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ExternalCraft SMP

ExternalCraft has a really friendly player community with weekly or daily updates custom plugins made by us and a lot more!!!
ExternalCraft is just not any Minecraft server it’s a SMP Server with the most advanced economy and beauty, we have a total of 3 worlds to choice from and that is purple and green and also red and even a pvp arena that’s in our second amazing hub, we also provide custom items like swords and armours and even crates we listen to our players for armour and sword and even crate ideas to deliver happiness and fun times we also deliver a claim and home system and town system to make players connect and make towns and grow, but that ain’t it we also deliver the best staff team with 24/7 support and make your gaming experience on the the server the best, we also have a lot of special items for your advantage, and also we have a level system that has some very special perks every time you level up like ores to even items.

We would love to see you in our community.

Join us via discord

Or through our IP

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Arenwood 1.17.1 New Survival Server.

Arenwood is a brand-new multi-world server! What does this mean for you? You will be able to play with your friends even when they may prefer a different style of gameplay from you. We have a PvP world, where you can claim and build and fight your friends and enemies and a Survival world, where you can claim and build and fight monsters, but PvP will be turned off. All worlds will share a single global chat, so you can talk to everyone, and more worlds will be added as time goes on! We are cross-play which means you can join our Java server on Bedrock with the IP: Port: 25623. Java IP:
Other awesome features:
– All worlds allow for grief-proof land claiming.
– We are a free to play server & all ranks are available with in-game money.
-Fight elite mobs, bosses, and dungeons by yourself or with your friends to earn special loot with custom enchants.
– Jobs are our primary source of income. You can also set up a chest shop, sell items to the Admin Shop, or through our auction house.
– You can do back on death in all worlds, but keep inventory is NOT on. On our PvP world, other players can pick up your items.
-Fly can be earned to use in all worlds.
-Learn special skills with MCMMO.
-Open Unicorn crates to get really fun gadgets & pets

Economy Minigames Multiworld Pvp Survival


Welcome to creative kingdom we are currently working On finishing setting up our server But if you would like to join and help out or come in and make a house or explore feel free to do so.
Below is a list of things that have been done already and a list of issues to be fixed if you notice anything that should be added to this list please let us now ty



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Funserver is a Survival server with nice elements. This way you can go out into the wide world and start your own adventure. Save money by fishing, killing fish and monsters or sell stuff in the auction house and collect everything with your hands and tools.

Here is a small impression list of what our FunServer has:

– Minigames
– Earn money by selling products and opening crates
– Fun mods and Fun plugins

Of course we have a lot more to offer, you will discover this when you play on our server!

We were dutch but we are slowly transitioning to English!

Amplified Amplifiedworld Faction Factions Minigames Multiplayer Multiworld Pvp Raiding Teams

CambridgeCraft (Supports 1.16!)

Experience the ultimate amplified factions experience – Experience CambridgeCraft!

Our goal with CambridgeCraft is to create the ultimate OP Amplified factions experience for everyone to enjoy. Factions is currently live and in Beta, so now is the perfect chance for you to witness a multiplayer experience unlike any other! Join now and experience Amplified Factions!
For questions or help: While on the server, run the command /ccdiscord to get a discord invite.

Thank You!

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Coffee Craft |A Unique RPG Experience | 1.16.2 | NEW |




Coffee Craft is a Factions Mcmmo server providing an amazing role playing journey.

Beginning in the horrific aftermath of war, you escape a ruinous jail
in search of a new life. You have heard rumours that Gulgotha is the
only stronghold which has not been destroyed. You find a small boat,
set sail, and escape. All you can think about are the possibilities.
Who will YOU be and how will you thrive?


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SimpleCyber Network

What’s it about?
The SimpleCyber Network features our classic semi-vanilla survival, complete with helpful commands that aren’t too intrusive or difficult to learn. This time around, we’ve introduced a creative world where players can claim plots and build whatever their heart desires!

We’ve been hosting single-world survival servers for a few years. After this long, we finally put together a multi-world, multi-gamemode server! Us and a handful of beta-testers put the server to the test to ensure everything was perfectly polished before releasing it to you.

Chairs, DeathMessagesPrime, dynmap*, EpicRename, Essentials, FastLeafDecay, GriefPrevention, HolographicDisplays, LuckPerms, Multiverse-Core, PlotSquared, RandomTeleport, SimpleScore, sleep-most*, StayPut, SuperbVote, TreeGravity, Votifier, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, XFilter

– Treat all players with respect
– Don’t advertise
– Don’t bring outside conflicts into the game
– Don’t say anything that may offend another player
– Don’t attempt to circumvent text filters
– Don’t build anything that could be seen as offensive
– Protect the identities of others
Survival Branch
– Anything that gives you an unfair advantage is prohibited, including, but not limited to:
  - Macros (auto-walking, auto-mining, etc.)
  - Aim assistance
  - Ore, chest, and structure location
– OptiFine and similar ‘quality-of-life’ improvement mods and clients are okay, including:
  - OptiFine’s features
  - Existing information (durability, health, armour, etc.)
Creative Branch
– Don’t attempt to circumvent WorldEdit limitations by spamming

