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Kingdom: Enlightenment | The 5th Era

Kingdom: Enlightenment is an MMORPG Server, largely focused on roleplay with plugins and features that serve to augment the player experience. This server is roleplay-centric and its features are meant to support that focus. The server is currently in heavy development, but the Discord is open for all interested players. :), and whitelists are currently being accepted.

Some of the features include:

  • Custom Races, and mechanically-supported racial attributes
  • Medieval Factions for greater player versatility in Kingdom-Building.
  • ModelEngine/Mythicmobs Monsters
  • MMOCore, MMOItems, Quests, etc.
  • Fully customized 1.18 Worldpainter Map with a host of impressive terrain features
  • NPC’s
  • Full-fleshed out server lore
  • Public Discord Link:

    Kingdom: Enlightenment is a discord-centric server; the Discord acts to support and augment features of the server, including functioning as a whitelist system for players who first join. OOC chats and Roleplay may both be conducted in the Discord as facilitated by the Kingdom: Enlightenment staff team.

    Server Introduction:
    It is the 5th Era, nearly 1,000 years since the tragic end of the Dark Ages, the oral history of the disasters that befell Eyumel has long since passed into legend, and now only rubble and rumor remain. Yet while Eyumel may be mired in the past far across the sea, a technological and magical revolution has begun.

    Fire and Steel ignite with a dangerous discovery. Smoke billows from the reaction as the boom of thunder echoes across the open skies. The age of the Musket has come. A devastating weapon in the proper hands. Capable of striking fear into the bravest of men and felling the most deadly of beasts. This invention marks the beginning of an age of conquest, An Age of Progress, though the costs are uncertain.

    Elsewhere the ruminations of learned scholars, clever thinkers, whimsical ne’er-do-wells, and devote holy men have lead the world into a new age of magical exploration. Four mindsets pervade this new age.

    Each seeks to use magic for some purpose, none can agree on what it should be, and some don’t even believe it can have one. Regardless of station, race, or creed, the depths of magic have opened wide for all to drink from. Though all may not be as it seems, for where there is exploration there are obstacles to overcome.

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    QuestCraft Beta v0.1 – Anarchy & Mmorpg! New Server!

    Brand new MineCraft server! QuestCraft – Come see if you got what it takes to become the greatest adventurer our server has! Our Server main focus is RPG Style to become a MMORPG server! Trying to build partly another game inside of MineCraft! Come see everything unfold.

    I am the server Owner Dan, In-Game: FB_D_Gaming I have alot of coding experience working with MineCraft & Runescape Servers, This server is created for FUN only! Not profit! Please feel free to contact me In-Game.

    (Server is a work in progress was created on 13/05/2022 Will be online 24/7)
    Start this server off by choosing your first quest from Hydra! Rewarded with Items, Xp, Quest Points from quests! Choose a Starter Kit to help you begin your adventure but remember choose wisely. Make sure you hide your base & don’t build so close to spawn! Remember this is ANARCHY aswell! *Server Rules Below*

    1. No Bullying, Racism or Hate Speech!
    2. No Spamming Chat!
    3. Do not obstruct Admins or Building from completing tasks!
    4. Have Fun

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    Asherons Call 8BitAC

    The Story of Asheron’s Call…
    The legendary magician Asheron has summoned many to Dereth; only the bravest have answered the call. Here, warriors battle creatures of awesome might, magicians will discover magical items and create new spells, and treasure hunters will seek out precious relics. Quests will impel adventurers to uncover the wealth and lore of legend. Adventurers will form allegiance and fellowships, for often many can accomplish what one alone cannot.

    Asheron also experimented with portals for travel to and from other worlds until one experiment unleashed the Olthoi upon Dereth. When the Empyrean fled the world though the portals Asheron created to save them, their departure produced a disruption in portal space. This caused many new portals to appear in Dereth from other worlds—including Ispar, the human home world.

    Dereth: The Word That Is
    When humans first arrived in Dereth, it was in ruins, overrun with ferocious creatures. Faced with the prospect that they might never return to Ispar, humans have made the island their new home. They have built towns and carved out small pockets of safety in a perilous world.

