope you join and check it out, there is a suggestion box at spawn, maybe you can tell me how to improve my graphic design. Which I’m saying right now, I’m not dealing with today. I need play testers.

Thanks! 😀

Aureliumskills Banks California Claim Dungeons Economy Endgame Guild Mmoitems Rpgsurvival San Antonio Skyblock Smp Survival Top G

ExodianCraft (Brand New Release!)


A brand new RPG SMP server that focuses on leveling progression, Guilds, and Dungeons. You can choose to play with friends in a party, guild, or even play solo!

We have custom weapons, gear, and abilities with over 200+ enchantments!

You can earn everything through grinding and playing on the server, our enchantment crate containing all the custom enchantment books, can be opened with 25k In-game coins.
Looking for an active player base 🙂

What makes ExodianCraft different?

Don’t you want to find that new unique server? A fresh start in something new, where you can become a loyal player, enjoying the grind of the RPG aspect in Minecraft.

We are starting the season off with letting the player base create their guilds, bases, and leveling up to take on Luther’s Castle (Dungeon). Season 2 will follow shortly after we feel the player base is strong enough to unlock more dungeons and raids!

We are also going to have Guild Wars, and award the top guilds of the server with custom gear and weapons. Just by being apart of a guild will allow you to participate in events and win you awards for the rest of your guild!

Key Plugins

Plugins that will make our server stand out from the others in the RPG world include:

  • Aureliumskills
  • Griefprevention (Claim Areas)
  • Insane Shops (You can even make your own shops with chests!)
  • dungeon system
  • Auction House
  • Banks
  • Citizens
  • MMOItems
  • What are you waiting for!!! Come join us on ExodianCraft and let’s start the server off right, grind for endgame and let us get strong together!

    We are also looking for loyal players to become admins, if you enjoy the server and end up having a lot of play time, message me on discord and we will go from there!

    If you need any help feel free to message me, Avion#7619 on discord.

    Server info



    Running: 1.18.2

    Location: San Antonio, California


    Check our website for detailed rules.

    Disney Disneyland Disneylandmc Leb Mcmagic Minecraft Disney Minecraft Java Minecraft Java Edition Minecraft World Minecreaft Parks Public Server Replica Resort Rings

    MCMagic – Minecraft Disneyland!

    Join our Discord!

    MCMagic is a Minecraft Java Edition Version 1.12.2 Public Server that brings true Disney magic into the Minecraft world via. our 1:1 replica builds of real-life Disney Theme Parks and Resorts.

    Our Team is extremely committed to bringing the Disney magic to each of our Guests, no matter where you might be! We are a friendly and welcoming community that is excited to Welcome you Home! So, what do you say?

    Come celebrate the Magic with Us!

    IP: (Java Edition 1.12.2)

    Account Aternos Exaroton Lin Mal Mall O P Offline Oto Pay Play Pvp Rot Small Survival Multiplayer

    This server is offline.lADa fOnly pay to play Minecraft server

    The server owner “This server is offline.lADa fOnly pay to play” has not added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

    Dad Daddy Emo Enjin Mcserver Mon Open Open World Pixel Pixelmon Poke Pokemon Style Survival Multiplayer Tps


    Pixelmon is just open world pokemon.


    1.19 Air Builds Chest Claiming Complet Fair Friendly Fru Goal Quests Rui Smp Survival Uptime

    Fruity Craft SMP | Custom Quests | 24/7 Uptime | Land Claim | Friendly Community | 1.19

    Fruity Craft SMP
    Our Features:
    – 24/7 Server Uptime
    – Land Claiming To Protect Your Land And Builds
    – Custom Quests To Complete And Earn In-Game Rewards
    - Friendly Community
    - Player Chest Shops
    Our Goal:
    - Fun Experience For Everyone
    - Everything Is Fair
    - You Enjoy The Server

    Command Commands Developed Gamemodes Generation Helpful Homes Hybrid Multipleworlds Silver Smp Starting Survival Valley Water

    Hybrid Valley MC


    Hybrid Valley MC is a starting server with intent to add various different modes to play.

