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Phoenix MODDED server! Forge! Brand new server! Looking for Mods/Staff

Brand New server! started mere hours ago! Brand new mods! Our Modded minecraft server is a custom blend of mods found from curseforge website. 100% safe jar files. Easy to connect once u learn how to install mods and forge, straightforward. Game version is 16.3 !!! Mods include new biomes, hundreds of new light sources! over a thousand new blocks, armour and weapons stronger than netherite! coffee ingredients that u can farm/grow yourself that provide OP buffs! Furniture, seats, and any other recommendations since this is a community and we all have a say in how the server progresses and grows.

Here is the modpack!!!! unzip it to your mods folder, minecraft scans them all before opening. We use FORGE

dm me, or join our discord for the modpack! as well as instructions and help needed to join the server.

Dynmap Griefprevention Modified Spartan Spigot Survival


What is Lictopia?

Lictopia is a recently created, family friendly survival server running a few mods that add some important functionality such as anti-cheat and anti-griefing. You can see a full list of our mods at We are looking for more players who just want to play Minecraft in an environment where they don’t have to worry about being harassed all the time or have hackers ruining things for everybody. We are a new server so if you don’t see any other players online yet just give it some time. We have a small but dedicated core of quality players that we are hoping to add to.

Basic Rules:

  • Hacking, cheating, x-raying of any of the sort is not allowed.
  • Don’t be rude or bullying to other players. Family friendly means family friendly.
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    Discord Discordserver Modified Pve Survival

    Wholesome Haven Survival [1.16.3]


    Wholesome Haven Minecraft Server


    Donation Roles

    – Server Donation Role: will be awarded if you donate any kind of amount to the minecraft server.

    – Donator+ : Donation Over $10 Plus in-game items and a shout-out on a announcement

    – Donator++: Donation Over $20 Plus even more items in game and exclusive level role in discord server.

    – Discord: Wholesome Haven Discord Server Invite Link


    Clans Faction Pvp Medieval Modified Pvp Roleplay

    Persistent Worlds 1.12.2 FORGE MODDED [Advanced Realistic Medieval Faction Roleplay]

    Welcome to Persistent Worlds 2020
    A hardcore medieval roleplay server.

    This is an entry thread to introduce you to what to expect from this server (once it comes live)

    Persistent Worlds is a server that first started in 2011. Although it has seen some major changes and downtimes, it was always characterized by a small, tight knit community of people who enjoy living in a medieval world. Unlike most servers, it was never “top heavy”, much of what made it so great was that the community took charge. I am hoping that all of the years of strong storytellers and friends could amalgamate into a new and unique server experience.

    What I see as the most significant qualities of this version of PW:

    1. A stronger focus on medieval survival, requiring community effort to prosper from low to high levels.
    2. Slow but valuable story progression (within the settlements mechanic)
    3. A great deal of new features to keep players engaged during roleplay downtimes.

    This time around it will use a custom modpack through the technic launcher with plenty of new medieval roleplay and realistic features. Current Modlist

    If you are interested in playing with us, Please look at the Getting Started section and then the Rules and Features section, so that you will know what to expect when the server goes live. This date is TBD.

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    Typpi Craft Extreme Vanilla





    Bosses Classes Flynnftw Lords Mcmmo Medieval Minecraft Mlmc Modified Other Pve Pvp Quests Rights Rpg Skills Survival Towny



    Our Quest world is incredibly large, beautiful, and full of addictive content. Starting off in the Low Town district of the city, you help dismantle a band of killer cultists and their leader. Then upon gathering further intelligence you enter the sewers beneath the city to battle your way to ultimately defeating the Arch-Lich Angvoth and his armies of terrible minions and strong and smart officers. Your journey moves on past that for hours and hours and hours of blood chilling thrills and moving stories.

    The class system used in Questing is complex but simple to use. Swordsman, Mage, Thief, Archer. The choice is yours but how your extra abilities, special attributes, and equipment are set can turn you into a hybrid powerhouse or anything your heart desires.

