Blo Current Ect Griefprevention Many Players Mcm Mcmmo Miner Ops Reward Rock Smp Survival Veinmine Votifier


We are a new SMP without many players currently. We have Grief Prevention, MCMMO, Shops, Voting Rewards, Veinminer, and many more plugins. Come Join US

Current Data Day Ect Enchanted Everyone Hey Ommunity One Paw Pve Pvp Realms Rlcraft Survival

Enchanted Realms

Hey! Are you interested in a newgen RLCraft server, with updated plugins, a good spawn, and a fun community! Then this is the server for you. The server is currently 2 day old so you will have the same gear as everyone else! The fun awaits!

Bedro Bedrock Crossover Current Enjoy I'm Java Rap Ross Rosso See Sso Survival Tsm Working

K1LLSH0T SMP (Bedrock & Java Crossover)

[This server is still in B3TA™]

[This is a Bedrock & Java crossover server]

Hi, I’m D3ADK1LLSH0T and this is my server, I hope you enjoy the crap out of this server we are still currently working on it and hope to see you soon 😀

570 Bedwars Build Builder Builders Current Guy House Look Looking Mad Mini Games Normal Survival Use


Hello this is a minecraft server made by a normal guy in his
house i expect this server to be succesful one day… I am currently looking for builders

9.2 Current Follow Gestion Making Mp5 People Static Suggestions Survival Tak Target Tat Tim Working


Im new to making servers i just want to have a fun time with people. there is a discord
Im currently working on trying to make the server the best i can and i will take suggestions too for the server

Current Emo Era Fast Focus Gamemode Gamemodes Growing Mode Nova Part Pmc Survival Upcoming Win

KryoMC – Skyblock

KryoMC is an upcoming and fast-growing network.
We currently have Skyblock, and will be adding many more gamemodes very soon.

We focus on community and innovation.

Join now to be a part of the new Era!

1.7 Beta Current Dad Daddy Features Forge Game) Kitpv Kitpvp Port Pvp Pvp Server Support Survival


PapiPvP is a new KitPvP server that is currently in beta! We will be adding a lot more features soon! Don’t forget to join our discord! /discord (in game) [1.7-1.19 support]

Com Current Dos Ela Fre Free Free Server Land Lin Loud Lpl Offline Private Ree Survival Multiplayer

lThis server is currently offlineFree server by Minecraft server

The server owner “lThis server is currently offlineFree server by” has not yet added a description. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

Beta Current Day Days Enjoy Full Good Ian Man Opé Open Roma Roman Romania Survival


It’s a Romanian survival server, it’s very good, currently in beta, we’ll open it fully in a few days! I hope you enjoy!

1.19.3 Current Dutch Follow Mai Maintenance Port Sit Site Store Support Survival Target Ten Website


CrocoMC is a Dutch community server. We have Skyblock and Survival. We support 1.8 – 1.19.3 We are currently under maintenance