    Though the Empyrean have vanished, some of what they wrought remains; magic flows through the land; mystical portals carry travelers many miles in a heartbeat; enchanted Lifestones bind the spirits of those who use them, allowing the dead to be resurrected. Those that come back to life find that some of their life force has been drained away—some say to power Asheron’s magic. Even more ancient secrets may lie amid the crumbled remnants of Empyrean society.

    The World That Could Be
    Many challenges await newcomers to Dereth. Exploring the island is both dangerous and rewarding: monsters lurk everywhere, especially in the hostile Direlands, and wondrous sights, both natural and crafted by the Empyrean, await the adventurous. Scores of dungeons—some built by the Empyrean for arcane purposes, others dug by the Olthoi or other creatures as lairs—riddle the earth. Somewhere among these is the stronghold of Asheron himself, it location lost with Elysa Strathelar and waiting to be found again.

    The island of Dereth is strange, beautiful, and perilous. Power and riches are here for the taking. Many mysteries wait to be explored and solved, not the least of which is the whereabouts of the lost Empyrean race. And, it is said, there is a deep and ancient darkness at the heart of things, striving to reawaken. These quests are not for the faint of heart—brave adventurers are needed to explore the dangerous wilds, probe the deepest catacombs, and rise as rulers in this new world.

    Here @ 8BitAc we plan on re capturing the classic old feel of Rpg mmo experience here in Minecraft! our map is 100% complete and the server is being blasting with towns city’s, outpost, dungeons and more our current build progress is 50% as of 5-4-2022 and we expect to hit 100% with in the next 3-5 months !

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    One Piece | New Era

    Come join us at One Piece: NewEra. Join a world with 30+ One Piece islands with a quest line that immerses you in the One Piece world. Join a crew or make your own and rank up. Become a Yonko or an Admiral. Go into a faction world and build to your hearts content. Battle with other Pirates, Marines, Samurais, Bounty Hunters or Revolutionaries trying to make a name for themselves!

    Disclaimer: This mod pack requires Premium Minecraft to play.

    How To Join:

  • Download the 64 bit Technic Launcher.
  • Open the Technic Launcher and search “New Era | One Piece” on the mod pack page and install it.
  • Make sure to click on Launcher Options and allocate at least 2 GB of RAM to the Technic Launcher!
  • 1. Click play and join in on the fun!




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    Eclipse DayZ

    Server IP:

    Welcome to Eclipse DayZ, a post-apocalyptic survival server where danger awaits you at every turn. Explore our expansive map as you fight to survive the undead – or other players. Inspired from games like DayZ and Escape from Tarkov, fight unique monsters, NPCs and players in a competitive, unforgiving world. Join us for the opening on 4/30/2022, at 5:00 pm EST!

    Version: 1.12.2
    Server IP:

    Here are some features we offer:

    There is special loot carefully placed all around the map! Explore the world using our map to find all kinds of cool stuff, like weapons, armor, medical supplies, valuable items, and more!

    We have dozens of guns to find in the world, which all use special ammo types. Find all kinds of weapons to suit your playstyle – to take enemies on at range or up close, there’s a weapon for that.

    We also have many different armor pieces to find, each with special enchantments to increase diversity. We have lots of unique helmets too! Equip yourself to be a disguised assassin, a heavy militant, or whatever you want!

    Tier System:
    Our server uses a tier system to help players easily understand what equipment is worth keeping or not. Rarity isn’t everything, though. Decide for yourself what is worth using.

    A huge part of our game is making money, and with a little experience even you can learn how! Gain money and rank up, unlocking new perks and locations. Find valuable items to sell at traders across the map for money, and other desirables to sell on the auction house.

    Challenge one of our bosses – if you dare. NPC’s are tougher than your average zombie, nearly all of them being hostile. Bosses will put your gear, supplies, and patience to the test. Find them across the map, take them on by yourself or with friends, and reap the rewards.

    Find crafting supplies across the world to make special and useful items for your survival.

    Base Building:
    We have a simple base building system to encourage players to hold a place down to store items. Place base materials in certain areas across the map to make a home in a hostile world. Be wary of players wanting to take what you have, though…

    And More!
    The release is just beginning! Join today to explore all these features, plus more!

