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A brand NEW 1.16.1 Survival Semi-Vanilla Minecraft server
The server is a BRAND NEW 1.16.1 Survival Server, with the sole purpose of providing an simple and easy way to play the original game with friends. TheGame as it is provides endless enjoyment and content for all players alike so why not play together. What are you waiting for? Join us :).
──── Getting Started ────
Version: 1.16.1
IP: or
Family Friendly
──── Features ────
• Player 2 player teleport
• Home teleports
• Weekly giveaways
• Stronger&more mobs
• Jobs • Balanced Economy
• Player Shops


Crates Custom English Factions Pvp Skyblock


NerdoCraft is a server born from the idea of the founder VerdantSerif9611, it aims to become an international server
suitable for all types of players and all nationalities.
In this server the system language is English, but the players will be able to use their favorite language.

The server modes are OpFactions, KitPvP, SkyBlock:

The opfactions is made up of different types of activities, including:
– Rank in Money
– Salable drugs
– SellWands and VoidChest
– Custom Enchants
– Crates Event and Daily
– Upgradeable Spawners
– Hit Combo
– Factions War.

The kitpvp is the newest modality of the very light network, it presents:
– User Kits and Vip Kits
– Crate Event and PvP
– Normal Hit 1.8.

Skyblock is the simplest mode of our server, it also has its peculiarities:
– Takeable or Buyable Spawners
– Custom Islands
– A very large and useful spawn
– Timed Rank.

Dutch English Nederlands Nederlandssurvival Roleplay Survival


Welcome to SouthCraft | SouthCraft has been operating for almost 2 years Southcraft a well-known name when it comes to Minecraft Servers. SouthCraft is known as one of the nicest servers in the Netherlands and Belgium. After a short break we are back again. Will you also take a look (again)?

SouthCraft offers various worlds (Survival) and periodic events especially for the SouthCraft community. Over the years, some unique players have played on our servers.

Besides the Minecraft server, we also have a close-knit Discord community, in which we would like to welcome you. A large group of our players is on our Discord server almost every day to catch up. Hopefully see you soon.


English Mini Games Pvp Survival


IceMC is a simple server with a Dutch and English speaking staff. The server has various mini-games, survival, pvp and upcoming new additions.

English Fun Plugins Shops Skyblock


Fun English OP Skyblock Server
Join us and start creating your own skyblock
We have a lot of spawner types available a awesome shop gui
We also have a Auction plugin with loads of items for sale to make it as fun as possible for our players.

Discord English Fun Minigames Rules Shops Survival



Get ready for an adventure with unlimited possibilities as you build, mine, fight mobs, and explore Survivallas ever-changing landscape.


In Survivalla you will not find minigames like in the other games, we offer you the CLASSIC MINECRAFT experience, with the addition of new features.

In this game you can build and explore freely. Grief and theft are prohibited, so dont be afraid to express your creativity in the best way.

A CLASSIC experience, does NOT mean OBSOLETE …. We are in continuous development and our goal is to bring new mobs, worlds and functionality.

In fact, once thrown into our world, survival will not be as easy as you might imagine… Thirst and fatigue will be the order of the day, as well as new crafting and new items (new raw minerals to be mined, tomatoes or lettuce to grow, etc …) not to mention that you will learn to appreciate the company of the Zombies or the nice ones Creepers, as a new dark threat is hidden in the darkest ravines.

Discover all the secrets of Survivalla and share them with your friends, or call them to join your adventures. They will help you to defeat the Evil Lord… The Balrog: King of the Orcs.


Links and useful Documentation
Connect now on The game is in English. Instead on Discord you can select the language you prefer.

– “Rules” (Link:
– “Shop” (Link:

English Swedish

Arium Network

.Antioch Network
Is a Swedish server in the first place but we welcome English people too. We have SMP, more to come. We want to try to reach a large market

Custom Discord Economy English Minigames Pvp Ranks Rules Shops Vanilla

NamaiCraft Vanilla+

NamaiCraft Family introduce Vanilla 1.14.4 Minecraft Server

With all the new things of the 1.14.4 minecraft combined with the lovely and calm community of Namaicraft. New and exciting things are coming to our server.

NamaiCraft Server Information:


– 1.14.4 World Generation
– Land Protection
– Vanilla Economy
– Shops World.
– Friendly community
– Mining world
– Ranks by voting.
– Minigames:
– MobArena with custom bosses.
– Spleef Arena
– Pvp Arena
– More Soon… ~~

Server Rules:
No Client side mods / hacks. (Only maps and better fps allowed)par
No scam items or ingame money.
NO GRIEF or Raid.
No begging for items/IGM/Ranks.
No racism/bulling allowed
All mobfarms need an ON/OFF systems.
Use your common sense.
Show respect to all the community members and Staff.
No excesive cursing or sexual related in main chat.
English in main chat.

We are looking for new members, and new friends, so if you are tired of all those servers where you get grief and bad treated,
you should give us a chance and join us today. Warning: We are NOT looking for staff.

Hope see you soon online. …

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun English Free Fun Plugins Ranks Survival

ElementalCraft [McMMO]

ElementalCraft is a full English McMMO Hard Survival server. We run on the latest mc version.

The server has anti-cheat protection. Griefing is allowed, but not over the top griefing(wiping). We give out free ranks for people that build big and nice builds, these builds will get claimed by staff if you ask so. This means they wont be able to get griefed.

Were not just a normal Survival Server, we have some special things like:

– McMMO: A plugin that lets you get levels in basically everything you can do, from swordmanship to mining. If you get higher levels you unlock special skills.

– Mob money drops: Mobs drop money at our server. Killing mobs is an extra source of income for you.

– Auction house: You can open the Auction House using /ah. This opens a screen where you can see the stuff that people are selling on there. /ah help for more commands.

– Happy Hour: Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday we have a Happy Hour at 8pm CEST. This means that you will get double the mob drop money and double McMMO xp.

– We give out free ranks that you can earn by building.

And theres a lot more.

The server difficulty is hard.

We hope you will have fun playing on ElementalCraft.

Discord English Minigames Skyblock Survival


We just added Survival Games for two weeks. Top 3 winners get an Vip rank for an month.
Version 1.14.4
Come play the new game mode in Diamond 2 Craft.
The main server is survival. Survival games is one of the temporary game modes, including kitpvp, skyblock and other minigames that are coming.
Server is in English and Estonish.
We also have a discord and forum:


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