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Vibe Central SMP | Bedrock + Java Support [NO GRIEF] [NO STEALING] [NO HACKING] – 1.19+

If there are any issues please join the Discord and ping me, I will work on fixing it as soon as possible!
The goal of this server is to bring people together. No matter your skin colour, sexuality, looks, or ethnicity. None of it matters! In this server we all vibe as one and we all just exist as humans!
Da’ Rules
1. Try not to swear, like no hard swears like slurs.
2. Don’t be rude/bully.
3. If anyone asks for help please help them! (Don’t force help upon someone though).
5. We love jokes but please understand when it is not okay.
6. Don’t spam.
7. Follow the rules or you will be banned.
8. Hacking or any other form of cheating will result in a permanent ban.
9. Please do not abuse your rank’s power.
10. Racism and sexism are not tolerated.
11. Please try and speak English, if you can’t see if there’s anyone on the server who can translate what you’re saying
12. I know people do this one a lot but, don’t forget to have fun!

Current WIP:
Voting Plugin

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Tinkuwu and Friends [Bedrock support]

Just a towny server for fun with my friends, open to the public.

There’s plenty to do, as well as having an economy system.

There’s even a chess minigame just West of spawn.

We allow bedrock users to join the server: Port: 25565

We also support the simple voice chat mod:
*Voice chat is not required to join, it’s just something nice to have to be able to talk to users in a proximity

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Two Islands SMP

Hello and welcome to Two Islands SMP.

We are a tight knit Australian group of about 10-20 players who have played together for about a year and are looking to grow our community. We have just recently started a new season, so if your looking to get in on the ground floor of a server now is the time to do it.

This server focuses on remaining vanilla whilst using Fabric to boost performance and add some community interactions into the game.

The only mod that is required to join this server is the Fabric API, however we do have some optional but recommended mods (like Simple Voice Chat and EmoteCraft) listed on our discord.

To join this server come and check out our Discord first, where you can see our features and recommended mods in the #info channel, as well as find our IP. We also have a website with some screenshots and more info.

• No command teleporting, no /rtp, no /spawn, no /home
• Proximity Voice Chat
  - Walk up to people to say hi and start chatting!
  - Upload your own mp3 files to the server for use on music disk or goat horns
  - Audio applied to music disks will play when inside a juke box
  - Audio applied to goat horns will play at the range of a goat horn (great for long distance memes or jump scares)
  - No datapacks or resource packs required. Everyone can hear your music without having to download it themselves
• Custom Animations – ONLY WORKS IF YOU HAVE EmoteCraft INSTALLED
  - Create your own emotes in Blender, or use ones other players have created
  - Everyone with the mod can see your animations (as long as they are present on the server)

• Fabric API (So you can join the server) –

• Indium (Performance mod) –
• Lithium (Performance mod) –
• ModMenu (For changing options in your mods) –
• Sodium (Performance mod) –
• Starlight (Performance mod) –
• VoiceChat Fabric (So you can participate in proximity voice chat) –
• EmoteCraft (So you can see any custom emotes players have made) –

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Medieval RP [CZ/SK]

Medieval RP is a medieval CZ/SK roleplay from the 16th-17th century. century.
The server is currently being built and prepared

[+] Voicechat without mods
[+] Own weapons, including firearms
[+] Own resource pack
[+] Custom hats
[+] Plugins set
[+] RP quality assurance whitelist
[+] No need for optifine
[+] Lifting system (When you are shot, a friend can lift you up
[+] Money through items
[+] Drugs, alcohol, cigars
[+] Custom buildings (Built by players: Pajik001, LightJohn, DarkDan, FireyS) and map (Seed)
[+] A-team listening to suggestions and the community
[+] Vacant positions in the A-team
[+] Anyone who joins within 1 month of founding can be the first to break up factions
We look forward to seeing you Pajik001, Project Owner

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ScriptNode is a survival multiplayer Minecraft server featuring voice chat!


Our server utilizes Simple Voice Chat but is not a requirement.

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HungryNetwork (aka FACraft)

VOTERS: Make sure you’re online on the LOBBY server! Otherwise you may not get your vote rewards.

We support the SimpleVoiceChat mod and the CustomizablePlayerModels mod!

HungryNetwork or FACraft is a network of Minecraft servers.
We currently only have a Factions Survival server, but we are planning to add a minigames network soon as well.

The factions server has custom items and custom bosses, just make sure to allow the resource pack when you join.

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Oblivious Bending [NEW | HIRING | AVATAR]

Works on Bedrock and Java! Same IP

Are you a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender? Looking for a unique way to experience the world of bending? Well, look no further because Oblivious Bending has everything you need!

We offer a bending experience like no other, with plugins such as Autorank, BendingGUI, BendingPack, BetterTeams, BlockRegen, ChatGames, ChestSort, CoreProtect, DecentHolograms, DiscordSRV, EpicReplant, Essentials, Floodgate, Geyser-Spigot, HoloMobHealth, Hyperion, MTDeathLocator, OreAnnouncer, ProjectKorra, SmoothTimber, ViaBackwards, ViaVersion, Voicechat, Vulcan, and WildTP. With these plugins, you can experience bending the way it was meant to be played, with a variety of tools and features that make the game even more exciting and immersive.