    Version: 1.12.2
    Server IP:

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    AlteriaMC is a Survival Minecraft Server that adopts MMORPG mechanics on its combat, exploration, professions, and other features of its genre.Join us now and explore the world of Alteria with us!

    Abilities Adventure Adventures Auctionhouse Auctions Bosses Combat Custom Customenchants Customitems Custommobs Customplugins Discord Dungeon Dungeoneering Dungeons Dungeonsbosses Economy Epic Graveyard House Hypixel Levels Mmorpg Npc Npcs Palace Pve Pve Economy Pvp Quests Rpg Rpgitems Rpgsurvival Skills Skyblock Stats Vanillalike

    Pixel Dungeons – Dungeon PvE, Economy, 100’s of items! [1.18]

    === Custom crafting! ===
    === Crazy weapons! ===
    === Epic armor! ===
    === PvP! ===
    === Cool mobs! ===
    === Hard bosses! ===
    === Player economy! ===

    Join today for a new experience!

    Join Pixel Dungeons for a new unique experience! Fight through tons of custom dungeons, slay bosses, and craft tons of custom items! Each dungeon is gives a unique experience, so try each one out!

    Join our Discord if you want to talk to us, because your feedback is important to us!

    Adventure Fantasy Mmorpg Rpg Survival Whitelisted

    Celeste’s Grimm IV, Upcoming MMORPG Story-Based Fantasy

    Grimm is a Minecraft SMP community focused on fantasy worldbuilding, roleplaying, and collaborative storytelling.The Grimm series (I, II, III ..) comes from the different seasons Grimm has reopened– closing its doors in the winter when people submit to their school and careers. Then, reopening in the awaiting summer.

    In Grimm IV, explore relics of time and investigate cryptic mysteries that’ll lead you closer to fully uncovering the story. Players will enter a fatigued Elyssia, recovering from war and blighted by deeper scars of the past.

    This project began in 2020.... when I created a simple survival server for my friends. But, in my own time, I took to creating something that became so much more.

    Join the Discord here:

    Class Mmo Mmorpg Other Quest Roleplay Rpg Skill

    Guardians of Adelia (In development)

    Dungeon driven Minecraft MMORPG (In Development)

    Please visit website for more info!

    Hello! I have been developing this for 5 years. I started learning software development with this project so I had to restart everything 2 times.
    But now I am satisfied with my coding. Almost all features are implemented by this plugin except things like citizens, mythicmobs etc. (Dont need to reinvent the wheel)

    The MMORPG
    This is a complete mmorpg project! Almost any feature you find in classic mmorpgs is implemented with our unique design. And those features are really detailed! For example, there are currently 15 playable classes, each with 5 unique skills. You can find more about server features here:

    We need content creators!
    I have finished coding all the features, just some minor things missing here and there. But our biggest shortcoming is content. We have a huge openworld you can find in website but its mostly empty. We need builders, quest writers, dungeon & boss designers. If you are interested in please join our discord.

    Join our community!


    Bosses Chill Customenchants Customobs Hard Mmoitems Mmorpg Nogrief Nogriefing Skill Skillsystem Survival Worldgeneration

    Moonlight Middle School |

    Server Details

    :diamond: Friendly Community
    :heart~1: Challenging vanilla+ survival experience
    :iris~1: Custom world generation for 1.18
    : moddevrole: Claims | TPA | Sethome | Sit/Crawl | Timber | Playerheads | RTP
    :diamond_sword: Semi-PvP / PvE
    : galaxy_gif: Full skill-based levelling system
    :autumntitle~1: Unique randomly-generated custom items – Over 15 billion possible combinations!

    :mythiccraft: 100% Custom modelled bosses
    :crystalball_gif~1: Over 200 Custom enchantments
    :diamondpickaxe~1: Builder-oriented

    Server info:
    Version: 1.18.x
    Platform: Java & Bedrock
    Bedrock port: 19132

    We’ve been operating for over 2 years now, and very rarely reset. I hope to see more friendly faces, all are welcome! And if you ever have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to reach me in the discord! Cheers <3