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A Dutch / English server with a very nice community join via the ip:

have fun 🙂
A Dutch / English server with a very nice community join via the ip:

have fun 🙂

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Icarus Craft – Kingdom/RP – Wh

Hello, we are a fresh starting kingdom/RP server with future expanding plans. The server will be English only. There will be weekly events, active staff,
playershops, NPCs and more.

We are still looking for new kings to control an upcoming kingdom, every kingdom will get their own kind of ranks by ur choise but with our confirmation. To apply for this will be explained in Discord.

Roleplaying is not a must but would be fun if everyone joins IF ur kingdom gets asked to join. (Recording is ur own choise)

There will be rules around war, declaring war, raiding, TNT, breaking/griefing and allies.

Some items will be restricted like diamond armor and Notch Apples due game balancing.

There will be a whitelist, you can apply for the server on our Discord server:

Hopefully we see you soon.

Greetings Icarus Craft staff team

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Discord English Plugins Russian Survival

Earth Map Survival Minecraft server

Description in English

Earth map 1: 2000 scale – survival mode -Version- Supports connecting from 1.8 java and up + supports connecting from Minecraft Bedrock edition 1.16

Plugins are AdminAnything *, ClearLag, CustomItems, EasyPrefix, EntityTrackerFixer, Essentials, EssentialsAntiBuild, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, floodgate-bukkit, Geyser-Spigot, LapisBans, LimitPillagers, mcMMO, MinecraftServerManager, ProtocolBaultItrgs, TowncraftServerManager, ProtocolBaultIault, Towncraft, ProtocolBaultIault , VillagerOptimiser

Server is not 24/7, only online between 12:00 (start time) Moscow time and 23:00 (shutdown time) Moscow time (start time may vary

Description in Russian

Survival on the earth map at a scale of 1: 2000 – Version 1.8 to 1.16 on the java edition – it is also possible to enter with Bedrock edition 1.16

The server works between 12:00 (start time may vary) and 23:00


AdminAnything *, ClearLag, CustomItems, EasyPrefix, EntityTrackerFixer, Essentials, EssentialsAntiBuild, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, floodgate-bukkit, Geyser-Spigot, LapisBans, LimitPillagers, mcMMO, MinecraftServerManager, Placeholder-VestBridge, TownBridgeOptions, TowncraftServerManager, Placeholders

English Nederland Nederlands Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival


AnkerMC is a normal minecraft survival server with a few essential plugins made by a small group of friends. This is a Dutch (mostly dutch tbh) and English minecraft survival server. Everyone is welcome!

247open English New Newexperience Romania Survival Unique

Emerald Romania

Come and join us on a new adventure on our new starting minecraft server !
At 15 players on we will do an event with ranks and keys !!

Creative Dutch English Other Survival


A nice small minecraft community with survival and creative.

You can join in 1.15.2, 1.16, 1.16.1, 1.16.2 and 1.16.3
Use /warps to go out of the spawn.

link to outdated creative spawn Hortive

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SurvivalCraft Survival and Skyblock

Hey guys,
if youre looking for a quiet survival or skyblock server with a few cool plugins such as mcmmo, vote rewards, silkspawners and a very friendly community, join ! Any questions you can hit me up, we look forward to maybe seeing you :DD SurvivalCraft is a small, friendly community that has been up for just under 5 months. During these 5 months, we have expanded our survival server and have recently added a new skyblock game mode too! With just one command, you can easily switch from server to server! With our friendly and chatty players, you are guaranteed to enjoy your time on either server. Both servers have plugins, such as SilkSpawners, McMMO and LWC which adds some spice to your gameplay here and ensures the protection of your chests, spawners and other items. We also have a custom ticket plugin which will ensure that any problem, grief or glitch will be handled with by our dedicated and friendly staff, which will act on any requests as soon as they possibly can. On our survival server, we have many friendly players with many of them working together and are willing to help out when you need them. Here, we don’t use claims, but anything that is griefed will be rolled back by our mods straight away with no hassle. Although PvP is off for most of the world, you can venture to our new PvP arena to fight with your friends or other players. On our server, there’s many player warps that you can visit, like our casino, our maze and many more .

There is a steady economy here, with the player run auction house and the server shop. Making money is easy, simply sell some items or receive it from our vote crates (if you’re lucky)! Many other great prizes can be received from our crates, with keys easily obtained by voting! Also, rewards can be received by our in-game playtime ranks, or our donator ranks which help keep the upkeep and expansion of the server. Our brand-new Skyblock server also has similar qualities to our survival server, it has helpful, active staff and players and the same plugins and valuable voting rewards as our survival. Here is the ideal place to start a Skyblock and team with up to 6 other players! With many island challenges to complete, Skyblock won’t get boring anytime soon!!Both servers are frequently updated with new software and plugins to ensure smooth gameplay at all times, with an impressive 99% uptime. You can join our discord server too, with a memes page for some laughs, a support channel for any problems you may have, a suggestion channel for your ideas and some chat channels for you to talk with other players from around the globe! We have many international players, but only English is spoken in chat.

You are guaranteed to enjoy your time on our server,
we hope to maybe see you soon!

– Wietse
– SurvivalCraft Owner

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The Cattery MC

—-♥ The Cattery MC ♥—-
–The Purrfect Server for you!–
♥ Brand new towny/mcmmo server with custom lore, crates, and more coming this week! ♥
♥ Launching now in beta so come give us a peek! ♥

116server 116vanilla Anarchy Anarchypvp Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Anarchysmp Anarchysurvival Anarchysurvivalminecraft Dupeitems Duper English Fitmc Fun Greif Greifers Greifing Greifingallowed Ireallyneedsomeplayersbadlybro Minecraftserver Needplayers New Newserver Norules Norulesanarchy Players Popbob Small Smallcommunity Smallserver Survival Survivalpvp Vanilla Vanillalike Vanillasurvival

Privileged Anarky

Hi, we are a small 1.16.1 Minecraft anarchy server, (survival with no rules, yes, even hacks are allowed). we have about 1-4 players online at a time. If you don’t join you will die tomorrow.

also if u wanna join the server discord, the link is:

Community Datapacks Dedicated English Friendly Modified Mods Multiplayer Smallserver Smp Survival Whitelisted

Atheria (SMP) – Whitelist Server –

– Please Read Full Page –

Apply Here!

1. Must be ages 16+
2. Must be active and dedicated aka there’s no joining for a little then leaving forever.
3. Hermitcraft-like, it would benefit you to have some knowledge of what Hermitcraft is. We use the same setup to a point.
3. We need talented players, this isn’t restricted to builders and redstone individuals. We know each person excels in different parts of Minecraft and would love that variety.

(Note: Apologies for having to move this up, it wasn’t being noticed at the bottom of the page)

Hello and welcome to Atheria! We are a semi-vanilla survival multiplayer server that like to keep things as close to vanilla while using some tools at our disposal to keep the server running smoothly. Tho we are currently not open yet, joining right off the bat will just result in disconnect.

What do I mean by semi-vanilla?
By all means this server is a modded server but the mods that are added do not change the gameplay in major ways which is why we tout the semi-vanilla categorization. If you are interested in joining, the good news is that there is no need to download the mods to be able to play on the server as they are server-side only. We also have a few datapacks we have installed to make it a little more exciting.

Now there is one catch to this server. It is a whitelist server meaning you can only join if you are accepted by the staff after applying and there’s a limited amount of spots available to fill.

UA MC girls only server.

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