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UNECRAFT- Minecraft Server 1.9-1.19

Survival Extreme 1.9 – 1.19 | Premium – Not Premium | Protection Blocks | Dungeon | bosses | Sell ​​| XPFly | sit | Menu | Pets | Tops | Treasure Chests | Parkour | Friendly community | Active Discord | Active Staff | Custom mobs | RRP | PVE | McMMO | Pets | Votes | Auctions | Ranges | Costumes | Skins

We are a collaborative, creative and innovative Spanish-speaking community, find adventure partners, game guides and lots of fun immersed in an open world where you can express your ideas and leave your mark

Join now and be part of this great community!


Casino Custom Mini Games Survival

Blood Mine #1 || MinecraftPE 1.2 – 1.16 Minecraft server

Survival servers and mini games – BloodMine
Port: 19132
VK group:
Supported versions of MinecraftPE: 1.1 – 1.18.x


Hundreds of different commands and unique features
Unique generation, many warps, custom armor crafting
Responsive administration, every day work is underway on the server.
Different systems of experience, clans, protection from griefers.
Many types of cases, magic items.
There is a server for SkyWars, other mini-games are being developed.
Bank, casino, lucky blocks, turning into mobs and much, much more!

18plus Adult Art Casino Dungeons Mcmmo Pyrofishing Pyromining Slimefun Survival Towny


Shroomia – An Adult Minecraft Server

18+ Java and Bedrock Server

Shroomia is a new Towny server made for adults! Slimefun – Dungeons – Mcmmo – PyroFishing – PyroMining – Casinos – Cash Prize Minigames – Economy Based – Custom Items – Art – And More!

Join us!

Casino Prison Survival

⚡GRIF MORGENSTERN ⚡ Minecraft server

Survival. Split, casino, lucky blocks, transformations, as well as the sale of regions – what could be better than this?

Prison Mode PRISON

Areashop Brewery Casino Chairs Discordsrv Economy Flatland Geyser Griefprevention Jobsreborn Mcmmo Plugins Pvp Randomteleport Spigot Survival Vehicles Weathervote

Reality³ – [1.19.2] Survival | McMMO & Jobs

Reality³ - [1.19.2] Survival | McMMO & Jobs Minecraft Server

Welcome to Reality³ Survival Server!

We’re playing 1.19.2

This Paper Survival server has been open since 2014. We are a community-based server with a variety of ranks and constant updates in-game. We also allow bedrock players to join!


Server IP:
Bedrock IP Adress:

Our Homepage: Engine
Our Facebook: Facebook
Our Instagram: Instagram
Discord server: Discord

Our server has an active discord with game chat directly in discord. Join the discord: Here

Plugins You Can Enjoy!

  ⬥ McMMO
  ⬥ Jobs
  ⬥ UltimateCatcher
  ⬥ Chairs
  ⬥ SimpleblackJack
  ⬥ MarriageMaster
  ⬥ Time Vote & Weather Vote
  ⬥ Emotes
  ⬥ Vehicles
  ⬥ Brewery
  ⬥ Casino
⬥ GriefDefender
  ⬥ Lockette Pro
  ⬥ Areashop

*Plugins get added and updated all the time, there are a lot more than what’s on this list!


What if I want to make an automatic farm and go AFK?
• Go for it!

Do you want to play on your own and not feel obligated to talk to anyone?
• No problem! We respect your rights as a human to privacy.

Did you find an abandoned place and want to make it yours?
• We have protection in place to claim your land so if its unclaimed, then its free for anyone.

Are you new to Minecraft but are too scared to ask for basic game help?
• Don’t worry. We all have been there. It is an honour for us to be part of you gaining your skills.

Do I have to donate to the server? (Short answer is no.)

We do accept donations, but if you can’t afford it or don’t want to, there is a way to get everything you need by playing (all ranks are timed except for Elite VIP.) Loyal players that reach Elder get the same permissions. Voting for the server is a fantastic way to help our server grow even more. one of the owners has a well-paying job and is happy to keep the server running (since 2014) without donations.

The owners do have full-time jobs but are masters at working both the server and real-life work at the same time. We take your suggestions with priority, and we work FOR the guests in the game as well as working hard to manage/fix and resolve anything that comes up in an impressively short time. Our discord server is the gateway to contacting the owners and our door is always open for anyone!

We look forward to seeing you come play!
This server has multiple worlds including a flatland. It’s simple to claim land and just as easy to get in game money to buy land to keep your builds safe. Oh, by the way… no map resets!