    Currently we have:
    Survival with land protection, homes and various other types of helpful commands
    – SMP with PVP enabled, no land protection, home command and custom world generation (this mode is currently still being worked on and is not at all finished)

    1.19 1.19 Survival Bases Cities Crossplay Hate Javabedrockcrossplay Pat Smp Ssp Survival Towns Townysurvival Vanilla Wns

    The Purple Patty SMP

    The Purple Patty SMP Is A 1.19 Survival SMP With Bedrock Crossplay Where You Can Do Whatever You Want And Make Bases, Towns, And Cities With All Your Friends

    Abilities Access Automatic Health Iece In Minecraft In Survival Level Levels Pie Piece Points Sell Skills Survival

    Missing Pieces Gaming – Blocks

    Welcome to the Missing pieces gaming Minecraft Server! The server is automatically in survival. There is an in-game shop which can be accessed by all players to both buy and sell things, mobs have different levels which corresponds to their health. You gain skill points for different skills in minecraft when more levels are gained there are more abilities available. The admins are also really kind too

    Dad Daddy East Elves Mcserver Pixelmon Pixelmon Server Pixelmonreforged Roleplay Steam Stream Streamer Streamerfriendly Streamerserver Ves


    Pixelmon for PixelDaddy’s. Streamer Pixelmon server with at least 6 active steamers! We wish for people to come join and enjoy the game as we do ourselves

    Big Currency Item Level Ops Players Plugin Pve Economy Recent Sell Shop Shops Star Start Started

    Big SMP

    This BIG SMP has a currency plugin where you can make your own shops and sell your own item’s, it has also just started recently so if you would join now then you would be at the same level and wealth as other players

    2022 Creato Creator Creators Critic Guy Hand Hard Hardcore Multiplayer Sleep Survival Teleport Vanilla Vanillasurvival


    BRAND NEW!! Created July 19, 2022. By Stitch and Elise. Basic vanilla survival with teleport added added as well as one player sleep. We are very new server creators so always open to critics! We can’t wait to see you guys there!! We are looking for staff BUT don’t ask for staff positions, they will not be handed out to just anyone.

    Minecraft Servers to Join

    The Minecraft servers are looking for dedicated players who will participate in their gaming community. Minecraft servers are completely free to play. Join today and play the best Minecraft servers in of the most popular games in the world! Players can join the server in a few different ways. First, you can download the Minecraft launcher, find the server and join with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you want to become a regular user of the Minecraft server, you can also apply to become a member of the community and make your presence known.

    Minecraft Servers List

    A Minecraft server (Java/Bedrock) is a server program that allows players to play the game of Minecraft. In this list you will find hundreds of online servers running the game of Minecraft. These servers offer players a safe place to play the game and have fun together. There are servers for just about any kind of game you can think of. This list contains many different types of top Minecraft servers and Best Java Minecraft Servers. Each server on the list is unique, hosting a variety of custom mods, game modes, and features that cater to the diverse preferences of Minecraft players.

    Minecraft Servers Survival

    Survival is the most popular servers type for Minecraft to play. You can find a lot of mods for it, and its population is really high. Minecraft survival servers are based on a more realistic Minecraft, and players here get to play on a world that has a lot of possibilities for how the game will play out. You can play on these servers with friends, and with the same servers and its features, your session is going to be more or less unique. In addition, it is more complicated than the other Minecraft servers, and to play you are going to have to become familiar with the game.

    Minecraft Skins for Minecraft Servers

    Show off your unique skin in the world of Minecraft with this huge variety of Minecraft skins. No matter if you're diving into survival challenges, enjoying community games, or just exploring server lists, you can stand out with a skin that matches your personality. Minecraft skins have something for everyone - whether you prefer simple or intricate designs. Looking for a skin of a specific color? You can easily find Minecraft skins sorted by color, making your search quick and convenient. So go ahead, give your Minecraft skin a fresh look!