    Even our equipment is different! No longer do Enchantments and armor type rule the playing field. Complete Quests, defeat bosses, win events and obtain items with Strength, Vitality, Dexterity, and a huge slew of other variable factors to increase your potential and power! Varying tiers of equipment rarity allow you to work for the best but also make it rarely available to those that dont want to quest or do other tough things but are diligent in mob slaying or other smaller tasks.

    Anything you want to do can be done here at Medieval Lords. The choice of your path is only up to you.

    Your Kingdom Awaits…

    Modified Rights Roleplay Survival [8 Years-No Resets][Semi-Vanilla][GriefPrevention][AutoRank][100% Free!][NVME, 1G Uplink]

    Server Valhalla

    What sets this server apart? It’s longevity (8 years!) and simplicity.
    A promise was no map resets back in 2012. That is still being honored. That map is still there.

    You can be confident that you will not lose your time investment building here.

    Please visit the website for additional resources!

    Game Address:

    Website Address:

    This server is simple, with your basic multiplayer needs such as Grief Prevention.
    Not much has changed since the inception of this server 8 years ago.

    Main survival is semi-vanilla:
    -4 warps to the corner of the map.
    -Home warps (additional homes based on rank)

    This is a bungeecord network.
    – Main Survival (New as of September 2020): Large Biomes, unexplored. 16×16 km!
    – Old Survival (The 2013 Survival Map)
    – Island Creative (The custom island world) (Video of the Flyby)

    This server has AutoRank, you will be automatically ranked up if you meet the requirements.
    All ranks are free and can be obtained just by playing. There is no way to pay to win here.
    visit for more information on requirements.

    Use /help in game for commands.

    Please come back and rate if you enjoy the server.

    The rules are simple:
    – Please be kind and respect one another
    – Please keep the survival landscapes free from floating structures (trees, buildings, etc…).
      If you want to build a floating structure, feel free to do so in creative.
    – Do not build offensive structures. These will be removed.
    – Do not build low effort towers (1×1 dirt towers, etc). These will be removed.
    – Refrain from asking for staff positions
    – Most importantly, have fun!

    This server has been up for about 8 years now but recently overhauled (years worth of old configs removed, etc)

    Community Datapacks Dedicated English Friendly Modified Mods Multiplayer Smallserver Smp Survival Whitelisted

    Atheria (SMP) – Whitelist Server –

    – Please Read Full Page –

    Apply Here!

    1. Must be ages 16+
    2. Must be active and dedicated aka there’s no joining for a little then leaving forever.
    3. Hermitcraft-like, it would benefit you to have some knowledge of what Hermitcraft is. We use the same setup to a point.
    3. We need talented players, this isn’t restricted to builders and redstone individuals. We know each person excels in different parts of Minecraft and would love that variety.

    (Note: Apologies for having to move this up, it wasn’t being noticed at the bottom of the page)

    Hello and welcome to Atheria! We are a semi-vanilla survival multiplayer server that like to keep things as close to vanilla while using some tools at our disposal to keep the server running smoothly. Tho we are currently not open yet, joining right off the bat will just result in disconnect.

    What do I mean by semi-vanilla?
    By all means this server is a modded server but the mods that are added do not change the gameplay in major ways which is why we tout the semi-vanilla categorization. If you are interested in joining, the good news is that there is no need to download the mods to be able to play on the server as they are server-side only. We also have a few datapacks we have installed to make it a little more exciting.

    Now there is one catch to this server. It is a whitelist server meaning you can only join if you are accepted by the staff after applying and there’s a limited amount of spots available to fill.

    116server Auction Community Economy Events Freefly Jobs Keepinventory Mcmmo Modified Playershops Pve Quests Roleplay Shops Smp Spawners Survival

    HollowMC | 1.16.1 | Survival

    A community focused 1.16 survival server

    What we offer

    Free /fly
    Land claiming
    Player shops
    Keep inventory ( Expect the end )
    Weekly events with in-game rewards
    In game /shop
    Daily rewards

    We have much more to offer

    Come visit our sever @

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