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Starly’s Nest | Factions | PVP | MCMMO

Starly’s Nest is a factions based server. We are aiming to have a focus on raiding and base building, creating a competitive but positive environment. Server resets every 2 months.

Weekly in-game FTOP rewards.
End of Season Cash rewards.

Current Content:
– Crates
– Factions
– Mcmmo
– Server shops
– Auction house
– Silk Spawners

Upcoming content:
– Custom Enchants
– Player Shops
– NPCs

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IF you join the SMP, can you please join the Discord Server!

An nice competitive 1.18.2 Survival SMP for GAMERS for all SKILL levels
with MINIMAL rules including: No hacks, No combat-logging and no spawn-killing

Please support this server and make it more popular!

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These a French server
All types of explosions are allowed
Have fun and try not to rage ๐Ÿ˜‰
Mods need to be installed


In 1.12.2

This server is not open all the time (I like money).
If you want to play it, send me a message ([email protected]) between 6:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. for Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday and
On weekends between 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

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This is a new minecraft server that has multiple co-op minigames to play with friends! This Server Has The Following: Paintball For Any Amount Of Players from 1v1 2v2 3v3 & More, A Convenient and new Parkour That has Never Been Seen Before, An Auction House, And A Rank Store!
our list of minigames:
– bedwars
– skywars
– parkour
– UHC duels
– murder mysterys
– paintball
– splice

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Shed MC [Semi-vanilla][PVP] {Factions}{1.16.3}

Shed MC is an old-school Minecraft server made by some old school players.

For my self, I used to love playing factions with my friends and fighting other people with a good community. Now years down the line we’re looking for this experience again and wish for others to join us in the fun.

Factions, MCMMO, Lockette, Essentials, Multiverse.

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Anarchus 1.16.3 Vanilla+ Server / Custom Anarchy

Anarchus is a very unique server that prioritizes player experience. We have many unique features including but not limited to: OP custom items, a protected spawn, no claims, and custom mobs as well. Our OP custom items include many sets of armor, swords, bows and even potions with multiple, abnormally strong effects. You can learn more about these custom items by joining the server and visiting our library travel point via /tr library. These items are very effective for combat of course, but are also very versatile for dealing with mobs, many of which are extra strong on our server.

We have very little rules which can be found in game by running the command /rules. Our custom mobs are buffed: wither skeletons, witches, the ender dragon, and withers are all much stronger and may summon other mobs. They all drop custom items and lots of money. Other vanilla mobs have difficulty and health that scales as you travel further from the spawn.

For your personal gain we are allowing a limited time offer to new players: If you vote, you get the first donor rank, completely free! Anarchus also has a custom referral system where if you bring enough players to our server you will be able to rank up after 10 referrals, meaning you can get the second donor rank, Free (it is much more substantial than the first).

Anarchus also has new custom events coming up including our 2020 Halloween event and in time our Christmas 2020 event. With these events you can gain special limited time gear which can only be gained during the event, and never again! Event gear offers unique abilities and spells, and are also marked under the seasonal event they were from. We hope to see you online!

Anarchus Links
Server IP:
Online Webstore:
Email: [email protected]

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๐Ÿš€Xeras | A mars factions server! [Beta]

Welcome to ๐Ÿš€ Xeras a Mars factions server.

Join the Discord for more info!

We’re currently under development, fancy graphical post on the way!

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In this server you can spawn items and make bases.

Spawn Items With /I

Make a Crop Farm and use /Sell To Earn Money For Mob Spawners / Enchantments

PVP & RAIDING Enabled!

Map Size 5000 x 5000 in Each World.

Hacking Is Bannable

This Server IS Very Unique And You Might Not Think It SOUNDS Balanced, but it Is. Come Give Us A Shot.

We Also run a Classic Team Server WIth Soup Healing And Trackers. Visit our website for more information and to join our gaming community.

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Strangelands Build and Survival server

We currently only offer a Build server as the Survival counterpart is in development. The Server’s based on the Movecraft plugin wich allows players to build functioning vehicles (in our case Airships) without mods. You can even weaponize those crafts and use them to fight wars later on the Survival server.

The Build server offers:
– Player owned worlds
– An Arena to test ships or weapons

The Survival server is planned to release in the next few months.