One of the biggest reasons to join Oblivious Bending is the ability to join a team. With BetterTeams, you can create and join teams, as well as set up a team chat. This allows you to communicate with your teammates and coordinate your strategies, making the game more fun and challenging. You can also share a team ender chest, as well as claim physical chests for just your team to use. Don’t forget to set some warps for your team mates while you’re at it.

Another great feature of my server is the ability to use voice chat. With the Voicechat plugin, you can easily talk to other players and coordinate strategies, as well as just have fun with your friends! You can also use the ChatGames plugin to play various minigames with your friends, making the experience even more fun.

Finally, Oblivious Bending also offers protection from griefers and hackers. With the CoreProtect plugin and help from staff, we can easily identify and rollback any griefing or hacking that has been done, allowing you to enjoy the game without worrying about being taken advantage of.

In conclusion, Oblivious Bending offers an unparalleled bending experience that you won’t find anywhere else. With the variety of plugins available, you can experience the world of bending in a truly unique and immersive way. You can join teams, use voice chat, play minigames, and be protected from griefers and hackers. So, what are you waiting for? Join today and experience bending like never before!

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Welcome to RNYGames – YunaCraft, a premier SMP server designed to offer an engaging and immersive Minecraft experience. Our server prioritizes maintaining vanilla mechanics, while still offering a range of extra content to keep players engaged in the long run.

Trust and cooperation is essential for creating an environment where players can thrive and grow. As a result, we only accept players who are 18+ years old. This policy helps to ensure that our community is made up of mature and dedicated players who share a common passion for Minecraft.

By working together and sharing our knowledge and skills, we can achieve great things and build something truly remarkable. Whether you’re a redstone expert, a master builder, or have other interests in the game. We believe in the power of community and the importance of collaboration. Our goal is to provide a platform where players can come together to form lasting relationships, share their knowledge and skills, and work together to create something truly remarkable.

As a server team we will be focusing on spreading the work between several staff members who can all make independant descisions within a set frame. We hope to ensure the long term stability of the server with this.

⚠️Technical information below⚠️
Server version: 1.19.3 FABRIC

editors note: this is purely server side, you don’t need fabric loader to connect to the server.

Server host:
editors note: for the functionality of the platform offered by serverminer and current size of the community we chose to maintain the host used by Yunacraft. Serverminer has been hosting minecraft servers for over 10 years and has a score of 4.6 by trustpilot users.

Current server package: 4GB ram
Scaleable to needs

Installed Datapacks (mechanics)
RIP – Dark souls, Travelers, Better end portalsExplosive entities, Hearthstone, Warp pads v2, Elytra exploration, Double shulker shells, nutrition, respawning structures, xp management

Installed Server mods
DynmapYungs Better Desert temples, Yungs Better Dungeons, Yungs Better Mineshafts, Yungs Better Ocean monuments, Yungs Better Strongholds, Yungs Better Witch Huts, Yungs Bridges, Yungs Extras, Discord integration, Votifier, Geoliphic, Voicechat


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𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓓𝓮𝓮𝓹𝓷𝓮𝓼𝓽 𝓢𝓾𝓻𝓿𝓲𝓿𝓪𝓵

The goal of this server is to bring people together and have a good time. It is a safe space for anyone, it doesn’t matter who or what you are. This is a safe space.

Also DiscordSRV is on this server so please be mindful of the things you say.

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The Land of Narzoo [24/7] SMP LIFESTEAL (VoiceChat) (GriefPrevention) (Raids) (Towns) (Vampire) (Hordes) (PVE/PVP)

The Land of Narzoo (Public) 24/7

Community vanilla server with plugins for added difficulty such as modified/hardened Ai, light grief prevention and a few other plugins to make the game feel refreshed and difficult.
Players can protect their builds but every time you die you will lose a heart (Unless another is crafted) PVP is enabled and the rules are as follows: Theft and murder is allowed in Narzoo, Players are encouraged to fortify to protect their builds. Griefing in Narzoo is NOT allowed! NO OTHER RULES! Apon depletion of all hearts, you shall be banned and all claimed lands will become unclaimed.

Players are encouraged to create the most powerful towns/governments of the server to maintain server order or to either compete as one or fight for victory! (Players can also earn ranks/titles and potential staff)

Players are encouraged to create the most powerful towns/governments of the server to maintain server order or to either compete as one or fight for victory! (Trade and economy is highly encouraged) (Players can also earn ranks/titles and potential staff)
-Rules are created by per town by per player on rule boards (You can only get jailed not banned for breaking them only within their town border)
-Strongest governments control spawn (Narzoo) and its players futures.

-Something cataclysmic happened within Narzoo’s timeline very long ago, ancient armoured skeleton’s, zombies and their minions roam the night. There is a 60% chance for a bloodnight to happen everynight resulting in buffed mobs, scripted events and more.

-Apon death you will lose a heart, lose all hearts you will be banned and your land will become unclaimed no more no less. (You may be revived)

Some plugins include:
-Simple Voice Chat (Mod Recommended)
-Junior Lifesteal
-SMP Tweaks
-Grief Prevention
-Added Generated Structures
-Weekly Hordes
-Advanced Enchantments
-Anti Cheats
-Better Boats
-Action Bar health

You probably wont survive


Server Founded 01/30/2022

Join now unwhitelisted ip: