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Experience Disney’s Club Penguin, in Minecraft!

ClubMinePenguin is a Club Penguin based server, made for all ages. We aim to bring a friendly, safe, and fun Club Penguin experience into Minecraft!

In CMP’s Club Penguin, we have monthly parties/events, mascot meetups, minigames, igloos, and all of the other features that were in the original game. Waddle around and meet new friends!

Join the community and make memorable experiences with other players. We’d love to have you.


Make sure you’re in the loop. You can follow and join all of our socials. Including Twitter, Discord, Instagram, etc.
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Penguin Craft SMP/McMMO

A new community with various servers, such as Vanilla 1.15.2 survival journey. with top-notch hosting software. all servers have essential plugins that render your gameplay to the max with Pixelmon Reforged modpack and in the progress of adding another mod pack within a few days. we also have a great amp 1.15.2 backward compatible survival world that has a great community which captures everyones attention by having amazing plugins such as the gift of marrying in-game players to basic commands such as tpa, homes and wild teleport and by having auction allows you to sell items and gain money to buy better more advanced items in your journey. Solo not for you? You can join friends with a group plugin allowing you to join your friends and alliances if needs be. And in the making of adding many more plugins and cool features to the server which include skill leveling up on abilities in-game, please hop on and join out amazing server at, looking forward to seeing you there! 😀

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