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Is Elden Ring better than Minecraft?

Both are great games, with each having their own qualities. We asked you which of these games you preferred, and whether you’d choose one or the other over the other.

In my eyes, Minecraft is definitely the best game of the year. However, that doesn’t mean it is without its faults. The main negative I see is that the world is never-ending, and the player can only go so far before they run out of blocks to place. The biggest issues for me is when the game gets repetitive. However, I still enjoy playing it more than other RPGs.

Elden Ring is a great classic, RPG game. The game is very challenging and will keep you interested for hours. What I like the most about the game is the fact that each level, the dungeons, are very well thought out and unique.

However, Elden Ring has some really big flaws. For example, the game has little to no control over the character. He walks or runs where ever the AI takes him. It is just unrealistic, as players have to be constantly watching over the player, and watching where he is going in order to keep the player alive. Another big flaw is that at times, the game becomes too easy. A player can just stand around and watch a monster pop up, rather than move. The game also gets very annoying when the game goes under a death loop.

I like to explore the world and try new things. I also like to survive in the wilderness, so, naturally, my first character will be bandit.

Both the knight and the mage have to be played, but, I’ll pick the bandit. I like him better because he can use a bow better unlike the knight. Also, he is good at sneaking, since his playstyle is dark.

My favorite game of the year is Minecraft. This is because it is simple to learn how to play, and even more so to understand how the game works. Also, it is a game that will keep you entertained for years. Minecraft allows for an infinite world, so there is always something to do.

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Terrestria | Map of Earth | Nations/Alliances | War

— {Geopolitical Minecraft Server}

— {1:1000 Scale Earth Map}

— {Factions}

— {Custom War System}

— {Huge Custom Built Spawn}

— {Friendly and Diligent Staff}

— {Events}

— {Tons of Unique and Fun Plugins, Including Slimefun}

Gameplay Pve Pvp Survival Unique


TheMCSurvival is a unique survival experience that focuses on building a community.

We strive to provide a custom experience and making sure that the players enjoy what we offer. Your builds can not be griefed by anyone once claimed and you can fight other players for their items in the PvP arena.

See you on the server!

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Orkenus | Minecraft 1.15.2

Welcome to Orkenus!

We are a growing survival Minecraft server that offers unique gameplay from simple quality-of-life improvements like teleporting leaded animals alongside you, to abilities to level up!
Orkenus is a safe space, so as long as you treat others with respect, you will be presented with such.
Getting started is simple, and enjoying your time on Orkenus is mindless due to the many possibilities to create new friends. Through services like our Discord server, you can build bonds that last.

Our key features are:

  • New enchantments to spice up gameplay!
  • Buy and sell items in the Market to get rich!
  • Claim your builds and expand your area with Lands!
  • More advancements with: BlazeandCave’s Advancement Pack
  • Easy crop-harvesting simple by right-clicking with a hoe!
  • Easily transport your animals by teleporting while they’re on a lead!
  • And many, many more!
  • Join Orkenus today to create new relationships and create works of creativity!