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This is a modded Roleplay MInecraft server with economy,democratic elections, Cities ,business etc. we accept Cracked Minecraft Players

More Informations on Discord server. Have Fun:)

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Sympervia Tech

This server uses the sympervia Tech modpack which has a fully functional tech tree. It includes several mods to make the pack better and to fill the tech tree in. I personally have played several hours already and had lots of fun. So join the server as soon as you can and have some fun with me.

here is the IP:

here is the pack:

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Zombie Apocalypse MC Server [RUS]

Zombie Apocalypse MC Server [beta]

Server on not hackneyed theme “Zombie Apocalypse” tobish mode.
I tried to make it as simple and accessible as possible.
Why beta? Much that I planned is not ready yet (map, camps, NPCs, events, etc.)

What do we have now?

  • small map (did not look at dimensions)
  • zombie intellectuals, vanilla spawn during the day kst.
  • spavn luta
  • seasons (seasons)
  • body temperature
  • every little thing in a muppet. (installation of any block in hm 2ο»Ώ, start kit, etc, etc)
  • ready, working assembly.

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    GunMax ( irananian server )

    A great Minecraft server for Persian speakers in Iran and the world!

    A roll play server has a different job machine gun

    This server has a dedicated client that will be available to the public soon, and by installing this client, you will benefit from features such as WeissChat.

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    Ryze Network πŸ‘ŒπŸ» | Vehicle Shop 🏎️ | Weapon Shop πŸ”« | Minecraft Earth Map 🌎 | Land Claiming 🚜| And Much More!

    Ryze Survival is a new Minecraft earth server. We have many cool plugins like Mcmmo, a custom vehicle plugin and even custom weapons. You will never get bored on this server! We have a vehicle and weapon shop. You can sell items and complete quests to make money on the server to buy cool things like lightsabers and even planes like a B-12 bomber. Did I mention that this server has land claiming, well it does! You start with 150 blocks and get 85 blocks an hour just by having fun! Join now!

    Cars Economy Forge Furniture Guns Modded Planes Protection Pvp Roleplay Towny


    Memz is a towny worldbuilding server based on technology explorations and roleplaying to create simple towns or futuristic cities all with the help of the 100+ mods installed on the server. Build anything you can imagine like cars planes and trains we have guns and extra weapons you can also protect your land and decorate with the dozen furniture mods we have adding everything for every room even working mirrors and invite a friend and create a team all is up to you can find the modpack on the website listed or search “Memz” or “Memz Serverpack” By KaizenDeity in the curseforge launcher recommended to use at least 8-12gb of ram The server is still in its very early stages but the map is permanent and wont ever be reset and is backed up every day so feel free to come on in and get an early start

    Alcohol Brewing Cars City City Roleplay Cityserver Cops Drinks Economy Farm Fishing Fun Guns Helicopters Minecraft Minetopia Mythicdrops Planes Police Properties Pvp Realestate Roleplay Server Simulation Simulator Slimefun Survival Wild

    McCities | City roleplay | Economy server

    McCities | City roleplay | Economy server Minecraft Server

    Live the city life! You can decide to abide by the laws or try your luck living a life of crime. You can work your way up in real estate, build houses in the creative world, or start your own shop in the mall, among many other things.

    If you’d prefer to live dangerously, become a criminal and deal drugs, obtain illegal guns, kill your enemies, and order hits on rivals with the server’s bounty system. You’ll have to outsmart and outrun our police force though!

    Some of our features
    Jobs – Miner, farmer, lumberjack, and more
    Fishing – Catch and sell custom fish and participate in competitions
    Slimefun – Start your own restaurant or develop technical machines
    Vehicles – Cars, bicycles, helicopters, planes, and more
    Properties – Own houses, skyscrapers, or even apartment buildings
    Police force – Enforce laws and keep criminals in order
    Gangs – Start a criminal enterprise and expand your territory
    Drugs – Use or deal weed, angel dust, and more custom drugs
    Guns – Use guns legally or illegally in your pvp battles
    Alcohol – Unwind with some whiskey or rum after a long day

    Come join our friendly and active community! Meet tons of new people and make memories!

    Server IP:

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    BlitzKraft | 1.17.1 | Guns | Movecraft | Towny | Earth Map

    BlitzKraft | 1.17.1 | Guns | Movecraft | Towny | Earth Map Minecraft Server

    Version: 1.17.1


    BlitzKraft is a WW2 themed PVP server with guns, tanks, planes, submarines, and much more. You can log in and begin building your base anytime, the server is up 24/7. Create your own town, join a nation, conquer your neighbors, or just try to live peacefully as a citizen and start your own brewery. The whole earth is yours to explore, join us now and take control of your own destiny. Glory awaits!



    43 different guns to collect
    4 deadly new melee weapons
    5 types of throwable explosives



    /w Exotic Garden


    & more!

    BlitzKraft | 1.17.1 | Guns | Movecraft | Towny | Earth Map Minecraft Server

    Airplane Airplanes Beach Boat Boats Car Cars City Creative Freebuild Map Maps Plane Planes Plot Plots Ship Ships Train Trains Truck Trucks Worldedit

    Voxel Town


    Voxel Town is a realistic creative server for all ages!
    We are currently running on version 1.16

    Come join our friendly community as a Player, and explore our cities and unique warps located all over the server. Complete a Builder Trial to participate in our server-wide projects and warps, as well as collaborate with others. For those who are better at building and looking to help lead projects and help other builders, ask a staff member about our Architect rank! We’re excited to have you on our server, and look forward to seeing what you can do!

    For more information, join our Discord:

    To view server progress and other projects, visit our Dynmap:ο»Ώ

    Cars Cities Planes Survival Towns Trains

    City Skyline

    City Skyline
    Come join our new modded server and build towns and cities or just play in them
    you will need the modpack titled City Skyline

    We are looking for moderators, builders and admins
    as well as players

    We do not ask for donations for rank up

    so come and join us today