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Supreme Smp

We are a fun Community Forever Growing! Make Millions with farms, we have Crates, ranks, tags, and more all obtainable with in game currency! Come join us Today!

Active Staff Arme Ask Basket Economy Farm Farmer Farmers Fru Lgbt Lgbtq Market Rui Survival Welcoming

The Farmers Market MC

An LGBTQ friendly semi-vanilla server. Come join the Fruit Basket!

With active players, active staff, and a warm welcoming community, The Farmers Market is your one stop server for all your fruity needs!

Join our discord at

Arme Delight Farm Farmer Fire Ice And Fire Light Mca Modpack New Smp Origin Origins Pack Super Survival


Welcome to GriffinSMP!

We’re a new SMP server with a super small player base currently and a brand-new discord!

We play with a custom 1.16.5 modpack with mods such as:

Origins, Ice and Fire, Farmer’s delight, MCA reborn, Create, and many more (Currently 45 mods)!

If you’d like to join us please start here:

Anarchy Ball Balls Bases Drop Farm Farms Free Loot Lul Mc Server Rich Riche Richest Wipe

LulaMC Server Minecraft

LulaMC – Modes: Anarchy

● Build your bases, farms.

● Greefer base of other players.

● Create your own clan and develop it.

● Earn money. Become the richest and get rewarded after wipe.

● Go to the Airdrop every hour and fight for valuable loot in it.

● Craft balls that will make you stronger in battle.

● Server version 1.16.5+ (recommended version), but you can log in with any.

● Come play and get a free donation key


2023 Armor Crazy Farm Farms Gaming Gift Gifts Hate Minecraft Security Survival Tebex Upload Votes

Adamantium Security

World to have fun, create super crazy farms and whatever you want. We also have gifts, votes and armor checks and many more things have a great time and enjoy
Adamantium Security Minecraft Server

600 Ash Cell Farm Flash Grand Grandma Griefers Pvp Randm Shoot Uber Youtube Youtuber Youtubers

MINEGRIEF Grief Server Minecraft server

  • Server for Griefers! Pvp 1.12.2, Excellent Administration, Youtubers, Youtuber Flash here shoots! Kill players, farm grandmas and become the best!!!

    900 Auction Auctions Economy Explore Factions Farm Heart Hearts Lifesteal Power Powerful Premium Rts Survival


    SMP, Lifesteal, Auctions and more!
    Team up with your friends, build a base, make a farm, explore, kill players, craft hearts, mine, auction and become the most powerful player in the server!

    Armin Biz Dungeon Dungeons Economy Farm Farming Lets Level Level Up Mcmmo Rpg Skyblock Slime Slimefun

    Al-Catraz Network

    SlimeFun x RPG ! , u can farming , level up skills , fight on dungeons , quest , and absolutly u can play the slimefun on your skyblock world ! Letsgo join and play together !

    260 600 Economy Engaging Epic Farm Farming New Newserver Parkour Pmc Selection Song Survival Unique


    CropMC is a new upcoming farming server feature a unique selection of plugins to keep the community busy! From upgradable farms to craftable spawners, CropMC has lots of fun and engaging content for all types of players. Join our discord for updates, news and events!

    000 600 6000 Bug Car Citybuild Economy Farm Farmwelt Gar Happy Java And Bedrock Minecrafts Minecraftserver Survival

    Hoco Citybuild

    The server Hoco is a small city build server for the Java and Bedrock version that is used to have fun and to farm and buy items. The server is currently still in the beta phase, so we would be happy if you report bugs to us E-Mail:[email protected] We will then take care of the error Thank you.

    Best regards
    The Hoco team