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Team Alacrity

Alacrity is a community survival Minecraft server that is aiming to be a positive place for everyone. We have things such as custom items, a positive community, land claims, and more! The server is still under construction so make sure to stay tuned for what is to come!

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Sleeping Forest {PVP} {SMP} {Towny} {McMMO} {Economy} {1.16.5}

Sleeping Forest is your go-to Premium Survival/Economy Minecraft Server. We currently offer a single game mode with a multitude of additions that allow for a very creative and fun experience for everyone, no matter what it is you are looking for.

Sleeping Forest {PVP} {SMP} {Towny} {McMMO} {Economy} {1.16.5} Minecraft Server

Server IP:
Server Version: Java 1.16.5

Sleeping Forest is a server for everyone. Want to PvP? We have just the PvP Arena for you. Don’t want to PvP? We have a built-in PvP Toggling system so you can build and feel safe. Want to rule the economy with an Iron Fist? We have an auction house with your name on it.

Do any of those things sound fun? Well, why are you sitting here still reading? Get in here! You can’t be the best of this world from the outside!!! And if all of those things aren’t enough for you, here is a bunch more that you can jump right in and do:

Earn money with a balanced Economy setup! Don’t just sell things to a store, trade things with your friends instead, with our unique Trading system or our built-in Auction House!

Farm Crops, place blocks, or destroy it all using special tools like Harvester Hoes, Trench Pickaxes, and Build Wands!

Run a town with your friends: Become the Mayor of a Town/Nation, or join and help expand an existing community! Are you going to be a benevolent ruler? Or will you make your subject bow upon logging in?

Increase your McMMO power level to unlock special abilities! Do you want diamonds to drop from sheer dirt? Hey, do we have a feature for you!

Other Prominent Features:

– Towny
– Player Shops
– Jobs
– Economy
– End-Game Raid Bosses for you to tackle with your friends (Not for the faint of heart or weak-willed)
– Tiered Mob system
– Over 200 Custom Enchantments
– Marriage Feature with Special Commands and Perks!
– Status indicator for fully grown crops
– Stackable spawner system
– Weekly giveaways and contest
– Custom Textured (and highly valuable) tools and weapons
– an integrated Ticket system in our Community Discord for easy reporting of bugs/glitches/or player reports.

**Please make sure to have Auto-Resource Pack download Enabled prior to joining**

***We are currently looking for active members who would like a chance at a Staff Position. If you feel that you would be a good fit, please head over to our Discord, and into the channel marked ‘Staff Application’ for more information or contact the admins and they would be happy to assist you further.***

Rules for our Server:

Full server/Discord rules can be found on our Discord.

Sleeping Forest MC Social Media:

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Jedi Craft

If you’ve never played JediCraft before, you’re in for a treat. JediCraft is a GTA-styled Star Wars gamemode where you can explore an open world, loot chests, and pvp using lightsabers, guns, grenades, and vehicles!

We are aiming to make the highest quality Star Wars game mode yet. At JediCraft, you’ll find:

➥ 3D Models & Textures
➥ Custom Plugins
➥ Detailed, Large Map
➥ Lots of easter-eggs and quest locations

This isn’t just any normal JediCraft, this game mode will have exciting new features such as:

➥ Variable rare chest spawning
➥ New recoverable item mechanics
➥ Lootable NPCs
➥ Player Shops
➥ And much more!

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Poa LifeSteal (FUN)

Hi I am Poa this is my lifesteal smp um i hope its fun in case u live under a rock lifesteal is a amazing datapack so when u kill a player u get 1 of thier hearts we have very kewl datapacks to make the server more enjoyable like the custom nether and end the rules are listed when you join the server we have admins and uhhhhh ye thats about it

Axes and swords that are Iron and up can gain a new ability: Life Steal. To make a Necrotic book (required for Life Steal). combine a book with a wither skeleton skull. To add Life Steal to your weapon of choice, combine the necrotic book with the preferred weapon.


customenchants(do /es)

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Welcome to Arcis! We are a recently launched network that currently offers Survival with many distinctive features! Features include player warps, in-game ranks, custom textures, Action Points, and more! We are looking for amazing and new members that want to chill and join a growing community. Feedback is always welcome and encouraged!

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Welcome to DTerra!

We’re a brand new towny server based on the earth map (1:500), our server uses a custom resourcepack wich allows guns and vehicles as well as many other custom items to be in game without any mods!

you can create a town and even whole countries, you can go to war with guns and tanks or on horseback and rise to glory!

The server is new and expanding, expect new updates and new features every week!


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Dungeon Conquest

Dungeon Conquest is an SMP Adventure Server that focuses on staying true to the core concepts and feel of an SMP while seamlessly adding fresh and interesting features and content that compliment and build upon the ideas that players of all kinds have grown to love in traditional Minecraft.

Enjoy a lush and vibrant world for you to explore and conquer! Set up Bases and farms to generate loot and money, craft custom items that add new pvp and gameplay mechanics that encourage new play styles, raid vast and immersive dungeons that hold rare and valuable loot along with powerful and dangerous bosses, and be the first to discover new worlds and dimensions lost in the debris and ruins of ancient cursed structures.

Be a part of a new server that vows to create an experience enjoyable for all!

Customitems Skills Survival

Amethyst Survival | Custom items | Skills | +200 Enchants

Voting test server is stil in the making ………………………………………… .

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ExternalCraft SMP

ExternalCraft has a really friendly player community with weekly or daily updates custom plugins made by us and a lot more!!!
ExternalCraft is just not any Minecraft server it’s a SMP Server with the most advanced economy and beauty, we have a total of 3 worlds to choice from and that is purple and green and also red and even a pvp arena that’s in our second amazing hub, we also provide custom items like swords and armours and even crates we listen to our players for armour and sword and even crate ideas to deliver happiness and fun times we also deliver a claim and home system and town system to make players connect and make towns and grow, but that ain’t it we also deliver the best staff team with 24/7 support and make your gaming experience on the the server the best, we also have a lot of special items for your advantage, and also we have a level system that has some very special perks every time you level up like ores to even items.

We would love to see you in our community.

Join us via discord

Or through our IP

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Arkham Smp

-=-=-=-Arkham SMP Rp -=-=-=-
A world of Magic and adventure!
-Custom mobs and magic
– Kingdoms and economy
– Amazing scenic map
– Friendly community
– Roleplay and Arcs & opportunity to show Your inner mage
– Dragons and Dire wolves
– Medieval feel and adventures to face with your friends or alone

– Completely VANILLA

– 1.16.5

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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