19server Autionhouse Casino Claming Community Economy Elitemobs Events Friendlystaff Pve Pvevp Pvp Skills Small Survival

Ugly Server 1.19 Server (Small Community) (W!P) (No Pay-To-Win) Survival

MC Version: 1.19x

Welcome to UglyCraft,

The server is currently on 1.19 with brand new world generation and we invite both Java players to come and join!
We’re a simple survival server with the aim to provide a smooth, seamless experience.

Relaxed hangout environment with claiming. PvEvP

The server offers a completely player focused economy with features such as player warps, chest shops, claiming and jobs.

Elite mobs’ dungeons

Custom Items
Collect all the custom crate items to enhance your gameplay! (Wip)

We want you to have the freedom to survive however you wish. No Od rules and overzealous, power-Od admins. Have Fun is the Major Rule

No Pay-To-Win

Friendly community & Staff

Look no further than Hope to see you soon!

Bedwars Casino Casinos Duels Economy Gambling Other Pvp Skywars Slotmachines Slots


BirdMC is a unique Minecraft server featuring casino games and minigames such as BedWars, SkyWars and Duels! Our server allows Java and Bedrock players to connect together to share the fun on one server! Earn coins ⛁⛀ from playing to top the leaderboard to earn ranks or unlock new cosmetics!

IP: Java Edition – Bedrock Edition – (default port)
Server Version: [​1.18.2 – 1.19 (or latest version)]

For more information and to connect with our community or open a support ticket check out our website and discord!

Bedrock Bloodmoon Casino Community Custom Customfishing Customitems Customseasons Dungeon Dungeons Economy Fishing Friendly Gambling Gems Java Jobs Leaderboards Mcmmo Multiplayer New Pve Pvp Quests Seasons Skills Smp Surivival Survival

CubeCadia SMP | 1.19.1 | Custom Items | Dungeons | Blood moons



Hi crafters, I just launched my 1.19 SMP a few days ago. The CubeCadia team has been putting hours into this work and would like to see what the world thinks so far. We’ve done a lot of the basics of survival setups and are currently making all kinds of custom plugins to be added. But that will take time.. We want to see what you all think so far, and any suggestions! IP:

Server Features:

Custom Seasons

The world is enchanted with spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each season creates a new atmosphere like no other and changes some mechanics

Daily Global Shop / Player Driven Economy

Our global shop rotates every 24 hours and holds limited items. This is to ensure that the shop isn’t a main focus to the economy but more of a support.

Casino / Gambling

We offer an assortment of gambling options. This includes crash (Classic csgo game), coin flips, roulette, jack pot, rock paper scissors, bar gambling, and upgrade gambling. Many of these can be played alone or with friends.

Jobs + Quests

Another way to make money on our server is by doing jobs or quests. Work a job to earn money or do daily quests. Jobs also offer a skill tree to get premium items. Quests also offer a great way to get free crate keys.

Custom Events

This server offers many events that happen from time to time. This includes various fishing contests like catching the most fish, catching the largest fish, or catching a legendary fish. We also have contests like shearing the most sheep or milk the most cows.


This event doesn’t happen often, but when it does, be prepared for an army of the undead to attack! During this night, you can gain large amount of EXP


We also offer dungeons on here. This means starting at dungeon level 1 and working your way up the ladder. Dungeons offer keys and custom loot. This is an excellent way to grind for premium items.

Custom Features

We have a few features in productions right now… This includes a Bee tycoon plugin, player holograms, and enhanced mining. These will be released with time!


Survival servers are becoming increasingly popular with many features. We hope to eventually bring something new to the table. This means 1st having a great foundation and then creating an enhanced survival experience that will be memorable. We would love for you to join our server and rate our progress so far. We are far from perfect, but hope to create something that stands out with time. Thanks for reading. And hope you have a good rest of your day!

Server IP:
Discord Server:


Written by: huntingzap (CubeCadia Owner)

118server Bedrock Casino Claims Crossplay Dynmap Economy Java Javabedrockcrossplay Javaedition Jobs Jobsreborn Mailbox Mcmmo Money Pvp Shops Starmail Survival

Booty Lifts R Us

PVP Wilderness
Shops (more coming soon)
…and MORE!!!

Java IP:

Bedrock IP:
Port: 59507

Dynmap: §a§l B§2§lo§a§lo§2§lt§a§ly§2§l L§a§li§2§lf§a§lt§2§ls§a§l R §2§lU§a§ls§r §3§o1.18 Survival§r – §6Claims§r – §cJobs§r – §aCasino§r- §dShops

Casino Discord Economy Survival Towny Vanilla

Capital Gaming

A vanilla++ focused server that has Towny, Economy, Anticheat, Casino, Discord, Skilling and light roleplay elements. Create your own town or faction and attempt to become the Emperor. If your ambitions are not that high, you can become a merchant and create a store or you can just play survival and play regular minecraft.