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Elysium Towny 1.19-1.19.3

We are a 1.19 Towny server unlike any other. We hope to create a space where all players can rank up to their full potential. All of our ranks will be accessible ingame with no need to purchase a rank! All of these ranks have an extensive quest system to rank up, of course if you do not wish to spend all of this time upgrading in game you are welcome to donate and upgrade on our store. We are currently in BETA while we work on player suggestions, adding more features and content. Key Features: – New Map! – 1.19 Java – Towny – Jobs – Chest Shops – Vote Party – Balanced, player-driven economy – Frequent Build Competitions. – Staff run Spleef events. – Ranks earned through quests. – Resource world – A welcoming and growing community. We are always adding new content, taking suggestions on Discord and implementing frequent fixes where bugs come up.

Customitems Lifesteal Semivanilla Survival


This is a Lifesteal server, with a few custom items.
active admins, somewhat active community, etc.

join the Discord server at:

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Arcnet Is a server where you can hack, grief, and do basically whatever you want and you won’t get punished. The server has custom add-ons and plug-ins with custom enchantments, weapons and more things to see. There’s a custom spawn with a hotel where you can put all your loot and rest after a long day of Exploring the wilderness Of this server. If you do not like the hotel option you can travel far far away from spawn and Create a Base With some friends or yourself. Make enemies, make friends and At the end of the day you will never leave.

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Project Selea

Welcome to Project Selea! This server is a Factions server. It includes a wide variety of features. Some of these include Custom skins, Plug-ins, Good Community, and more!

Customitems Grind Other Skyblock Spawners


ElementalMC is a up and coming skyblock Minecraft server! Here at ElementalMC, we offer a vanilla custom skyblock experience. We have custom items, crates, pets and more!

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BEANMC Network

BEANMC is a network of Minecraft servers built to offer a fun and lively experience for all that stumble upon it. Bean is a new Survival Minecraft experience with a ton of new features and additions, which include:
– An expansive Economy
– Customized Terrain Generation
– Brand new fully modelled Mobs
– Tons of new items and blocks
– A brand new Dimension
– Vehicles
– Custom Enchants
– Magic Wands
– Teaming System
– Mob Arenas
– Quests
And Loads more.

We hope to see some new faces appear in our ever growing community, see you there!

Customitems Customterrain Mcmmo Survival


HydroplaneMC focuses on the basics of vanilla Minecraft! The economy is player-focused, with player shops being at the core of it! We also run 1.19, with all the cool new features! Hop on and experience the survival experience.

We are proudly EULA compliant!

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Cattleya – NO P2W Survival

Why are you wasting your time on Pay-to-win, unfair and boring survival servers?
Stop doing that!
Join Cattleya for an actually fun server that cares about its community, and values your time and fun!

What makes us different?
• Unique items, created only for our server
• Quests with awesome rewards
• Clans, alliances & wars
• Claimable areas
• A chat on which you can say “mean words”
• Different economy system
• No /tpa, /back or /fly
• 0% Pay-To-Win
• Community events
• An actual identity
• And much more…

What are you waiting for? An invitation?
There you have it!

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Nightmare Phoenix (Network in Spanish)

Nightmare Phoenix

Dare to play Survival in SPANISH !!

Nightmare Phoenix Network also has modes like: Survival, Kingdoms, FullPVP+PVE

➣ The best Survival experiences!!
➣ Host 24/7
➣ 3 Modalidades (SurvivalPVP, Kingdoms, FullPVP)
➣ Kits y VIPs
➣ Dungeons
➣ Customs Enchants
➣ SlimeFun!!
➣ Skills
➣ And much more!!


1.19.x (Recommended)

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✰ Silent Realm ✰ Custom Survival Experience!



Silent Realm is a unique survival server with many custom features and has a small, yet very welcoming community.

What makes us unique?
* Small, growing community with driven staff and developers
* We value community input and promote transparency
* Regular content updates, always improving the core of the server
* Active, friendly community members willing to help or have a conversation
* A safe community for all kinds of people to be apart of

Some features, to name a few:
* Day and Season System
* Furniture

* Player Profiles
* Collectable Player Badges
* Custom Mobs and Items
* Auction House
* Bank System
* F2P

We would love to have you on our server and anyone would be happy to help get you accompanied! We assure you’ll have lots of fun, but just be sure to follow the rules! <3