Creative Minecraft Multiplayer Multiworld Server Youtube

Buildalot Plots

I need people to come test out my server and could use some help with building and setting stuff up

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🌌 Parallel [Semi-Vanilla SMP] {Multiworld Exploration} {Custom Terrain} {Public} {1.15.2}

Discord for more info/announcements:

Welcome to Parallel, a vanilla SMP where rifts between custom differently-themed worlds suddenly open, and players are free to travel between them at their leisure in order to face great dangers, explore uncharted territory, and collect gleaming treasure. Featuring a vibrant community and continuous updates, you’re sure to never get bored.

Server Features:

  • Quests
  • Multiworld exploration
  • Tons of new dungeons, towers, and other structures
  • Custom commands
  • Fancier Mansions
  • Better Pillager Outposts
  • Fossil Dungeons
  • Sunken Treasure
  • Illager Fortresses
  • Improved Villages
  • Better Ocean Structures
  • One-Player Sleep
  • Better Armor Stands
  • More Wandering Villager trades
  • Fast Leaf Decay
  • Expanded Advancements
  • Player Head Drops
  • Mob Head Drops
  • Bat Membranes
  • XP Storage
  • Server Rules:

  • Use common sense (this includes cheating, stealing, griefing, spam, respecting others’ builds, etc.)
  • Harassment and hate speech are not tolerated in any fashion
  • We do not use claims. Respect other peoples’ property and items
  • Keep spawn clean. Staff have the right to remove anything at spawn they deem unfit
  • Do not cause excessive lag (tick farms, too many mobs, etc.)
  • Be responsible for your own MC account
  • Do not impersonate staff
  • Do not post or link to 18+/offensive content
  • Respect the privacy of server/discord members
  • PVP is not allowed unless all involved parties consent to it
  • Claims abandoned for more than 3 months are allowed to be removed by admins
  • *Staff are fully allowed to contact you if they believe you are in the wrong*
  • *A complete set of rules can be found on our Discord server*
  • Staff are fully equipped to handle all player issues, including inventory resets, rollbacks of griefs and stolen items, and chat moderation.

    Server Teaser Trailer:

    Server IP =

    For more info, including a full set of rules and additional specifics about how our server is customized, join our Discord server:

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    BlockBox: Survival and Creative Community

    Make sure to read the server rules in-game or on our website!

    Discord | Instagram | Store

    Looking for a server with a laid-back and welcoming community across both survival and creative worlds? Welcome to BlockBox. Since 2012, BlockBox has been striving to provide one of the best casual cooperative Minecraft experiences around. With carefully selected and custom-made plugins to enhance the experience and add interesting gameplay and building possibilities, BlockBox has been host to thousands of players and countless hours of fun and conversation over the years.


    CreativeThe BlockBox Creative server has thousands of creations of all types built by players of all different skill levels. There are four ranks that players can earn by showing their building skill, and our main creative world is organized into 63 by 63-block plots of land that players can claim and allow their friends to build with them on. We also have a Freebuild world to build on natural terrain as well as a Superflat world for VIP and Mason rank and higher. Higher ranks starting with Mason and VIP allow players to use WorldEdit to make building faster and easier.

    SurvivalOur Survival server is anti-grief and we allow players to lock containers, doors, and other blocks with LWC. You can set multiple homes, teleport to others, kill mobs to earn money, and buy and sell items in the shop as well as creating your own shop with ChestShop. PvP is not allowed in the overworld, but is allowed in the Nether and the End. Getting griefed by another player is unlikely, but if it happens our staff can easily restore your build and ban the griefer.

    Our ranking system is quite simple and is as follows:
    The rank all players start as when they first join the server.
    Donator (No longer available)
    Earned by giving $10 or more to support the server.
    Earned by giving $25 or more to support the server.
    Earned by building something deemed worthy of Apprentice status. Apprentices can be chosen by Architects without the need of an Admin to promote the player.
    Earned by building something deemed worthy of Builder status.
    Rank between Builder and Architect.
    Builds server-related structures such as spawns and arenas. Earned by building something deemed worthy of Architect status.
    Staff rank. Moderates the server and assists players.
    Staff rank. Assists in administrative decisions and tasks.

    Be it reporting a grief or needing help with a command, our knowledgeable and dedicated staff are available to assist players with any questions or issues that they may have. All staff are trained to use LogBlock to quickly identify and ban griefers as well as undo the damage caused, so you don’t have to worry about rebuilding. You can relax knowing that the server is in good hands. Note that griefing and raiding is allowed on Factions, so protect yourself accordingly!

    If you enjoy BlockBox, please vote, diamond, and favorite. See you on the server!

    Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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