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Goblin SMP


1.Don’t be a dick.
2.Don’t cheat. (Xray, Hack Clients, etc)
3.Don’t grief (unless both sides agree to allow griefing.) (also killing mobs/pets does not count as griefing)
Some examples of griefing may be, stealing a beacon or the blocks that activate it, destroying parts of a player made house/structure, killing mobs/entities that are in a farm that are needed for it to work, luring a creeper or a mob that can do damage to player made structures to somebody’s base with the intent to have the mob do damage to the base.
4.No Duping or showing others how to dupe (I dont know why I have to say this it should be obvious but some ppl are dumb)
5.No attacks on the server (DDoS, Lag Machines, anything that can make the server severely lag.)
6.No Crystal pvp. Its cringe
8. No racial or homophobic slurs. The word “retard” is allowed

Creative Discord English Shops


EN – Welcome to the NeighbourMC shop.

NeighborMC is a bilingual server, both Dutch and English. On the server you can play together with other players. Also join our discord. ( Here you can be helped by one of our active staff members with all your questions. or share your most beautiful buildings and work together with another creative person.

EN – Welcome to the NeighbourMC shop.

NeighbourMC is a bilingual server both Dutch and English. On the server you can play together with other players. Join our discord. ( Here you can be helped by one of our active staff members with all your questions. or share your most beautiful buildings and work together with another creative.

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Sphinx | Origins | Proxy-Chat | BetterEnd | Plus13



Hello there stranger! I’m Fox, one of the two owners of Sphinx.
Underneath this message you can read a few facts about the server and decide if it sounds like something for you, and if it does, please use the Discord link below!
  • The player base is mostly between 15 to 21.
  • Our staff team is fantastic and fair.
  • This isn’t a lore server, however, we do encourage player lore.
  • If joining; you’re required to be able to use voice-chats.
  • The server uses proximity-voice chat in-game.
  • We’re 100% LBGTQ+ friendly.
  • Anyone is welcome; furries, cosplayers, DreamSMP fans, extreme FNAF fans, and so on. Bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Transphobia, homophobia, racism, sexism, and so on will not be tolerated on the server.

    Welcome From the whole staff team of Sphinx!

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    🌺 The Azalea SMP

    ▏🌺▕ Welcome to the Azalea SMP! ▏🌺▕

    The Azalea SMP is a very new SMP with less than 20 active members at once. Our features are of a wide variety. From innovative and up-to-date to more simplistic, we offer tons of things to both our Minecraft server and its’ interlocked Discord server.

    Minecraft Features:
    ― *Preferably 18+.
    ― 1.19.2 & Java Edition.
    ― Custom IP address for easy connection
    ― Small and active community with lovely members
    ― **Whitelist VIA a manual + simple verification.
    ― Innovative features & frequent updates.
    ― Tons of plugins, including anti-grief + anti-cheat.
    ― [NEW!] Re-configured plugin settings!

    Discord Features:
    ― Invite options include the Disboard and Invite Link
    ― Manual & simple verification system to protect against raids & bots.
    ― A channel for knowing when the MC server is initiating a restart/backup
    ― [NEW!] An in-game chat for connecting with friends on the go!
    ― [NEW!] Pingable roles so @/everyone and @/here are not used as frequently!

    ― A legitimate account on Minecraft: Java Edition.
    ― A discord account + Joining our Discord
    ― Completion of a verification system.

    Side notes:
    * Although our server is considered 18+, it is not required to be over 18 to join. You must, however, be over 13 in compliance with Discord ToS so you may verify and become whitelisted on the server.
    ** Our verification system is done manually to prevent bots from entering with ease. Please have patience when it comes to being verified and whitelisted. Thank you!

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    Behind The Matrix Reloaded

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve only created the site once, we’re currently working on a remake of a favorite server from our childhood ( )
    If you were there then, please get in touch


    Bilingual Brasil Brazil English Portugues Survival

    Minecraft Generation

    Minecraft Generation
    PT – BR
    This is Minecraft Generation. *Your* new minecraft server.

    Why our server?

    The real difference from Minecraft Generation is already in the name: We are the Minecraft generation. Here you will be able to express yourself almost freely, we will have more Freedom of Expression than the United States claims to have.

    Here, you just can’t
    highlight the builds, but you can swear, curse, be toxic
    (because nobody will like you), be kind, be kind, help
    the others. Maybe even create a nation, a country, or a simple village.

    Therefore, we invite you to join our server. It will be ready Soon™️

    Server By Grupo EMQSA.

    This is Minecraft Generation. *Your* new Minecraft server.

    Why our server?

    The real difference in Minecraft Generation is on the name itself: WE
    are the Minecraft Generation. Here you’ll be able to express yourself almost freely, you’ll have more free speech than the United States say they have.

    Here, you just won’t be allowed
    to grief builds, but you’ll be free to swear, curse, be toxic (altough
    no one will like you), be lovely, be kind, help others. Heck, maybe even
    create a nation, a country, or just a simple village.

    And that’s why we are inviting you to our server. It will be finished Soon™️

    Server By Grupo EMQSA.

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    Astro Heroes

    Astro Heroes is a growing minecraft community server!
    Why should you choose to play with us?
    Our server works day and night.
    Suggestions from players are always welcome.
    We are constantly aiming for improvements.
    There are many features that you might like!

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    HUNSmp (1.17.1) (SMP)

    Hello Guys!
    This is a new SMP (Survival)
    Language: Hungary/English

    Have Fun 😀

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    🐣DreamsCraft SMP🐣[1.19-1.19.1] – Friendly survival server

    Hello and welcome to my description about our server!

    Me and my friends started up a community and looking for some players to join us and play with us.
    The server is of type survival game.
    Plugins we have in this moment on the server:
    – Jobs Systems ( Take your job and go to make money) TUTORIAL

    – Dragon Slayer ( Kill the dragon and grab his head)
    – Lands System (You can claim/rent/sell your own land and be protected) TUTORIAL
    – Chest protection (Protect you chest from thieves) TUTORIAL
    – Marketplace System (You can sell/buy/request items from another player) TUTORIAL
    – NPC System (They are here to help you with instructions)
    – Quest System ( Quests that will make you stronger and will give you great rewards)
    – Global status (See who is the best player on the server)
    – Pet system (Buy your own bet and it will help you in your battle) TUTORIAL
    – Ender Dragon System (The dragon will revive every day, go and defeat him!)
    – Tag System (Make quest and win awesome tags)
    – And much more (we will wait you to the server to see ) ALL TUTORIALS

    Also we will be very happy if you can give us some support with some suggestions(discord) .

    We want to make the server friendly and fun for every survival player.

    We are seeking to create a space were we can play together and have fun.
    In this moment the server is online and we will work for advertising the server, we will very glad if you can help us.

    Also the server is free-to-play, we don’t ask player to buy crates/items, we want player to have the same start.

    Server IP:


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    Matzouni [Greek/English SMP] [1.16-1.19]

    Hello fellow player! Tired of faceless pay-to-win servers? Well no more, Start making friendships and memories on Matzouni, a cracked Greek & English SMP server with lots of achievements, rewards, free ranks!


    Featuring: MCMMO, Custom User-Friendly Menus, Jobs, Auction House, Achievements and more!

    Tired of huge faceless pay-to-win Servers?
    Start making friendships and memories in Matzouni, a Greek & English SMP with lots of achievements, rewards, free Ranks and